Set-Up: Since we’ve just crash-landed (with a group of British private school boys) on a tropical island, one begins to wonder how well we’d do in a similar circumstance:  no tools, no communication with the outside world, no ‘normal’ food sources, no shelters, no rules, no guarantee that rescue will come, etc.


  • For fun, take two survival quizzes by the Discovery Channel: 1) “Extreme Survival Quiz” and 2) “Island Survival Quiz”
  • Write a response describing a) how well you’d do and b) what you now think of the boys’ abilities to survive on the island at such a young age.

Length: 7+ sentences


43 responses to “W6, #3: EXTREME SURVIVAL QUIZ

  1. I missed a total of 3 questions on the two, I’m an Eagle Scout so I have a pretty strong advantage there with having to have learned all kinds of survival tactics throughout my time in the organization.

    I don’t think a whole lot of the original survival skills shown, but the boys start to impress me later. At first a stream provides freshwater and there is an abundance of fruit, so it is no trouble for anyone. Later though when Jack and his hunters finally get a pig, Jack seems like a proficient funter and they are showing intelligence hiding their faces, not that that’s what it’s about of course.

  2. I got 75% correct on the first quiz and 70% on the second. I’ve read a lot of books about people surviving in the wilderness, but there were some questions on those quizzes that I never even would have thought of, let alone known the answers to! I think it would be fun to try and survive, though…as long as I had a way to go home at will if it wasn’t working out.

    It is amazing how well the little boys are surviving. Some of them do have knives, and that helps quite a bit. They also seem to have an endless supply of fruit. I’d say a jungle or a forest is definately a more ideal place to be stranded than in a desert.

  3. If the two quizzes were an accurate determination of survival, I would be ‘likely to survive’. I accredit my minimal knowledge of surviving to the board game, “The Worst Case Scenario Survival Game”, and all the time I have spent watching “Survivor” on TV. After watching countless seasons of “Survivor”, I have a pretty good idea as to what I would do. First, I would make sure I had some source of water, otherwise I would only last about three days. Then, I would make a fire; I would do this first if the water had to be boiled to make it drinkable. After that I would build a shelter and construct some sort of signal for possible rescuers. Food would be a minor concern at first because the human body can survive without food for at least a week. If my stay on the island lasted longer than 3 days, I would make myself some sort of protection (in case any ‘beasties’ crossed my path). Eventually I would explore my surroundings pretty thoroughly once my other tasks were done, but my primary concerns would always be water, fire, shelter, and food. Surviving seems easy, sitting here on my computer, the air conditioner on, a bag of chips in hand, and a glass of water nearby, but if I really was on an island, it might be a few days before I could function properly and start thinking about how to survive.

    The boys of “Lord of the Flies” seem to be surviving pretty well, but what if the water wasn’t clean, what if there wasn’t any fruit, and what if tropical rainstorms wrecked havoc on the island every afternoon? They had no trouble in the food and water departments, and they don’t really need protection against the elements, so the shelters are just there for comfort. However, they were able to start a fire, which is an impressive feat with no one over the age of twelve, but without glasses they would have been completely lost. Their inability to work together is probably their greatest fault. I personally would rather be stranded alone than have to deal with the annoyance and complexity that goes into organizing the boys and making them listen. The boys definitely did well, they far surpassed any opinion one would have about the survival capabilities of young boys, but their inability to cooperate makes failure in surviving seem imminent.

  4. Quiz 1: 8 of 11
    Quiz 2: 7 out of 10

    I would probably die if I had to find my own food because I seemed to pick all the poisonous answers. On the dealing with the elements like water and heat I could totally make it but not with snow. Thinking of these young boys being stranded is crazy. I don’t know how they would know all these things to do to stay safe and how they would find anything to eat that they knew was safe. They had to be brave and try all these new things that they had only heard about. I don’t think that if I was actually in these situations that I would actually remember to do anything like I was supposed to. So maybe in this case ignorance benefits them because they aren’t going to freak out and do the wrong thing even though they know what to do. They simply experiment and find what works and consequently what doesn’t. This makes me respect the boys because even though they were younger than me, they probably are braver and they did many of the key survival things correctly.

  5. Well, according to to the quizzes I’d do alright on an island. The first one said I have a 75% chance of cheating death, and on the second I got 6/10. Contrary to this, however, I wouldn’t survive three days on an island. Everything we went over on the class trip has long since left my memory, and I’m just not the kind of person that would be featured in the “Rescued After Two Years” headline. It’d be more like, “Remains Found Off The Shore of Local Island.”

    I commend the boys’ abilities to survive. They’ve managed to keep themselves alive by hunting and gathering, and aside from the dark foreshadowing plot and the tensions between the two most prominent figures, they seem pretty well off. We’ll have to see if they keep this up, but for now I’m satisfied.

