Backstory: Each of the 4 characters (Maid Marion, Little John, Sheriff, & Robin Hood) in the “Untold Robin Hood Story” can be seen as positive and negative depending upon our point of view.

Challenge: Rank the 4 characters — from 1 (most) to 4 (least) — in terms of “honor” and “ethics”. In other words:

  • Who is the most “honorable” and “ethical”?
  • Who is the next-to-most “honorable” and “ethical”?
  • Who is the next-to-least “honorable” and “ethical”?
  • Who is the least “honorable” and “ethical”?

Explain your reasons for:

  • each character’s rank
  • their relationship to the other 3 characters.

Length: 1-2 sentences for each character (minimum).

Hint: The most interesting/convincing answers will do more than just ‘list’ a simple reason for each character. The best answers will explain connections and context.


34 responses to “W2, #2: RANKING THE 4 CHARACTERS

  1. The most honorable character in the “Untold Robin Hood Story” is Sheriff. He does the right thing by capturing Robin Hood despite Robin’s so called “good intentions.” Although Sheriff beats Robin Hood his intentions are clear that theivery will not be tolerated. Sheriff is just doing his job.

    The next-to-most honorable character is Maid-Marion. Maid-Marion displays her true loyalty to her husband by marrying Sheriff to free Robin Hood. Although she loses honor in Robin’s eyes, I truly see the love she has for Robin.

    The next-to-least honorable character to me is Robin Hood. In the story, Robin begins by stealing gold and giving it to the poor. His actions get him throne in jail and beaten. Robin’s wife marries sheriff in order to free Robin. Instead of thanking his wife, Robins smacks her and runs away. I think Robin acted in the moment but would have realized his mistakes and apologized to Maid-Marion. Although Robin was a thief, he still has much more honor than his best friend Little John.

    Little John is the least-honorable for one reason. He stole Robins love, during an emotional time.

  2. This question can really put things into perspective or the writer and reader.

    Well, my opinion is that Little John is the most honorable and ethical. Little John is the best friend to Robin Hood, I’m really not sure of his relationship to Maid Marion, and is enemies with the Sheriff. I think that he is the most honorable ant ethical of the group because, in some of the Robin Hood stories I’ve read, Little John isn’t the smartest person in the world. But, without those smarts manipulate his judgment, he is able to give his most honest opinion when asked to. Also he acts on kindness and will help anybody when he has to. He knows when and what you should do in a situation.

    The person who is the next most honorable and ethical is Maid Marion. She is he wife of Robin Hood, again not to sure on the relationship of her and Little John, but I know that they know each other, and enemies of the Sheriff. She is next because she tries to be as nice as she can to everybody. She also tries to help whoever is in need. But, her judgments can be twisted by anybody. She is very gullible and sometimes does not know the difference between right and wrong. None the less =, she is a good hearted person who tries her best in everything that she does.

    My next to least most honorable and ethical person is Robin Hood. He is the husband of Maid Marion, friends with Little John, and mortal enemies of the Sheriff. I think he is the next to least, and not the most honorable person, is because, he does things for himself. I mean he does do it for the right reasons but, he does it because he wants to. Also he always has to win. Like in part 5 of the story, when he slaps Maid Marion and tells her he never wants to see her again, he doesn’t give her a chance to explain herself. He never gives her the chance to let her say the reason’s for why she did it. By doing this he gives himself the thought that he was doing the right thing because she betrayed him, and doing so, making himself think that he was right and winning the argument, though he is a good person at heart.

    My least honorable person is the Sheriff. He is the enemies of Robin Hood, Maid Marion, and Little John. He does things only for himself and never fights fair. Every thought that crosses his mind is how he can make himself stronger, more feared by the people, and more rich. If you made a deal with him, he would probably cross you some how. Those are my scale of the greater and least most honorable people.

  3. The most honorable character is Maid Marion. She was the true victim of the story. She is confused and is caught in between the tricks of the sheriff and the rage of Robin Hood. Her only way out of this mess is to go away with Little John. The second most honorable character is Robin. I’d say that is as much of a victim as Maid Marion however. He is all strung out from all sorts of stress and the fact that he acted that way is not really his fault even though it seems that way. He was really going through some trouble and hearing about marion supposed betrayal was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t think he did the right thing, but I sympathize with him and don’t blame him for his actions. The third most honorable person is Little John. He doesn’t do much in this story and that his problem. After rethinking the story I realized that Little John should have been in jail too. I wonder, why would a true friend let another friend just run off and let him get into trouble? He was also partially hidden from the Sheriff’s view. That means he was watching while his friend was in deep trouble. He didn’t try to help or call the merry men to Robin’s aid. I find that really strange. He could have saven Robin sooner or later. Why did he let Robin suffer for a few days? It seems that Little John has a darker motive. There is a really old saying and it goes like this: A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will sit next to you in your cell and say “man we really messed up”. Little John didn’t bail out his friend or sat next to him in his cell. It really seems strange. It seems as if Little John doesn’t really care about Robin. Little John is either a coward or a backstabber. The least honourable is of course the Sheriff. Even though this story isn’t a black and white, good vs. evil type of story, I can easily make out that the Sheriff is the villian and therefore he is the least honourable. I sense he isn’t concerned with the the law and harbors a personal grudge against Robin Hood. He has Robin Hood under his control and want to destroy him completely. There are some things worse than death and the Sheriff is well aware of this.

  4. 1. Little John- Little John is first in my opinion due to his loyalty to the people he cared for. He was Robin’s right-hand-man in their exploits, and when captured Little John tried to help Robin. There is no wrong in that Little John didn’t break Robin out of prison, I know I couldn’t easily break into a jail cell and rescue someone. At the end, when Robin slapped Marion, John went to Marion and offered his protection to her, some say this was wrong of John to do, but if the story was set in the Middle Ages, a helpless young woman would have gotten nowhere. The story never confirms the time frame, we assume from the context that it is in the Middle Ages, but in that time men were expected to protect women and Little John filled Robin’s role as protector when Robin failed her.

    2. Maid Marion- Maid Marion broke all of society’s rules in order to marry and love Robin. She risked somebody finding out about their relationship by going to the Sheriff when Robin was captured, but she went anyway. When forced into deciding whether or not to marry the Sheriff and save Robin or do nothing, which would have surely led to his execution, she took the only path she saw that led to Robin’s freedom. I believe this is what makes her honorable and ethical. Even when she ran away with Little John, it was no fault by her. After being struck by the one you risked everything for, wouldn’t you be confused? Wouldn’t you accept any help that was offered in that state of confusion? In that mindset, there is no rational thinking, there is no thought process, all you want is help, which was offered by Little John.

    3. Robin Hood- Robin steals from the rich and gives to the poor to help the “greater good”. This is addressed at the very beginning of the story, and never again. We only see one example of Robin’s nobleness and heroism. Yes, we feel sorry for the victim, beaten and captured, but does that make Robin honorable and ethical? In my opinion it does not at all. It may just be the time in which I was raised or my preconceived opinions, but to slap one’s wife is out of the question and wrong. Sure, Robin was irrational after hearing about his wife’s betrayal, but that is no excuse for striking someone in a vulnerable position and someone, clearly, weaker than you.

    4. Sheriff- The Sheriff is doing his job. He captures the criminal and puts the criminal in jail. This is no different than, say, a baker putting bread in the oven; he isn’t doing it to purposely hurt the bread. Also, the beating may have been a social norm of the time. Capture the prisoner, beat them, and then lock them up. The reason the Sheriff has earned the bottom spot on my list is that he plays with his victims. The Sheriff is like a cat playing with its food before he devours it. Examples of this are how he makes Marion wait to see him, frustrating and demoralizing her, and how he wanted to create conflict between Marion and Robin, just to see them suffer and to also get back at Robin for causing the Sheriff so much trouble. The Sheriff exceeds his “job requirements” and instigates the people he wants to hurt for personal satisfaction.

