Set Up: As you’ve all heard since day 1 of the class, all formal essays you write this year will always be submitted in 2 different ways to Mr. Long:

  1. A paper copy handed to Mr. Long directly at the beginning of the class on the day it is due
  2. A digital copy submitted to Mr. Long via Google Docs by the beginning of class on the day it is due


  1. Please watch the two following videos that explain Google Docs. Note: It is a YouTube video so you will not be able to view it at school unless you ask Mr. Long to show you directly.
  2. Take this brief web tour of the features found in Google Docs
  3. Tell Mr. Long — in a blog comment response — what seems confusing to you or what you would like him to explain in detail in class when we go over this web-based file sharing tool

Note: I will walk everyone through the set-up and use of a Google Docs account before anyone is asked to use it. I just want to make sure that everyone has some knowledge before that conversation

Video 1: a ‘tutorial’ video telling you what Google Docs does in general.

Video 2: teachers/students talking about why/how they use Google Docs.


29 responses to “W2, #5: TOURING GOOGLE DOCS

  1. After watching the videos I feel as though I have a much better understanding as to what Google Docs really is. I am very excited to learn more about how to actually use this resource because it appears to be much more efficient than attaching files to an e-mail. After watching the videos I am a little confused if you can actually have an active discussion with someone through Google docs. In other words when someone is entering information into a document that you also have opened are you able to see the information after they have entered it? Whether this is possible or not I am still very excited about using this program because it will make projects and group assignments so much more convenient.


    Mr. Long: Yes, you can see real-time edits (from other people) take place. Google automatically a) saves and b) updates. Kind of a lovely thing, no? If you share/collaborate upon Spreadsheets (like Excel in MS Office), you can do a chat feature, but not in a Word Doc. No matter. I think you and everyone else will really like what the possibilities are (as you hinted)…and we’ll find lots of cool features along the way. What I love is the unlimited way we can share/edit each other’s work. One also has to love that you always the most up-to-date (and all the revisions) version of any thing you add to your account…no matter what computer you’re on (and you don’t have to carry a jump drive or anything that can be lost/damaged). Think about that!

  2. I am excited about using Google Docs because it will make my life much easier. It is a pain to transfer work from my computer to the computers at school and the other way around, with Google Docs I will be able to log on at school and work on a paper and I will also be able to do it at home without having to worry about saving it to a flash drive or disc. Google Docs will also make it much easier to work on a group assignment with the real-time edits. I have one question; can people you have not invited to collaborate on a work view the document?


    Mr. Long: Hopefully you — and others — will consider starting a Google Docs account on your own this week/weekend. That will allow you to already be ‘at speed’ when the 1st assignment is due; it’ll also make it less confusing at that moment. This will especially be true if you ‘practice’ a) writing a paper ‘inside’ Google Docs’, b) uploading a paper ‘to’ Google Docs, and c) editing/collaborating ‘inside’ Google Docs’ ahead of time. To your question re: ‘viewing’: people can only see a document(s) ‘in’ your Google Docs account if you invite them to view it/them. Additionally, people can only change or edit a document if you’ve given them permission to do so. You may want some people to read but not edit/comment; likewise, you may have someone (including me) leave comments/suggestions inside the draft…so you’ll give me/them/us permission to do so. We’ll go over all of this together in class, but I hope I’ve answered your question. Take a look at it in more detail when you have time this weekend. Likewise, go start an account — with an email address you are comfortable sharing with people in school (and that is appropriate by ‘name’) — and practice uploading a document and also typing one from scratch there. You’ll also realize you can do presentations and spreadsheets, but for our class it’ll primarily be the documents that we’ll use. I’m hoping you and others in class will become ‘experts’ on all or part of Google Docs to teach me and the rest of us how to use it really well! Finally, I’m glad you’re excited to use it in terms of it making your life easier. Beyond my class (turning in papers that way), hopefully this will be a convenient strategy for all your classes, college, and life/work beyond. Many professionals/companies use Google Docs in real professional settings to help people collaborate over time and across ‘virtual’ spaces.

  3. I think that Google Docs is so much better than having to send an email to someone through the web. Usually when I tried, the email would usually not be sent, or something stupid like that. I do have one question though that the Google Docs tutorial. Can you send pictures of something through Google Docs? But, other than that question I think that Google Docs is an amazing invention that schools should be using more often.