  6. First off, those were so fun :)!

    I am proud to say that I could probably survive. I got ten out of eleven on the first quiz (I thought you were supposed to suck the poison out of a snake bite-oh, well) and nine out of ten on the second quiz (apparently moray eels are poisonous and would have killed me-who knew?). The second quiz was actually pretty easy because my family went to Hawaii over the summer so I knew all of the Polynesian questions. Overall I think I could survive pretty easily on my own. It seems I have, if not a natural tendency towards survival, at least I have learned through books and movies what to do.

    However, at age twelve (and under) I didn’t know near as much about survival as I do now. The boys so far have done better than I expected, they have only lost one, which sounds fairly morbid, but based on their circumstances is actually good. I do not think they will have a great chance at survival for long, however. This is not because I doubt their innate sense of self preservation but because of the way they are becoming so detached from civilization. They have not lived long enough for their connection to order to be incredibly strong. They know what they need to do to survive but because of lack of maturity, they are increasingly doing what is fun and feels good for that moment instead. This severing of ties with society will bring about their death, because they will eventually forget to work for the good of the group, thus creating chaos and violence amongst them, resulting in murder.

  7. I barely got through the test. I got half the questions on both tests. I thought at first that the test was simple but it turns out that I was wrong. I think the boys are very good at living while being stranded on an island. They have been able to find and eat fruit and find drinkable water for the time period they have been there. Although they probably don’t have any knowledge of what to do in this kind of situation, they are continuing to live until the day they are rescued. And I still don’t think coconuts kill more people than sharks.

  8. I would do okay. The first quiz said I have a 75 percent chance of surviving haha. The second one I only got 3 correct. So obviously I would not do well in the island type setting.

    I think the boys abilities to survive is remarkable! I honestly don’t think any of us could do any better since we are so spoiled with all our electronics like laptops and cell phones.

    These boys are very young and from the start they are trying to make a plan. They have figured out they need to hunt food and make a fire. From the class trip last year obviously without the lighters we would be an epic fail for fire starting haha! So far the boys are doing very well in listening to their “leaders” and cooperating so far with each other. Their minds are obviously working very hard to have not even gone to high school and are figuring out how to survive without adults on an island.

  9. Well according to The Discovery Channel I have a 75% chance of cheating death! Score! It’s amazing how that random show you watched on Animal Planet when there was nothing else on can come in handy. However, I was not quite so lucky on the island survival quiz. To be blunt I would be dead in about a week. I never thought that surviving on an island would be a piece of cake, but I have realized that it takes a lot more than just sheer intelligence to stay alive. You need to have good instincts, common sense, quick thinking, and always have a plan B.

    Now, I really see the enormity of the challenge that these young boys are facing. They never had any reason to develop strong survival skills, and all of a sudden they have no one to rely on but each other. We have talked about how the boys’ organization is starting to fall apart, and how they aren’t exactly being productive, but when you look at the big picture it is truly remarkable that they have had any success at all.

  10. On the first quiz i answered 5 out of 11 questions right. I had a 75% chance of cheating death. I thought I did very well. On the second quiz I answered 4 out 10 questions. I thought that the first quiz was harder than the second one, but obviously I did better on the first one.

    I think it is amazing that the kids on the island can survive like that. I would be scared and panic, but the children on the island went straight to work on how to survive. Ralph didn’t seem scared at all. It seemed he didn’t care much and thought everything was going to be OK. If I was in their situation I probably wouldn’t have done anything those quizzes considered to be right.

  11. I did ok on the first test. Most of them were common sense kind of stuff. The second one required a little knowledge of polynesian culture.

    The boys have no idea what they are doing. If it wasn’t a book they would have died.

    I have one problem with the quizzes though. It seems the best way to survive is to be weak. The one with a robber was the opposite of what I would do. Avert your eyes and do what he says??? I’d take a bullet for my pride anyday. And for the bear stay quiet and still??? It’s my lifes goal to fight a bear. If I don’t come out on top so be it, I died happy. I just needed to get that off my chest.

  12. On the ‘Extreme Survival Quiz’ I got a 75% chance of survival. On the ‘Island Survival Quiz’ I recieved a 6 out of 10 therefore I could definetly survive on an island if I happened to be marooned there.

    I think if Jack and Ralph were one combined person then they would have a good chance of survival, but unfortunetly they are two seperate individuals with two seperate minds and ideals. Because of JAck and Ralph’s diffrent priorities, Jack’s obviously being killing a pig and Ralph’s protecting them while getting rescued, the tension created will result in the downfall of their ultimate chance of survival. What is funny is that if they did not “build a fence in between them” their combined personalities, including Piggy of corse, could probably get them off of this island. The boys do have some good authority techniques which makes the reader consider at first the possible civilized living of the boys on the island(but is soon torn down). Such as Ralph who sets up a sort of democratic system and knows well enough to share some of the power with someone who could potentially be a threat to him in the long run. Jack of corse has brought fear into the children and humans seem to follow more in line with the one they are frightened of first. Such as in the scene when Jack put the mask on and was dancing about to go out to attempt to capture a pig. The children did not necesarily want to go hunting but “the mask compelled them.” With all these elements in mind I now doubt the boys’ abilities to survive on the island at such a young age. On the one hand they are still a kid yet at the same time their savagry and ‘instincts’ (in which they have not developed yet being the age the are) is taking over resulting in the continuous split between the groups and the constant persecution of one another.

