Who: Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, & 7


  • Use any 10 words from the 2 lists (20 words) found below
  • Include a) definition and b) part of speech — place both in parenthesis

Length: Varies

October 21

  • arbitrary – randomly chosen
  • belie – to give a false impression
  • cryptic- secret or hidden in some way
  • eclectic – composed of elements drawn from different sources
  • fallacious – false, misleading; illogical
  • impervious – incapable of being damaged or distressed
  • irascible – easily angered
  • negate – to cancel; deny; nullify
  • reprobate – devoid of a sense of decency
  • shard – fragment, generally of pottery

October 27 — NOTE: the Oct 27 word list will be the Nov 4th vocab quiz

  • ambiguous – unclear; having more than one meaning
  • conundrum – riddle; difficult problem
  • disseminate – distribute; spread; scatter
  • equanimity – calmness; composure
  • facetious – joking (often inappropriately); humorous
  • grandiloquent – to use high-sounding language, bombastic
  • inadvertently – unintentionally, not on purpose
  • morose – ill-humored; sullen; gloomy
  • obviate – to make unnecessary; to get rid of
  • salubrious – healthful

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27 responses to “W9, #1: VISUAL VOCAB STORY

  1. “Start your morning off with Sugary-Oh’s as part your salubrious (adj) (healthy) breakfast!” This message would most likely seem cryptic (adj) (mysterious in meaning) to young viewers as they are poised in front of the babysitting television watching Saturday morning shows. When hawking “kid-focused” breakfast food, the announcer belies (v) (to lie to) the young viewers as the cereal is represented as healthful. The advertisement may use a facetious (adj) (humorous) cartoon character to trigger their interest. Cereals that are high in fat and sugar are obviously not “salubrious.” This type of advertising should be considered fallacious (adj) (false). Sometimes these high-sugar cereals have a prize in the cereal box or a conundrum (n) (puzzle) on the back of the box, to entice young sugar connoisseurs. Consumer advocate groups are increasingly putting pressure on the F.D.A. to have food manufacturers fully disseminate (v) (distribute) the ingredients of their products. Some cereals (mostly whole grain cereals) are eclectic (adj) (aggregate) and homogenous with many different healthy components such as raisins, oats, dates, pecans, and grain flakes. Sometimes the commercial narrator will use a grandiloquent (adj) (lofty eloquence) approach in an attempt to sound intelligent. These advertisements are entirely aimed at adults. More often though, simple catchwords are used, which appeal to young breakfast eaters. Often the narrator leaves the listener ambiguous (adj) (unclear) as to whether the cereal is actually a healthy choice. Some cereals claim that its brand can negate (v) (nullify) the effects of high cholesterol. All in all, a banana, a piece of toast, oatmeal, or a whole grain breakfast bar would legitimately suffice as a “healthy” breakfast.

  2. It began with the deer’s head on the wall. The dissemination (verb-noun, separation) of my family began with the deer’s head on the wall.
    “What is this?!” my mother screamed, dropping her bags to the floor. “Matthew!”
    She had always been irascible (adj, easily angered), but I had never seen her like this. Sitting on the couch in the den, a cryptic (adj, secretive, hiding) little girl cowering behind a book, I looked out to watch the conundrum (noun, problem, catastrophe) unfold.
    My father entered the room. I could immediately tell that he would be impervious (adj, incapable of being damaged) to her blows, surrounded by an air of confidence. He looked at my mother, raising his eyebrows smugly. The eyes of the mounted deer head seemed to mock her as well.
    “What is this?” she repeated, jabbing an angry finger at the head. “You aren’t supposed to kill anything. Why did you go and kill it?”
    “I can go hunting as I like,” he replied. “If I choose to kill, I’ll kill, and I’d like to have something to show it.”
    “This poor thing was once magnificent and salubrious (adj, healthful)! How dare you go out and take it’s life just because you feel like you’d like to have a nice trophy on our wall?! What about the children? Do you intend to reprobate (verb, devoid of a sense of decency) them with thoughts of killing?”
    My father’s equanimity (noun, composure) was only slightly shaken. “There’s lots of killing in this world,” he said simply. “I think our kids can handle the truth.”
    “Well what if I don’t?” my mother retorted. “What if I don’t want them to look at bloody deer heads on the wall, and live in the same house as a murderous hunter?”
    Cruel bitterness soaked through and negated (verb, canceled out) the smugness. “If you don’t like it,” he snarled, “why don’t you just leave?”
    She blinked. “Alright. I will.”
    For the first time she looked over at me. “Come, Polly. We’re leaving.”
    Swallowing a painful lump in my throat, I slid slowly from the couch and moved to my mother’s side.
    Our family had officially shattered, and the shards (noun, fragments, usually of pottery) were jabbing at us. Jabbing at the deer head on the wall. Jabbing at my heart.

  3. There is a cryptic (secret or hidden in some way; adj) message in this tiny bowl of ceral. So simple, yet so full of color and life. There are no morose (ill-humored; sullen; gloomy; adj) feelings in the arbitrary (randomly chosen; adj) picture, but equanimity (calmness; composure; noun). This is salubrious (healthful; adj) appetite for a depressed or darkend soul. Frootloops inadvertently (unintentionally, not on purpose; adj) give off a facetious (joking; humorous; adj) vibe of how perfect life can seem from a ones point of view. Two very fallacious (false, misleading; illogical; adj) statements about life encompasses this perfect and impervious (incapable of being damaged or distressed; adj) photo. Critics may negate (to cancel; deny; nullify; verb) my theory by claiming this is no more than an ambiguous (unclear; having more than one meaning; adj) representation.