  5. Most honorable/ethical: Little John
    He sneaks to the jail and tells Robin that they will find a way to save him even though that could be dangerous to him. He also takes Marion away after Robin Hood tells her he never wants to see her again. He is there when people need him and he supports his friends. He proves he is extremely honorable especially to his friends. He also by that proves that he is ethical.

    Next to most honorable/ethical: Maid Marion
    She goes to rescue her husband even though she doesn’t have to. She could have told the merry men to go do it and gone on with her life. Also she was willing to give up anything to rescue Robin Hood. She does prove that she is honorable and ethical.

    Next to least honorable/ethical: Sheriff
    Even though the sheriff had evil intentions and was cruel to Robin Hood he was still true to his word. He said if Marion would marry him then he would let Robin Hood go and he did. He may have been unethical, but at least he was honorable.

    Least honorable/ethical: Robin Hood
    Robin Hood goes against the law (even if it is for a good cause) by stealing. He also ends up turning on his wife at the end of the story and slapping her. He goes against so many ethical rules in this story, and going against those ethics makes him dishonorable.

  6. I think the most honorable character in the Robin Hood story was Maid Marion. She had risked so much for Robin to begin with, like agreeing to marry him in secret, so she obviously really loved him. When the sheriff gave her the ultimatum of marrying him and then being able to see Robin free, she made an extremely hard decision in a short amount of time. She sacrificed her own happiness for the well-being of the man that she loved.

    I think the next honorable character was Little John. Although there was much debate over his intentions at the end of the story, I do think that he was just trying to help. He was practically Robin’s best friend, and had been nothing but loyal to Robin for a long time. It would be very hard to believe that he would betray him. He was appalled by the way Robin treated Marion, and I think it was very noble of him to offer to take her away from the kingdom.

    The next-to-least honorable I believe is Robin. First of all, although stealing to give to back to the poor is a very well intentioned idea, it is still breaking the law. Robin could have found a different way to bring justice to the people who were being unfairly treated. Second, I think Robin was completely out of line when he faced Marion. She had been extremely heroic, and he owed her his freedom. She was his wife; he knew that she loved him, and that the only way for him to be released was for her to marry the sheriff. Marion sacrificed a lot for Robin and he did not appreciate any of it. He had no right to treat her the way that he did.

    The least honorable person was the sheriff. Yes, his job was to enforce the law and Robin did break it. However, I feel that the sheriff mishandled his power when he told Marion to marry him in order to set Robin free. The sheriff knew that would hurt Robin most; he was taking the love of his life away from him. I think that the sheriff was so intent upon hurting Robin that he didn’t care near as much about the broken law. If he had, there is no way he would have let Robin go at all.

  7. 1) Maid Marion was the most honorable/ethical character. She was secretly wed to Robin, and obviously loved him very much. Marion risked her own life by seeing the sheriff when she found out Robin’s life was in danger. She waited hours to see the sheriff, and when she finally did, she was exhausted. Maid Marion agreed to marry the sheriff for her husbands own well-being. “Protecting her own future wasn’t worth seeing Robin suffer.” That is the true meaning of integrity.

    2) Little John was the next to most honorable/ethical character. Little John had a great amount of loyalty towards Robin. When he found out Robin had been beaten and captured, he tried his best to save his friend. Also, when Robin had slapped and left his wife behind, Little John tried to help Maid Marion. He didn’t know she and Robin were secretly married, and so he promised to protect her forever. John knew she didn’t deserve to be treated that way, especially after what she had done for Robin. That proves why Little John is a heroic character.

    3) The sheriff was the next to least honorable/ethical character. The sheriff had a job to do. That was to make sure people abided by the law. He tried to do that by capturing Robin and putting him in jail. He also kept to his word by releasing Robin when he said he would. Although he was very honorable, he wasn’t the least bit ethical. The sheriff put Robin in jail and beat him to a point where he was unconscious for two days. He certainly didn’t have to do that, but he did it because he had a personal vendetta against him. The sheriff also blackmailed Maid Marion into marrying him. Not because he loved her, but to see robin suffer. That is not an ethical person.

    4) Robin is the least honorable/ethical character. He breaks the law by stealing and that’s not honorable or ethical. Even though I personally believe it was for a good reason, it was still against the law. Robin only cares for certain people, in this case the poor. He slaps his wife in the face, after she had risked her own life to save his. Maid Marion is willing to suffer and be with the sheriff, so her love can be free. Robin was very unethical in this situation, and that’s why he is the last character on my list.

  8. The order i put the characters in was Little John, Maid Marion, Robin Hood, and the Sheriff.

    Little John is supposedly Robins friend. I am not exactly sure why i put him first. I guess i just thought that he should be first because in the end he was the one although left robin he took care of marion. I thought that was honerable because he was taking care of the girl that was possibly in danger. At first he had wanted to help robin even though that would have been dangerous but i think he changed his mind when he saw how Robin reacted to Marion. I think he removed her from a bad situation.

    Next I put Maid Marion. I think she was next honorable because she was trying her hardest to be loyal to her husband. I also felt sorry for her in the end when Robin slapped her because she had only done what she thought would help him. However i do think she was to hasty in her decisions. In my opinion she should have explored more options before acting immediatley.

    Next is Robin Hood. I ranked him here because even though he was doing the wrong thing by stealing as far as we know from the story he was doing it for the right reasons which was to help the less fortunate people. I think he was WAY to harsh on his wife. He reacted badly even though marion could have thought things through a little better he should have realized right away that Marion only had his best interest in her mind when she acted. For that i think he needs to be smited!

    And lastley i ranked the sheriff. Although some put him farther up i choose to put him last because he just i guess persay rubbed me the wrong way. He came off to me as such a vain , arrogant and selfish being. I do not think that those are good qualities in a authority figure. He was rude to make marion wait….he didnt even need to make her wait he did it jjust because he could. To me thats what makes him go last is his “I can do this because I can” attitude. That attitude is in NO way honerable or ethical on any level.

  9. I ranked Maid Marion first because of what she did for Robin Hood. Not only did she wait for hours and hours, but it took desperate courage to go in there and offer the sheriff ANYTHING he wanted. She willingly stood by and married that awful guy, and what does she get in return? Slapped!

    I ranked Little John second. He went in to see Robin Hood while he was in prison, and he was there for Maid Marion after Robin left her. The only reason he wouldn’t be MORE honorable than Marion is because he didn’t suffer as much to help someone else.

    Robin Hood is third. He couldn’t very well be fourth, because, well, he’s Robin Hood! He gives to the poor! But he was a real jerk to Maid Marion. Perhaps he just didn’t realize how much she did for him (he didn’t say much to Little John, either). All he could think about was himself, and that is not very honorable.

    I ranked the sheriff last. He’s the bad guy, and though he was only reinforcing laws, he played a nastry trick on Robin to catch him, and he talked nasty to Robin when he was in prison. He married Maid Marion because he knew that would hurt Robin Hood more than any amount of pain or time in prison. That kind of wickedness goes beyond just not being honorable.

  10. I think the sheriff would be the most honorable character because he is the one enforces the law and ctached Robin from stealing . He did his duty of stopping the thieve.

    Next would be Maid Marion because she tried to help Robin out of jail. She tried to be loyal to Robin, but she always thought she had one option and that is why she married the sheriff.

    I ranked Robin third. He slapped Maid Marion just on instinct. If he had time to think things through he would have forgave her. He was only thinking about himself.

    Little John came last because he just told Robin that he was trying to help him, but it was Maid Marion that rescued Robin. LJ also took Maid Marion away fromRobin when he slapped her and convinced Maid Marion to run away with him.

  11. MOST HONORABLE (#1) Little John. I believe he was very honorable by saving Maid Marion. From what we know of the period, without Robin Maid Marion would be finished. She could be raped, killed, or abused. By protecting a “defenseless woman”, Little John was doing the right thing. I do not think he was “making a move” on her–I think he merely cared about her and wanted to help her.

    NEXT MOST HONORABLE (#2) Maid Marion. She was incredibly honorable, brave, and ethical. She loved Robin enough that she went to the Sheriff and asked that he be let free, which was brave. She also married the sheriff, which was brave because she suspected how Robin might act. She did this out of love, which to me is an honorable and worthy cause.

