Set-Up: Apologies to romantic Kevin Costner films and a classic song by the Police, I’m going to bring out the “message in a bottle” concept to see how each of you can play around with the mindset of one of the character’s on the island at this point in the story.


  • Pick a character that you are beginning to figure out in terms of their inner feelings and motivations.
  • Write a private letter from them to ‘someone’ in the real world.  Note:  they have secretly put this note into a bottle that will to be  tossed into the ocean in hopes of being read one day.
  • Offer a hint of how this character is privately seeing the events on the island unfold and what they really think about the group dynamics, chances of survival, etc.
  • Bonus: can you write it so that it ‘sounds’ like their personality (as well as what they are thinking)?

Hint: Tell us right away how far you’ve read so that we have a sense of what you are familiar with as the letter is written. Try to focus on their inner mind, not just the plot of the story.

Length: 7+ sentences


30 responses to “W7, #4: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

  1. Hey Mum and Dad,

    I miss you so much and wish I could see you again. The other boys on the island with me are acting really odd, and maybe I am too.

    I think we are all just a little homesick. I try to find a little bit of alone time every day, because the litluns can get pretty annoying. I guess I just need to get used to this. I have made some friends, mainly with Ralph and I guess Piggy is o.k., but I find him find of weird, and a little immature, but he’s pretty smart so I put up with him. Jack has started acting really mean, and I don’t want to be around him, even though the choir is supposed to stick together.

    The truth is, I feel lonely and wish I could come back home so much. Maybe you will get this letter and can come find me, and get me out of here. I wish that I wasn’t so mean to you the day we left, because I really am sorry, and I don’t want that to be your last memory of me. That’s part of the reason I keep trying to get away from the group. I keep replaying that day in my head and wish that I could change so many things.

    I have to get back now, or the others might start suspecting something. I love you and I’m sorry.


  2. Someone please help me! This is an urgent message from a stranded boy. I’ve been trapped on an island for weeks surrounded by uncivilized buffoons. There is a possibility that I won’t be here for very long for the boys that I am here with are easily persuaded and their lead hunter loathes me.

    From the beginning I thought that I could influence them enough that they would be somewhat capable of normality. However, my efforts were useless. It seems that they have come to despise me and my days here are numbered. If you don’t rescue me soon, I could be dead and these monsters would probably go insane. They are already dangerously close to mutiny and without order there is nothing.

    This message is the only chance that I have at leaving this island. The boys have neglected any responsibility regarding departure from this dreadful place. Hunting and wasting time seem to be the only things on their minds. Please come soon, authority is changing
    owners here and when the shift is complete I will be dead.

    (chapter 6- Piggy didn’t have a name so his name wasn’t mentioned. If I were to say “Piggy” the reader wouldn’t take the message seriously)


    Mr. Long: Clever point re: Piggy’s name (or lack thereof); well done.

  3. Dear Auntie,

    If you are reading this, I am probably still stuck on this horrid island. Our plane crashed and we, other boys around my age, have landed on an unknown island.

    So far, there seem to be no adults and we’ve had to learn to care for ourselves. I am very concerned with the littluns, for they are small and constantly frightened by “things” on the island, as well as certain people. I personally fear one boy in particular. His name is Jack Merridew. He wants to be our chief, or leader, so badly but he isn’t. I fear something bad will happen, something drastic. Jack hates me, and I am scared of the day that he seizes control from Ralph. I have ideas that I know could help us survive or even be rescued, but I just can’t bring myself to speak to everyone. Jack and the others just seem to ignore me. I am of no importance to them.

    Please, if you read this send help. We need to be saved before we become destructive towards the island and even worse, ourselves.


  4. Dear Auntie,

    The reason I didn’t make it home is–well–we got stranded. On an island. The plane crashed, and all the grown-ups died. So it’s just a bunch of boys and we’re trying to survive.

    The other boys aren’t really that nice. They call me that nickname that I hate. Piggy, remember? There’s one boy in particular who really hates me. His name is Jack, and Auntie, he reminds me of Bert Jumble, from camp, remember? He’s really mean. Then there’s this other boy, Ralph, and he’s really cool except sometimes he’s mean. He’s the leader, I know, and I remember how you always said respect your leader, but he kind of ignores me a little bit.