    Mr. Long: (Scratching chin, wondering aloud to himself)) “I wonder if one of my students will take the solo leap into the land of Google Docs to find out if Student #3’s question can be answered. After all, the Teacher Guy could answer it after doing research himself, but only he gains from such an adventure. Or — and I’m just thinking aloud here — a certain Student #3 could a) open a Google Docs account (during his/her free time), b) explore around a bit, and c) come back to delight his classmates and the Teacher Guy with knowledge form the Forest of Knowledge and Cool Bits. Even a “slayed dragon” with a Joseph Campbell-like tattoo across his Achilles heel. But then again, I’m funny that way.”

  4. I just checked, and to answer Student #3’s question, you can share pictures with Google Docs. You open a document and select “Insert- Picture”. Yay.

    The sharing part is what is confusing me. I see that other students asked about it, but I still don’t understand really. When multiple people are editing, are you seeing it as they type or as it’s automatically saved? And if you can’t chat with people when you’re editing a word document, are you just going to have to wait for those changes to be made to edit? And if you want to discuss that document, will you have to chat somewhere else or is there another form of communication besides e-mail?

    Overall though, this seems really cool. One thing that had always been frustrating to me was that because I have a Mac, my word documents won’t transfer over to Windows a lot of the time unless I go through a process of saving it as a Microsoft document, which I don’t understand. But with Google Docs, it won’t even matter! My life just got easier.


    Mr. Long: Brilliant work, my friend. Brilliant work, indeed! So pleased that someone has already dug around a bit and found the insert image opportunity. Very nice. While it won’t be used all the time in this class — for essays — it certainly suggests possibilities if you use Google Docs for other classes, etc. As to the collaboration/sharing bit, think of it as simply handing your paper to a classmate for 15 minutes. When they are done reading/commenting on it, they’ll exit; at that point, you’ll see all their suggestions/comments/ideas/questions. You are free to a) go back to an earlier version, b) ignore/erase any/all of their ideas (since they are suggestions), c) use some/all of them, etc. The beauty is that whoever you share the document with can leave their comments/ideas whenever they like, rather than waiting for a) a class writing session or b) when you are both free in the library (etc) at the same time. As for a ‘chat-like’ feature, you won’t see the changes literally happen — letter typed by letter typed — but Google Docs automatically saves (which you asked about) in a blink of a eye, so if you hit refresh you’ll see the most recent updates they/others made. There is only a chat feature on the spreadsheet-like option, which might be nice for science, math, student council or class officer items (fund raising, sign-up’s, etc). And you figured out one of the beauties: not having to worry about Mac or Word transfer. When you are ready to print out your final copy, you can print directly from Google Docs (although you might want to try a few first to see how the formatting works — potentially some slight variations) or copy/paste back into a Word or Mac doc for your final printing. Think — at that point — of your Google Docs account as your dream ‘filing cabinet’ that is always available. And you might have also discovered that GD’s can also be worked on off-line (i.e. when you are not hooked up to the Internet), but you’ll have to install Google Gears to get your computer/browser to set that up (plus do a little hunting around — he smiles). And that’s just for starters.

  5. uummm I’m not sure if i even understand any of this haha. Like i get that the general idea is to save a word document onto this website and not your computer but like all the details I am kinda lost. I’m sure you will explain this and I will understand this more when you show us in class. From what i gather though we wonet have to use our flashdrives which is awesome! I hated having to make time to go to the library just so i could put a paper on the school computer….so i deffinatley like that part haha. I also went to the site and noticed i was already logged in or something. My email is a gmail account so I think it just logged me in with my gmail username since i had already had my email open. That is nice now i wont have to remember a different screen name and password. I am sure things will become clearer when we go over this in class.