  4. As I walked into his home I immediately caught sight of it, an ugly stuffed deer head hanging on the wall. It is a good thing I’m not irascible (adj), or I might have punched him out right there. Instead of (easily becoming angry) I entered equanimity (noun). In this (calmness), I could think about how I was going to handle this situation. At first I wondered if he was being facetious (adj). He knew I had accidentally run over a deer once and maybe this was just a (sick joke) to have that morose (adj) thing in here to greet me as I walk in. However I think having this (gloomy) thing here wasn’t for a joke. He would have to be a very reprobate (adj) person to play a joke like this on someone who went through so many years of therapy to get over the incident. Being an optimist, I couldn’t believe anyone could be (so indecent), so I decided there had to be a cryptic (adj) meaning behind thing tasteless furnishing. As I was pondering the (hidden) meaning of the thing, he started talking again and saw me inadvertently (adv) looking at it. He thought I (wasn’t looking at it on purpose) and he asked me what I thought about it. I had to belie (verb) that I liked it in order to make him elaborate on the details of why he had this strange object in his house. The truth was he was at a flea market and he arbitrarily (adv) chose this item because he wanted to buy something. The fact that he (randomly chose) this thing solved my conundrum (noun) for me. Now, with the (riddle) solved I could go about my day normally.

  5. Fruit Loops are a kindof salubrious (adj.; healthful) cereal for everybody. A lot of people start their day off with a bowl of that innoncent looking breakfast food. Well one person learned that sometimes they can be pretty cryptic(adj.; secret or hidden in some way) sometimes. It all started on a quiet morning. Piggy was doing some conundrums (n.; riddles, difficult problems) in the newspapaper while eating a bowl of Fruit Loops. Then he got up, got some coffee, and sat back down. In his cereal there was a message and It said “Look in your closet.” He looked in his closet and inside he found a stockpile of weapons, and an IPhone. It was all ambiguous (adj.; unclear) to him. Then the phone rang. A mysterious voice said to him, “The police will be arriving at your house in 30s. You must get out of your house or fight your way out.”
    “What, wait you have the wrong guy, ” said Piggy.
    “None of this is mine.”
    “10s. leave now”
    Flashbangs came through the window. Heavily armed SWAT soldiers charged in, and captured him. 4 hours later, Ralph was sitting in an interrogation room waiting. Then a tall and burly officer (nametag said Jack) came in, and said in a grandiloquent(adj.; to use high-sounding language) voice, “Where did you get that stuff.”
    “Its not mine,” said Piggy.
    “Whos is it then? Does it belong to a kitten?”
    “I understand sarcasim.”
    “You don–” Boom!
    There was a big hole and outside read a sign saying,”Jump Piggy, Jump.” Well Piggy jumped and he was running for his life. Meanwhile some girl named **** (name bleeped because no names came to my head, but for the sake of this we will just call her M; no not the M from James Bond, the letter M is the first letter of the real name) was getting into this eclectic(adj.; composed of elements drawn from different sources) fiasco. Her cell phone rang and the same voice that talked to Piggy said, “M would you risk your life to save your son.” Then suddenly on a flat screen TV there was a video of M’s son. She was scared and worried. The voice told her to take her car, drive to Main St., and pick up a guy named Piggy. I can go on and tell you in details, but this is a blog comment, so we will be fast forwarding. So Piggy and M get chased by Police and escape. When they escape the voice tells them they were arbitrarily(adv.; randomly chosen) chosen to complete her tasks. The tasks included robbing a truck, retrieving a briefcase with a timer, disseminate (v.; distribute) some explosive crystals, and stow away on a plane. This all seemed like a facetious(adj.; humorous) game to Piggy and M, but it was way more. This voice was going to have them obviate (v.; to get rid of) the president of the United States,Mcbama; the Vice President, Mr.Long; and the Prime Minister of Britain, Ralph. Well to end this short since anyway some movie writers are hunting me down, they save the US and the UK with the price of Jack’s life. Then Piggy and M become best friends, and…..

    The End….

    I have to go because some movie writers are trying to get me because they think I stole their story. Weird huh?

  6. I woke up and headed towards the pantry. I looked into and made an arbitrary (adv, randomly chosen) choice and grabbed some fruit loops. I was tired and was anything but impervious (adj, incapable of being damaged or distressed). I had slept for only a few hours and I felt very (un)salubrious (adj, healthful). When I got to school I looked very morose(adj, ill-humored; sullen; gloomy), but inadvertently(adv, unintentionally, not on purpose). This whole week had been a hard long week for me. I’ve had a lot of homework and I couldn’t wait for the weekend. I felt like couldn’t get past the day. It was a real conundrum(n, riddle; difficult problem). I was drained of all my energy which fallacious(ly) (adv, false, misleading; illogical) belied(v, to give false impression) that I was in a state of equanimity(calmness), while I was just sleepy. Then during lunch I came learn that we had a half day tommorow and we were going to watch the rockband concert the whole day. I was really happy and felt alot better.

  7. I climbed across the vast silver expanse of the spoon. I had been arbitrarily (adv) or randomly chosen among my entire fellow mound but I feel like I was destined for this journey. This journey was the journey into the cryptic (adj) or mysterious world that lay inside the huge kingdom of the land of bowl. Every one thought the Queen was being facetious (adj) or humorous when she said she wanted to send another ant into the land of the kitchen for none have returned. But I knew her morose (adj) or gloomy tone indicated that she was still to curious to not allow all to die for the cause of discovery. She was an irascible (adj) or easily angered ant when things did not go her way and we needed her to survive. For this reason we are all required to perform her every whim. Her directions were unclear or ambiguous (adj), she simply said “bring me back something from the land of bowl”. So I obliged.
    I made it over the never ending curve of the silver roadway and to my disbelieving eyes saw the answer to our mound’s conundrum (n) or difficult riddle of the unknown world. It was colorful stretch of round sugary objects that floated in a white creamy lake. What a marvelous sight! I must return to tell the others. Finally an answer to our question! From this day forth I would always be known as the ant who lived!
    I turned to make the long journey home but in my impervious (adj) incapable of being damaged state of mind I made a terrible decision to bring back some of the colored island to please my queen. I walked down to where the spoon met with the lake and the gentle waves lapped the metallic shore. Leaning towards the nearest colored ring (which happened to be orange) my feet slipped from the smooth surface and I inadvertently (adv) or unintentionally fell into the lake obviating (v) or making my trip unnecessary.
    “So how did you get in here?” I asked the nearest bug which happened to be a bumble bee.
    “Pretty much the same but I thought, think they are called fruit loops, were flowers.”
    “I see so what do we do now?”
    “Don’t know”

