Set-Up: We’ve just begun to explore Joseph Campbell’s concept of the “hero’s journey” in class this week as a way to better understand the universal elements that all ‘story’ heroes — regardless of culture, language, plot, medium, etc. — seem to have in common.

Over time, we’ll see that this extends beyond literature/movies to include ‘real’ people from history, entertainment, etc. Yes, pop culture fans: even Britney. [wink]

With that said, I’m curious if you can find a single book or movie that has a majority of Campbell’s “hero’s journey” stages in it.  More importantly, I’m curious if you can creatively analyze a book or movie to find these even if there is no actual ‘knock on the door’ or ‘phone call’ (so to speak).


  1. Review your “hero’s journey” notes from the slide show.
  2. Optional: if you prefer, you can cleverly become really, really, really smart by doing a deeper dive into the “Heroes” page found on the class wiki [wink, wink; nudge, nudge] or by at least considering each of the stage links found down below [wink, wink; nudge, nudge again]
  3. Identify 1 book or movie that definitely has a minimum of 8 of these stages.
  4. Note: you may NOT use any of the following stories for your answer:  any Matrix, any Harry Potter, any Star Wars, any Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, or Beowulf.  All of these will be covered in class extensively over time so let’s see what else we can come up with together.
  5. List the 8 stages you found; identify any scene(s)/situation(s) that prove each of the stages you selected.

Length: Varies


Ch 1: Departure

The Call to Adventure (1/17) | Refusal of the Call (2/17) | Supernatural Aid (3/17) | The Crossing of the First Threshold (4/17) | Rebirth (aka “The Belly of the Whale”) (5/17)

Ch 2: Initiation

The Road of Trials (6/17) | Marriage (aka “The Meeting with the Goddess”) (7/17) | Woman as the Temptress (8/17) | Atonement with the Father (9/17) | Apotheosis (10/17) | The Ultimate Boon (11/17)

Ch 3: Departure

Refusal of the Return (12/17) | The Magic Flight (13/17) | Rescue from Without (14/17) | The Crossing of the Return Threshold (15/17) | Master of the Two Worlds (16/17) | Freedom to Live (17/17)


11 responses to “W6, #7: CAN HEROES TRUST JOSEPH CAMPBELL?

  1. I believe Joseph Campbell used to have a bet with his students that they would not be able to show him a Hollywood movie that did NOT have the hero’s journey present. He never had to pay.

    So, this project should be easy, right?


    Mr. Long: Well, well, well…look at you up the ante, my friend! Well done. Glad to have your voice thrown in these days.

    BTW, amazing hearing your name/project(s) mentioned in the TED video. Talk about an amazing testament of the work you’ve done re: heroes!

  2. I used the series “The Belgariad” to test the “Heroes Journey” (by the way, anyone who loves fantasy fiction should read “The Belgariad”, but should probably not read my analysis due to the many spoilers).

    Call to Adventure-
    The call to adventure is in the first book of the series, “Pawn of Prophecy”. The call is when Garion and his aunt have to leave their home at Faldor’s farm and journey into the world with a strange assortment of men. They leave because of the news brought to them by the character known as ‘Mister Wolf’ at this point in the story.

    Refusal of the Call-
    Garion does not want to leave his home. Until Garion is able to realize that he is not going to be able to return to Faldor’s farm and that his life will never be that same is he able to start his adventure and embrace his new life.

    Supernatural Aid-
    There are two possibilities for supernatural aid: Belgarath or Aldur. Belgarath is basically the mentor to Garion throughout his journey and helps him through his internal transformation. Aldur is probably the most logical choice because he is a god. Through Aldur, Garion gains the strength to continue and knowledge of what lies before him.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold-
    The first point that Garion crosses from which he can not return is when they leave the farm and leave Garion’s old life behind and the world of the Will and the Word envelop him.

    I couldn’t really think of a profound ‘rebirth’ moment in the story

    The Road of Trials-
    This includes all of Garion’s adventures from the beginning to end of the series: learning to control the Will and the Word, his journeys from region to region, killing Chamdar, the confrontation in Rak Cthol, gaining the Orb, and the confrontation with Torak.

    Marriage (Meeting with the Goddess)-
    This is obviously Garion’s encounters with the princess Ce’Nedra and, not wanting to spoil the ending, his ‘relationship’ with her.