    I’m the one who has to take care of all the little kids. It really vexes me. (A good use of the word, huh? I still practice!) The little kids were nice at first, but they don’t really listen to Ralph and me. Jack only likes killing stuff, like pigs or beasts or anything he gets his hands on, really. I’m trying to be calm and keep my blood pressure low, like you said, but it’s really hard. They’re so mean!

    I really miss you, Auntie. Please come and get me soon. I had a big headache last night so I might be coming down with something and maybe I’ll die. So you’d better come and get me.


    [name too smudged to decipher]

  5. Hullo mum

    I’m short on time, so I have to be quick before Jack and the hunters get back.

    On our way, our plane crashed on some uncharted island, but i’d guess it’s in the Pacific. When we gathered, we found that all of the adults on the plane had died, and the oldest of our group was only above 12. However, i’m sure my newe friend Ralph will be able to keep the littluns in line. Ralph is really strong, and he has all of the instincts of a true leader. However, some of the littlunshave caused unrest by saying that there is some ghost or monster on the island. All of the bigguns know that it’s not true, but the littluns are much more superstitous, and that evil Jack is trying to undermine Ralph by going out to hunt it. Jack is the leader of the school choir, but he and his bunch have turned themselves into savage hunters. For some reason he hates Ralph, but he especially hates me, and scince he learned my nickname, everyone just calls me ‘Piggy’. He just plain scares me, and I hope I don’t die of my asthma.

    Please get this, because if you don’t, I’m afraid we’ll all lose ourselves. So please, keep my happy memories with you, and keep my innocence alive, because I don’t think I’ll survive.

    All my love
    Your Dearest Son.


    Mr. Long: One day, a week or two from now, you or one of your classmates is going to slap their knee in that stunned “oh, my” sort of way after re-reading one of the lines in this ‘letter’. Happy accident, so to speak; well done!

  6. Dear Maggie,

    I miss you ever so much. You are so incredibly lucky to be back in England. Something terrible has happened and I am very worried. Our plane from the boys school that was taking us to a safer place has crashed! We have not seen the pilot. Everyone so far is fine except for one small boy we are missing. We are actually surviving which honestly is surprising to me.

    I have taken the role of leader on the island as voted by the other children. I’m not sure if I’m right for this job although all I can do is offer support and comfort the boys as much as possible. So far publicly my attitude has been surprisingly optimistic but I can honestly say I’m worried as hell.

    Just the other day a ship passed by and the idiots those big fat idiots let the damn fire go out! I was so mad at one of the boys Jack that he didn’t keep it going or at least supervise it! Arg what am I to do? Everyday I tell the boys we will be rescued, that my daddy is coming, that we will eat and be merry. I don’t think this on any level what so ever.

    I watch the boys from my hut daily gathering food with ease. And although they find food well I’m not confident in our group dynamics. There are two boys who are sort of ruling with me. Jack and Piggy are their names and they are not as nice. Piggy is very pessimistic and Jack is just harsh. Somedays I come in my hut and make up stories while listening to them fight. I truly don’t believe that our island ‘society’ can survive……at least in an orderly fashion.

    You must remember Maggie that I love you and you are my best friend in the whole world! But Maggie I am not confident in the other boys abilities to help get us off this stupid island. No matter what attitude I show in front of the boys Maggie, I’m bloody scared, bloody scared Maggie.

    I’m asking you a huge favor to try and help us. If you ever do get this tell my mother what has happened to us and she will alert my father. I will pray that this actually does reach the shore and I know on your daily walk on the beach you might receive this. And most of all Maggie I love you friend and tell my mommy and daddy I love them too. I cry myself to sleep every night just thinking about you and my family.

    With my dearest love and hope,
    Ralph ❤

  7. Dad,
    I know that you will be here to rescue us soon but I am starting to loose faith. We are all ok but we need to be rescued, and the island is starting to affect the rest of the group.

    Just last night the boys that I am leading went against me and went off with Jack who Piggy says hates me. I dont understand these boys, they wont help with the huts and they don’t care about the fire! The fire is the only way that you will be able to spot our island, dad, and that is our only chance. And I am really confused because the boys don’t even care about the conch any more, and this was my symbol of authority. I try and take charge because I have realized now that it may be some time before you find us, but I don’t truly know if I should even be chief anymore.