  8. I’ve been to this country of irascible (v, easily angered) people for over three years now. It was not my choice to come here particularly, but my orders from the headquarters could not be negated. (v, to cancel) Three years ago, I had just completed a mission to solve the conundrum (n. riddle) of the infamous killers who left cryptic (adj. secret) clues after their crimes. I desperately wanted to take a rest to regain my equanimity, (n. composure) but the headquarters had other ideas. They sent me to this country, whose language I did not speak, to identify and to eliminate who is disseminating (v, distributing) salacious information about our headquarters. I thought they were being facetious (adj. joking) when they gave me my new identity. I had to be a poor, disgruntled immigrant worker with an ambiguous (adj. unclear) past to blend in with the eclectic (adj. composed of elements drawn from different sources) group of people that our headquarters felt must be obviated. (v, to make necessary to get rid of)

    Every day, I pass by this little street with a graffiti on the wall, some grandiloquent (adj. bombastic) statement about “time” being an invention of the people. Even such graffiti belies (v. to give false impression) the intelligence of the people in this country. They are all quite thoughtful and witty, and I may have fallen for them inadvertently. (adv. unintentionally) For me to identify and to arbitrarily (adv., randomly choose) kill certain members of the people will be difficult after three years. I must remember that it is not my job to think, and this writing is on its face fallacious (adj. false) since I must be impervious (adj. incapable of being distressed) to feelings. The little girl that is riding a bicycle and says hello to me does not know that I am a reprobate. (n, devoid of a sense of decency) I keep walking with my secret every day, and my mind is racing past “time” on the wall.

  9. Finally back to the hunting lodge! The first weekend of deer season, always an exciting weekend filled with food, fun, and if we’re lucky… deer. Not just live ones but roasted deer, deer jerky, ‘Bambi’ burgers, and of course, mounted deer heads! Always yummy, (well except the heads, those are just for decoration) I wait all year for this weekend. So many people and fun (sometimes facetious (adj)) times to be had, this weekend is one of the highlights of my year. The whole family comes out, bursting with energy that nothing can nullify (verb). Our gatherings are never morose (adj) because who wants to be sad when family is around. We have arbitrary (adj) contests to see who can run the fastest, boil a pot of water the fastest, and even who can skin a deer the fastest. These weekends, no one is his or her normal grandiloquent (adj) sounding self. Instead everyone acts like a bunch of wild teenagers, running around with loaded shotguns, trying not to get themselves killed. This weekend is a great bonding time for our family. We may not all be together often, but when we are we sure do lose all sense of equanimity (adj). We are super eclectic (adj.) but all of our differences complement each other. Take for example, Uncle Fred and Uncle Dan. Uncle Fred is normally irascible (adj), but his brother Uncle Dan seems to make that go away. Even after we disseminate (adj) after this weekend, the effects will still be there. We will be reminded of our awesome weekend in little things around the house, and that will keep us in a great mindset until next year. It is quite a conundrum (noun), how so many different people can get along so well, but I just see it as one thing. Family.

  10. What is the writing on the wall?? There could be a cryptic (secret or hidden message-adj) message hidden within those words. People might inadvertently (unintentionally- adj) misinterpret it as something else. It could a foreign language like Spanish or French. It could also be some sort of code. It is an ambiguous (unclear; having more than one meaning- adj) statement on the wall. Everyday people go by and wonder what it means. It could also be a facetious (joking- adj) joke that passers-by do not understand. It might even be a conundrum (riddle; difficult problem- noun) that nobody understands. There are many more statements, like this one on the wall, in other parts of the state or country. They are disseminated (distributed; spread out- verb) all over the world. It could also be some people up to no good and putting graffiti on the walls. This eclectic (composed of elements drawn from different sources- adj) piece of art or random writing is all over the world. It could be a person who is irascible (easily angered- adj) and writes this on the walls to calm himself down. To some people this writing has a sense of equanimity (calmness; composure- noun) to it; it helps them get through everyday life. Either way this quote or writing is arbitrary (randomly chosen- adj) writing on the wall to some, and meaningful words to others.

  11. At school, I told everyone a fallacious(adj) story about why I was late today. I was early everyday, so it surprised my friends that I was late. I belied(v) them, telling them I woke up late. My friends were irascible(adj) and became mad once they thought I was lying. I tried to negate(v) what they were saying and left. I kept my equanimity(n) and when the story of the tardy came up later, I was able to obviate(v) it. The true story was my sister. In the morning, after learning some new Sat vocab words, I grandiloquented(v) with my sister, which really annoyed her. When we went to the kitchen to eat breakfast, I got out some salubrious(adj) Fruit Loops to eat. Each shard(n) of the cereal was a rainbow colored o. When I had perfectly set my bowl down with the spoon, I inadvertently(adv) hit my spoon, which flew and hit my sister’s hair with some milk-covered Fruit Loops. Yep, that’s the story.