    Woman as a Temptress-
    The Temptress of this series is best represented in the snake queen of Nyissa, Salmissra. She captures Garion and tries to warp him to her ways for her own political purposes and her own desires.

    Atonement with the Father-
    I couldn’t come up with any individual ‘atonement’ moments, but I think the Father would have to be Aldur.

    The only example I could think of was when the group had to journey through Maragor. The journey required that most of the companions had to be induced in a trancelike state. During this time Garion self-reflects and the Voice of the Prophecy speaks to him.

    The Ultimate Boon-
    Garion and his companions’ quest for the Orb requires them to set out in search of the Orb. Also when Garion has to journey to face Torak could be seen as the ultimate boon, because if he wins society is changed for the better for most of the world, but if he fails, he will die.

    Refusal of the Return-
    Garion is unable to settle down into society after the quest for the Orb when he realizes that his part is not over and that he must seek out Torak.

    The Magic Flight-
    After the battle with Ctuchik, Garion and his companions must flee Rak Cthol as fast as possible for their lives depend on it. During this time, the magic of the Will and the Word shield the adventurers from sure danger.

    Rescue from Without-
    Garion’s ego and self confidence are constantly assaulted during his journey to Cthol Mishrak and he is genuinely frightened of what lies ahead of him and does not wish to proceed.

    The Crossing of the Return Threshold-
    With the adventures over, Garion must return to Riva, take his rightful place on the throne, and marry. The shock of everyday life overwhelms Garion at first and it takes him a long time to adjust and focus on his new life.

    Master of the Two Worlds-
    Garion truly becomes “Master of the Two Worlds” when he discovers that he is the Child of Light, the preemptive divine force in the world that will be a factor in the fate of the world. Also, his control of the magical “Will and the Word” show that Garion does play a part in the divine and human world.

    Freedom to Live-
    With his adventures over and accomplished, Garion’s feats begin to have an impact throughout the world as law, order, and stability return, vanquishing the chaos and evil.

  3. I love the movie Gladiator — Maximus is such a hero. But then, when I think about it, the whole time he really just wanted to go home, and later, he kind of just wanted to die. You wouldn’t think that would be very heroic. Anyway…

    The Call to Adventure:
    Marcus Arelius asked him to become king after he died.

    Refusal of the Call:
    Maximus said he didn’t want to. All he wanted to do was leave the army and go home to his family and his peaceful fields.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold:
    Maximus got on the bad side of the new king, Commodus. He was supposed to be executed, but he escaped, killing some of Commodus’s men. Oops. No going back now.

    Maximus finally reaches his home…but it’s in ruins and his wife and son are murdered. He realizes that everything he’s been living for is gone.

    The Road of Trials:
    He is captured and made a gladiator, and he endures fight after fight, including jeers from his old enemy, Commodus.

    The Meeting with the Goddess:
    Maximus is sort of in love with Commodus’s sister, definately a “queenlike figure,” if referring to Freund. She helps him and supports him along his Road of Trials. I suppose she could also be “Woman as the Temptress.”

    Maximus has many flashbacks and longings for his family, presented by foggy-ish imagery and sorrowful music.

    The Ultimate Boon:
    Maximus finally gets to slay that awful backstabbing Commodus (literally, backstabbing). However, Max is mortally wounded in that battle (Crossing of the Return Threshold?), and he soon dies.

    The Magic Flight:
    A scene shows Maximus sort of being carried across the earth to his idea of an afterlife. Though “The Magic Flight” tends to refer to a return to the real world, Max is really leaving the real world to go to a more magical world.

    Master of the Two Worlds:
    Maximus is amazing. He’s an amazing gladiator, he destroyed Commodus with a previous injury, he was honorable enough to put down his sword when Commodus lost his in the middle of the battle, AND he still beat him even when Commodus pulled out another blade! He’s Maximus the Merciful, the honorable, the amazing…and the faithful returning husband and father.

    Freedom to Live:
    Max can finally be with his family again. His Road of Trials is over, and he is at peace at last.

  4. I am going to relate “The Forbidden Kingdom” to the “Hero’s Journey.”

    The Call to Adventure- At the beginning of the movie, Jason loves karate and fighting movies. When his favorite video shop gets robbed from his high school bullies, the old man of the shop gives Jason the Monkey King’s staff to keep safe and is then teleported after he has fallen unconcious to the small villages of China.