  13. Although I answered more than half of them right, I doubt I would be able to survive for very long if I were lost. First, these questions are multiple choice questions, so I had the luxury of picking the most logical one. If I were really stuck in a current or facing a bear, I would probably make the most stupid choices possible. I might survive for a week, but that’s all.

    The boys in The Lord of the Flies actually do have a pretty good chance of surviving. It seems that everything is there for them to use; the abundance of fruit in the jungle, Piggy’s glasses for making fire, and a nice pond for fresh water. Even at such a young age, they know that fruit is used for eating, glasses can focus light to make heat, and water is used for drinking. Jack is also able to hunt the juicy pigs in the forest, allowing Jack and some of the boys to have their lust for meat quenched. Ralph seems well on his own in building shelters, and although at first they keep falling over, he is able to adapt and find the solution. The only obstacle the boys have is getting along with each other. Ralph thinks about the future idea of getting rescued, while Jack thinks of the present and hunts pigs. This line between them starts to become thicker and thicker as the story progresses. Being young, they still have not inherited the ability to act as a team. The boys are threatened not by the environment around them but by the challenge of cooperating with each other, which may cause their eventual and probable demise.

  14. Well, on the first quiz it said I have a 75% chance of cheating death. That’s pretty good since I see myself surviving only about 2 to 3 days! On the second quiz I got 5 out of 10 of the questions correct. I did better than I would have guessed considering I had no idea that coconuts killed more people than sharks do. If I was stranded on an island, I would probably join Student #5 on “Remains Found Off The Shore of Local Island.”

    The boys ability to survive on the island is remarkable. They have already found a source of food, water, and are working on a shelter. What is even more noteworthy than this, is that the boys are no older than twelve! They must have a keen sense for survival, due to the fact they have functioned as a group this far without the assistance of a higher authority. The boys have been very productive, and I am impressed they have made it this far. But I don’t think the boys will make it much farther without turning to inhumane ways. They have a huge challenge to face ahead of them, and they will hopefully all survive. They seem to be doing fine, but lately there has been a lot of foreshadowing in the book for a dangerous event to come.

  15. According to the quizzes, I’m sittin’ on about a fifty fifty shot to live. I missed about half the questions on both quizzes, and while it said I had a seventy five percent chance of cheating death, I’m going to attribute about half of the questions I got right to luck. The only reason I got the “Is it safe to eat a moray eel?” question right was because there was no way I’d go catch and eat that nasty lookin’ thing. But apart from my hatred of fish, I think I’d do alright for maybe a week and a half. If I’m not rescued by then I’d be betting on the other guy.

    Those kids are something else. It’s really cool how they’ve survived for that long, but they do have a pretty abundant amount of food and water it seems like. I’m more impressed by their psychological ability to hold it together than I am of their physical ability. But because they’re children, I think they have a somewhat naive perception about what’s going on; they have a blind knowledge that everything is going to be ok. If an adult or a least a person with a more “realistic” outlook on life were stranded on the island, I think they’d have a lot rougher time.

  16. On the first quiz I got a 75% chance of survival
    Second quiz: 7/10 (although I admit on the question about the Polynesian method of making fires, I put “dance to fire god” because it made me giggle)

    I think at this point, the survival skills of the boys have not been tested in The Lord of the Flies. Golding seems to have set up the island where everything that the boys need is right there, including the food, water, wood. It seems rather coincidental that none of the boys have yet been said to be dangerously sick even though they are not taking any sort of precautions about drinking water, or the fruit they are eating. In reality, the odds seem very slim that a person lands on a deserted island, and miraculously, everything needed for survival just happens to be on the island, as well as being perfectly edible and fresh? Although the boys are not being tested yet, the older boys, like Ralph, Jack, Piggy, and even Simon, who have the greatest knowledge about survival are the ones that are the leader at this point of the story. However, I think that as Golding sets up the later story, the boys will have to tap into their survival skills together as a group, or some of them will not be able to survive. It will be tough for the boys to work together because of the young age of some. These younger boys will not be able to fully comprehend how serious the situation they are in actually is. The boys will simply follow whichever leader is nicer to them, and will not consider which boy is the best equipped to survive the island’s hardships.

  17. 1) I scored 8/11 and 9/10.
    I did better on the second one because I’ve been to a few tropical islands, especially to places in which the locals claim that the Robinson Crusoe story was based. In those places, setting aside some tourist trappings, you can’t help but imagine how it must have been when it was discovered by someone who believed that they were the first ones.
    (Now, when I go back, I will really imagine surviving there by myself!)