  12. My bowl of Fruit Loops pleads with me.
    Didn’t think it could do that.
    “Do I have to, Mom?” I glance outside. It’s dark and…cold looking. Mornings are never attractive.
    “It’s not MY dog…”
    “Fine.” I angrily slide my chair out and get up. I’m still in my PJ’s. I morosely (adverb) (gloomily) slip on some arbitrary (adjective) (randomly chosen) clogs, put my dog’s leash on him, and allow him to drag me towards the back door.
    Woody is grinning and wagging his tale, belying (verb) (giving the false impression) that he loves me. In fact, I’m just the person who’s taking him out. At least, it feels that way. He barks once or twice, but I shush him because my dad is asleep. As the door opens, a gust of cool morning air negates (verb) (cancels) the powers of my warm pajamas, and suddenly I’m freezing and shivering like a mad woman. I glare at Woody, as if this could make him pee faster. But then I look at the sky. A big, beautiful sunrise is painted there. Pigments of red and yellow and orange somehow fade into a deep blue. I stand there, gaping, and Woody drags me along, eager to do his business. I stare at the sky and feel rather reprobate (adjective) (devoid of decency), because I refused to realize the beauty that hangs in the sky. I don’t even notice the cold air that easily penetrates my pajamas. The meaning of this simple beauty is ambiguous (adjective) (unclear)–why is it there? I notice that the grass is wet, and so I gingerly take off my shoes and put my bare feet in the comforting plants. I gasp at first, because it is cold and wet, but then sigh with the equanimity (noun) (calmness) of it, its coolness. The dew makes me feel salubrious (adjective) (healthy) and free. I open my eyes wide, and absorb the beauty of the beginning of the day, something I’d never thought existed. I have inadvertently (adverb) (unintentionally) accepted the beauty of nature, and the thrill that comes with viewing such…I can’t even find the word.
    Soon I must return to the lifelessness, the house, the car. It simply lacks the blunt vitality that seeps out of the eclectically (adverb) (composed of different elements) beautiful nature.

  13. Personally, the thought of artificial coloring in my food is sickening, but i wasn’t going to tell her that.

    “Eat it Ms. Molly, It’s really yummy”
    “Emma, I told you that you don’t have to call me MS. Molly, I’m only seventeen.” i said trying to change the subject from the wretched childhood delight also known as fruit loops.
    “O.k. MOLLY” replied the adorable six-year-old as he struggled to get down from the inversely tall bar stool. Just then she slipped and inadvertently(adj) knocked the porcelain bowl onto the floor (accidentally). Shards(noun) of porcelain were everywhere, (tiny fragments of the blue bowl) were covering the ground.
    “Oh my gosh, are you alright Emma?”
    Surprisingly she got up without a sound except for laughter. Relief was all that I felt, I had just gotten the Robinsons to trust me with their daughter for the weekend. If she happened to get a broken arm on the Saturday that they left, they might as well put up fliers around the neighborhood saying “TERRIBLE BABYSITTER”, therefore shunning me from the babysitting community. The milk had spilled all over my clothes, it wasn’t that big of a deal though. Ruining sweatpants and a t-shirt was pretty hard to do. I started to clean the scattered rainbow cereal when I was interrupted by an airborne green fruit loop heading towards my face.
    “Emma, that’s not a ver-” red fruit loop. I chuckled, unable to be (angry) with her. No one was irascible(adj) when with Emma. I threw an arbitrary(adj) at her. Then i picked up my (randomly chosen), previously airborne fruit loop and the remaining 2 fruit loops and threw them in the garbage.
    “So Emma, um, what do you want to do?”
    “In the house?”
    “You said that you would let me choose!”
    “Alright! Lets play hide-and-seek. 1,2,3…” It was hilarious hearing her. She had found her spot before I had finished counting and was snickering because she believed she had cleverly found the most cryptic(adj) place in the entire house. Unfortunately for her, she was very loud and I would be lying if i said that finding her was a conundrum(noun). I found her in a surprisingly (well hidden(cryptic)) place in seventeen seconds.There was a look of obvious disappointment on her face because she thought it would be a (difficult problem(conundrum)) to find her. It was ambiguous(verb) if she was about to cry or not because it was (not easy to tell). So just to be safe…
    “I’m sorry Emma, I cheated.” I lied “Do you want another turn?”
    “Uh huh!”
    Afterwards, there was a pattern of me walking around the house for three and a half minutes and then suddenly finding her. She was cute, but I couldn’t do this until her parents got back on Monday or I would kill myself. The only way to get out of this was to make something else sound just as good, or even better than hide-and-seek. Obviating(verb) her desire for hide-and-seek would only be possible if i (got rid of it) or replaced it.
    “Emma, guess what!” I tried incredibly hard not to be facetious(adj) which was hard considering my life revolves around (sarcasm).
    “I have a great idea for a REALLY fun game!”
    “Oooo, what’s it called?!”
    “Yes, it’s when you sit in front of the television and the person who moves first looses.”
    “Ok!” We sat in the theatre room for six minutes before…
    “This is a boring game Molly, lets play dress up!!” I belied(verb) a (false expression) of excitement for her sake and went downstairs where the dress up trunk was.”

  14. I’m just a kid. I shouldn’t be doing this. When you look at me you see an innocent fifteen year old kid, but that opinion couldn’t be more fallacious (adj). I could kill your without even thinking. I am super human.

    When I was born I had little hope of living. Doing any thing they could to save me the doctors injected me with an experimental drug that they had been working on. This drug could hypothetically bring back the dead. The thing is, I wasn’t dead. I was dying, but not dead. When they injected me they ended inadvertently (adj) given me powers instead. However these powers weren’t good and I defiantly wouldn’t be considered a super hero. My powers are lethal. I have mastered all forms of weaponry, can kill without thought, and I can control life. With a simple thought I can end it. I have tried to reverse it. To try to bring back life instead of end it, but I have never succeeded. I’m no supper hero; I am a monster, a killing machine.