    Jack seems perfectly capable of being the leader but the boys chose me as the chief not Jack. I think that he is one of the reasons why the boys have lost respect for the conch and the fire because he is always distracting everyone with hunting. Hunting, hunting, hunting that is all Jack cares about but that is just not as important as getting rescued. It is really hard being chief but Piggy says that I need to stay chief because if I don’t Jack will hurt him. I don’t understand why me and Jack have to fight for power, I wish it was like the beginning when we just all got along.

    There is one kid that I kinda like though, Simon. Simon helped me build the huts and stuff but he also was out in the night and he scared some of the littluns. I told him not to do that anymore but it was just strange. The littluns are convinced that there is some kind of monster on our island and I didn’t believe them at all, especially the first kid but then he, well I just didn’t believe them. But then Sam and Eric, who were watching the fire, came down and said that they saw the beast and so of course Jack wanted to go hunting. We didn’t keep watch over the fire and so another ship could have gone by, maybe even yours, and we didn’t see it. I don’t understand why the whole island had to go hunting for this beast it’s like they don’t even want to be rescued and I don’t even know if we will be rescued.

    That’s why I have to stay chief, I have to make sure the fire stays going because if Jack is chief all they will do is hunt. Jack thinks that he should rule because he can sing and hunt and I really don’t know why I should be chief, but I guess since they voted me it and I have the conch. But what does that really mean, having the conch the boys don’t even see it as important and the only person who wants me to rule now is Piggy.

    I am really getting scared dad, and I am tired of feeling like I have so much responsibility. The littluns are crying, Jack is hunting, Piggy is thinking, Simon is sneaking off in the night, and the fire is going out. It was my job to rule this place and this is what it has become. I don’t even know if we have more or less people then we started with because Piggy never finished the name count.

    Dad, I feel like I am not a good chief and I really can’t control these boys now, they just wont listen to me. I don’t even know if you will get this letter because Piggy has said many times that we may never be rescued, and so has Roger. I’ve known from the beginning that you would rescue us though, and so as long as the fire keeps going we have hope. The fire is our only hope, without it you will pass right by our island, or maybe you already have. I hope I’m doing the right thing.

    Your son, Ralph

  8. Hey Mum and Dad,

    I really miss you guys, I wish I could be at home with you guys. The boys think of me as a foreigner and like me. I have to admit, some of the boys are a bit dodgy. They dismiss all my ideas and are mean to me. Jack is the worst though, he didn’t even give me food once when he killed a pig.

    Thankfully Simon gave me some.

    The two only friends that don’t disrespect me are Simon and Ralph. Ralph is the chief on the island, although I fear that Jack will take his spot very soon.

    I am pretty sad that we can’t be together. Hopefully you guys will find my note and rescue me from this wretched island.


  9. Dear auntie,

    Our plane crashed on an island we aren’t familiar with.

    I feel like I am the only one with reason and common sense here. The others are very immature, they don’t listen to me and they call me names. I feel like I am an exile on the island.

    Jack is repetitiously mean and doesn’t allow me to have a say within the group. I am worried that we won’t get rescued; Ralph is the only one who seems to want to be rescued.

    Jack frightens me, he always is eager to kill; it seems that’s all he cares about, and I am just concerned about how far he will take this desire and how this will affect us.

  10. Hello Auntie,

    I am very scared. Ever since we crashed n the island, I have been trying to work with the other boys so that we can live. Because no one knew my name, I thought I could start over and gain respect. My knowledge would have allowed me to gain respect.

    However, trusting a seemingly trusting person led me to be made fun of again. These kids are treating me bad, especially Jack. He has already made me half blind and has hurt me many times. I think soon he is going to actually really kill me because in some way, I annoy him even though I don’t do anything anything wrong. I need the support of two kids I know to help me fend of Jack.

    Right now, I think I am the only kid that is sane on the island. Please, help us.

    From Piggy.

  11. Dear whoever receives this message:

    We are a group of boys trapped on an island. Do inform sailors of this message and look out for an island with smoke ascending from a mountain in the centre of the island. That is if Ralph would maintain the fire.

    I’m out in the woods with my group hunting pigs for food and I do not even receive a thank you. Ralph does not realise that my group and I are busy slaughtering pigs. Why can’t he or Piggy maintain the fire?

    I am furious at Piggy for being such a coward.