    NEXT HONORABLE (#3) the Sheriff. Yes, he did force Maid Marion to marry him, which I don’t think was ethical. But he was true to his word, and he released Robin, which was the honest and ethical thing to do. He at least kept his promise, as opposed to…

    LEAST HONORABLE (#4) Robin Hood. The long and short of it? He broke his marriage vows by ditching Marion. I believe that since she was already married, the second marriage didn’t count. So I don’t think Robin should have spazzed so badly. He should have considered how much pain Marion had gone through because of her love of him. Robin was merely selfish and cruel, because he simply slapped her and left. I do believe he meant what he said to her, and that he sincerely did not ever want to see her again.

  12. 1)My first characters are actually a tie. I couldn’t decide between Robin and Maid Marion. Robin who is Maid Marion’s husband, friend of Little John and an enemy of the sheriff is honorable in his reasons of why he does what he does. But at the same time he is still a thief and he still slaps Maid Marion, although that was common during that time period it still swayed my decision a little bit. With Maid Marion who is Robin’s and latter the Sheriff’s wife, and a friend of Little John’s it’s almost the same situation. Yes she marries the sheriff, but she does it for Robin. What I thought was a little unethical about her was how flighty she was. First she marries Robin, then thinking she doesn’t have a choice she marries the sheriff, then at the end she runs off with little John. What really irritated me about Maid Marion even though this doesn’t have to do with morality or ethics was that she always thought she didn’t have a choice. It made me wonder if that was really the situation or if she just didn’t take the time to think and consider every option, but I guess at the same time she was in a hurry to save Robin. I guess I’m slightly confused about my opinion of Maid Marion.

    2)After Maid Marion and Robin I have Little John. Little John was a good and not so good friend of Robins, a friend of Maid Marion, and another enemy of the Sherif’s. He sat back in the fight at the beginning of the story, but only so he is free to rescue Robin later. His running off with Maid Marion at the end can be seen in two ways the first is that he is saving Maid Marion from a life of violence and misery the second is that he just wanted to take away Maid Marion. The second option got me thinking about how maybe he had ulterior motives to being friends with Robin, which is the main reason he is third on my list.

    3)The last ranked character is the Sheriff who is an enemy of Robin and Little John and a husband to Maid Marion. He is dishonorable in how he robs the peasants and immoral in how he tortures Robin. He not only tortures him physically by beating him severely, he also tortures him emotionally by marring Maid Marion. He knows what will hurt Robin the most and he acts on it.

  13. Most honorable and ethical: The Sheriff.
    The sheriff stays true to his word to Maid Marion, and after she marries him, the Sheriff releases Robin Hood. “Most villains” would not have done this, since they would have the girl and then his enemy still in jail, set to hang. The Sheriff’s pursuit of Robin Hood is not because he is an evil man, but because he is doing his job, and actually doing a really good job of it. It is his duty, as the Sheriff, to hunt down all the thieves of the area. So, in that aspect as well, the Sheriff is being honorable toward his job by doing it to the best of his abilities.

    Second to most honorable and ethical: Little John
    Little John always seems to have Robin Hood’s back, such as when he sneaks into the jail to say that they will get him out. It is not all about Little John, but rather other people, like Robin Hood. Little John constantly is risking his life to do what he believes is right, such as stealing from the rich, and sneaking into the jail to comfort Robin Hood. Also, at the end he promises to protect Maid Marion after she marries the Sheriff, and is abused by Robin Hood. Odds are it is not because Little John has been secretly lusting after Marion for years, but because he sees the situation she is in, and chooses to help someone who has sacrificed herself for a loved one, as opposed to remaining with Robin Hood.

    Second to least ethical and honorable: Maid Marion
    I put Maid Marion here not because I believe she was the second-to-last, but because I thought Little John was more ethical than her. However, the way she handled the Robin Hood-in-jail-situation could have been a little better. She plays the part of the typical damsel in distress when she goes to the Sheriff with no plan, and agrees to the first thing that he says. She literally throws herself at the Sheriffs feet so her love can survive. She sacrifices her own honor by marrying the Sheriff, without really thinking of the future. She again plays the stereotypical stupid, helpless woman when after Robin Hood leaves her, she agrees to run off with Little John because she has nothing else to do. I will however, give her the benefit of the doubt since I was not in the same situation as she, and say that part of the reasoning behind her actions were because of the situation she was cruelly dealt in by the Fates.

    Least ethical and honorable: The Famous Robin Hood
    To be bluntly honest, Robin Hood has nothing good going on for him in this story. He is portrayed to be a convict, abuser, and also slightly weak. Regardless of how you try to wrap your mind around it, Robin Hood is a thief. It doesn’t matter who he steals from, but he steals. This unto itself shows us that Robin Hood has a slightly shifted honor code from many other individuals. The most telling part of the story, however, is the very popular scene when he slaps his wife. Yes, Maid Marion married the Sheriff, Robin Hood’s nemesis, but why? To save Robin Hood! You would think that Robin could have understood a little bit more and tried to work something out with his true love, but instead he slaps her, and basically says that he hates her. When Robin Hood is captured and eventually banished, he loses his identity, and also loses his ethics.

  14. Maid Marion is the most honorable and ethical in “The Untold Robin Hood” story. Maid Marion is classified as most honorable in my eyes, because she is able to make sacrifices. To be honorable you must be able to be willing to help others around you or in this story Robin Hood. Maid Marion made a decision that put her life at risk, but she would do anything to save her true love Robin Hood.

    Little John is second most honorable in this story. Even though he was acting as a thief in this story, he was stealing for the better good. To support the poor and lending a hand is very honorable and he was willing to risk his life to do so. He was also willing to help Maid Marion; she was in a tough situation where she couldn’t face robin or the sheriff. Little john rescued her from that problem. And once again he was willing to make a sacrifice

    Little John and Robin are neck to neck when comparing who’s most honorable and ethical. Although, Robin did not make the same sacrifices as the rest of the characters. Throughout the story little john and Maid Marion were trying to do the honorable act of saving Robin. Robin only made one honorable act and that was stealing for the poor. If he was to be most honorable, he would of taken Maid Marion away and protected her.

    The Sheriff was defiantly the least honorable. He cared more about filling his own desires than doing the honorable thing. He took advantage of Maid Marion, by forcing a marriage that only he would appreciate. This scale in my opinion is the most appropriate.

  15. Maid Marion is the most honorable character in Robin Hood. She did sacrifice her marriage to prevent the sheriff from killing robin because she thought his life was more important than their marriage.

    The next most honorable character is the sheriff. Although he looks like the bad guy capturing Robin Hood, the sheriff really captured a villian (Robin Hood). He beats up Robin Hood only for him to learn his lesson for stealing.

    The next to least honorable and ethical character is Little John. He was supposed to be Robin Hood’s best friend. When he was at the jail cell, telling Robin Hood that he would get them out, did he ever help Robin Hood escape? No. At the end, he told Maid Marion that he would take them to a different place, right after Robin slapped her. I think his intentions were to marry her, even though she is Robin’s wife.

    The least honorable and ethical is Robin Hood. Although he is considered good, giving gold to the poor, he steals that gold from the rich, which is not honorable whatsoever. He also slaps his own so-called wife. Even though she left Robin to help him, he still slapped her as thanks for saving his life.

  16. I believe that no one in “Robin Hood” had purely ethical reasons for their decisions, but the order below is from most to least honorable.

    Maid Marion- Maid Marion appeared to have good intentions when she married the sheriff to have Robin freed. However, I don’t believe that she thought about the fact that Robin’s oh so massive ego would be damaged, but merely the fact that SHE didn’t want to see him killed. That train of thought isn’t wrong in my opinion, but it is selfish, especially given the assumed time period. Despite what everyone keeps telling me, I still believe that when Maid Marion left with Little John at the end of the story, there were other implied intentions besides the simple reasoning of friendship. I don’t think that Maid Marion leaving with Little John was the best choice that she could have made, but her decision was understandable.