    Mr. Long: Yes, yes, yes…we’ll definitely go over it in class, plus I’ll work with you one-on-one (or in a small group with others) to figure it out all. Plus, each of you will learn a few tricks along the way to teach each other. Keep it ultra-simple in your head: Google Docs is like the perfect way to create/store/share any paper you ever need to write. No longer is it ‘left at home’ when you need it; likewise, you never need a disk or jump/flash drive, nor do you need to remember to send an email ‘attachment’. Plus, being able to let others — who you invite — read and add comments means its the ultimate ‘writing workshop’ 24/7, too. And while Google Docs would love for everyone to have a gmail address (free Google email, for those new to it) — you saw how easy it was to ‘just start’ when you do — you can use any email address to start a GD’s account. The key is to remember which email address you use…and to consider using a ‘logical’ and professional-sounding address from day one so you can be confident it won’t be mis-understood if you use it in other contexts (applying to college, internships, work projects, etc.) in the future, not to mention when your teachers here receive the invite to read/comment from your home email. Let me know what you find when you explore GD’s a bit (since your email address lets you get in right away).

  6. Before watching these two videos I was very confused about what Google Docs was and why it seemed so important. Now after watching them I understand a little bit more and am excited to use it. It will really help me to be able to work with friends on a group project with out having to set up a time and place to meet. Also I like the idea of having others give their opinion on my work. I even had friends read my first vocabulary story before I posted it, but I would like to hear what an outside party would say about it.

    I am still a little bit confused on how to set up an account, but I know you said that you would explain it before we ever had to use Google docs, so that helps. Also I’m wondering about the privacy on this site. It is not something I worry too much about but I know my mother will be wondering.


    Mr. Long: As you said, GD’s are perfect for group projects where you need multiple students contributing to one assignment, especially if it is after school and you can’t be on the same computer…and you also want to make sure that everyone sees the most updated version (plus all the changes highlighted along the way).

    As for “outside people” seeing your work, keep in mind that only people you formally ‘invite’ to read and/or comment on your work can see it. Nobody else in the world can see what is in rGD’s account unless you send them an invitation directly via email. It is a private ‘filing cabinet & drafting’ system. The only difference b/w it and what is on your personal computer @ home (for instance) is that you have the option of allowing one or more people to a) view and b) view/comment on a document you’ve written/created. Of course, if it is a group assignment, then all of you are creating it together from scratch (as well as viewing others’ changes and adding changes yourself), but one of you will ‘start’ it/’host’ it.

    Great point re: privacy in general, as well as what parents may say/question. In fact, it is a wise choice to want to learn as much as possible about any web site where an individual’s documents are stored. I’m happy to talk to any parents about any questions they have; in fact, during “Back to School” night I’ll cover this specifically. Additionally, I’ll be giving each of you a document to take home to your families to read — with F.A.Q.’s (frequently asked questions) and answers, as well as a link to the Google Docs videos, etc. so that everyone can see a) what it is, b) how it works, c) how students’ work will be protected, and d) why we’re using it to help your writing develop over the year.

    Finally, any student/family that would prefer another strategy for turning in work digitally (rather than signing up for/using a GD’s account), I will help them find a different approach. The key is that I have access to all essays/projects in paper and digital form. GD’s just is the easiest way for me to keep track and comment, but I’m willing to find another solution on a student/family-by-student/family basis, too.

    Let me know if you/your family has any other questions at this point. And thank you for taking time to mention the privacy question.

  7. Wow! You can do way more on Google Docs than I originally thought. I think it’s really cool how we can get different suggestions from our classmates before we turn things in.

    One question I had was how exactly do we get things like essays to you through google docs? Is it like in video 1, where we put in your email to collaborate on the document? Also, could we upload powerpoint presentations to google docs?

    Other then that google docs looks very cool. I have never been able to use a tool like that for a class and I’m really excited to get started!


    Mr. Long: When you go to Google Docs, open up a “new” “presentation”. This is the PowrPoint-type option. I’m not 100% sure if it translates exactly to what you see in Microsoft, but it seems to be a pretty cool option to consider — esp. if you do it from scratch there for a group project.

    Go ask Mr/Coach Kern — new IT Dir — about the presentations. He’s taking that on as a personal goal to see what it can do. Perhaps you both can share what you discover.

    And as you said, the student “suggestions” side of things is half of what makes GD’s so wonderful given the type of regular work you have to do here at school. Hope it becomes a real ally for you in the next 3 years (and into college).

  8. I think Google Docs is creative and helpful in a very good way. It allows us as a class to collaborate more efficiently. Plus, it allows us to take ideas from our classmates and almost learn from each other.