    I think since we haven’t any adults about we have the right to become savage. I have got the group of choir boys convinced that I am honourable. This way I can manipulate their behaviour. I am hoping to become the ringleader of this group.

  12. I have read through chapter six.

    Dear Auntie,

    This is Piggy and I am stranded on an island with about a score of other little children. Our plane got shot down on our way while flying over the Pacific so as soon as you get this letter, please send a search party somewhere between San Francisco, California and Honolulu, Hawaii. I think we left California about three and a half hours before we crashed landed.

    At first we had a fire going that stayed lit at all times to help you find us, but then Jack, leader of the hunters who are also supposed to be watching over the fire, had all of them abandon the fire just so he could kill a pig. We could eat fruit that is plentiful near camp. We don’t need pigs.

    Besides, when he talks about hunting pigs, it gives me an uneasy feeling, almost like I should be scared when he talks about it. Perhaps it is because everyone calls me Piggy but I don’t know.

    Anyway, it just so happened that when the fire was out only for a couple of hours, a ship came in sight. Our leader, Ralph, scolded Jack for that.

    Currently, the fire is out again because many believe that there is this beastie thing or ghosts in the woods. The biguns, except for me, are checking a certain part of the mountain that none of us has been to see if the beastie lives there. I am at camp watching over the littluns while writing this letter. At first I did not believe in it “cos things wouldn’t make sense” (92). Later, two people both said they saw it. Two people seeing the same thing at the same time does not seem very likely.

    On the other hand, it was at night so maybe they were both scared and they both happen to see the same thing at the same time at the same place. After all they are identical twins and some people say they tend to share the same mind a lot of times.

    I miss you very much and wish you were here. You and other “grownups know things” (94). You “ain’t afraid of the dark” (94). You’d “meet and have tea and discuss. Then things ’ud be all right” (94). I have made sure to stay out of deep water, “not to run” (p.9), and not to blow hard into something like a conch and other things “on account of my asthma” (p.9). I wish I did not have this asthma problem so I can help Ralph more like putting up the tents.

    It does not seem to matter whether I am at home with people I know or on a strange island with many, who were at first, strangers, no one seems to like me very much except you. Maybe next time I won’t even tell someone that I’m usually called Piggy but instead give myself a better name. Maybe then I will be accepted by more people.

    I think I made friends with Ralph and Simon or at least they do not seem to mind me. No one else seems to like me very much, especially Jack. Because of him, my specs are damaged; “I only got one eye” (72). “I’m scared of him” (93) an’ “he hates me” (93) but “I dunno why” (93). He also seems to start hating Ralph too, although they seemed fine with each other at first. I think I will be okay as long as Ralph is leader but for some reason he is suddenly considering that he “ought to give up being chief” (p.93).

    If he decides not to be leader, then Jack will be leader and I will be a goner. I cannot be chief because no one will listen to me except for Ralph and everyone will listen to Ralph. Also, if Jack became chief, I bet “he’d have all hunting and no fire” (93), no tents, and no everything else we have set up. With him leader, “we’d be here till we died” (93).



    I believe I remembered reading that they were in the Pacific or maybe it was just mentioned but it was not saying that was where they were. The problem is I do not remember where I read that so I cannot go double check myself and/or tell you the page number. The locations of where they took off and supposed to land were made up.

    I suppose I decided to give Piggy a more loving relationship with his Auntie because I wanted him to be loved and wanted by at least someone instead of always feeling like an outcast.

    Although Piggy and the other boys likes to talk informally like saying ’ud instead of would, I think Piggy would write more proper so I only put informal words when it is part of the quote.

    I also realize that Piggy probably does not really have the time to write this big of letter because he is suppose to be watching over the littluns who are a handful but o well just imagine that he somehow found time.


    Mr. Long: The most obvious option is that the boys are from England (hence, Piggy’s mention of the “Queen’s islands” early on when he’s talking to Ralph, not to mention their expressions, uniforms, etc.).

  13. Student #12 (follow-up)

    The part where it says Later two people…, I would like to change people to Sam and Eric since Piggy seems to be a bit obsessed with names.

  14. Please help,

    My name is Piggy and I am stranded on an unidentified island. I have no idea where this island is located, nor am I sure whether it is tropical or not. With me are several other young boys. I am not aware of some of their names but most seem younger than I. We are in desperate needs of help. We have managed to survive so far, but I fear we may have lost one of our younger companions. I believe we lost him in a fire, that was destined for a S.O.S. signal but got out of control.