    Supernatural Aid- The supernatural aid plays a large role in the movie. When Jason fights the warriors of the evil king, the Monkey King’s staff, that he is taking care of, glows magically and gains a special power to help him fight the warriors off.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold- After Jason is first given the Monkey King’s staff, which he does not know at the time, he runs away from the people who are robbing the video shop and while he is running he is finally cornered at the corner of the building and is then thrown off. Before he hits the ground, the movie goes into a pitch black scene and when Jason wakes up, he realizes he is in the villages of a small part of China.

    The Road of Trials- By his two masters, Jason is being trained in the Art of Kung-Fu and Karate and is going through a time of trial and error until he has finally perfected his skills.

    Marriage (aka “The Meeting with the Goddess”)- After Jason has defeated the evil king, he then meets a God who is the leader of all the supernatural heroes. He is granted everlasting life but denies that gift and is then returned back to Earth.

    The Ultimate Boon- He has now defeated the evil king and is sent back to New York to fight the ultimate conflict of the story which are his high school bullies with the addition of his newly learned Kong-Fu.

    The Magic Flight- The time when he is teleported to the small Chinese villages after he is thrown off the roof is a big concideration toward the Magic Flight.

    Master of the Two Worlds- Since he has returned the life of the Monkey King, Jason is now granted access to the kingdom from above and has powers in both there and the real world.

  5. The story I randomly chose is the series of books about a fourteen year-old spy named Alex Rider written by Anthony Horowitz.

    The Call to Adventure:
    In his first book, Alex is greeted by a doorbell a three in the morning only to find out that his uncle, Ian, was killed in a car crash because of an unfastened seat belt. Alex knows that his uncle is meticulous about wearing seatbelts, so this causes Alex to find out exactly what happened. He finds his uncle’s car and sees bullet holes on the side and blood splattered on the seat right before it was going to be crushed at a car dump. He is taken in by the authorities of MI6 after the discovery, they tell him that his uncle was indeed a spy, and they give him a mission then and there. This ultimately causes the huge chain of events that span on the different books.

    Refusal of the Call:
    When MI6 gives Alex his first mission, Alex rejects the offer instantly, wanting to be a regular schoolboy. But the authorities blackmail him, and in the end he has to accept.

    Supernatural Aid:
    There are many possibilities of supernatural aid occurring in the story. One is his trait of having the “luck of the devil” that helps him in all of his encounters. He also has aid from his uncle, and although he’s already dead, his uncle taught him many skills (including being a blackbelt in karate and being fluent in four languages among others) that seem to be, now revealed to Alex, for the very purpose of being a spy.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold:
    Alex’s first threshold is probably his first mission. After being in near death situations and seeing people die for the first time, there is no way of returning to the life of a regular schoolboy.

    There isn’t much of a rebirth scene for Alex. Being caught and locked in by his enemies numerously are times of uncertainty, but he doesn’t really change after coming out alive.

    The Road of Trials:
    His whole series of books (still unfinished), from his forced entry into MI6, to saving the world many times, to learning the truth of his parents life and death, and to, I don’t know yet, is his road of trials.

    Alex meets a girl named Sabina Pleasure in his third book, and it is obvious that they like each other very much.

    Woman as Temptress:
    Jack, Alex’s housekeeper and now his legal guardian, lives only in England because of a visa; otherwise she has to return to the United States. MI6 uses this to blackmail Rider, saying that if he doesn’t help them, Jack’s visa will expire and he will be forced to live in some orphanage. Also, in one of the books, Sabina is used as a temptress to make Alex give back what he’s stolen from the enemy.

    Atonement with the Father:
    Alex is only fourteen, so any atonements with fathers have yet to come. Plus, he never knew his parents.

    Alex is always really mad of the fact that he can’t just be a regular schoolboy. He also has to keep his job of being a spy a complete secret, causing him to lose friends as he misses many, many weeks of school. He always has to say he’s been sick and knows that saying the truth only makes people think that he IS sick. He tried telling Sabina once the truth, but like a people say, “That’s complete crap.” Alex got so mad that he actually took Sabina to the ‘bank’ in which MI6 was located, but of course, the people there just responded with a “what?”

    The Ultimate Boon:
    Alex saving the world maybe seven times so far is the ultimate boon, though he never feels happy about it.

    Refusal of the Return:
    There is not really an example of Alex not wanting to return to normal society. In fact, his biggest wish is to be able to return to society and blend in with all of the other students.

