Set-Up: By this point, everyone has set up their Google Docs account. Additionally, all of you have submitted a major essay (and drafts for early comments) to Mr. Long using GDs.

Challenge: I’m curious what all of you think about the process, as well as any tricks or challenges you’ve had along the way.

Hopefully by sharing our successes, problems, and questions, we can all learn ways to take full advantage of this very new (to us) tool.

Length: 7+ sentences.


27 responses to “W6, #4: FEEDBACK ON USING GOOGLE DOCS?

  1. I think Google Docs is a very useful program. It does what it is meant to do and it’s pretty hard to get confused while using it. I have yet to find any tricks yet but I haven’t really tried to yet. The only challenge I’ve had so far is that I send a bunch of copies of the document because I make one little change that would otherwise affect my grade. I’d like to know if there is a way to get back into the document after you have sent it and actually be able to edit it that way you don’t have to send a bunch of different copies of the same document. The only problems I’ve had so far is that it seems slow sometimes but other times it’s perfectly fine and sometimes it can time out my network connection. This may just be something to do with my internet but I just wanted to point this out.


    Mr. Long: Come show me what you mean one day. There should be no problem re: getting back into a document; in fact, I’ve never heard of the other issue. Let’s see if we can figure it out for you.

  2. I’m really excited about Google Docs and I’m glad you introduced us to it. I’ve been able to use it for several of my classes to get make up work from my friends and store powerpoints online.

    I mentioned this in class but I’ll say it again on here to help others: It won’t let me share when I have the document open. I have to go to the main page where it’s in a list, check the box next to it, and go from there.

    Something cool is not only can you store powerpoints on Google Docs, but you can also view the presentations there. It’s not nearly as cool or even as large of a display, but it gets the job done I suppose.

    Something I’m not sure of yet is if you check a regular document, one of the options under “More actions” is “save as word…” and when I clicked on it my computer asked me if I would like to open or save the file. So I guess if you type something on Google Docs, you can store it on your computer as a Word document. That’s fly.

  3. I like the experience of using Google Docs. For me it was a very simple self explanatory process.

    However at first I was a little paranoid that my paper would not reach you even though it said it would. I did find that at least for me on my computer for some reason it would not let me share my document when it was opened. I had to go to the homepage where it shows my documents and then click share; it worked fine from there.

    I think Google Docs is going to be very helpful in the future and it will become easier as we all learn to use it. I am also excited for when we would get to do group work and we can all work together with out actually being with each other, that will be neat since people have conflicting schedules. Hopefully in the future out other teachers will let us use Google Docs for any future assignments purely because it’s so easy and more convenient for most of us.

  4. I really like using google docs when we submit our essays and other papers. I had one problem using this tool, but I figured it out (mostly because I know you got my paper). I am looking forward to use it again; we should have this in all our classes. I like it because even if you are sick, you can still turn in your essay or other papers. I didn’t learn any tricks so I can use any shortcuts.

  5. I think Google Docs is a great way to share information. It is not very difficult to use either. I haven’t had any problems in the use of it. However, I don’t believe i speak for everyone. It seems fairly simple to use for me. I like the possibilities it has to share lots of information. It would be very easy to send someone a paper even if they were halfway across the globe. It could be much better than a flash drive.

  6. I think Google docs is very convenient and I am so surprised that the majority of the people I mention it to have not ever heard of this great tool. I have used Google docs already in a moment of panic, outside of English class, for my math class. I typed a review for math on my sister’s computer and attempted to email this review but the computer would not do this operation. To fix this problem before I completely went crazy I copied and pasted the review into Google docs and simply turned on my computer and there was the review! It saved so much time and was so easy.

    Also I have explained the whole program to my dad because he does multiple presentations and things with his company and I thought this would be an easy collaboration method and he really took interest in this “free” system. I am so impressed by the convenience and the possibilities of Google docs. I truly wish I had known about this program in previous years when I can remember hassling with a floppy disk or loosing my tiny flash drive when I all I had to do was save the document in Google docs. It is like a light bulb went off in my head when I realized all that Google docs could do and though I know every program has flaws, this one is truly amazing.