    I cannot believe that the younger children would not know the dangers a fire could cause. They’re in desperate need of an adult-figure, without one, they may start give into violence and fear. We all are in fear of a monster that lurks somewhere, in the depths of the jungle. No one is sure of what it may be or what it looks like. The only boy with answers was the one, lost in a wild fire, that we caused.
    I am afraid. Frightened of the unknown in the jungle and the battle of power growing between the two strongest of the pack. I am only safe with Ralph by my side. He has kept Jack at bay, if Ralph weren’t here I wouldn’t be able to plead for foreign help. If this struggle continues, I only see chaos in our future. We have barely satisfying shelters, our food consists of fruit and other small ‘gather-able’ nourishments. Jack once caught a pig, but with it’s death so did his sanity. He now resembles a tiger, on constant prowl. He’s a predator that wont stop until his prey is caught, that prey is me. I am a menace to him. I believe it is because I am not like his ‘hunters’. They are strong and rational. One must think through things, and due to my unathletic nature, I wasn’t able to warn the others of the dangers a fire could cause.

    I am in fear and desperate. The children cry in their sleep and no one is here to help. If we get sick
    nothing could save us. I and Ralph can only keep them alive for so long. Please help us.

    You are our only hope.


  15. Dear Mum and Pops,

    I hope that you are still safe, and I pray each day that God keeps you alive another day. I hope that you do the same for me, because I need your love to survive the hell I am now in. I desperately want to hear news from the outside world, but I have been trapped on an unknown island with other school boys. Our plane was attacked and we crashed on the island. I do not know where the adults went; they are probably all dead somewhere on the island.

    There is something strange happening in the island that I am on now. Mum, I am sorry that I never listened to you before, you were right– Jack is a bad boy. He is taking control of the island, and soon, all the boys will be his minions and forced to follow him or be killed. There is also some terrible fear on the island, and I am scared that it will destroy us all. The boys believe there is some ‘beastie’ on the island and that it wants to eat us all. I think that the beast is only us but no one will listen to me. I feel so alone now.

    I fear that we shall remain on this island until we all die. I do not think that we will be here that long; nothing can save us. I am sorry for everything that I ever said and did to you; I hope you will forgive me. Please be safe from the terrors of the world.


  16. Dear Dad,

    I hope someday you can read this letter.

    We have been on this island for how many days I don’t know, but I feel hopeless that we will ever be rescued.

    Whatever happens, I want you to know a couple of things that has been happened to me. First, I learned the power of thinking. I learned that thinking opens a whole new world. When I first got here, I was not thinking at all. I was a bit happy actually that I would be free of grown ups and that I could just play with kids all day. And of course I still wanted you to recue us and go home as soon as possible. I assumed everyone here wanted the same thing. But I was wrong. Some did not care whether we got rescued, and the little ones did not know the difference. So I started to think. I realized things and people are not as it looks on the surface. This made me appreciate my friend Piggy, who is on surface fat and clumsy, but is very smart and valuable as a friend. This made me appreciate Simon, who is weak and weird, but is loyal and kind. I want you to know that I was with these good guys on this island.

    With this new way of looking into the world, I looked back at my life with you and mom. I have new appreciation for you and mom. You have shown me love, kindness, patience, and sacrifice. I value the life you have given me.

    I am going to try very hard to survive and get back to you. Whether I succeed or not, please know that I am all right. I have already talked to God in my thoughts about that. Whether you find us or not, I have to lead these kids and try to survive the best I can. See you soon for tea.

    With eternal love and appreciation,


  17. I have read through chapter six.


    Dear mum and pop,

    I am sorry to report that we will never meet again. The choir and a lot of other chaps, no one over the age of twelve, have learned that all the adults are dead and we are alone on this island. At first when our plane crashed all of us were excited at this new adventure, but recently we have all discovered the fear and challenge this island will provide for us. We have elected a chief, his name is Ralph. Lately me and Ralph have become good friends. He ran against Jack Merridew for chief.

    You remember Jack Merridew? How you thought he was such a good boy perfect for choir director? Well you were utterly wrong. Jack has recently become obsessed with hunting and killing a pig, and his savagery is pulling the group apart.