    Sheriff- Regardless of the simple label of the enemy, I believe that the sheriff was the victim. In the small part of the story that the sheriff was in, he was doing his job. Unfortunately, the sheriff let his job create a rival for him, the man who couldn’t be caught, Robin Hood. The major reason that the sheriff is not before Maid Marion on the list of ethics, is because the sheriff takes advantage of his power for his own personal gain. The sheriff offers to free Robin Hood, which he shouldn’t be doing anyway, if Maid Marion marries him. At this point, the sheriff is abusing his power in an illegal way, with the intentions of making Robin Hood angry. Evidently the sheriff wanted to know that he had angered Robin Hood and that if he was dead, it wasn’t enough.

    Robin Hood- I thought from the beginning that Robin Hood was an arrogant jerk. The story implies that the sheriff and Robin Hood aren’t on good terms. I automatically assumed that Robin Hood must have done something directly to the sheriff. There were other criminals that the sheriff had to stop, why was he so excited to have captured Robin Hood? He must have been extremely cocky or really stupid to deliberately piss off the authority. As far as Robin hitting Maid Marion, it really doesn’t faze me much (still considering the implied time period). I don’t think that Robin Hood ever did anything to hurt Little John, directly. When he hit Maid Marion Robin didn’t know that Little John was in the bushes I believe Robin didn’t think that Little John would even care.

    Little John- Little John completely dominates on my lack of moral character list. Little John is supposed to be Robin Hood’s best friend, but literally seconds after he slaps his wife, Little John comes to Maid Marion’s rescue(in his defense, from a current perspective, it does sound honorable). It is so hard for me to believe that Little John’s intentions afterwards were honorable. Also, when Robin Hood was beaten and couldn’t escape from prison, Little John promises to get him out. After this promise, he runs and tells Maid Marion, not even making an attempt to help Robin escape. Little John had no interaction with the sheriff in the story.


    Glad to see that you were able to see them as ‘equals’ on one level, but that you were still able to place them into this list once you looked beneath the surface.

  17. This is probably the hardest blog entry I’ve ever done. All the characters in Robin Hood are so flawed, I might as well be trying to count four jars of dust to see which one has the most.

    Robin Hood, when seen in terms of black and white, would have to be considered a dishonorable, ethically-challenged man because he thwarts the authority of the Sheriff and steals gold from the rich and gives it back to the poor, and by doing so he’s impeding the Sheriff’s efforts to run an efficient society. Maid Marion is just trying to prove her love for Robin Hood by marrying the Sheriff, so she must be great. Little John can also be seen as a hero for protecting Maid Marion, and the same can be said for the Sheriff because he’s just doing his job and trying to collect taxes and Robin Hood comes in and messes it all up.

    But when viewed in depth, nothing is easy, no one can be seen as honorable or dishonorable. Maybe the poor were barely surviving on the food and gold the Sheriff left them with, maybe they were living in a perpetual state of inadequacy and Robin Hood is saving them. or maybe Robin Hood is stealing from the rich just because he’s a jerk. Maybe he slapped Maid Marion because she broke his heart and he would have rather died than see her marry such a scoundrel, the scoundrel that had beat him to the edge of death, or maybe he slapped her even though he wanted to live no matter what the cost and he’s unjustifiably mad because she did what was necessary.

    Maybe Maid Marion married the Sheriff because it was the only thing she could do to save her love’s life, and she would rather have her love alive and hate her than be dead and love her. Or maybe she didn’t have the foresight to see that Robin Hood might feel a little betrayed and she was just to stupid to try and think of other possibilities.

    Maybe Little John had the best of intentions by taking Maid Marion, or maybe he’s just an opportunist that clung to Robin Hood and jumped off the ship the second he saw the relationship becoming unprofitable. Maybe the Sheriff is just trying to run an effective government or maybe he’s just a power hungry dog that beats people because he can.

    I don’t think its fair to judge any of these characters because we don’t know the whole story. We don’t know what any of these character’s are REALLY like, outside of a two page summary. I don’t see any of use being able to judge them from “best to worst” without actually really KNOWING them first.

  18. After finally mulling this over for several days, I think I have come to a fair conclusion. The perspective on whoever is most “honorable” and “ethical” was difficult for me because there was a breakneck tie between Robin and the Sheriff. I struggled with “ranking” these two characters, and still am unsure of my decision. Regardless, whatever perspective you look at may change the scenario.

    Firstly, I believe Maid Maron was the most honorable and ethical. This was easy to decide. In the story, she didn’t act for herself. She acted on behalf of Robin’s safety. She loved him so much that she would rather have known he would be spared from execution than be with him in marriage, so she gave herself to the sheriff for his freedom. That is a great amount of self sacrifice: she gave up her life to be with a man that she didn’t know to save the man she loved more. Maid Maron could have walked away and left Robin to his doom. She didn’t have to accept Sheriff’s offer; she barely knew him. However, she wasn’t thinking at all about herself when she accepted the sheriff’s “deal.” Maid Maron was only concerned about Robin’s safety. As quoted from the story: “Even though she was risking her own life, she made a decision to visit the Sheriff.” But… Sheriff knew she loved him, and waited hours before allowing her to enter and present her plea to him. “As night came, an exhausted Marion was finally ushered inside.” She could have accepted his “deal” because it was late, or because she was tired. That is unlikely, though, because of the next quote: “With a whisper she agreed to his deal. Protecting her own future wasn’t worth seeing Robin suffer.” Perhaps she was thinking clearly or unclearly at the time. Regardless of the case, I believe the choice she made was of the greatest honor because of her self sacrifice.

    Little John was the second most honorable and ethical. The fact that he took away Robin’s love and ran away from the kingdom is slightly unethical. I debated whether or not to place him third, but after rereading the story I finally came to a conclusion with the following quote. “I don’t know what happened,” he said, “but you have never deserved to be treated like that by anyone. If you want, I can take you away so you will never have to face Robin or the Sheriff again. I promise to protect you forever.” It does not say in the story that Little John knew of her plan to visit the Sheriff, but presuming the line “…never have to face Robin OR the Sheriff again”, he most likely knew she did visit and marry him. She sacrificed her life to save Robin, and then he rewarded her with a slap and hating her for letting him live. The love of her life, whom she made a great self sacrifice for, “never wanted to see her again” and walked away from her. She didn’t have Robin anymore, and she now had the Sheriff as her husband. Basically, she was left with nothing. Maybe Little John saw this and knew what kind of dilemma she was in. I think his intentions were of the best, and that he was not trying to steal Maid Maron away, but truly protect her. He was, after all, Robin’s best friend. If he had wanted Maid Maron to begin with, he would have let Robin die, instead of telling him “…don’t worry, we’ll get you out.”

    Robin Hood, who was arrogant, rash, and somewhat cruel, may be the least or the third most ethical and honorable, depending on how you look at the situation. The fact that he broke the law and put his life on the line to help the poor was honorable, in a somewhat criminal way. “Robin’s real goal is to ‘steal’ back gold, food, and other supplies so that he can return them to the poor who had to ‘pay’ them as ‘taxes’ to the Sheriff.” The way the quote is worded sounds like the Sheriff is “taxing” unnecessarily and only leeching off the people; therefore, Robin is ethical and honorable in this manner. When Robin is captured, he “realized his fate was completely in the hands of others [Maid Maron, Little John, and the Merry Men].” He embraces this fact. However, when help comes (in the form of Maid Maron), he SLAPS her when she saves him. Does this make sense? While being beaten, he realizes that he needs someone to save him. Someone does, yet he hypocritically hurts and refuses to see that person again. The fact that he shunned the “love of his life” because she saved him by means of self sacrifice is extremely unethical and dishonorable. He did not deserve Maid Maron or the love she had for him that saved him from death.