    As soon as the government discovered me I was taken from my orphanage and put into training. The first step was control of my power, for I couldn’t just arbitrary (adj) people. Then it was to teach me all forms of weaponry and to get rid of my conscience. After that it was to teach me as many languages as possible.

    I was to be a spy, and an assassin. I was to obviate (verb) any one that got in the way. This was my first assignment. Kill the prime minister of Ordia. He was supposedly killing off all of the government leaders and had plans to launch the world into WWIII. So I was to kill him before he killed anyone else. Such a civilized plan. Was there a try at compromise or any reaching out? NO there was just the reprobate (adj) plan of sending a fifteen year old kid to kill the killer before he kills again. Were they even sure that he was killing all those people? NO! They told me “We highly suspect that this man has killed several leaders. So your job is to kill him before he kills us.” SO right now I’m on a plane to Ordia to kill there prime minister under the story that I’m here on one of those People to People trips.

    We are set to meet the Minister two days after we get there. He is supposed to join us for breakfast. My mission was no conundrum (noun); it was quite obvious what I was supposed to do. I was just to kill the minister with use of my powers and walk away. Am I happy about this? Hello no! I don’t want to kill anyone. I was trained to be without feeling and I made it seem like they had succeeded. However I had belied (verb) them, giving them the false impression that I was free of a conscience, while really every thing I did caused me to break a little more inside.

    The two days passed quickly. I seemed quite morose (adj) to those around me, but really I was just nervous. I had to take a persons life away on purpose soon. The only people I had killed had been on accident before I had any control of my powers. I searched for any way out, but I new that if I didn’t kill this man that when I got home The Corporation would kill me.

    The day is here. Just like good little students we file in quietly when we arrive at the home of the Prime minister. We all sit waiting. The others, just waiting to meet the Prime Minister and to eat breakfast. While I waited to kill. Surprisingly I am the epitome of equanimity (adj). I am completely calm. I have no idea why, but I am.

    They told us they would be serving us what the /minister ate every day for breakfast. I almost burst out laughing when I saw it was fruit loops. Soon after we were served the Prime minister walked in looking salubrious (adj). I was sad knowing that I would soon end his healthful state. I knew I had to do it quick or I wouldn’t be able to. I focused my mind on the picture of the Minister’s life ebbing away. The last second I realized I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. I changed the image in my mind from the prime minister to me. I would not be used to kill and to hurt. If that meant I had to die then so be it. I will not be their tool. They will have to get on without me. With the thought of finally obtaining my freedom I felt my power turn on the one that controls it and take away my final breath.

  15. “Hon,” Rob said reassuringly, “they’ll love you, I know it.”
    Diane looked at her fiancé with a reluctant smile.
    He sighed. “All you have to do is try.”
    “Rob, your father is the president of the hunters club in your town and mother serves beef with every meal. I’m the art director for FARM. How do you think they will react? How am I supposed reject a woman I have just met at dinner tonight?”
    “Can you eat meat just once?”
    “Rob! No I can’t eat meat ‘just once!’ What about the next time?”
    Ignoring her question, “Fine,” he eventually replied.

    Rob was supposed to stay in Texas for college and bring home a ‘southern belle’ to his parents.
    He already broke his mother’s heart when he decided to go to college in New York. Now that he had graduated, it hurt his mother even more that he hadn’t moved home. When he met Diane last year, he didn’t care what his parents would think. She was kind, generous, and caring. It didn’t matter that he felt like an outsider with her eclectic (adj composed of elements drawn from different sources) friends or that when they first met him they facetiously (adv jokingly (inappropriately) mocked his accent. All that mattered was Diane.

    Rob was different than other guys. Although they didn’t agree on everything, they respected each others beliefs. He was a gentleman and saw Diane as exotic, which no one had ever done before. He really listened to her and he obviated (v to get rid of) her insecurities and fears. Her friends were loud and never really sat still. Sometimes she needed a break from the chaos. With Rob, she could just be. After they got engaged, her happiness made her energetic friends look morose (adj gloomy).

    When Rob began to tell her about his family, her happiness faded a little. Rob’s parents seemed so conservative and that worried her a little. Diane and her family were fierce liberals and instead of looking forward to the wedding, she feared how their families would behave together. She knew she would have to ask her family to tone it down for the wedding. Diane decided she would just try to keep some equanimity (n calmness; composure) and smile tonight.

    Rob glanced at Diane before he rang the doorbell. She looked incredibly nervous. So as he rang the doorbell he put his arm around her.
    The ten seconds before the door opened were the longest ten seconds in Diane’s life.
    When the door opened, a small woman with perfectly coiffed hair stood with open arms. After covering Rob in kisses she turned to Diane.
    “You must be Diane.”
    “Rob has said so many great things about you.”
    “Thank you. Rob has told me so much about you I feel like I already know you.”
    “That’s very sweet dear, I hope they were good things?” she looked at Rob adoringly.
    “Of course, mom.”
    “Well come on in to the living room. Dinner isn’t quite ready and Howard is still getting dressed. Rob why don’t you show Diane around.”

    The house was very large and smelled like pine-sol. Their were family photos all around, mostly of Rob. Rob showed her his old room and although it was in the process of being turned into an exercise room, you could tell Rob had grown up in here. There was a group photo and Diane noticed it was of a Texas Democrats club. “You were in a Democrat club? What did your parents think?” Diane asked.
    “Diane, my parents weren’t going to disown me if I thought differently than they did. They won’t care if you think differently either.” Rob replied. “Dinner is Ready!” Jean called.

    “And here is your’s dear.” The plate was covered with potatoes, carrots, and broccoli with absolutely no beef. Both Diane and Rob looked confused. “Well a couple of months ago Rob told me he had grown to like a new vegetarian restaurant because you were one. So I assumed you were a vegetarian, aren’t you dear?”
    “Oh, oh yes I am. Thank you this looks great.”
    Jean mouthed “what” to her son who in return just smiled.