    Speaking of killing a pig, there is an extremely intelligent boy here by the name of Piggy. Piggy is mocked and ridiculed; he is not like everyone else here. He is chubby and wears glasses. He is not really in our circle. Don’t get me wrong, he wants to be, but he is constantly pushed out by everyone.

    I on the other hand try to get out of the circle once and a while. I’m afraid if I stay in it too long I might pick up some of the traits these boys are developing such as savagery. In fact right now I am with no one. I have found a secret place where I can see the boys but they cannot see me. This is the only place I can come to get away from all of them, the only place I can get away from all of the insanity.

    Such a scary thing has come up; I wish you were here to make some sense of it. Lately there have been threats of a beast terrorizing the island. The older boys deny there is such a beast, but I can tell they are just as scared as the littluns. I suggested in a meeting that there was a beast.

    I do believe in the beast, not a beast with claws and teeth though. I think it is a different kind of beast, one harder to see. It is hard to explain. Long story short I got jeered for thinking so, but someone had to admit they felt this way. I know I’m not the only one who believes in the beast, but I am one of the few to admit it. I tried to express how the beast could be alive in us, but I just couldn’t make them understand. How things have been going I highly doubt we will ever get off of this island.

    Did I tell you how Ralph wanted to stop being chief? This would tear everything apart even worse if that is possible. Ralph is starting to give up being rescued. If our chief quits, we all quit, and we can’t afford to quit. I encouraged Ralph to keep his desire alive, to keep the fire going. Parents, I know you always say I am wise beyond year, but the wisdom of ten can not stop these boys from heading down the visible path they are traveling.

    I just wrote you to say how I love an’ miss you all. Although it will be hard, do not worry about me. You have taught me well and I will not conform to their brutal behavior. I have been so lucky having parents like you.

    Your son,

  18. Hi Auntie!!

    Remember that plane I was on? It crashed on some island. But don’t worry, I’m okay!

    Things here are so weird, people are mean to me. They always take my glasses and tell me to shutup. I don’t understand why, I’m just trying to help, like you always taught me.

    If only people would just listen to what I have to say auntie… I know what I’m talking about! If we don’t do something quick, we are all going to die!

    There is also this thing called a conch. Ralph and Jack (these two boys who are kinda bossy) made a rule up that says you have to have to conch in order to talk. But they never give me the conch!

    Auntie I really do have a plan, but no one will give me the time of day! I don’t know what to do :(. I just wanna come home!

    I really miss you! I hope everything is well with you. I can’t wait to come home and see you!


  19. Dear whoever

    If someone is reading this please help us. We are stuck on a horrid island and we are falling apart. No one is listening to me. It’s true I have been an outsider from the beginning, but you would think that once they realized how smart I was they would realize my importance. This has not happened. All I am is logical. I said we should have built huts first, but did they listen? No! They went off to build a fire and ended up setting fire to almost the whole island. Also did any body else realize that little boy went missing? And Jack with his meat obsession. He is losing almost all traces of humanity. I am terrified of him. I know that if Ralph ever steps down that he will try to hurt me. Weather or not that would go as far as to him killing me I do not know, and the thought only increases my fear. We are so close to falling over the edge of being civilized beings. They seemed to have forgotten that life as a whole is scientific. Now they vote on crazy things like if ghosts area real or not, and are afraid of a beastie. There is nothing to be afraid of but they don’t seem to be able to grasp that. The only thing that we could possibly be afraid of is people and when I brought that up I was laughed at and scorned. One of the worst things though is that our once positive and strong leader is starting to lose hope. Since we have already almost lost our ability to see reason if we lose hope that someday rescue will come, all is lost. I admit I saw the possibility of not being rescued the first day we were on the island but that thought and fear seemed to get pushed back as other things surfaced. Now Ralph believes that he should step down from being chief, but if he does then any order that we have left will fall in to chaos. Jack would have it be all hunting and we would never focus on being rescued and therefore never be rescued. I am scared of Jack Merridew and I don’t want to die here so please if you are reading this, come search for us. Hopefully you will get here before it is too late, before we all fall into madness.