    The Magic Flight:
    There is not really an example here. Alex usually just goes back to school after his mission, though once there was an assassination attempt against Alex after the mission was finished because he angered a major crime organization.

    Rescue From Without:
    There are times when Alex is in trouble, and MI6 usually supplies him with gadgets that help save him and call backup forces from the SAS and such. Often, he finds their help extremely important for his survival behind enemy lines, and ultimately to be able to return to society.

    Crossing of the Return Threshold:
    Alex willingly goes back to society and is actually happier there than in the secret service.

    Master of the Two Worlds:
    Alex is quickly seen as a very useful tool by the MI6 simply because enemies don’t expect a kid being dangerous. Alex is also making friends, like the good relationship between him and Sabina and his friend Tom, along with the housekeeper, Jack. He knows that being a spy is sort of his destiny and that there’s no going back, but he still tries very hard in the regular world.

    Freedom to Live:
    There is really not an example of this in the story. Because Alex returns to society as a seemingly regular schoolboy, he is still seen as a regular kid. Others don’t see him as special, and if anything, they see him as someone who is mysterious and weird.

  6. A good example of a movie with a hero journey is 3oo. King Leonidas enters the heroic journey on which the movie was based.

    A call to adventure:
    The Persian messengers arrive to the gates of Sparta. The black guy says to Leonidas, “earth and water.” This meant that King Xerxes wanted Sparta’s land and was willing to start a war over it. He was calling Leonidas to the adventure.

    Refusal of the Call:
    Leonidas and his retinue kick the Persians into a giant well.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold:
    After the ephors admonish Leonidas not to go to war, Leonidas insists. After the engagement of the war, there was no turning back. He crosses the first threshold.

    The Road of Trials:
    Usually in hero stories, the hero is defeated in the road of trials. In 300, however, the Spartans defeat the enemy forces in the road of trials, as the last battle is defeat, not victory.

    The Woman as the Temptress:
    Before Leonidas goes to war, he has to look his son and wife in the face and embrace them. He knows that he might get killed, but he knows what he needs to do.

    King Leonidas is reminded of his glory when he quotes, “My queen, my wife, my love…”

    The Ultimate Boon:
    Right after his army disperses behind him, the furious Leonidas leaps up and hurls his spear at the distant Xerxes. Xerxes is then terrified of his own mortality.

    Freedom to Live:
    Leonidas has only a couple minutes to live after he aims his spear to Xerxes. A profusion of arrows come flying toward him.

  7. Dare I mention that people who “get” the hero’s journey and write so well can get their breakdowns published on the Hero Workshop website?

    I am once again impressed by the quality of writing here…

  8. I chose the movie Evan Almighty which although humorous is an excellent example of The Hero’s Journey. It is obviously a play off of the story of Noah in the Bible. In the movie, Evan is instructed by God/Morgan Freeman to construct an ark.

    1. The Call to Adventure
    – Evan has just moved to a new home and is starting a new life with his family as a senator. He is alarmed when strange things start happening to him and finally discovers their source when God pays him a visit and announces that he has chosen Evan to build an ark in order to save many people from a great flood.

    2. Refusal of the Call
    – Evan is bewildered by this request. Why in the world would he need to build an ark? He is just starting a new job, he just bought a new house, and things are going pretty well for him. Evan has no desire whatosever to pursue this insane idea. He politlely tells God that he has the wrong guy, and goes on his way.

    3. Supernatural Aid
    – God not so subtly begins to coax Evan into complying with his request. He has tons of lumber shipped to his home which would be used to build the ark. Even Evan’s appearance begins to change. He starts to look much more “biblical” with a long beard and long robes. Lastly, God gives Evan two of every kind of animal and basic tools to use when he builds the ark. Although unwanted, God has provided Evan with everything that he needs to successfully construct an ark.

    4. Crossing of the First Threshold
    – Evan has finally reached to point where he can no longer fight God. After weeks of odd behavior in hopes that life would return to normal, Evan has to come clean to his family. He knows they will never believe him, and their reaction is just as expected.

    5. Rebirth
    – At this point Evan hits rock bottom. His wife and kids have left because they think he is going crazy and no one at work is taking him seriously. Now the news has targeted Evan and he has become the laughing stock of the town. He has no one to rely on but himself.