    The only problem I have with Google docs is that no one I speak to is aware that Microsoft word and PowerPoint are not the ONLY programs that can perform simple tasks such as writing a paper or creating a power point and this baffles me. I think that Google needs to really advertise this great tool because this would be a miracle for so many companies as well as students and everyday people.

  7. So far, I have found Google Docs to be an extremely useful tool. For example, I am typing this entry at school, but because I also want a copy of all my blog entries at home, I am going to save this blog entry to Google Docs so I can open it at home. Another instance where Google Docs has been extremely helpful to me is when I am at home and need to print something. I don’t have a printer connected to my computer, so I save a document in Google Docs, open it on my dad’s computer (which does have a printer), and print out the document.

    I do have a few questions about Google Docs. When you ‘share’ a document, you are given the option to choose people to share it with from people in your contact list and links to your contacts are given. Other than when you are sharing a document, how do you access your contact list? I would like to know so I can add e-mail accounts to the contact list to save myself from having to memorize numerous e-mail addresses. Mr. Long: Never used it. Try the “help” feature…and see if there is a way to ask that question.

    This is just a question that has been bugging me for a while, but if you are already sharing a document with someone, and you edit the document, can that person see your edits or do you have to share it again before they can access the new version? If you don’t have to share it again, do the people you are sharing your document with get e-mail alerts when you have edited the document? Mr. Long: Yes, they can see it…but you may need to send them a nudge so they know to take a 2nd look. But once they have an invitation, they can see anything you do until you a) cancel their access (on the right side of the page when you go to “share”) or b) delete the original document permanently.

  8. I think Google Docs is a great tool to have in the classroom. At first, I thought it was difficult because I didn’t really know how to use it. There were all these different links and buttons that I had no idea on how to use or maneuver around.

    Now I know how to use everything though! Thanks to some of my friends knowing all about Google Docs and how to work it, I was able to catch on pretty quickly. It is actually a very sufficient way to handle documents, or essays. One of the things I love about having an account is that if I happen to be sick a day or two, I am still able to get my assignments to you.

    I think that more of our classes should use this. I look forward to using Google Docs on our future assignments.

  9. I have really enjoyed working with Google Docs so far. I think it is great that we are able to send a document for you to check while we are at home. This frees up so much of your and our time at school and takes pressure off of an already busy schedule. It is wonderful to be able to access a document from any computer without a jump drive or memory disc. I have already left my jump drive at school one night, and of course freaked out before I remembered I had saved that document to Google docs. 🙂

    What I really love about Google docs is the pictures you can access through the website, I love photography and some are simply stunning. I have not encountered any problems with Google docs so far (and hope I never will!).

    I truly believe that Google docs will be something I continue to use throughout my academic career. It is very straightforward and convenient. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  10. Google Docs is an ingenious program that makes sending, sharing, and editing stuff a lot easier. I say stuff because the program can hold not only documents but PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and more. Google Docs is very handy when wanting to let others edit what I’ve written or just turning in major works. I won’t have to fret if my computer suddenly crashes because the program saves by itself and stores what I’ve done online. I also don’t have to bring a storage device everywhere; the only required element is, of course, access to the internet. I no longer have to go to someone’s house when working on a project together anymore.

    Personally, I’m still trying to get used to the program. I often find myself scared and nervous over whether ‘the collaborator’ or ‘the viewer’ actually got the document. My internet connection isn’t all that great, and I find myself wondering what would happen if the web disconnected right when I’m sharing. Also, does Google Doc still save my work when I’m not connected to the internet?

    But all of this is just the fact that a program like this takes time for me to get used to, and I bet I’ll become an expert in a short amount of time to come. Otherwise, I can already tell that Google Docs is a great program that is easy to use and a handy tool to use in all aspects of life.

  11. The magic that is known to me as Google docs is a godsend to me.

    While I’ve never had to turn in any kind of formal essay or a research paper via online, I’ve had plenty of times where I would have 20 copies of the same document. I like the fact that Google Docs does away with this and lets you have just one copy. I also like the fact that Google Docs makes it less cold by replacing “Send” with “Share”.