    2) The boys, no older than 12, did pretty well surviving. Ralph, to his credit, had the right instincts about survival. He tried to provide the basic needs of a civilization in addition to food: order, shelter, some hygiene, and a way to be rescued. But it is a daunting task to take care of a whole bunch of boys so much younger, when he is so young himself. There seem to be a lot of fruits and they don’t physically need shelter, it seems. So as far as being ‘lost’ goes, they are lucky. They know it by instinct, and in their minds they have rated the island a ‘good island.’ After the basic physical needs are met, their emotional (some say spiritual) needs have to be met. Here is where the young boys have a lot of trouble. First, they are fearful, even though they know there is no physical danger. Pretty much all the boys, including Jack, feels unsafe. They feel beasties, or someone is watching. Ralph had the right idea to build a ‘home,’ a place where they could feel safe. But he does not finish the job. That creates misery, real and imagined, for everyone on the island. Second, they lack structure in their days. The leaders, Ralph, Jack, and even Piggy should have laid out their days in a schedule so they are not aimless and unorganized. This is especially important for the little ones. Piggy’s idea of clock is very useful, if they thought about it. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the boys needed to communicate better. When they talk, it’s as if they each talking to themselves. They needed to say, “Yes, I understand what you are saying.” Instead, at least in the chapters we’ve read so far, they just drop a topic and they are still angry at each other. They needed to emphasize what their priorities were and that they were in the ‘same boat.’ The emotional turmoil created by the lack of leadership is the point of the book.

    I don’t know if any boy twelve years old could have done a better job than Ralph, Jack, and Piggy, but if they wanted to hold the conch, they could have thought about these issues.

  18. On the first quiz I got 5 out 11 questions correct. Apparently I have a 70% chance of survival. On the island quiz I got a 6 out of 10. Now I don’t know for sure what I would really do in those situations. It’s easy to take a quiz, but it isn’t easy to survive.

    The boys’ situation on the island isn’t bad but, it isn’t that great either. Those boys are going to need something more to eat than fruit. They probably won’t get meat in a long time because Jack is a terrible hunter. Having such a limited diet will cause long term complications. They need to look for a better food source taht is more healthy that just fruit and more reliable than pig meat. They also need a sturdy shelter for protection. However, none of the boy except for Ralph and Simon have any interest in creating a shelter. There survivalhood seems short-term at this point in time. I’m pretty surprised that they made it past the first week considering most of the boys’ attitudes.

  19. I think I would do fairly well in this situation. I have been on a hiking trip into the woods before so I know some of the ways of nature. Some of the things in the quizzes were odd things. However they both said i have a good likelyhood of surviving, which is good. I don’t see myself entering a situation such as this though. I am not the kind of person who would buy a large yacht and sail the ocean with it. This quiz was helpful in showing what would happen if people were caught in these situations.


    Mr. Long: At this point, I can’t give credit to this entry because it did not answer the full question. Feel free to add the rest this weekend to have this one added.

  20. I got ten out of eleven on the first quiz, and eight out of ten on the second quiz. I believe that I would do pretty well if I was in the same situation as in Lord of the Flies. Because I am older and I think I would be more mature than what the boys’ are on the island just by reading the first few chapters. I think as a class, if we were stuck on an island, I believe we are a capable group and would be able to survive.

    By taking those two quizzes I realized that for the age of the boys’, they have done a great job at surviving. They have been very organized; by separating into groups that each does specific jobs. The boys’ have been able to collect food, and find water pretty easily. For their age I think they have done a great job.

  21. After taking both of the survival tests I realize that there are many small things that make a big difference on surviving and on average I had about 60-70% chance of surviving.

    Seeing my own results, It would make much more sense if there was more failure among them considering their young age and how my age and knowledge is much more advanced than theirs’. Despite their age, the boys made some real good decisions such as building the signal fire and hunting the pig for food but there are many aspects of the situation that makes their amount of success seem unrealistic. With such a large amount of boys on the island I would think that there would be a shortage of fresh water. The pool that seemed to contain their drinking water “was only invaded by the sea in high tide” so there had to be lots of sea water in it and a need for an alternative water source. Another major problem I see is how long it took the boys to finally hunt the pig. Although the children were eating a lot of the fresh fruit from the jungle, the children were very young and most likely not educated on which plants were poisonous and which were not. It is curious how none of the children got sick from the fruit.

  22. According to the “Extreme survival quiz” I have a 75 percent chance of cheating death. Putting into account that I only actually knew one of the questions, I’m just a really good guesser and watch a lot of Myth Busters. I only got 5 of the questions correct on the “Island Survival Quiz” and all of those were guesses. In conclusion, I have no chance at all if ever put in a life/death situation.


    Mr. Long: My wife and I can’t stop laughing at that last line, BTW. This is dead-pan human at its finest: dry, short, and catches you off-guard. Love it!


    The boys are doing considerably well, especially given the fact that I probably would have died on the first day. It is a lot easier to criticize all of the bad things that they’re doing and completely ignore their smart ideas. Yes, Jack is power hungry and obsessed with a pig, but he also recognizes the fact that the boys need food besides fruit. Thinking of using Piggy’s glasses to make a fire was an amazing idea, especially for 12-year-olds. The boys are surviving which is already a task. Along with that, they manage to remain calm and have fun which could prove to be helpful as they remain on the island.