    6. Atonement with the father
    – Despite all the ridicule, Evan does not give up and continues to build his ark. After seeing his determination, Evan’s wife and children return and help him with the ark. They vow to stand by him no matter what happens.

    7. The Ultimate Boon
    – After much work, Evan finally completes his ark. Everyone still thinks that he is crazy and this “great flood” that he predicts never comes. Just when he thinks he is a failure, the huge dam overlooking the city breaks and everyone must board Evan’s ark in order to survive. Evan has achieved his goal.

    8. The Crossing of the Return Threshold
    – After the flood, Evan is no longer a laughing stock and is now seen as a hero. He saved the lives of the entire town and they are all eternally grateful. Evan has completed God’s task and can now return to his life. His appearance returns to normal and he can go back to life with his family which is better than it was before.

  9. I decided to do a T.V. show called Avatar: The Last Airbender although in some other countries it is called Avatar: The Legend of Aang. Although the main hero is Aang, I might do at least one other character on Sunday if I have time. It is animated but has a plethora of Asian influence. For people who have not seen it, I have obviously written a lot of spoilers.


    Bending is a form of elemental mysticism, where a person is able to control and manipulate a certain element. The four elements are water, earth, fire and water. Only the Avatar can bend all four elements, the rest of the people can either only bend their native element or cannot bend at all. There are also four nations in respect with the elements, the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdoms, the Fire Nation and the Air Temples.

    The Call to Adventure:
    Aang was called to his adventure when he was told that he was the avatar by the monks. Traditionally, the monks were not suppose to make the announcement until four years later when he is sixteen but they said that they told him early because there were ‘signs’ that told them danger was coming and that they need his help even though he is only twelve and probably has no idea how to help.

    Refusal of the Call:
    Although at first he did not know how to feel when he was told he was the avatar, after everything that he knew and loved seemed to be taken away from him, he only wants to be a normal boy again and does not wish to be the avatar.

    Supernatural Aid:
    He has supernatural aid from his past lives particularly avatar Roku, the avatar immediately before him. When under stress (usually when he gets extremely angry or when his life or someone that he loves life is threatened), Aang goes into the avatar state, a powerful defensive mechanism that gives him the knowledge of all of his passed lives. However, until the end of the series, he cannot control his actions when is in the avatar state. He can also talk to his past lives for guidance and wisdom. Although he does not know how to go to the spirit world at any time at will, Aang can receive advice from the spirit world.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold:
    Aang’s point of no return is when he decides to runaway from his home temple and accidentally puts himself and Appa, his flying bison, in an iceberg for a hundred years in suspended animation after flying into a storm.

    Rebirth (aka “The Belly of the Whale”):
    After he awakes from being in an iceberg for a hundred years, everything and everyone he knew and loved was gone. His people are dead from an attack by the Fire Nation that wiped them out about a hundred years ago shortly after he disappeared. During the hundred years, many people began to believe that he was dead and that for some reason was not reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle.

    The Road of Trials: //profusion – a large quantity of something
    Aang encounters obstacles prevalently throughout the series like impeding the Fire Nation from invading and destroying the Northern Water Tribe.

    Marriage (aka “The Meeting with the Goddess”):
    Before his adventures began, Monk Gyatso, Aang’s mentor and father-like figure, gives Aang wisdom. He is the only one who tries to comfort and help Aang abate his steadily growing depression when he was going through a difficult time by trying to give him more breaks from his extensive training and playing games with him after being rejected from his friends since now that he was the avatar, it would not be fair which ever team he is on. On the contrary, Aang has always been the avatar from birth but no one knew it except for a selected few of the monks until the monks made the announcement.

    Once his adventure begins, he is given wisdom by avatar Roku, teachers, adversaries, and other friends/allies. The mother-like figure is Katara, a friend who travels and bolsters him in his journey and was the one who found and awaken him from his a hundred year sleep in the iceberg. She also later becomes his waterbending teacher when she masters waterbending before him and have to leave their original waterbending teacher. She is pretty and is oblivious to Aang’s growing love towards her.

    Woman as the Temptress:
    Aang’s natural behavior and personality is what is mainly leading him off-track. He is carefree, naive, has levity and a penchant of just having fun. He relishes riding exotic animals and other dangerous adventures. However, he prefers to not fight anyone but rather try to resolve it peacefully even if it is just a wild animal which reflects how he as he was taught by the monks and his native bending element, air.