    Sheriff, I believe, may be fourth. What the Sheriff did was not honorable. Sheriff was doing his job. He wasn’t sacrificing anything. The fact that he was not presented with a dilemma and that he was doing what he was supposed to (capturing the thief, etc.) is not “honor” in my book. He was only following what his job demanded, and therefore only acted for himself. Simply because of that, I think Sheriff does not deserve to be called honorable. Sheriff stated that Robin had “escaped from [him] for many years, but in the end [he, Sheriff] had won.” However, Sheriff let Robin go if Maid Maron would marry him. This is NOT an ethical OR an honorable choice. Sheriff’s job is to capture and execute criminals, not offer the women that love them deals. If he had been chasing Robin for years, why would he let him go so easily? He let Robin go only to torture and wed Maid Maron. Perhaps he did it to torture Robin as well (Robin’s love was wed with another man). Technically in syntax, he did not threaten Maid Maron, but between the lines, he did. “Marry me, otherwise I will kill the man you love.” Is his job to threaten the innocent or let the criminals go if his offer is accepted? No. He wasn’t honorable to begin with because it was more or less his job, but because he stooped to the point where he wasn’t actually following the rules of his job makes him the least honorable and ethical.

  19. Well I’ve noticed by reading other students comments that how you base your ethics definitely affects the way you rank the characters. For many Robin Hood is the most unethical, I assume this is because of the way he treats Maid Marion rejecting her after she saved him. But didn’t Robin Hood not really know what she had done and wouldn’t it have been human nature to feel betrayed and act before thinking? Is this indicating human nature has a tendency for dishonor? For some, the immediate choice of honor seems to stem from obeying the law, so the Sheriff is obviously their choice as number one. But my question is what if the law is completely unjust, if you think that the law is always to be upheld that makes events like the American Revolution and Civil War unethical!?! Thoughts like this made this entry increasingly hard. It forced me to think of where my own ethics lie and not those so commonly expressed through today’s norm and society.

    That said, I’ve decided to go with the flow and elect Maid Marion as most honorable. First she married her lover, obeying my values in that area of life. Also she shows she truly loves Robin Hood when she agrees to marry the Sheriff sentencing herself to a loveless life so that the one she loves can live. The only crime she commits against my ethics is not giving Robin Hood another try. She so easily walks out on him and for that matter the Sheriff too. If she could get away from the sheriff that easily couldn’t she have run away with Robin too? But I understand she was very hurt and again human nature…

    The second most honorable was Robin Hood. Yes he was a criminal, and no he did not treat his wife, Maid Marion, justly. But there is no crime against being human. The reason I chose Robin was because if this story was indeed set in feudalistic Europe, than his criminal acts were just. The poor could not improve themselves at this time and helping the peasants was a very heroic act. Still I am not saying I approve by any means the way he rejected Marion, without even letting her explain.

    Third I rank the Sheriff. He is clearly overstepping his bounds of authority when he tortures Robin, his prisoner, almost to death. Also he is manipulating Marion who is powerless in his hands. She would do whatever he asked to free Robin and the Sheriff knows it and takes advantage of her. If the Sheriff would have simply housed Robin in the jail and listened to his side of the story, even if the Sheriff still chose death for Robin- the Sheriff would have defiantly been the most honorable.

    Last I rank Little John. He is a criminal, he seems to do nothing to help his friend Robin escape, and he betrays Robin. This betrayal is what ranked John last. He eliminated any chance of Robin and Marion making up and staying together by whisking her away before anyone had time to think. Little John almost seems like he was waiting for a chance to break up his friend and steal the girl.
    (Sorry so Long! Ha! No pun intended 🙂 )


    Mr. Long: I love puns, BTW. You get a gold star!

    Really enjoyed how you walked us through a variety of options/questions early on before you wrote out your answers/reasons. This is definitely something that I hope other consider in the future (both in class and in blog entries).

  20. The most honorable and ethical character in the story was clearly Maid Marion. She loves Robin Hood dearly, and was willing to sacrifice her happiness for Robin’s safety. Her answer for the sheriff came quickly and without hesitation. As much as she hated the sheriff, she still would rather set Robin free. In the end, she had no choice but to leave with Little John. She didn’t want to face the sheriff and at the same time knew that she couldn’t chase Robin back.

    The next-to-most honorable and ethical character was Little John. He helps the poor in getting back the money the Sheriff takes from them. He wanted to keep Robin alive, even when it seemed impossible. He promised to protect Maid Marion after Robin Hood ‘rejected’ her. He knew that Marion was in great distress, and instead of following Robin Hood, he felt that he needed to look after Maid Marion instead. He probably felt sorry for Maid Marion after what Robin did to her just because she wanted to help.

    The next-to-least honorable and ethical character was the Sheriff. He overly taxed the poor and beat Robin Hood to a bloody pulp. When Maid Marion asked the sheriff to release Robin, he took advantage of the situation by giving her a choice of either marrying him and setting Robin free or Robin dying. The reason he wasn’t the last on the list was because he was honest when he said he would set Robin free. A villain usually doesn’t promise and keep things like that.

    The least honorable and ethical character was Robin Hood. Although he wanted to help the poor, his actions made him on the bottom of the list. Maid Marion basically sacrificed herself to save Robin Hood, and what did he do in return? He slapped Maid Marion and told her never to let him see her again. He wasn’t even grateful for what Maid Marion did. Robin should have at least thought about the situation. He should have known that the only two things that could have happen was either him dying or losing Maid Marion. It seemed like he would rather kill himself and let Maid Marion suffer rather than letting Maid Marion at least have some hope.

  21. When ranking the characters, I agree with many of my classmates.

    I believe that Maid Marian was the most honorable because she acted selflessly to save Robin. Her choices were limited due to the role of women at the time. Her act caused her to lose the love of her life and her home.

    I see Little John as the next-to-most honorable in the story. He was a faithful friend to Robin and protected Maid Marian when Robin deserted her. Although Little John may have had feelings for her, he never acted on them out of loyalty to Robin. However, when it came time to do the right thing, he chose it. If rankings could be shared, I would have both Maid Marian and Little John as the most honorable.

    For me, Robin was the next-to-least honorable. He would have been least honorable except that he was stealing for the poor rather than his own personal gain. It truly angered me when he would not let Maid Marion explain her actions and instead struck her out of anger. As a child, I saw Robin Hood as the hero, when really he was just weak and rash. In this version the most heroic character was probably Little John.

    In my opinion, the sheriff was the least honorable. Normally, I would have just said we was doing what was expected of him in his job, however I believe he knew the taxes on the poor were unfair. Also, when he was punishing Robin it seemed that he was more interested in getting revenge on an enemy who, until then, had been out of reach rather than punishing a criminal for theft.

  22. I felt like the story did not give enough detail on what the character’s true intensions were, I found it extremely difficult to rank them. I made up some of my own ideas on why each of the characters acted the way they did since it depends on why each one of them did it rather than only what they did. Please remember that these are just suggestions on why they did things and I would probably agree with you if you disagree with what I wrote. Each character has a good intention and an evil motive (except Marion) on the reasons of why they decided to do certain things. The first half are their good intentions and the second half are their evil intentions. Since I could find fault in all of them, I had to pick out which overall had the worst fault.

    Their possible good intentions

    1) Maid Marion – I think that Marian was the most honorable/ethical. Being a woman at this time period and place, she probably feels like there was not much she could do or was allowed to do. Despite that, she risked her life while she tried to save Robin, which she did, but ended up not only marring the Sheriff but getting slapped by Robin as well. She probably left with little John because she was still bewildered and hurt from Robin’s slap and words.