    I may have not had much expierience with google docs right now, but I look foward to using it much more in the future. Here’s to a great school year and many ggod grades with Google Docs. Cheers.

  12. I absolutely LOVE Google docs!

    I do all of my school assignments on it, I don’t even save documents on word anymore. I’ve been working on this project with another student and it’s perfect. We can work on the project without even being together.

    Also the ability to go back and see previous drafts is fantastic. If I ever delete a good idea then I can just look in the history and find it again!! And the fact that it saves every two minutes is amazing. I’ve had some trouble with remembering to save my work in the past and have lost a few documents. Now I don’t even have to worry about that because even if I close the document, Google automatically saves it.

    But it is kind of weird that when I scroll to the bottom of the web page it randomly goes to the top while I’m working. That’s a little inconvenient, but otherwise, Google docs is amazing.

  13. Personally, I think the process of Google Docs is great. I have already used it with some of my friends and they have edited my work and I have done the same for them. I would also like to use this with my present teachers, but I am not sure they have Google Docs. I wish all the teachers would use it because it would make everything so much easier. I wish I would have know about this in previous years, it would have been extremely helpful.

    After reading the 11 comments before me I have absolutely no questions or concerns at this point. Google Docs is pretty self explanatory, but if I have any questions I will know who to ask.

  14. I’m really glad that Google’s been able to create a system online that allows people to share their documents, presentations, etc. without all of the clutter. If I wanted to send a document previously then I would’ve had to create an attachment on an email, then if I wanted someone to help me edit the document I would eventually end up having a lot of copies of the same thing. This gets pretty confusing, but because of Google docs I’m able to organize all of my work into one place and not have to worry about having multiple copies of it.

    I also like the fact that you can send links to certain people to come take a look at your document and “collaborate” on it so that they can write suggestions or ideas without having to send you another copy of the document.

    Although Google docs definitely is a good system, I’m wondering how others that don’t have a legit Internet connection will fare. But other than that Google docs is fantastic. I know that this program will become very useful to me in the future.

  15. At first Google Docs was very confusing and I really had no idea how to use it. I had been able to set up an account but was unable to sign in many times. When I finally realized you had to use your email address as a user name, things became much clearer.

    It sounds foolish that I would not know how to simply log in but I am no where near computer savvy. I spent the majority of my night worried that the document did not arrive because I didn’t see any new messages on Google Docs. Then I realized you didn’t get messages in Google Docs because there was no inbox (!), you got the edited drafts through Google Docs. Now that I am growing to understand Google Docs a little more, I can see how useful this will be to me.

    One thing I love most about the program is that it saves continuously. I have three dogs, two of them relatively large, who love to lay under the desk while you are sitting there. They absolutely love to unplug the computer and turn off the power source. So instead of regularly losing work, the program saves it so I do not have to worry.

  16. I think Google Docs is a very productive program. I think the ability for us to be able to post something online and allow you the chance to make corrections or comments is awesome. I love that I can allow my fellow classmates to also look over it, so I may have multiple inputs.

    The fact Google Docs allows you to see old versions of the paper is genius. If I make a mistake I have the chance of getting back the information.

    I do have a few questions on sharing. If I share a paper or document with you, and you make comments and I make changes can you still see it? Or do I need to send you it again? Besides that Google Dos appears that it will be very useful throughout this year.


    Mr. Long:Once you share the doc with someone, they can still see it (unless you ‘X’ them off the share list on the right side of the ‘share’ page). You should probably let them know there are new changes if you want further feedback, but that’s common sense (not tech).


    When I was re-writing my paper, two other classmates were essentially doing the same, with my paper. It is so cool how you and two others can do the same thing, and see what the other is doing! It is so cool! Now if we have some big project with a group of people we can all log onto google docs and work together!! I

    also really like that we can send our work to you and that you will be able to view the document and edit it, giving us feedback.

    I’m so glad that you introduced me to Google Docs. I am so excited to learn more quirks about the program and continue to use it, even after this school year!