    Atonement with the Father:
    He needs to get over the guilt of what he has done in the past like when he ran away from home, flew into the storm, and let his people become slaughtered by the Fire Nation, who were looking for him since the avatar was the main threat of preventing them from conquering the world. Even though he was oblivious to the invasion at the time, he still wished that he had stayed and helped his people fight against the Fire Nation even though he would have probably been killed with the rest of his people. Even so, Aang needs to learn that everyone makes mistakes and that he must learn to accept what has happened in the past since he cannot change it but can learn from it.
    I believe part of the definition of this stage is that the hero cannot pass the situation until his/her pass is resolved so I was wondering if it has to be a person. If not, then here are some things that is keeping Aang defeating the Fire Lord.
    1) He has to accept the fact that he is the avatar and that he is the one who must face the Fire Lord and defeat him
    2) Although he declared that he would never firebend again after realizing how dangerous and out of control it could be when he accidentally burns Katara’s hands, he has to overcome that and learn to Firebend to defeat Fire Lord Ozai.
    3) He must get over his passive ways and kill the Fire Lord unless of course he can find a way to defeat him without killing him.

    Once Aang masters all the elements and is able to control the avatar state, he is the most powerful being in the world. At the time when he could not control his actions in the avatar state, he is more in a dream/mind- like state rather than in the real world. I have thought of another example but I am not sure if it qualifies.

    The Ultimate Boon:
    Aang defeats the Fire Lord.

    Refusal of the Return:
    After he defeats the Fire Lord, he must first restore peace and balance to the world since not everything is back to normal. Since all his people had been wiped out, the temples are deserted and therefore he cannot mentally go back home.

    The Magic Flight:
    Throughout most of the series, Aang and his gang was either fleeing or hiding from danger, particularly the Fire Nation, with the exception of the few occasions where they actually stood their ground and fought or took the fight to their opponent. One example is when they decided to flee from this machine that was off in the distance but was heading in their direction, because it was the middle of the night and they just wanted to hide and get some sleep. However, every time they decide to stop because they think they are far enough, they would notice that the machine somehow keeps finding them and would have to leave again within a few minutes.

    Rescue from without:
    If I understand it correctly and it does not have to happen after the Ultimate Boon, then I can think of a few although most are minor.
    When Aang was stuck in an iceberg, he needed assistance from the ordinary world to get himself out of the iceberg.
    He also needed assistance when he got mortally wounded while fighting the deadly powerful Fire Lord’s two children and their scores of elite earthbenders.

    The Crossing of the Return Threshold:
    Some time after he defeated the Fire Lord, Aang and his friends were shown relaxing at a teashop.

    Master of Two Worlds:
    The avatar, currently Aang, is the Divine Median and the bridge between two worlds, the avatar or human world and the spirit world. He is the most powerful being in the universe and has access to the spirit world.

    Freedom to Live:
    Since it is shown that Aang and his gang were all shown relaxing at a teashop, I suppose he lives with them. Also now that the Fire Lord is defeated, Aang, for the most part, has the freedom to go anywhere without worrying that he will suddenly be attacked by his enemies now that stability has returned and the malicious Fire Lord is not a threat.

  10. I chose a pretty obvious one, one of the many great disney movies Hercules(of corse it is not only a disney movie). This movie is based off of the story of Hercules in Greek mythology.

    1. The Call to Adventure
    Hercules has always dreamed of a place where he fit in. Being a misfit and always trying to find a place “where [he] belongs”, he finally discovered his adopttion and that he was found with the symbol of the gods. Figuring the gods would have the answers of his past and questioning why he was left here, he set out to the temple of Zeus.

    2. Refusal of the Call
    Soon after the arrival at the temple Hercules discovers he is indeed the son of Zeus. Zeus portays to him he has to prove himself a ‘true’ hero in order to get back into Mount Olympus. Hercules doesn’t know what a true hero is and a first doubts his abilities but later accepts the challenge.

    3. Supernatural Aid
    Hercules has two supernatural aids, well three if you include Zeus. Hercules searches and finds a tiny satyr, a washed up hero trainer who has never successfully trained a hero yet. Phil desides to take on Hercules as his “One last hope” at being successful. Phil trains Herc into a strong hero but only Herc could decide to be a ‘true’ one. Second there is Hercules’ loyal flying horse Pegasus who without he would have never been able to acomplish as much as he did.