    Diane felt awful for assuming that Rob’s mother would be impervious (adj incapable of being distressed) to Diane’s wants or feelings. Jean had gone out of her way to be welcoming and Diane had come tonight just dreading the whole situation. The way she had behaved earlier shamed Diane.

    “Isn’t it a beauty?” Howard, who had not been paying attention all dinner, asked Diane. He had just inadvertently (adv unintentionally) made the situation very awkward. Diane was certainly not irascible (adj easily angered) but the fact the some innocent arbitrary (adj randomly chosen) deer had to be killed for some ‘sport’ nearly brought her to her limit. Even though she saw hunters as reprobate (adj devoid of a sense of decency), she owed Rob’s mother so much for tonight and she thought Howard was a nice man. She sincerely replied, “It’s lovely.”

  16. “Sir, your being very cryptic (secret, adj.) with your information. I need more on this location.”
    Mr. DeerHead was getting annoyed with Mr. Invisible Man. He was being fallacious (misleading, adj.) when he spoke in his conundrums (riddle, adj.) and thought it was quite facetious (humerous, adj.) when Mr. DeerHead got upset.
    “Ok ok” said Mr. Invisible Man. “Heres another: You had your dreams I had mine, you had your fears i was fine, showed me what i couldnt find, when two different worlds collide. Whats it mean Mr. DeerHead?”, said Mr. Invisible Man. Now Mr. DeerHead was feeling ambiguous (unclear, adj.) about many things now. He started thinking about the riddle and it made him think of his morose ( gloomy, adj.) daughter Bambiina. But then he started getting side-tracked and thought it necessary to obviate (to get rid of , v.) these sad thoughts. He started to recollect equanimity (calmness,composure adj.) and stared back at Mr. Invisible Man.
    “My owners are coming back shortly with a new victim to hang beside me. You have ten minutes until you have to leave to give out the hand-made paper houses. They are eclectic (composed of elements drawn from different sources, adj.) and fragile. But the Dark Forest is very dangerous and its imperative that you stay salubrious (healthful, adj.) at all times. Good luck Mr. Invisible Man. Now get out of here.

  17. Cereal was the shard (n.) of corns; they are very good for breakfast and snack. There had a lot of Cereal Companies, some of them are good. The other companies they are doing some cryptic (adj.) things. Maybe they put some chemical stuff in and that is bad for the body. Some of the companies belie (v.) the fallacious (adj.) information outside of the box, just want to trick you and buy it. Those companies are impervious (adj.), the government can’t even hurt them, and they are a big conundrum (n.) for the governments. Cereal are very popular, even it appear in my country (but not eat very normally like in America). They are salubrious (adj.) food and delicious. I remember when I was little I was want to buy the cereal, not only I want to eat, is because I want the facetious (adj.) toys in the box. Some of the toys are grandiloquent (adj.) and funny, that can make me laugh and bring me equanimity (n.). Cereal was a part of my childhood, and one day I will make the fake companies very bad.

  18. Le temps est une invention par les gens incapables d’amour
    I still see it everywhere- on walls, books; those nine words are imprinted in my mind for an eternity, just as the people who uttered them must never be forgotten. I have lived my entire adult life trying to obviate the guilt I inadvertently accrued as a small child.
    They always say little children are blind to the real world- that we live in a fairyland of butterflies and rainbows. I disagree. Children solve conundrums adults never can- only it takes them longer to understand the implications. So I knew when they started vanishing; I just said nothing. I saw the grocer and his salubrious family disappear, then the perpetually sullen author and the librarian with the equanimity to calm any temperamental child. I didn’t know why; how could one idealistic child be expected to understand the capacity for evil their society held? I only saw the great signs posted around town, plastered in grandiloquent German that all the citizens stood around trying to decipher their ambiguous implications on six million people. One night, I heard my father yelling at my mother, his voice no longer carrying its facetious tone, “Marian! I will not risk this family for the lives of a few traitors!” “So you believe it then?” my mother rebuked, “you believe the Vollensteins across the hall are responsible for the lack of food in German families?” Through my father’s refusal to accept the truth, my future was made.
    Everyday, I walked through our building to see more and more empty rooms. “Mama,” I would ask her everyday as she held my little hand in her wise one, “where has Mrs. Schellenberg gone?” “And the Barcholus?” “Did the Muellers move away?” Everyday the answer was the same, “Hush my love, do not worry about such things.”
    One day at school, my friend Johann told me in French, “time is an invention by people incapable of love.” This did not make sense to my naïve mind then but the next day he was gone, swept away and tossed carelessly back into the earth. I used to think it was because Johann’s family spoke a different language than German that I never understood. But now I know it is because Johann’s family was not understood; they were only different. They wore different clothes, ate different food, worshipped at a different place; and for that reason they were Hell-sent and should return to its fiery pits. Johann and six million other families were cast off this world because one man said to.
    I now understand Johann’s message. The only way to forget the atrocities of my generation is time. To lessen the evils of society, one must forget them, to disseminate the memories in the breeze. For if my family had truly loved any of those six million families, we would have acted. But we did not. We watched as strangers, then acquaintances, friends, and finally loved ones were wrenched forever from our lives. Then one day, I looked around and asked my mother, “Mama, where have all the good men gone?”

  19. Student #17 (follow-up)

    My bad- totally forgot about the parts of speech and definition. Here they are for your pleasure:
    obviate (v) to get rid of
    inadvertently (adj) unintentionally
    conundrum (n) riddle; difficult puzzle
    salubrious (adj) healthful
    morose (adj) sullen
    equanimity (adj) calmness, composure
    grandiloquent (adj) bombastic
    ambiguous (adj) unclear
    facetious (adj) joking, humerous
    disseminate (v) to scatter or spread
    BTW- switch sullen with morose in my story please.