    I have figured out that mac computers (well at least mine) cannot directly upload documents. I have had to copy and paste anything from word. I have downloaded Google Gears, which allows you to work offline, because sometimes our Internet goes down at my house, and it updates your document when you get Internet back. I have not figured out how to access this offline, or at all for that matter. I have tried to follow the instructions of how to access it, but I am either not doing it right, or something isn’t working….

    I really feel like Google Docs in a whole has been the biggest blessing to my sophomore year. You do not now how effective it is! (Actually you probably do :]) I wish that I had known about it way earlier.

    Even if it’s not a group project or you’re probably not going to send it to anyone, its great because it gets rid of the question of, ‘which document is the most current?’ I am thinking about using this for my acting resume along with my professional resume as my journey in this ‘rabbit hole’ continues in the path of college. How great would that be? Whenever I have done something else that needs to be added, I just add and save! No ‘resave as old’ or sheer panic of not saving it right.

    I am sort of anxious for a PowerPoint project/ any group project just so I can use google docs. (he he. silly me)

    I just told my brother who is in college about this, and he sounded really excited about using it, too. He says that it will be good for his essays to make corrections and sending some papers to my parents to look over them. I hope and know it will work just as good and effectively for him as it has for me. He said that one of the new Microsoft Words had something of the sort, and could allow for easy emailing of documents. He did not talk much about it, but I thought it was interesting to think about how many improvements occur in the world, and how often we find ourselves believing everything ‘improved’ is new.

  19. I truly think google docs is the most useful and greatest thing ever created.

    So far, I have only used it for my major essay but I think it could be very useful in my other classes. The fact that it will save every few seconds is astonishing to me. And that it never runs out of memory is really cool.

    I also love that I never have to carry around my flashdrive anymore since it is always on the internet.

    As of right now I really have no questions because I have not really explored google docs yet. I think as time continues, I will figure out the tricks to google docs and will truly be able to use this program for all it is worth.

  20. I’m a pretty tech savvy person and I’m surprised I never had heard of Google Docs before you mentioned it. Nevertheless, I’m glad you did. My printer is always rebelling against me, so saving my documents to Google Docs allows me to just print my papers out at school.

    The only largely frustrating ordeal I’ve gone through with Google Docs is the fact that they haven’t registered .docx types to the server yet. I have the new version of Microsoft Word and always have to copy and paste my document into the google doc typing box.

    However, I had one document with tables (for Chemistry) and the tables didn’t go through when I copied and pasted. I tried saving it as a presentation and spreadsheet but both still didn’t display the tables. It was extremely frustrating since my printer was not working and Google Docs wasn’t cooperating with my ‘tabled’ document. Hopefully they will be able to add the .docx support to Google Docs soon.

    The only other thing that sets me back about Google Docs is the organization system on the main page. The ‘Earlier this Month’ and ‘Today’ labeling makes it hard to find something even if they are in folders. Is there any way to disable/hide these labels?

    Mr. Long: What I do to clean up my ‘home’ page is to use the “move to” function and label every document by a specific sub-folder (which I’ve already created — they show up on the left side of the page, but you can also put folders within folders, too).

    Then, I “hide” it on my home page so that there is no clutter. Once things are placed in specific sub-folders, I no longer get be-fuzzled by the timing labels you mentioned above.

    See if this works for you.

    Other than that I am very happy with Google Docs and will definitely use it for other classes as well.

  21. Since you showed us Google Docs I have been really excited to use it. I showed it to my mom and she thought it was one of the coolest things. She said that she might think about using it in her work so people could send in their purposals and she could see them first or if they did spread sheets for an up coming meeting so she could lool them over.

    I thought it was cool how she thought the tool i was using in my tenth grade english class could be used in the real world for buisness. I personally think it is going to be a useful tool because it will allow for more communication with me and you but I dont always have to come into the class to talk to you. I am really glad we are doing Google Docs and look forward to using it more this year.

    The only problem i had was getting it from word to the document because it said it couldnt except the server but hopefully it was a goof and it will be good next time.

    Besides that i really like the program.