  23. The first quiz wouldn’t show up on my browser for some reason, but I got 5/10 on the second one which isn’t really that bad I guess?

    Although I didn’t really do well on the quiz I still feel that I’ll be able to survive if I was put into a situation like the kids are going through in Lord of the Flies. I know the basics of what a person needs to survive:shelter, food, and water. Some of the students above have said that water is the most important thing, I don’t think that is so. The first thing believe a person should do when they’re in a survival situation is to build themselves a decent shelter. That way they can be protected from the elements and have a “homebase” per say to go back to. It also gives a sense of security, taking that much stress off you. Then I would start looking for some food and water.

    I think it’s pretty amazing that the kids in Lord of the Flies have been able to make through this far. For a bunch of little kids they act pretty mature (most of the time). The fact that they’re able to create and organize their own society shows just how intelligent all of them truly are.

  24. Quiz One:
    I got eight out of eleven questions correct. I thought it was funny that they said you are “likely to survive.” I got most of them correct because the other answers were meant to be obviously wrong, “wait until the car sinks and drive it out of the water…” But if I was surrounded by a shark or one of my friends was suffering from hypothermia or bit by a poisonous snake, I and they would be out of luck. Some of the answers I had known because it something everyone today just understand what to do in those situations.

    The boys due to age and their time period, may have not known what to do. I learned things with age and through general knowledge of how our bodies work, but many of the boys hadn’t yet and therefore be unprepared. Also, as time progresses, we gain scientific knowledge. The book was written in 1954, so the boys would’ve not known today’s discoveries.

    Quiz Two:
    On the second quiz, I got five of ten correct. It is good to know I have a fifty percent survival rate. I got both swimming questions correct, so I would be stranded on the island if no one saw my signals to be rescued. I would be unable to start any fires on the island because I was incorrect on how perform this task. Along with freezing I would probably starve because I got all of the fishing questions incorrect. Let’s hope I do not get stranded on an island.

    Considering that I had did very poorly on this, I do not think that the boys would do well either.
    I think only people who study these kind of things would be able to do well. Considering the “littleuns” already eat any fruit they see, I think they would be eating the poisonous food. The boys seem to come from a pampered background and would have had no reason to learn these survival ‘tips’ so they would have been unaware of how to use them.

  25. On the first quiz I received 7 out of 11
    On the second quiz I received 4 out of 10, not so sweet

    I believe the boys would also have scores like mine. Its something most kids don’t learn, unless like student #1 you are a Eagle Scout. I think if Jack, Ralph, Piggy or Simon were to take this they would not be able to pass either. I believe s far in the story they have impressed me. They have been able to calm down and settle. Ralph has organized them, while Jack has managed to kill a pig. They have also had the mind to build shelters and a fire for rescue. Theses are essentials when stranded, and they have been able to hang in.

    I believe time will tell us if they continue to succeed at their survival but as of now they have done very well. ( I do believe anyone put in this sitution would be able to produce something helpful.)

  26. In the first quiz, I got 75% correct and in the second quiz, I got 60%. For the first quiz, I was extremely surprised with how hard the questions were! I never realized how much I don’t know about survival skills! Some things I knew, but I definitely learned alot just from taking those two quizzes.

    The second quiz was much easier to relate to the book simply because it was more related to an island. After taking these two quizzes, it really makes me think more about how the boys are even surviving! I’ve been so concentrated on figuring out symbolism and what is being forshadowed, while I have totally been overlooking the fact of what the boys are going through.

    Putting all of this into perspective it makes me wonder, how in the world can the boys survive?? If today in modern civilization, we do not all know these things, how would twelve year old boys know?

  27. On Quiz 1 I got 10 out of 11 questions correct. Even though I am “a true survivor” I’m sure in the presented situation I would not be able to do anything. The only reason I was able to answer so many questions correctly was because I’ve watched A LOT of Animal Planet and Myth Busters in the past. On the second quiz I got 8 out of 10 questions correct. If I was stranded alone, I’m pretty sure I would die within the first week. However, if I was stranded in a group, I think I would fare prettty well. I would be a mix between Piggy and Simon — I know my stuff and can suggest ideas, but I would definitely not hunt or kill anything.

    The boys are doing exceptionally well for their age, considering they are so young. Although some of them are taking it a little overboard (Jack, for instance…), the reader has to keep in mind that they are only 12 and still very young. Some excellent decisions made on their part was the calling of the boys together with the conch (they definitely couldn’t fend for themselves alone with much success), exploring their surroundings to make sure what they were stranded on was really an island, and Jack using “paint” as camouflage to blend himself in with the jungle while hunting. The best idea was using Piggy’s specs to start the signal fire — for a bunch of twelve year olds, this is very intelligent. Ralph describes the island as a “good island”, probably because it provides them everything they need — food, freshwater, and plenty of material for shelter. Even though they still view the island as “fun” and it provides most of the resources for them, the boys utilize these resources very well. The biggest challenge for them is maintaining order and staying calm — they are, after all, a group of rambunctious boys with wild imaginations.