  20. Dear Daddy,

    I think I saw your ship! I try to keep the fire going all the time, but the boys in charge of the fire let it out to go hunting. We’ve been on this island for so long, some of the other boys are beginning to wonder if we’ll ever get rescued. But I know that you’re looking for me, and you’ll find us all soon. I was elected chief of the boys, and I’ve been trying to keep all of us together, but one other boy doesn’t seem to care about being rescued. Only a few others try as hard as I do, but I don’t think its enough. At first, we were all happy, but as the days go on, I can’t help but feel that we’re all falling apart and becoming too attached to the island.

    Also, some of the littluns said they saw a beastie in the night, but ghosts aren’t real, are they Daddy? I try to tell them so, but they still get nightmares in the middle of the night. It’s hard being the chief. Everyone relies on me to keep order and get things done, but it’s hard when they don’t want to work. Whenever I have to get strict with them, they don’t want to listen to me. I don’t think I can be chief no more, Daddy, please hurry. Just look for the fire.

    P.S. I can’t wait til I get to feed the horses their sugar again.


  21. Dear Reader,

    I have a problem. I am stuck on an island with a few other boys. At first we were all doing good and there was hope of being rescued. Now all hope is gone and all the other boys are becoming more and more savage by the day. No one has the will to return home. They are content with becoming animals.

    I, unlike most of the other boys wish to be rescued. By the time you’ll be reading this things could get out of hand. However, please keep hope and still try to find us.


  22. Dear Mum and Dad,

    The plane that I was on crashed onto an island and I’m stranded now with a group of other boys. All of the adults are dead and I’m losing more and more hope each day of the possibility of us being rescued.

    A kid named Ralph’s managing to keep things organized and calm so far, but I don’t know how long this “peace” will last. The little children don’t realize just how hopeless our situation is right now. All the do is play and eat everyday. No one helps me and the other big kids when we’re building shelters and making a fire. Fire, that’s the one thing our lives depend on.

    The only way we can make a fire is with my glasses, but one of the lenses have already cracked. I just hope the other one can last us long enough. We can only hope lighting the fire each day will give us even a remote chance of being rescued, but even if no one comes in a day, a week, a month! We have to continue and try to keep living.

    We must keep the fire going….



    Whoever you are, wherever you are, I need help.

    I am trapped on an island. I want to go home. I don’t know anything except that there are no grownups here. The biguns govern us like grownups, only it isn’t the same as the grownup world. We never know what to do for certain.

    And we’re all scared… I have dreams at night about a terrible snake thing coming out of the sea. It wants to take us away. It’s so much more scarier than those bogies that come out at night. My mum and dad aren’t here to help me get rid of the terrible fear I have like they always do. I want to go home. I want my mum!

    I don’t want to be scared like this! I cried in front of the other boys when they asked me about the terrible beastie I saw. I didn’t want to at first because I knew they would make fun of me. That’s how they are different from grownups too. Grownups don’t make fun of you if you are scared and cry.

    At first it was fun, free of the grownups. It was a little change that we all liked. I had fun playing on the island. It was very pretty and there were so many things to do. And then there are the terrible biguns, the ones that like being mean to us… they mess up our playthings and destroy our sand castles and talk mean to us. Grownups wouldn’t do this to us, ever.

    The fierce biguns, the ones that especially like being mean to us, always do the hunting. They like getting us pigs. When I started crying about the beastie because I was scared, so many mean biguns told me to shut up. They called us littluns sissies for never doing anything like hunting. But grownups never expected us to do anything! The biguns are mean and some of them are scary.

    The beastie is always there. I know it is. The biguns tell us all it’s a dream but they’re wrong… the biguns don’t know anything. They aren’t grownups. I scream at night…

    I tell myself my address and my name again and again. I want it to come and save me. I can’t help it. I’m scared. I want to go home. Please, please please HELP!

    Percival Wemys Madison of
    Vicarage, Harcourt St. Anthony

  24. Dear Dad,

    If your reading this, we are more then likely still stuck on this rough island.

    At first, I was more than sure that you’d be here by now to rescue me, but obviously that isn’t going to happen. I’ve really been trying to act like you and being a leader is tough. I’ve been trying to make logical decisions and act smart like Piggy, but I have to act tough in order to keep control over everyone.

    Jack is really starting to make it tough for me….

    The only thing he wants to do is hunt pigs and getting rescued isn’t going to be on his “TO DO” list anytime soon. Sooner or later my decisions won’t get through to anyone and there won’t be any order on the island.

    Hopefully you or someone will end up getting this letter….