  22. Quite personally I believe that Google Docs was not a waste of time and I am glad I learned about it now instead of wandering upon it later in time.

    At first before I had sent the document, I was kind of confused on how to use it. Although you did explain to us how to use it in class, I was still unsure on what everything meant in Google Docs. With a little playing around, fortunately I was able to figure it out and honestly, I believe that this program is a goldmine.

    Saving documents on something that can’t be tampered with or deleted by the accidental “crash” of your computer really helps in the overall process and goal of what Google Docs is used for. It is a fast and easy program to use and sending it to you did not take long at all.

    Getting feedback was a quick process also and I’m glad we were shown Google Docs to begin with. Hopefully I will remember to use this later on in life when I need it again.

    (Obviously we will be using it often in English, but I’m stating that after I’ve graduated this will still be a thing I will use normally.)

  23. I have really enjoyed Google Docs, it’s made working on projects at school and home unequivocally much easier. I love how the subfolders can categorize everything in more than one place, so I can reach each paper from where it fits. The share feature has been fantastic, I used it for three hours with my friends to edit my Beowulf essay. I like the program, but I’m still not sure how to re-share when I send the final copy of the essay since you edited the same page. I was wondering if there was a way to upload photos to Google Docs. I know, Google ‘Docs’, but still, it would be cool to share photos with anyone who has Google Docs. Other than that I find it extremely helpful and user-friendly.


    Mr. Long: I suppose you could use the “presentation” (like a PowerPoint prezo) to add photos, but you’d have to check that out to see if it fits what you want. As for re-sharing, just send a new invite or a direct email to let someone know you want them to check it out again. They always have access once you do give them an invite, but they’ll need to know you’re ready for additional feedback.

  24. At first, I thought that google docs was a big waste of my time.

    Then I found out that I had to have one for a grade. So I made an account and it was pretty confusing trying to figure it out, even with the tutorials. But, I eventually found out how to use it, and it;s actually pretty cool.

    I don’t have to keep re-sending my drafts to and from people. I don’thave to keep re-writing my senences for different people. But, the best thing is that people can comment on whatever i’m doing, and it doesn’t take days for them to respond.

    Google docs is a great invention and I use ot all the time now.

  25. I don’t believe I have fully explored Google Docs, but so far it has been a wonderful experience. I spoke to my father about it and he also thinks it is a wonderful application. The collaboration of Gmail and Google Docs is a challenge with our library though. Since students may not check their Gmail or any mail for that matter it creates a problem for me because i send my docs to my Gmail and i can’t check my Gmail at school.

    Mr. Long:

    Note: there is no reason to ‘send’ your Google Docs to your Gmail account. Just keep them in your GDs account…and open at school using your password. Easy. No problem with the email filter.


    No fear, I have set my primary mail server on my iPhone as my Gmail account enabling me to check it whenever I like. I have yet to master Google Docs on the iPhone though. Until I do I will just save my inspirations in my notes (and iPhone application) when I am computer-less. Google Docs rocks my socks.

  26. I personally really like google docs. I think it is a great process and easy also.Once I first set my account up I was a little confused but it was all easy after a little while. I hope I used it correctly and hopefully Mr.Long got my essay!!! I know that in the future Google Docs will be more of use with my other classes. Maybe we will begin to use it in other areas of learning. I think it is very innovative and saves a lot of time and stress!! Thank you Google Docs!!!!!

  27. I think Google Docs is a very productive way of sharing documents and making school work easy. Exploring Google Docs has been an immense experience. The orginazation you can form by generating different folders is great and very important to me. Also the fact that you can look and see the previous editing on a certin document is very helpful.

    I have also recommended the use of Google Docs to my mom. My mom is always sending emails with attachments and reciveving them as well so i think this program will be very helpful to her. My mom is in the process of explaining and telling her co-workers about the program. She was very thankful to me for telling and showing her this very useful program.

    The only problem i have with the program is when multiple people are editing the same document at the same time. Since the program saves the document you are editing every minute or so, editing a document along with multiple people can be difficult. I would like to find an alternate solution to the problem (one solution being only one person editing the document at one time).

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