  20. I chose the picture of the deer head in an arbitrary(adj-random) way. The dead deer looks morose(adj-sullen) to me. But I guess at this point he is now impervious(adj-incapable of being damaged) so he has nothing to fear. I think he would like to negate(v-nullify) all hunting licenses. He probably most hates the hunters that belie(v-to give a false impression) and offer deer feed while the hunter instead is being cryptic(adj-hiding in a secret way) and standing in camoflage in a tree stand. He most likely sees this type of hunter as reprobate(adj-devoid of a sense of decency). When a deer is shot the other deer disseminate(v-scatter). I have never been deer hunting but I don’t think I would like it. I like to just sit and watch the deer run around. There is such equanimity(n-calmness) about them. When i am near deer, I worry about inadvertently(adv-unintentionally) hitting a deer with my truck. This would give hte deer a fallacious(adj-false) impression that I am not really trying to help them.

  21. I woke up to the taste of Fruit Loops, not the most salubrious choice (adj, healthy) containing so much sugar. Although it’s a good way to kick off the morning in my opinion. I am very morose (adj, gloomy) in the mornings, and not at all facetious (adj, humorous). But this bowl of fruit loops gives me the perfect energy to disseminate (verb, to spread) some happiness. Although it becomes a little obviating (adj, unnecessary) sometimes, especially when I am around my family members, because they too are quite morose in the mornings. After my helpings of Fruit Loops, I am able to keep the right amount of equanimity (noun, calmness) for first period class. Usually the teacher inadvertently ( unintentionally, verb) gives us too much homework trying to make us the best students we can be. Although many of his conundrums (noun, riddles) are quite interesting and keep me focused. But without the hardy bowl of Fruit Loops I would be lost.

  22. From this day forward, I will hate fruit loops. I am actually surprised that I have not yet puked from eating this cereal the hundredth time today for this commercial. Before today, I used to love this cereal which is why I wanted to do this commercial, but now I feel sick. Despite my sickness, I belied (v; gave a false impression) of still enjoying and being eager of doing the commercial. I am not usually irascible (adj.; easily angered) but now I was starting to lose my patience. I am starting to believe that this was not inadvertently (adv; unintentionally). I now think the director is a reprobate (n; a wicked person) and was testing my equanimity (n; calmness), waiting for me to explode with anger. Then, he is going to tell me that this commercial has just been negated (v; canceled). After all, there were several times when we did a perfect job but the director never likes it and keeps finding something to obviate (v; get rid) of and wants to try doing something else. However, I am determined of being impervious (adj.; incapable) of being affected to his morose (adj.; ill-humored plan). I also know that this is not salubrious (adj.; healthful) for me but I was not about to have this terrible man get away with it after I have suffered eating so much fruit loops.

  23. A deer head is hanging on the wall. Everything seems equanimity (calmness verb) right now. When mom comes back her reaction is so grandiloquent (bombastic adj). I know that dad is going to get reprobated (devoid of a sense of decency verb). Mom is going to killed him and cut him in shard (fragment noun). My dad is an easy going person but do thing without brain. He really need to obviate (to get rid of verb) this bad hobbit. Now he tries to explain to mom why he wants to get this deer head on our wall. He said it can bring some good luck to us. But when he find out that mom’s expression is more morose (sullen adj), he knows that he is in a big trouble. Mom is not a facetious (humorous adj) person. He knows that it needs to move to somewhere else, a place where is cryptic (secret or hidden in some way adj). He said it is going to get out of our house. Mom isn’t satisfied with this ambiguous (unclear) answer. She doesn’t like it because she thinks it will disseminate (spread) disease. So dad put the head in a big bag and throws it away.

  24. My father did not like change. He never did. My mother died when I was born, and so it was just me and him. I am pretty sure my mother’s death and my arrival into this world was a conundrum (noun, riddle) for him. Thinking about it, he always seemed confused about something, sort of distant as the days, and months, and years went by. He didn’t know quite how to respond to my existence; sometimes it seemed he would belie (verb,give a false impression) about his love for me, or appreciation of his own daughter. I considered him a caretaker, really, nothing more. We were both shards (noun, fragments) of each others life; without him, I still lived, and without me, he enjoyed his time better.

    There was a street. Street Spinoza, in the middle of Paris…

    He would take me to school everyday. We went the same way everyday, it got rather monotonous. One day, he was more morose (adj, gloomy) and depressed than usual. We went a different way; taking an arbitrary (adj, randomly chosen) and inadvertently (adverb, unintentional) right-hand turn down a small path. We went through a park, and through streets and small allies that looked cryptic, (adj, secret) like something mystical might come out and greet us. We moved on, and we were suddenly on Rue Spinoza. The street we took everyday, but it was different; like we had been gone for years. I thought Paris was impervious (adj, incapable of being distressed) and could never age. There were writings and grafittis everywhere. Mostly reprobate, (adj, indecent) I had to shield my young eyes from most of them. I decided to just look onto the other side of the street to avoid these things. I glanced at my father, he was walking very far in front of me; I had decided I was pedaling slower on my bicycle. But, he was just walking faster. I was getting scared, the fact that Paris had changed in less than twenty minutes was dawning on me. I looked to the left for a second. I saw the grandiloquent (adj, high-sounding) words which made no sense to me at the time. I looked straight ahead for my father, but I could not see him anywhere.

  25. Hello, my name is Martin. Can you remember that? I hope so because half the people in this room have no idea who I am.

    From the beginning I’ve never really stood out. I was the baby that wasn’t so cute that I got everyone’s attention, but I wasn’t the baby that people had to pretend to be smiling over. I grew up in middle class suburbia. Lived in a cookie-cutter house, in a cheesy development street named “Oak Trails” (There wasn’t a single oak tree anywhere in sight by the way), and I went to school everyday, just like everyone else. There was nothing cryptic (adj)(secret or hidden) about my life, I was a completely normal, dull kid that nobody ever noticed. I have always been a wallflower, to say anything else would be fallacious (adj)(false).