    2) Little John – When Robin fell for the Sheriff’s trap, some people were saying that he was a coward for just hiding and not doing anything to help Robin. Well, here is a possible explanation to why he did it. What appears to be a two on two and with Little John having the advantage since he was still in hiding and thus the Sheriff would not know where he is or that he was even there, he might have figured that this was a trap. Since it seams clear that this was all a set up he figured he might have backup men as well. They were just simply hidden somewhere waiting to ambush if something goes wrong like if Robin’s men were also hiding and waiting to ambush if something went wrong. With this in mind, he probably figured it was wiser to stay hidden so he could deliver the message to Robin’s men about what happened to Robin. People were also saying that he was sort of a coward when he did not really do anything to help Robin and instead asked Marion to help. Well, he might have simply asked Maid Marion for help to come up with a plan. He probably asked Maid Marion because he thought she is the one who has access to certain things without there being any suspicion. It is also possible that he only asked her if she knew anything of the Sheriff’s plans or have any useful maps so that he and his men could slip through the cracks of his plans and be more likely to be successful on getting Robin Hood out without anyone else (mainly himself, Marion, and Robin Hood’s men) getting hurt (or as for Robin’s case get severely wounded even further). Although Little John did know that she loved him and would have guessed she would do anything to get Robin out unharmed, he probably did not think she would actually do what her true decision was after she was told what happened.
    As for his loyalty to Robin, he might have been quite loyal to Robin because he thought he was doing the right thing, but after he slapped Marion, he had mixed feelings. He might also have respect for women and thought that Marion would never do anything bad to deserve to be slapped. He might also have been outraged at Robin’s actions, slapping the woman he loves and walk away. He also might have acted on impulse when he asked Marion if she wanted a lift. In his mind, he might have thought of himself as a hero by protecting Marion, who was not yet married to Robin. I would put Little John as second, if this is the reason for his action.

    3) Robin Hood – He stole from rich and gave to poor as a good deed and not for his own purposes. He did not try to break out of jail because he was beaten severely and was not capable of breaking himself out if he even tried and if he somehow did break himself out, he would have been caught again and be beaten even more. I think he slaps Maid Marion from impulse and might have forgiven her later after he had thought it through. At first he just couldn’t believe she would go off marring someone else after she was already married to him and was outraged. He probably/might have felt she betrayed him and does not love him anymore. Perhaps he would rather die than let his wife marry his rival. Of course, after Marion leaves with Little John, he probably just got angrier at Marion, Little John, the Sheriff and himself. He was furious at Marion for taking off with Little John and marrying the Sheriff. He was infuriated at Little John for taking his wife. He was outraged at the Sheriff for marring Marion. He was also irritated at himself for becoming prideful and letting himself even get captured in the first place. Actually, if the last sentence is true, then I would probably put him in second but since I do not think he actually thought that, I put him in third.

    4) The Sheriff – He captured Robin because he believed he was doing the right thing and that it was his job but I do not think it is right to force Marion to marry him and that is the reason I think he is the least honorable and ethical. He thought that Maid Marion was confused and that Robin has been playing with her mind. Because he also likes Marion, he decided to marry her so he can control her to make her to see the bad deeds that Robin is doing and the good cause that her husband, the Sheriff is doing. The Sheriff believed that Marion will eventually thank him for doing what he has done. Having already caught Robin and knowing she would not marry him willingly, he decided to make her an offer of letting Robin Hood go if she marries him first even though he does not think Robin deserves being released. In the Sheriff’s relationship with Little John, the Sheriff probably just sees him as one of Robin’s men.

    Their possible Evil intentions

    Maid Marion – I can not really think of the possible evil intensions of Maid Marion. I have thought of one, but it does not really make sense.

    Little John – Little John might have decided to be Robin’s friend for his own gain. Perhaps he also liked Marion and by being Robin’s friend, he would have a better chance of winning her hand. He might have also decided to try to overthrow the king or the sheriff since the sheriff seams to have more power than the king or any other high position in the feudal system. However, after he/they both got to the high position in the feudal system he/they wanted, he might have planned to overthrow Robin and steel Marion. When Robin was getting captured, he was too much of a coward to confront the sheriff and now thought that the sheriff was smarter than Robin and lost faith in him to use him as a tool to get to the top. Since then, he only stuck around because he still has not gotten Marion yet. After Robin got captured, he asked Marion for help by asking her to find out what the Sheriff’s plans are, a map of the jail Robin was in, etc. He was actually going to let Robin get killed or kill Robin himself and only pretend to try to rescue Robin. At first when he realized that Robin had been set free, he was secretly not too happy. Later, after he saw her get slapped by Robin, he took this opportunity to steal her and go to another town to look for someone like Robin but more successful to get to a high position in the feudal system.

    Could have stolen from the rich and gave it to the poor for his own purposes like popularity and over throw the sheriff and anyone else who is in the way to get the high position he wants in the feudalism system. When he slapped Marion in the face, it might have been because he thought that not only had she betrayed him but also she has no use for him any more. Perhaps he was only using her as a key or an inside spy to do his dirty work and to know what the sheriff was doing and planning. But now that he knows that the sheriff knows that Marion loves Robin Hood, he realizes that the sheriff will make sure that Marion does not know anything of his motives unless he wants her to for whatever reason and that he might use her to tell him of Robin Hood’s plan instead. If Robin Hood actually loved Marion, then he might suggest her to stay with him to keep her safe although he might have thought about that after he slapped her in the face. Then he might have quickly dismissed the idea after she ran off with Little John.

    The Sheriff – He captures Robin and beats him because he likes to see people in torment. He then forces Marion to marry him for his own advantages. He lets Robin go free so he could suffer more when he hears the news that Marion married the Sheriff.

    I actually have more ideas than this but I think I have already typed way too much.
    Sorry for over writing.


    <Mr. Long: While I’m not commenting much now (it’s getting late on Sat night and I’m sicker than I was on Friday when I saw all of you guys), I am literally blown away by this response. Remarkable job looking at both sides of intentions. Fantastic!

    Couldn’t resist saying something even though I need to shut down the computer and go to bed now. Again, fantastic job!

  23. The most honorable character in “The Untold Robin hood” story was Little John. I believe Little John’s intentions were true. He was not trying to ‘steal away Robin Hood’s love in an emotional time’. I believe he was truly trying to protect Maid Marion and even maybe protect Robin. Also when Robin was in jail Little John was there trying to figure out a way to help out his buddy. He is a good friend to everyone and a good person.

    The second most honorable character was Maid Marion. I chose her as second, not first, because she married another man all the while she was married to Robin Hood. I didn’t exactly like Maid Marion in this story as much as I do in other stories. I believe this Maid Marion played the ‘victim’ role (even though admittingly she was hurt by Robin) and made women seem weak. Although I acknowledge the time period in which the stroy was set, she made it seem that she had no other choices. Even though she married the sheriff to save Robin, I’m sure she could have at least found one other way. Also when Robin hit her she just stood there and took it. I know, once again, the time period comes into play but I would have probably punched him back. ha.

    The almost least character in this story was the sheriff. The sheriff, at the beginning of the story, was just doing his job as sheriff by arresting Robin Hood. That is why I chose him as third and not forth even though he is constantly portrayed as the bad guy. One of the obvious reasons he is not a higher rank in honor is because he asked Maid Marion to marry him in exchange for freeing Robin. Whether he knew or not Robin and Maion were married or not, he should not have exchanged marriage for freeing a criminal. On that note, if the sheriff was so set in capturing Robin because he was a criminal he wouldn’t have let him out for anything. So to me it seems like he was just persuing Robin because he was angry that he never could catch him, but once he showed Robin he could and roughed him up, his job was done.

    Surprisingly the least honorable character in this story was ‘the supposed hero’ Robin Hood. Nowhere in this story did Robin do a good thing. First of all in the beginning of the story he was stealing money and breaking the law. Then when his wife Marion saved him from being killed, he hit her. I realize he was probably mad and in shock when he found out how she got him out. But he should have realized she only did it because she thought that was the only thing she could do to save him, plus he should take into consideration that without her doing that he would most likely be dead. On top of all that to hit her? No matter what the time period that is just not OK.

  24. I believe the most honorable character in Robin Hood is the maiden, because I feel as though she is the only character without ulterior motives. I think that the maiden married Robin due to her love for him and I know this because there was nothing else she could have gained from that marriage. If anything her marriage to Robin could have harmed her much more than it ever would have benefited her. Also in the end even though she leaves Robin for Little John I believe she does this because she feels that Robin no longer wants her in his life and so she is trying to do what she feels is best for him.