  28. Quiz 1: 8 out of 11
    Quiz 2: 2 out of 10 🙂

    So if it was based off the second quiz i would definatly be dead but the first one I would be ok.

    I know if i was in the position the boys are in i dont know what i would do with myself. The boys are all so young that to be able to know all the skills of survival at their age is pretty difficult. I think the one who knows most about being on his own would be Jack becaus he knows what the correct ways to get stuff done. Then again Piggy is very inteligent but Jack just seems to know more about getting saved and being smart and Piggy knows more smart common sense things. I think that it is going to be hard for all of them but i think with all of them supporting and helping one another they will come out successful. To me there is only way to know what to do at this young of age its going to have to be, for most at least, to guess and hope it is the right way.

  29. On the Extreme Survival quiz I got 9 out of 11 questions right which means I am a true survivor. On the Island Survival quiz I got 6 out of the 10 questions right but some of the questions were hard because I haven’t of them previously. In any environments like a forest, desert or on a frozen lake I would do well although on an island I wouldn’t do so well. Surviving on an island is a lot harder than it sounds.

    In the book, some of boys on the island, at a young age, are portrayed as very skillful survivors. Ralph, for example, has goals of building huts for shelter which should be a priority to the other boys but is not. Surviving on the island for the island, to me, won’t cause future conflicts because the skills for survival are within most of the boys. The only future problems will be the inner conflicts between the boys.

  30. I received a 75% on the survival quiz and on the second survival quiz I missed about five questions. I would definitely not do well in the wilderness or in any situation requiring survival skills according to these quizzes.

    However, I believe that the boys in this story have proved that perhaps the ability to survive is present in all of us but is not realized until it is needed. Jack has demonstrated this more boldly then any of the boys in his ability to hunt and his determination to kill. Jack was not obsessed with the act of killing until it was mentioned that groups of individuals were needed for certain jobs and this is when he realized his own innate ability to hunt. Also Ralph has this same experience when Piggy notices the conch and Ralph calls the first meeting, it is as if the conch awakened in Ralph ability to lead which had not been expressed in his former life. Though this situation has promoted strong characteristics in both Ralph and Jack it has caused Piggy to almost loose his intelligence. Piggy is very intelligent and this is what he can contribute to the situation but due to his own insecurities this ability has been hindered and it seems as though Piggy begins to dumb himself down to fit in. Despite the backwards decisions of Piggy the actions of all of these boys are impressive in that they do not hesitate to begin creating a life on this island, whether it be out of shock or ignorance of the true situation.

    These children are forced to take the place of the absent adults because they will have no chance to survive other wise. It is amazing to me that these young boys are able to move on and try to create a new life when they must be feeling extreme emotional distress especially as the story progresses and shock wears off. There are divisions being created among the children due to age as well as motivation and this spawns disagreement and controversy. And though this group has quickly matured and begun acting as grown men the one childish act committed is their failure to realize that they are one another’s only chance and ally on this island. If these boys do not find a way to unify as a group no amount of innate skill or ability to survive will save them from themselves.

  31. The survival quizes were very interesing.

    With the extreme survival quiz I was suprised and distraught to learn that although I know how to survive in several situations: sinking in quicksand, sinking in a car; several ideas I had about other situations would most likely get me or someone else killed. On the island quiz I was more satisfied, I missed a couple but am still confident about my ability to survive on an island. In the wilderness I would survive quicksand because I remember years and years ago learning that the human body floats in quicksand. I would survive being in a sinking car, although I may not keep a ‘window breaker’ in my car as I was once instructed to. Unfortunately, I did not know what to do with hypothermia, which scared me. If I encountered bear I may have climbed a tree, although if ‘run’ was an option I probably would have chosen that, thats a little scary. A serious avalanch would most likely kill me, that one was an unpleasant supprise. If encountered with a snake bite, I would have turniqueted the apendage and squeezed the wound, soap and water did not occur to me. In cold water I would have kept moving, the conserve body heat think worried me greatly. Crouching to avoid lightning seemed pretty elementary. Desert survival would not be a problem for me, exept for the sheer difficulty of it, that is. With a robbery I know the right answer, I cannot answer whether or not I would follow it though. Poke the shark in the eye was just a WHAT?!? moment, I’m going to have to think about that one. On the island survival I got most of them right as I expected. Although I got the ‘fire plow’ right I don’t actualy know how to use a fire plow. Also the whole poison fishing bit was a great supprise, I don’t think I could remember how to do that.

    I think I would have a good chance of surviving well in a “Lord of the Flies” situation. If I was twelve, however, my chances of survival would probably be significantly lower. The boys ability to survive in “Lord of the Flies” is rather low. They are hindered by childishness, a lax attitude, and a lack of practical knowledge. The fact that they can make a fire is itself miraculous. The boys abilities to survive in “Lord of the Flies” at such a young age are not none but not good either.