    4. The Crossing of the First Threshold
    Hercules first battle was on his way to the city of Thebes. He sees a beautiful girl being attacked by a blue centaur. Herc’s victory did not come as easily as he planned yet his want to impress this girl wounds up allowing him to acomplish his first victory.

    Im using some of these out of order. Hope thats alright.

    5. Meeting with the Godess
    On his way to Thebes Hercules saves this beautiful woman, who did not want or ‘need’ saving, who enthralls Hercules. He instantly likes her yet Phil and Pegasus smell something fishy. Little did they know they were right.

    6. Belly of the Whale
    Hercules soon finds himself in Thebes where a humongous monster is terrorizing the city. Hercules quickly cuts off his head and believes he has won. To his surprise another head grew back and before he knew it was a hundred headed monster. The monster gobbles him up and somberly everyone believes he is dead. Suddenly Herc comes out after slicing the monster’s head and defeats it.

    7. The Road of Trials
    Hades throws out every monster he has to try to beat Hercules. Hercules defeats every monster and is now a hero in the public eye.

    8. Woman as Temptress
    Hades may have thrown out all his monsters but there is one who he has not used yet. Meg was owned by Hades and was forced to put Herc into potentially bad situations because he loved her, such as being set out to discover Hercules one weakness. It is discovered Meg herself is his one weakness.

    9. Apotheosis
    Phil tries to warn Hercules about Meg’s involvment with Hades but Herc does not believe him. Herc says something to Phil which prompts him to leave, leaving Hercules alone, distraught, and feeble. Then Hercules gives Hades his powers/strenght to ensure the safety of Meg who he finds out is working for Hades.

    10. Rescue from Without
    Hades’ plan is working when the Titans invade and powerless Hercules is forced to battle a giant cyclops. Meg prompts Phil to come back who helps, Herc through this but it is Meg who gets Herc’s powers back when the promises is broken that she would not get hurt.

    11. Master of the Two Worlds
    Hercules dives into the river of styx where Meg’s soul is floating. Hades thought Herc would not come out alive because only gods could acomplish that. When Hercules did come out, it proved he was now a god and killed Hades. He now has the opportunity to return to Mount Olympus with his father.

    12. Freedom to Live
    Hercules desides to live on earth with Meg and has a glorious life. He even is set into the stars, much to Phils delight.

  11. I chose Artemis Fowl from the series of the same name.

    The Call to Adventure: Artemis is a child genius, and very stuck-up. He discovers the existence of fairies (technologically advanced beings that live underground and include elves, dwarves, pixies, centaurs, and more) in the first book and tries to exploit this knowledge. In the second book, however, the fairies need his help to defeat a goblin revolution.

    Refusal of the Call: Artemis’ immediate reaction is, “How can I turn this to MY advantage?” He doesn’t really want to help them, and so refuses at first.

    The Crossing of the First Threshold: Artemis and his bodyguard, Butler, formulate a plan to capture one of the smugglers. This is done–not exactly as planned, but successfully.

    Rebirth: This happens much later, when Artemis is in the Arctic with Captain Holly Short (an elf), Butler, and Commander Root (also an elf). They are trying to rescue Artemis’ father, who has been kidnapped by the Russian Mafia. Artemis realizes that he really cares about Holly and Root, because they are willing to help him, whatever the cost. Artemis’ whole perspective on life changes.

    The Road of Trials: Artemis must push his way through a plasma-filled hallway to find a hair-sized keyhole. This is more manual labor than he has ever done in his life, and is extremely difficult for him. He succeeds, however.

    The Ultimate Boon: Artemis realizes that he finally has friends. Before his adventure, he considered no one to be his friend, and he thought himself apathetic to this fact. Now, however, he discovers new friendships–and the fact that FRIENDSHIP IS A GIFT.

    Rescue from Without: Artemis formulates a very risky plan to save his father–he pretends to shoot him–when in fact the bullet is merely a capsule containing blood. This capsule bursts when it hits Artemis’ father, making it look like Artemis’ father has been shot. A million things could go wrong with this plan, and Artemis himself is worried BEYOND BELIEF about what might happen. When his father is successfully rescued, however, Artemis doubts himself no longer.

    (yes, I know this one is supposed to be earlier, but I think it fits here)

    Atonement with the Father: This takes place between Artemis and his father, who has been rescued. Artemis apologizes for the criminal record he has, and his dad forgives him and wants him to start all over.

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