    After watching those videos a have a clear understanding of how it works and honestly it sounds great. From now on we don’t have to worry about the countless email revisions. For group projects, Google Docs. are absolutely perfect. Talk about a new meaning for communication.

    I thought I would have many questions but you answered them by responding to my classmates. I am looking forward to being able to use Google Docs.


    Mr. Long: Thank you for taking time to read the previous thoughts/questions and my responses; most pleased that we were able to address much of what interested you ahead of time.

    Great lines: “For group projects, Google Docs are absolutely perfect. Talk about a new meaning for communication.” Indeed!

  9. I love the idea of this website. I believe it will be great for student editing on drafts and it will be nice never to have to worry about forgetting a flashdrive!

    Do these accounts ever expire and can they ever get ‘over loaded’ like a jump drive?

    Another question was about uploading files is it simply like when you download from a flashdrive to a computer?

    Also the web tour had limitations from I guess where you can upload a document . I was wondering if we would really ever run into those.

    I’m excited about GoogleDocs. I think it will be very convienient and fun!


    Mr. Long: Not sure about the “limitations”/”upload a document” question, so come ask me about it when we can look at GDs together. As to the other questions: As long as you have the file on your computer, you can upload to GDs (while we may have to see if the format will stay or if it shifts a bit in GDs). I do not believe the account expires, just as their Gmail doesn’t expire. You could very well be using this account in college in 3+ years, I suppose…although it may be even more powerful by that point given Google’s money/influence/actions. And considering how much storage Google gives everyone, I do not believe you’ll have much of a problem with being over-loaded. Certainly it will be more than you’ll need in one school year!

  10. I was already semi-familiar with it since you asked me to set one up before school. The videos were helpful. I did have few questions though. Can the collaborators automatically update, almost like a chat conversation? Is there any way to upload photos and adjust the size once uploaded? What exactly does ‘publishing’ do? Is it put up on your personal web page, or just submitted into Google? Can one folder be totally public? So that anyone who sees it can comment? Thanks for the help.


    Mr. Long: Let’s see if this helps:

    1. There is a literal chat feature for the spreadsheets, but not the documents. Collaborators need to refresh the web browser to see the most recent updates…so it’s not literally ‘visible’ the second you type a letter/word.

    2. I believe images can be uploaded/added. I am not sure about sizing. I’m sure if you try to add a single photo you’ll see if there is a way to re-size/crop.

    3. See if you can find out what the “publishing” feature does. I’m sure others will be interested.

    4. Only people you allow can see the contents of a folder. It is not automatically public. You have to send out invitations.

    5. Only people you invite to “collaborate” can leave comments/edits.

  11. Using Google Docks seems like it makes things a lot easier. At first, I didn’t even know what Google Docks was, but after going through the tour and watching the videos, I got a basic idea of what Google Docks can do.

    It’s really nice how we don’t have to e-mail our documents or use a flash drive/floppy disk to save files and having to take them everywhere. I often forget to bring it or take it out from the computer, so it’s good to know that I won’t be forgetting or losing anything.

    I’m not sure how the editing thing works, though. When someone edits your file, is it like instant messaging where they can just press send and you see what they typed? And also, if I let someone ‘collaborate’ with one of my documents, can they send it to other people as well or does it have to be me?

    I don’t really have many questions because I think I can test things out when I make an account. It’s cool that Google Docs allows me to stay at home while working together with other people on projects. And if my computer suddenly crashes, I won’t have any worries.

    I am very excited about using Google Docs and I think it saves a lot of time and effort.

  12. After seeing these two videos, writing anything has become a lot easier. I have never heard about google docs, and when I did read about it from your handout, I thought it was going to be some computer thing that would be hard to understand.

    I am confused on some things though. Are you going to be editing our mistakes on Google Docs? And if I let someone help edit my project, will I see the change the same time the person is doing the change?

  13. Before you mentioned it in class, I had never heard of or used Google Docs. After watching the videos, I was certainly impressed! A website that stores your documents and spreadsheets online, sort of like how photobucket stores photos and videos online. I will definitely use it from now on, because I don’t have to worry about forgetting my USB or my printer running out of ink. 🙂

    Can we access Google Docs from the Oakridge computers? Some websites have restricted access on them like YouTube. However, I’m not sure if they restrict access to email log-in pages, but I am guessing they do since checking your email at school is forbidden. Google Docs requires you to log into your gmail account, so would it be under a restricted access block?