    I think that in terms of being ethical and honorable Little John comes in second. I think that Little John comes in second because he does successfully act like an honorable individual. Little John gives hope to Robin when he is in jail and then takes the maiden away when he realizes that Robin is no longer himself. Little John does perform many courageous acts but I am also suspicious of his other motivations. This is a man who must be very intelligent because he has assisted Robin in his schemes yet he does not get caught and also Little John gets the wonderful woman in the close to the story. This causes me to question if he is truly a good person or simply someone who has lived in Robin’s shadow long enough and is ready to have everything for himself. But in relation to his actions he does appear to be quite honorable and this is what why he receives this ranking..

    In the position of the 3rd most honorable character I place Robin Hood. Though Robin is supposedly a hero because he steals from the rich and gives to the poor he is also somewhat egotistical. I describe Robin as this because he continuously creates a following of poor individuals by stealing, and this sort of “fan club” gives him an ego boost. Because he does have so much pride in his actions he appears to feel somewhat unaffected by the law and feels as though he will never get caught. In this story however, Robin does get caught and this is a true test of his character. The problem I have with Robin’s actions is that while he is in jail he simply expects his friends to rescue him and gives no thought to their safety. Though I understand his want to be free and his exhaustion from being beaten, he truly does not consider that in their attempts to save him his friends could get caught. Also I was shocked when Robin hit his wife and this caused me to lose a tremendous amount of respect for him. I think that Robin is not a rational individual and though he may want to help people he needs to think before he acts.

    And lastly I would place the sheriff in the spot of least honorable individual in this story. I give the Sheriff this ranking because he truly does not have good intentions. Though he acts as though he is trying to uphold the law and stop the robberies of the rich, these are not his intentions. I know that these can’t be his intentions because when he had Robin in custody and had accomplished his mission he let Robin go. This proves that Sheriff was not chasing Robin for the good of his people but simply for sport. Also the Sheriff does things with a somewhat elitist attitude, especially when he forced Robin’s wife to marry him. Not only did he act as if this was no big deal and almost as if he was doing her a favor, but he truly took advantage of a young woman. Taking advantage of individuals and chasing men for sport are two actions which prove the Sheriff is anything but an honorable and ethical individual.

  25. 1.robin
    4.little john

    Robin comes first because he never did anything wrong. He tried to help someone and got captured, then he lost his wife while he got beaten and tortured. Striking maid marion is not only in his right at this point in history as a husband, but pretty well justified in my eyes.

    The sheriff comes second, which may be weird to a lot of people. He comes second because besides maybe taking it too far beating Robin, he doesn’t really do anything too wrong. He does his job in capturing and holding him, you can’t fault him there. His proposal to marry Maid Marion was kind of wrong yes but still, i don’t see him as too bad a person.

    Marion comes third for me because she does save her husbands life, but she is being unfaithful to him. She is getting him out into the free world and then abandoning him. These are things that take awawy from her being a hero.

    Little John comes last because personally I think he is a leech, grabbing onto the coattails of a hero and taking what’s left of the glory. He not only does nothing to help get Robin out of jail, but am I the only one who noticed at the end when he ran away with his best friends wife???

  26. The most honorable character in the “Untold Robin Hood Story” was Maid Marion. Maid Marion forfeited her own bliss by marrying the sheriff. Her altruistic act served one purpose. Because she loved Robin Hood, and did not want the sheriff to kill him, she succumbed to marrying the sheriff. Her thanks from Robin Hood was literally and figuratively a slap in the face. Unlike the sheriff, Maid Marion did not have an ulterior motive for what she perceived as doing the right thing. All heroes sacrifice or risk something for a greater cause. In this respect, Maid Marion can also be seen as a hero.

    The next-to-most honorable character in the story was Little John. Little John was there to help Robin Hood when Robin Hood was in jail. Although Robin Hood wasn’t faithful to Maid Marion, Little John was there to support and comfort her. Little John also promised to protect Maid Marion thereafter. He was a true friend to both Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

    The next-to-least honorable character in the story was Robin Hood. He should have understood why Maid Marion married the sheriff; he just made assumptions and slapped Maid Marion. He should have taken the time to listen to his own lover, although it was hard for him to accept what she told him. Robin Hood was not the least honorable of the four because he still had but one good attribute—stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

    The sheriff, of course, was the most dishonorable of the four because he was consistently malicious. He didn’t understand Robin Hood’s good intentions of giving to the poor by robbing from the rich. He captured Robin and threw him in jail. Then, he blackmailed Maid Marion and forced her to marry him. After he freed Robin, he bitterly threatened to kill him. The sheriff was mal-intended throughout the story.

  27. I believe that the sheriff is the most honorable out of all of the characters. This may come at a surprise to some but you have to think about it. He was collecting money for his country and he always kept his word. Recall when Maid Marion asked to free Robin he said he would free Robin if he married her.

    The next most honorable person in this story is Little John. He looks out for his buddy Robin and does what is right. When Maid Marion was hit by Robin, Little John offers to save her from this place and takes her away from there forever.

    The third most honorable person in this story was Maid Marion. Though she does the right thing and saves the love of her life in Robin, she lied to the sheriff and never returned. Lying is not an honorable thing.

    The least honorable person in this story is Robin. Though he tries to do the right thing in stealing money for the poor, he does some very dishonorable things. For one, after he is saved by Maid Marion he beats her. This may have been viewed as a common occurrence but in current times it is very dishonorable.

  28. The most honorable character in this version of Robin Hood is Maid Marion. Although she seems to be the one at fault, she married Sheriff in order to save Robin Hood. Her intentions were pure and she followed her heart, despite of what everything thought of her after her decision.

    The next-to-most honorable character was Sheriff. Although what he did, tearing Robin Hood and Maid Marion apart, he still did what was needed to be done in his perspective. His job was to capture anyone who broke the law, as Robin Hood did, and therefore only did his job, no matter how evil it may have seemed.

    The next-to-least honorable person was Robin Hood. Yes, Robin Hood did steal and break the law, however his intentions were good. But, he still was in the wrong and should not have stolen, no matter what his intentions were. Also, slapping Marion was uncalled for, especially after she put her life on the line to save his.

    The least honorable person was Little John. Not only did Little John say he was the one who would take care of and look after Robin Hood, but he went back on his word. When Robin Hood slapped Maid Marion, she was willing to forgive him, but it was Little John who convinced her otherwise, which made her run away with him.

  29. I believe the character with the most honor is Little John. I believe Little John had the most honor because he was the one who stood by Robin Hood the entire story. He was the first one to try and save Robin. Little John was also the one to stick by Maid Marion in the end when she was upset. I believe Little John did not help Maid Marion because he expected her to fall in love with him as they ran away, but more as a safe place for her to be in that hard time.

    The character to me with the second to most honor was Maid Marion. Maid Marion went to the Sheriff in order to save her ‘husband.’ Even though she married the Sheriff, it was something in her eyes she had to do to save her loved one. Maid Marion did not go to the Sheriff looking for marriage but in order to release Robin Hood. Maid Marion also went with Little John, in order to help her get away from chaos that was going on. So she could get away from the husband in the Sheriff she now had.

    The character with the second to least honor was the Sheriff. The sheriff to me had the second least honor because he tried to get Maid Marion to marry him while knowing she was in love with Robin Hood. To me it was a act of payback. He knew she would do anything for Robin and he knew it would hurt Robin. And in his eyes after all Robin Hood had put him threw it was worth it. Payback that hit Robin Hood in the heart was more painful then anything he could have done physically.

    The character with the least amount of honor was Robin Hood. Robin Hood first off stole. Although he stole from the rich and gave to the poor, stealing is never the right way to handle things. Also Robin Hood slapped Maid Marion without listening to what she had to say. She married the Sheriff to save him, not to hurt him. Robin Hood also ran away like a chicken. He did not listen to what Maid Marion had to say at all. To me he was definitely the least honorable.

  30. In my opinon, the most honorable person in this story was Little John. He tried to save everything in the end to be the “hero”. All he wanted was for everything to be ok in the end. He also tried to save everyone from grief by marrying Maid marion and taking her away.