    Love Ralph

  25. Dear Daddy,

    As you have probably heard, my plane went down over the ocean. I am on a deserted island with a bunch of other boys.

    At first it was fun, there is a lovely swimming pool, a big beach, fresh water and fruit. After a while though, it became quite difficult.

    In the beginning the boys elected me chief, but they won’t ever do what I say. I told them to keep a signal fire going, but they stole off and went to hunt pigs with Jack. Jack is the second biggest boy on the island, after me, he was the leader of a choir before we crashed. Jack has formed a group out of the choir boys who he made into hunters and a young’un named Maurice.

    Their group is all bloodthirsty, and I fear they’re becoming more savage and complacent by the day. Simon and Piggy are my core group, Simon helps me work and seems to know something I do not, Piggy doesn’t work, but he’s given me a lot of good ideas.

    We are working hard to keep up the spirit of grown up civilization. It’s hard though, hardly anybody cares about being rescued, and the young’uns don’t care at all. I don’t know how much longer we will survive out here.

    I’m worried, daddy. Come find me.

    Your obedient son,

  26. Dear Reader,

    I hope whoever is reading this can help me. I am stuck on an island trying to take care of a bunch of kids all by myself! They won’t listen to me and I feel like I’m losing them. I tell them that we need to build shelters and keep a fire going so we can survive on this island and so we don’t have to wait so long to be rescued.

    Will you help me please?

    I need you to tell my dad where I am. He’s a Navy commander and he is already out looking for me so if you could send him a telegram, tell him i’m on a big island and he should see a big fire and lots of smoke.

    Meanwhile I have to get control of these boys before crazy Jack leads them to their doom. Thanks for the help.

    Chief Jack

  27. Dear Aunite,

    I am stranded on an island with no adults; a bunch of boys my age all on our own. I am having a hard time adapting to everything here. The forest is scary at night, and we think there might be a ‘beast.’

    We have been building shelters, finding food and doing simple things to live. We have meetings when things need to be done, although much progress had not be made. We haven’t seen much hope of rescue. We do have a fire going 24/7 but the times we have seen boats the fire is out.

    I am not enjoying living out here, I really wish I could be back home in the comfort of my own home. There is something here that is really spooky, but we cant figure it out.

    With Love,

  28. Dear Dad,

    I miss you so much!

    You are probably wondering where I am right about now. I am stranded on an island and don’t know if I will ever be able to see you again.

    I am trying to be a good strong lead but I feel like everyone is trying to disagree with me and go against my ideas. I just want them to see how I know I can be the best leader and possibly return everyone home safe to their families as soon as possible. I have tried to keep a fire going so if a ship goes by they will know someone needs help, but it hasn’t worked so far, if you can see.

    I miss seeing and talking to you. I know there are alot of other boys on the island, but yet im still very lonely. I will try my best to do everything I can to come home to you.

    All my love,

  29. Dear Mom and Dad,

    I’m writing to you from an uncharted island where our plane crash landed. I’m here with a large number of boys my age. Even though we’re stranded on the island, the time we have spent here has not been so dreadful.

    We made a kid named Ralph the leader of the island. I wanted to be leader because I think I could be a better leader than him.

    Instead I’m the leader of the choir boys and we get to hunt for food! I love to hunt because it feels natural to me. I could hunt all day because I enjoy that much. One day when we were hunting and we killed a pig and that night we had a feast. We ate and chanted “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood”. It was so pleasurable.

    I don’t really like a kid we call Piggy though. He just sits around and doesn’t do anything all day. The only thing that Piggy is of use for is to utilize his glasses to…ummm…

    I forgot what it was. Anyway I just wanted to inform you that I was ok.


  30. Dear Dad,

    The plane my school was on crash landed on an island. I’ve been trying to make us seen by a ship or plane, but the other boys are uncooperative.

    This one named Jack has been very against my ideas, always taking the other choir boys to hunt, saying we need meat, when we really need to be rescued. I don’t know if we’ll ever get off of this island and things are falling apart.

    The first boy I met, Piggy (yes, I know it’s a strange name, but we never found out his real one), has been afraid lately. We have all been afraid. There’s is something coming, and we know nothing about it other than it is quite fearsome.

    I feel like Jack and his choirboys are going to do something bad, and Jack is not happy with my leadership. Please come, Dad. I told them you would come.


    Your dearest son, Ralph

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