    I am still a little confused about sharing documents. The video says that you send certain email addresses invitations to see your documents. Does this apply only to one document, or can they view more if invited?

    I remember in class you said if you never got one of our essays via email or never received one of our blogs through the class blog if some receiving error occurred, we could always show you that we did it by means of Google Docs. For this, I am presuming that we are allowed to sign onto our Google Docs account after class to show you the document. Is this correct? Or if we sent you an invitation again, would the date of last edit be present on the document or something?

    Regarding the collaboration part… the video says that anyone you invite can edit your document, and you won’t have to deal with a number of different edited documents. It also says that you have the original copy/file saved, so you can go back and undo some changes or suggestions if you don’t like them. How can you have one document that was edited but still have the original? Isn’t that two documents? How does it work?

    By the way, I loved the first video explaining Google Docs. The visionary and auditory narration was really interesting!


    Mr. Long: While students will not receive their ‘invitations’ (via email) at school, anyone can enter their Google Docs log-in/password while at school. You are not actually going to your email account so it is allowed at school.

    The same guy who did the initial video does one for many other new Internet tools. You should be able to see his work if you look at the “Common Craft” videos in YouTube or just Google it.

  14. I think that this is pretty cool. This makes everything easier and I don’t have to wait for a convenient time for to work on a project with a partner. I understood most of this , but I couldn’t understand the part about email. I don’t use email much and I didn’t understand the part about the attachments getting out of order.

  15. I think Google Documents is a great invention. I think this will help us not only in this class but also in college. I think more classes should be using this and requiring it from their students. I do have one question that was answered in the video but I do not completely understand, can you upload something and only allow one person to make corrections? Other then that I look forward to working with Google Documents in the future.

  16. Documents

    Each document can be up to 500K, plus up to 2MB per embedded image.
    You can upload documents from any of the following file formats:
    Plain text (.txt)
    Microsoft Word
    Open Office (.odt)
    You have a combined limit of 5000 documents and presentations and 5000 images.


    Each spreadsheet can be up to 256 columns, or up to 200,000 cells, or up to 100 sheets — whichever limit is reached first. There’s no limit on number of rows.
    Each spreadsheet can have up to 20,000 cells with formulas. Of this total, the following limits apply:
    Up to 10,000 GoogleFinance formulas
    Up to 10,000 GoogleLookup formulas
    Up to 500 Import formulas
    You have a limit of 1000 spreadsheets.
    The limit on spreadsheets open at one time is 11.
    You can import spreadsheets up to approximately 1 Mb in xls, csv, or ods, txt, tsv, tsb format.


    Presentations in both .ppt and .pps file formats from your local computer can be up to 10MB in size.
    By entering the URL of a file on the Web, you can upload presentations up to 2MB.
    By emailing in your files, you can upload presentations up to 500K.
    You have a combined limit of 5000 documents and presentations and 5000 images.


    Mr. Long: Much thanks to Mr. Kern for adding some details about Google Docs. What would have been cooler? If one of our us had found the same info on the Web or in GDs (he smiles).

    Someone owes him a cupcake!

  17. Mr. Kern (part 2)

    Yes, you can upload a PowerPoint presentation however if you have the new version (07 for PC or 08 for Mac) you have to change the default save type. Google Docs only accepts .ppt and .pps file formats. So if you have the newest version you have to change the format at the bottom from the default .pptx by clicking on the drop-down and choosing the .ppt. You will want to run the Compatibility Report (button at the bottom of the save box) to make sure going “down” a version won’t lose any of your bells and whistles. If you have an older version that defaults to .ppt, you do not have to worry about changing it obviously.

  18. Before I watched the videos and read the intro slideshow thing I was very confused and wondered how in the world this Google docs works. After watching I think I pretty much get it and I think it will be a great help for organization purposes. I think it is a great way to get feedback from other students also, because the person you want to read it can do so on their own time. The only question I have is will we actually be using others this to let others read our work, and if so do we each have to invite every single person or is there a group that we have just for our class/school. I am really excited to learn the ins and outs of this program and cant wait to start using it.

  19. Google docs is awesome. I can’t wait to use it at school. I think we should have used last year also. I am glad about using it because I don’t have to use flash drive or worry about bringing it to school.