    The next most honorable character in this story was Robin. He put himself in danger when trying to get the poor people’s food and money back. He was doing the right thing. That really is a big deal in my book. Risking your life for other people just to serve justice, that’s a huge deal!

    The next to least honorable person in this story is Maid Marion. She just goes around marrying people like its no big deal or she thinks she saving people by doing it. No, not really just making it worse.

    The least honorable charcter in this story was the Sheriff. The Sheriff did absolutely nothing honorable in my opinion, besides doing his job and putting people in jail. But Robin technically didn’t deserve to be in jail, but i guess he did brake a law. And the honorable thing to get a person out of jail is not to ask the woman who is waiting for Robin to marry him. Especially in the real world, thats not how it goes.

  31. 1. The Sheriff
    2. Robin Hood
    3. Little John
    4. Maid Marian

    The Sheriff is just doing his job. Although he accepted the offer from Marian he just puts a “criminal” in jail. But could you really blame him? The most beautiful woman in the land offers to marry him for letting a single prisoner out of jail. I would have said yes. I don’t think that makes him a bad guy.

    Robin Hood is a pretty honorable guy too. He stole from the rich, evil temporary King, and gave to the poor. I don’t see anything dishonorable with that. He did hit his wife though. That’s what got him number two on my list instead of number one. I’ve noticed that alot of other students have called it a “Beating”. A slap is not a beating. It was wrong to have done it, but it was a different time. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that was a common thing. It’s more common today than most would like.

    Little John is a scumbag. He stole his best friends girl away forever. Enough said.

    Maid Marian is so unfaithful she was married to three people over the course of a week. It’s like she just goes around offering to marry people if they solve her problems.

  32. The following rankings are made on the basis of “honorable” and “ethical” points. To be “honorable,” one must have high sacrifice points. The person must be willing to give up something personally important to him for the good of someone or something else. To be “ethical,” one must have low ulterior motive points. He must not hope to gain something for himself personally, while no one is looking. Some of the character’s actions may be foolish, unnecessary, or rash, but those actions do not figure into the rankings of “honorable” and “ethical” points. One can be very honorable and stupid. For example the Japanese kamikaze fighters were honorable, but in the end they died for no good cause and only added to their country’s problems. One can be very “ethical” and fail. For example, in a country in which corruption is the norm, the ethical people cannot get good jobs no matter how qualified they are, because they refuse to pay bribes. So, in our story, some of the characters would rank high, even though they may have other character flaws.

    #1 Maid Marion: She was the only character who made a sacrifice for someone else, even though the sacrifice might have been unnecessary in the end. Since she loved Robin, marrying the Sheriff would be a great sacrifice of personal happiness. Ultimately, she lost her true love, but it does not lessen the personal sacrifice she made to save Robin’s life. Furthermore, Maid Marion, unlike Robin, Little John, and the Sheriff, she had no selfish, ulterior motive other than saving Robin’s life. Her actions may or may not be smart, but they were honorable and ethical. Therefore, she ranks #1 in the most honorable and ethical.

    #2 Robin Hood: He made a personal sacrifice in trying to save the two peasants. This, he knew from being on the run from the law, was risky. Still, he risked his life and liberty to save the peasants. His ulterior motive is not clear. He may have wished to be a hero, but I think he mostly wanted to save the peasants and jumped into the trap. Also, the fact that the sheriff knew that Robin would take the bait shows me that Robin was in habit of saving peasants in distress. He would do it whether or not someone else saw it. I think he made a huge sacrifice with low ulterior motive. Of course he slapped Maid Marion, left her, and never forgave her for marrying the Sheriff. Those are rash, reckless, and prideful actions. His line of work is basically robbery and of course wrong. But despite Robin’s other character flaws, in this course of events involving these four characters, Robin was next-to-most honorable ethical.

    #3 Little John: I do not see where Little John made a sacrifice. Essentially, he was the sneaky, unreliable friend in the story. He escaped arrest because the Sheriff’s attention was on Robin. Then he promised Robin that he would free him, but did not put himself in harm’s way. Rather, he put Maid Marion up to meeting the dangerous Sheriff. He made no personal sacrifice for anyone. Then, when Robin mistreated Maid Marion, he did not try to correct Robin. He simply took her away from her true love. His ulterior motive was always to save his own skin, stay out of danger for himself, and perhaps take Maid Marion away from Robin. Little John’s conduct was next to least honorable and ethical.

    #4 Sheriff: The sheriff’s had low “honorable” points, because he made no sacrifice at all for anything or anyone. He had low “ethical” points, because he had a lot of bad ulterior motives. This makes him the lease honorable and ethical person in my books. But the sheriff’s bad conduct is made infinitely worse because he used public office to carry out these private motives and vendettas. He could set up a trap for Robin (good police work), arrest Robin, and put him into jail. However, he cannot beat up Robin (brutality), make a deal with Maid Marion (extortion), and marry Maid Marion (he knew she did not love him). Those are actions of misuse of his office for personal gain. I think his actions are close to being a criminal and the least honorable and ethical.


    (1) Little John is the most honorable and ethical because he commits no crimes, and he takes care of Maid Marion. Little John is a friend to Robin Hood and Maid Marion until he realizes Robin Hood is a jerk, he is nothing towards the Sheriff, and is Maid Marion’s protector.

    (2) Maid Marion is the second most honorable and ethical, she sacrifices herself to save Robin Hood, but she is still guilty of polygamy and infidelity and ended up running away from both her husbands. Maid Marion is the Sheriff’s run away wife, Robin’s run away secret wife, and Little John’s protectee.

    (3) Robin Hood is the second to least honorable and ethical because he is a theif, and instead of showing gratitude towards Maid Marion, he strikes her and tells her he never wants to see her again. Robin Hood is Maid Marion’s secret husband, Little John’s ex-best friend, and the archnemisis of the Sheriff.

    (4) The Sheriff of Notingham is the least honorable and ethical person in the story because even though he upholds the law and keeps his word, he still beats Robin Hood very severely and black mails Maid Marion into marrying him. The Sheriff is Robin Hood’s arch enemy, Maid Marion’s second husband, and Little John’s nothing.


    Here’s my list of the characters.

    #1 The Sheriff-Although the Sheriff did indeed mistreat Robin and took advantage of Maid Marion, I think that he did the most logical thing that anyone would’ve done in his position. You see someone that’s stealing from the king and giving the money to the poor even though it’s not rightfully theirs. If I was in his position then I probably would’ve arrested Robin too, he was just doing what he believed was the right thing to do. Although I do think it was a little harsh that he beat up Robin Hood, he was probably venting out his anger from the countless failed attempts of trying to capture Robin.

    #2 Robin Hood-Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? Not the most “honorable” to do but it is the most ethical in his opinion. But is Robin really stealing FOR the poor or just to be looked up to as an idol and be exalted for his deeds? Really makes you wonder who the real “hero” is in this story. Yes, yes he slapped Marion when he found out that she married the Sheriff, but who would anyone in Ronbin’s situation have really thought “Oh! You just married the Sheriff to save my life and you had no other choice. I completely understand why you made that decision and I forgive you”? I don’t think so. Robin felt betrayed and infuriated that Marion broke their own wedding promise.

    #3 Maid Marion-She was forced to marry the Sheriff, which was the only way that she could’ve saved Robin from execution. An honorable thing considering the one you love is on the line, but that is really the only thing that Marion really did that had a significant impact. The rest of the time she just complains to everyone and says there’s no hope and acts like she’s so vulnerable and can’t help herself. To me she just acted like a pouting child when I looked at how she dealt with her situations.

    #4 Little John-Little John basically took advantage of Robin. While he was in jail Little John told Robin that he would rescue him, yet he didn’t do ANYTHING to save him, this is what probably forced Maid Marion to marry the Sheriff. If Little John had actually done something then Marion would have never had to make such a bold decision. And when Maid Marion was feeling depressed and hopeless he took advantage of that and just took her away from Robin all for himself.

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