  32. 7/11 and 8/10
    I would do pretty well with boys scouts, movies, medical shows, and common sense preparing me. It’s all just a matter of finding what is important and planning for any and all possible outcomes. I think I would do well by myself for a while, but having other people with me I could definitely survive longer stranded.

    The boys have quite a task ahead of them in living on this island. They do fairly well, but their poor planning skills will do them in, as well as the tensions between the various boys. They will survive, but in what mental and physical state is yet to be determined. Their age affects their ability to grasp the grave situation they are in, but it’s startling how quickly Jack and his choir boys revert to their savage instincts. They are doing well for their age, but they won’t last much longer with the survival skills they have.

  33. Well according to the survival quizzes apparently I would not do very well on a deserted island, but I like to believe that my survival instincts and logic would kick in and I would get by.

    Now on to what I think the boys abilities to survive are. Most likely if the boys had taken the quizzes they probably wouldn’t have scored so well, but there is a difference between siting in front of a computer or with a pen and paper taking a quiz and the real life situation. It is amazing that the boys are doing so well when they are so young, but when you think about it their age doesn’t really matter. An average adult knows about as much about surviving as a child does. Their instinct kicks in and from their training in civilization they find food and water and elect a leader. Would adults do any different? It is possibly even a good thing that these boys are young. They look at the situation in a more positive light and find a way to be content on the island, even if that means some of them become primitive. I think that the boys ability to survive isn’t really hindered by their age and that the are doing better than expected.

  34. With the first quiz, I had a 75% chance of survival (5 out of 11). At first I was doing well, and getting somewhat cocky, but then I began to fail. Questions I answered incorrectly usually had to do with the survival of the other person, embarrassingly enough.

    With the second, I scored 5/10, a terrible score, in my opinion. I would not have been able to swim to shore, make a spear, or start a fire.

    In retrospect, I think that the boys from Lord of the Flies are amazing for surviving so long. One thing that especially shocks me is their ability to know what they can and can’t eat. I would definitely have eaten the poisonous things accidentally, but the boys are very clever and survive very well. I’m frankly stunned, because I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes. Okay, maybe 10 minutes.

  35. I only did the first quiz on which, I achieved 7 out of 11. I personally believed, that I might manage to survive in a remote island. A) I know a lot about animals and B) I am used to hot climates.

    And now putting this to the boys’ situations. I am quite surprised, that some boys havent died due to venomous “objects”. I would have be the person who would see something pretty and immediatly touch it. The boys also are able to deal with the hot climate, which is astonishing to me, how can you come from Europe and then not be affected by the heat? I would be dying on the sand by now. Their survival is probably to the courtesy of Piggy. I didn’t “see” any of the other boys smart enough to know right from wrong. Either way, I believe that with me on the island the boys might just have more chances of rescue and survival, taking from my amazing test score =).

  36. On the first survival quiz, I scored 8/11. I thought I did pretty well on that one. But the second survival test told me, “Thank goodness you left your sailing itinerary with your mother.” Ha ha. I received a 4/10 on that Island Survival Quiz.

    The Extreme survival was more of common sense type knowledge, whereas the Island Survival was more of specific details that you would need to know if stranded on an island…. I do not think I would survive long on an island. I think I would be a combination of both Piggy and Ralph. I would enjoy the beach and surroundings, but I would also be aware of the evident trouble that I was in. Hopefully I will never be stranded on an island.

    I found it interesting to actually think about the boys stranded on an island, because before I had just gone with it, and not really questioned their likely survival rate. Those quizzes put my idea of them surviving in perspective. For instance, they might have died if they eat one berry off of a poisonous tree. Or they could get knocked out by a coconut and die!!? That is insane to think about. These boys were also from England, and would have an entirely new variety of fruits and animals to deal with. What might look like a boysenberry in England could actually be poisonous on this island. I believe the boys’ ‘man instincts’ must have been activated, because I am sure they would have not behaved as ‘mature’ (in a sense of being aware) as they are now if they were at home. I am starting to doubt even more that this is only an island, because if it were, there would be a lot more ‘trials’ in their way. This book is definitely filled with more inter-being/social problems than it is with actual physical problems on the island.

  37. On the first quiz I got 6 out of 11 right and on the second one I got 5 out of 10 correct.

    If I was stranded on and island or stuck out in the middle of no where I would probably have trouble surviving. I thought I knew a lot of the correct answers but when I went back over the quizzes and saw the true correct answers I learned a lot.

    Now that I know survival is very difficult I have much more respect for the boys on the island. They are doing there best to try and work together to survive. They are doing the things that they think will help set them free and to keep them alive. I have never been in their place before, but if I ever am I will defently know more on how to survive then I did before.