    Just a few questions….

    1. How do you store all the edited documents and know which one is the final version?
    2. Is there a way to store all these edited documents along with the original?
    3. Are the corrections dated so you know when the corrections were made?

    ….I look forward to use Google Docs.

  20. I don’t really see the need for such a program at our level. It seems like a good idea but I don’t really understand it. In my experience having everyone over to your house, or other meeting place, is more efficient than having everyone on there own computers because no one can see what else they are doing and no one is enforcing anything so they could be off playing games and no one would ever know. I also don’t understand how the teachers are supposed to keep track of whose doing what work unless there is a log of maintenance on the file. I guess the only explanation that I personally need is, the need for this program, which I am obviously missing this point.


    Mr. Long: Great question/challenge. No doubt that it is not necessary to do ‘group work’.

    Let met explain — on a really simple level — why I’m introducing all of you to Google Docs. There are other reasons to use it (which some have already noticed, such as group work), but the #1 reason for using it in our class is as follows:

    1. I want to ensure that I can read every paper you write (and that your classmates write) wherever I am without having to carry stacks of papers around. I’d rather keep them on my school desk where they will not get lost. This is why I want them additionally sent in to me in digital form.

    2. Having every student submit their papers digitally in dozens of ways (email attachments, jump drives, CDs, etc), I’m seeking one consistent way to receive them. Hence, submitting them via Google Docs.

    3. Once I have everyone’s digital paper, I’ll store them in individual folders in my Google Docs folder so that at any time this year I can quickly refer to any/all of your papers. You’ll be able to do that as well.

    4. When I give comments, I’d prefer to do so on the digital file so that you can see them ‘in context’ better than writing them ‘in the margins’ of physical paper where room is limited and my hand writing may/may not be confusing at times (esp. after grading 70+ papers in 2-3 days).

    5. Since you can submit re-writes of any major paper as many times as you need inside a quarter (and receive the highest grade of all the drafts), I’d like to have all this in ‘one’ place. All edits — yours and mine — will be visible in the ‘revisions’ (or history) tab on the document in Google Docs. This will allow us to quickly go back and forth between revisions to see which was best.

    6. All other options/strategies — such as group work (when you can not be at one computer or at one house/in one classroom) — are up to you and your classmates. This is not the reason I am introducing you to Google Docs, although I can say from professional/life experience that it becomes a remarkably powerful option for those who choose it.

    I hope I’ve answered your question/concern. Thank you for asking it.

  21. The editing seems a little strange to me not quite sure how that is going to work out but I guess you are going to explain it to us. other than that it seems pretty straight forward.

    It’s going to be nice not having to mess around with what format I save my stuff in as much and make all those unecessary trips to the computer lab.

  22. After watching the YouTube clips over Google Docs, I feel as though I have a better perspective of how it works. I am excited to get to know exactly how to use this feature, that way I can hopefully use this as an alternate for a flash drive.

    I am a little confused, however, about how documents are transferred and still kept secure. Are they posted online? How would that keep the documents private?

    But other than that I am extremely excited to be able to transfer documents from school to home and vice versa through email on Google Docs.

  23. After watching the first video about Google Doc’s, I was very elated to begin using this program. I feel as though this will serve as something stress free and something we as students can count on.

    I like how the video was set up, kind of like the ups commercials!

    Instead of worrying about if your teacher got your essay or if you sent it to the right email, with Google Doc’s your worries are no more!

    This makes me excited to begin writing essays, which I never thought I would say. It seems like it has helped teachers out all over and I can’t wait to use it. =)

  24. I do not think I have ever heard of Google Docs until it was mentioned in class. After watching the videos, I got a better understanding of it but I still had some questions. I guess I was a bit sleepy or something and was not paying much attention so when I went to the Google Docs tour, I missed the 1 of 6 with the arrow next to it. To me, it appeared as though I had to set up an account to tour. I did see the arrow next to the start button but I thought it was going to take me to the same place where the start now button was going to take me.

    While waiting until my dad came back home so he can check out Google Docs to make sure he approves me setting up an account on Google Docs, I looked at the other’s blogs and read your comments so most of my questions were answered.