  38. I got 9/11 on the first test and 5/10 on the second test. I thought those quizzes were fun.

    On the first quiz I was told that you were not suppose to make any movement when there is a shark and I have never heard of poking its eye out. Also, I could not read the information about that question after I got it wrong. Since it was the last question, it went straight to my overall score and did not even show that long paragraph about it. The only reason I know what the correct answer was, is because I went back and took the quiz again. When I got right, it showed me the long paragraph for only three seconds and then it quickly goes back to my score. On the second quiz, it said that moray eels are inedible, but when I later looked it up on the internet, it said that they are edible. Maybe you have to cook it very well but apparently it is possible to eat them. Anyway, I think I would do okay if I was stranded on an island even though I only got half right on the Island Survival Quiz and would probably survive better with my class.

    Even though all the boys are really young, I think a big part of the reason why they are still alive is because the island seams to have already provided some of their main survival needs like fresh water and fruit. I will give Ralph and Piggy credit for knowing what to do with the conch because just because it had already revealed itself to them does not mean one would know what to do with it. I will also give the boys credit for creating a signal fire, and for at least creating some sort of organization although it is a bit weak since Ralph does not seam to be able to keep everyone under control as seen when he is trying to make shelter. Since Ralph does not appear to have total control of the group, I do not think they would have been able to survive if there was not an abundance of non-poisonous food and water. Although I think Jack and his group would have been able to survive. Piggy is smart but has asthma which limits his abilities to do anything. They also seam to be lucky that they have not eaten any poisonous food, or that a deadly outbreak of disease have not finished them off. I would have think that at least one of them might have drowned in the ocean because they are really young so most of them probably would have not known how to swim and would not have known any better to know that the ocean could be dangerous (except for Piggy). The ocean could also be dangerous from either pretty or camouflaged deadly sea creatures. Also, according to the quiz, has none of them been hit by a coconut yet? In the beginning of the book, it said that they look like skulls.

  39. In total I missed only 4 questions. I do admit I asked my dad on a few of the questions that had multiple possible answers. My dad is very knowledgeable in the outdoors because not only is he an eagle scout, who grew up in the mountains, but he, three of my brothers, two of their wives, occasionally some cousins and I go on a weeklong backpacking trip every year.

    I personally think it doesn’t sound too hard to survive on the island. The more influential boys (hehe) seem to be quite intelligent. Even if they aren’t knowledgeable regarding the outdoors, there is a fresh water stream/river, there is a profusion (smile) of berries, and so far there has been no mention of predators, other than the “beasty,” on the island. In addition to the berries there are wild pigs and if the boys learned to fish there would be an endless supply of fish. There are many trees out of which the boys are able to build shelters and many vines to use as ropes.

  40. I couldn’t download the 1st quiz for some reason so I hope that doesn’t change the outcome of my perspective. The 2nd quiz however worked perfectly, except I got 6 out of 10.

    I’m not too big on the outdoors, don’t get me wrong I love playing outside and going to the beach but I dont know very much about it beyond that. I dont think I would be able to survive all alone on an island without any help. I would probably be able to build a shelter with palm tree leaves and lay on the beach but I would have no clue on what to eat….how to get it….if its poisonous or not. So I hope I never get stranded on an island all by my self.

    I have complete confidance in the boys. They are turning into men and have natural instinct to nature and the outdoors. I know they will be fine finding whatever they need to survive. Even though they are young, they are smart and usually make good decisions.

  41. I did pretty well on the quizzes, but some of them were pretty obvious. Like the bitten by a venomous snake, or the hypothermia question. I got 10 out of 11 on the extreme survival quiz, and all of the questions on the island quiz.

    After taking this test I see how little prepared these kids are in The Lord of the Flies book. The signal fire was a good choice for getting rescued, but everything else they did was reckless and irresponsible. They are only kids; however, you would think that they would take the situation more carefully.

  42. On the first quiz my results were a 3 and it said I’m prepared for the wildlife. On the second quiz I received 8/10 correct. I’m not an expert on surviving in the wilderness; you mainly just have to use common sense and priorities to determine the best outcomes. I also give people a lot of credit that have been put in those real situations and survived under the pressure. One day I would like to just be given almost a ‘test trial’ of what it would be like to be stranded to see if I could achieve success.

    For their age and understandings, the boys are actually doing a decent job on surviving. Ralph has the most knowledgeable ideas on what should be done. When on the island, the boys locate food, a source for fire, a rescue plan (mountain), and shelter. The one attribute that aids in the boys success is the fact of knowledge and calmness. The boys remain calm and take challenges as they occur and plan strategies for rescue.

  43. On the first quiz, I made 1o of 11 and on the second, 8 of 10. Although I am not an eagle scout like some, I watch Man vs. Wild. (alot)

    The ability for young children to survive alone on an island is astonishing to me. And although they have not used poisoning, the tactics they have used is probably what I would have done. I think without Ralph and Jack, everyone on the island would already be dead. Ralph’s knowledge as well as Jack’s obsessive attitude sets the boys up for success from the beginning.

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