    Later, I went back to the tour link and check again to see if I missed something and that time I saw all the links and not just the arrows that I somehow missed. It seamed like I did not see anything on that first page. I did check out the tour and I do think that Google Docs is great and is going to make life easier from what I heard so far. I tend to have problems with sending my email or something like that. The instant saving is also nice. I tend to forget to save it frequently when I am working on it and only remember to save it when I am finished for the day. Therefore, if something happens to the computer, whatever I just worked on is all lost and I have to start all over again. That has happened to me before and I got really angry so I am excited and interested about using Google Docs.

    Anyway, I do have one question. Do we have to use Google Docs in the future or is it just more convenient with whatever we are doing? I really doubt that my parents will object but what if they do not agree with me setting up an account? If it is a requirement, then I am sure they will let me set up an account, but if it is optional they may not agree to it. My parents seam to find fault in everything.

  25. Google docs sounds great. The idea is a simple, but revolutionary one. The idea of storing files online is fantastic, the availability, storage volume, convinience is just great. I just find the whole idea of virtual memory, that is the unbelievable cool idea of memory that isn’t really there, but that I can use, amazing. I can’t wait.

    I would like to know if you can post it in a way that you do not need to invite people via email to every document, and if you can invite/participate non-google email adresses.

  26. I had to do a project with two classmates recently, and one was gone for the day, so it was difficult getting coordinated and this could really help prevent all that. And it seems so simple and yet so smart. Now if I could only find out how to work it…

    I hope we go over this in class, because I am still unsure about how many people might see it, and whether anyone could come in and just change things around however they pleased but it seems protected enough for us. And it’s great that you can work on it, at home and still be “with” the other involved people. Whether those chats won’t go off topic is a different story all together, but I am really excited and I know that that’s going to be another “daily-update-check” site for me.

    The editing part, of everyone-being-able to edit is still slightly in the blue for me, but I bet I’ll get it. Someday.

    It is slightly bothersome, because I am starting to feel that the world is out to get us students without excuses for late work or related. And now Google is out to get us too!  Run and hide!

  27. I’d like to ‘tip my hat’ to technology, as Mr. Long would say, because I honestly thought the internet couldn’t possibly get better. I do find it ironic that an article questioning google is on the blog, and a tour of google doc and its features on how to use it for school is on the blog as well.

    After watching the two clips and reading about what google doc has to offer, I am excited/somewhat skeptical still of the program. Maybe the skepticism is just because I have not actually experienced it (besides the wandering around and seeing how it works) therefore making a biased decision. But I am still open to using it, because I do realize I can’t judge it quite yet.
    I’m pretty sure most of these questions have been posted already, but I guess its a good ball-park estimate for you to know what questions to focus on.

    1. If and when we publish our work, that means it will be completely open to the internet world, right? I hope no one would do this, but I would be afraid of someone plagiarizing my, or our, work. Especially if it was a poem or something that I really took ownership to and spent a lot of time on.

    2. When I was trying to figure docs out, I saved something like: ‘adfjafj’ and then revised it with another ‘sdflaj’. I looked to see if I could find the 1st copy, but I could not. Maybe you could explain how to view old copies.

    3. What if I was working on corrections #1 and I was not done with my last revisions, but I had to go to the moon, hypothetically, so I saved it anyways. Then my partner made their revisions while I was gone, and saved it as corrections #2. Would corrections #2, the paper my partner had just saved, show up on my screen when I get home? I wouldn’t want to work on corrections #1 again because that would make two copies of separated, half edited half not files? I know you have said you can see when the others have been correcting, but how is it shown?

    4. Can we still use this program at the school? I know it requires an email address and I wasn’t quite sure if it would be blocked or not.

    Thanks for expanding our knowledge not just in the classroom, but in the real world, too.

  28. I understand the basic concept of Google docs. I don’t have any questions about how it works, but I will probably be emailing you later in the year if i something comes up and i have a problem or a question. But for now no questinos for me.


    Finally! A place where I can store all of my essays, projects, etc. and not have to print out copy after copy after copy to give to my teachers. I can already tell that I’m going to be using Google Docs, not only in school, but also in the future.

    I also like how the website is presented in the YouTube video, using pictures let me understand the concept easier. I really thank you for introducing a website that will allow us students to be able to send anybody anything, anytime, anywhere. Thanks for making my life just that much more convenient.

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