    That was the story of my life and still is. I blend into the scenery perfectly, I would make a great audience fill-in during a movie. At times, I loved being anonymous. I could be morose (adj)(sullen) and nobody would annoyingly tell me to ‘chip up’ or something silly like that. I could be irascible (adj)(easily angered) and mean to everyone in my path, and I would still be ‘that kid, whats his name’. But, sometimes I just wanted to scream “NOTICE ME”!! I’m sure that my general ignorance was inadvertent (adj)(unintentional), but a kid wants to be noticed and feel important now and then. But, no matter how much I would lose my equanimity (n)(composure), I would always become nothing again.

    My life through college was much of the same, and then I got a job and became just another cubicle. I began to feel that the state I was in was some sort of conundrum (n)(riddle) that I had no hope of solving. The solution to being something in life was obvious to everyone, but to me it was an ambiguous (adj)(unclear) concept that I had no hope of grasping.

    Its no wonder that I snapped, honestly, I should have done it sooner. But, that’s another story.

    So, now I’m in a mental hospital in a sickeningly cute, ‘trying-to-be-eclectic (adj)(composed of elements drawn from different sources)’ room. I’ll tell you, this place is impervious (adj)(incapable of being damaged). Nothing I say or try phases these people and I have already started to fade into the background. I don’t know how much more of this I can stand. But, there’s nothing I can do. Fading into the background and being forgotten by everyone seems all right now, I’ll eventually be so forgotten that no one will even remember who I am or what my name is.

    Do you remember what my name is?

  26. The terrible thing about Daddy is that he became a monster.

    We had chosen a cryptic (hidden or secret, adj), placid wood with small trees and grassy meadows. Oh, it was a beautiful place. But Daddy had brought his gun. And he shot it — he had shot that majestic deer who had strode into the open for a pick at a mulberry bush. Oh, it was terrible. For heaven’s sake, it had only wanted to eat. To eat those berries. Would Daddy have shot me if I had gone to eat those red mulberries?

    He skinned it. Right in front of Mom and sister and me. Mommy didn’t like it. She told him it would scare us. The terrible thing about Daddy was that he held a scary equanimity (calmness, n) as he killed the deer. He didn’t care that he was taking a salubrious (healthful, adj), peaceful life. He didn’t even explain why he took out that terrible barrel and shot at the stag’s neck. He just did it.

    I remember the blood. All over Daddy’s hands. It was splattered everywhere on the severed head as he carried the body home in the truck. A morose (gloomy, adj) relationship arose between him and Mommy. I don’t know why. But I know it has to do with that deer.

    He pinned it on the wall. Right there, on our pretty wall, plastered with flowery paper… that terrible, ugly stag’s head. A reminder of what Daddy did that day. Mommy was going to demand the obviation (removal of, n) of that ugly head. But Daddy kept it up there, and he yelled whenever we touched it. He said that terrible thing was his prized possession.

    Then he became mean. My Daddy started hitting me and Sister. He killed more deer. He put them on our wall. He hit Mommy. He slaughtered more. Daddy always smelled like blood. He was mean to us. He voiced threats to us, like how he would hang our heads on the wall like the deer. He laughed, like they were facetious (humorous, adj) jokes. And worst of all, we always had deer meat for dinner. I never liked the taste… it always made me vomit.

    Daddy would invite his friends over. They would get drunk and talk about killing deer. About how many deer they had killed, how big they were, and how many heads they had on their walls. He always used a grandiloquent (bombastic, adj) tone when he talked about how he had killed his deer. Like it made him bigger and better than everyone else because he had killed something. Whenever Mommy told him it wasn’t good to kill things, Daddy became mad and hit her. He was so irascible (easily angered, adj). It was scary to watch. And Daddy’s breath became more and more scented with the ugly vapor of beer and meat.

    One day he hit Mommy so hard she didn’t stand back up again. Daddy had been in one of his drunken rages and I think he inadvertently (unintentionally, adv) did it. But he killed her. And I saw him throwing her body in the lake behind our house. Me and Sister cried and he towered over us and yelled… he said if we ever told anybody, ever, he would do the same to us as he had done to Mommy.

    Every day we had deer meat… I didn’t want it anymore. One day after school I was walking home and saw a mulberry bush. The berries were so red and they looked so good. I ate so many. It was the first time in a long time I had something besides deer to eat. I remember my fingers were covered in pink juice and my mouth was smothered in tarty flavor. When I got home Daddy was drunk. The bottle had been broken in a million shards (fragments, n) of glass and his boots crunched when he walked to me. He saw the mulberry juice all over my face and he got mad. “Why did you eat that?! I give you meat every day! It could be my meat, but I share it with you. Why won’t you eat your damn meat, you little, useless girl!” He beat me. “Sorry, sorry,” I scream, but he don’t listen. And then he takes out the barrel. That same one he used to kill the first deer we saw in the clearing long ago. And he shoots it.

    I died like a deer because I went eating mulberries on a bush.

  27. IMAGE #2
    “Time is an invention that is incapable of love.” Long ago, this is what my mother told, and I have always wondered if there was a cryptic(secret or hiden in some way;adj) meaning in this message. Unfortunately, I can’t ask her myself, because she left me and my daddy to be an actress in a T.V show. And you’ll never believe what her morose (ill-humored, sullen, gloomy;adj.) character’s favorite line is; Time is an invention incapable of love. In fact, some crazy fan of hers spray painted it on my house’s outer wall. I may be 20, but I still have a sense of humor that is about as facetious(joking; adj.) as a funeral. I’ve haven’t gotten around to painting it over, but that’s because I don’t have the money to buy three cans of paint, while she probably uses 1 dolloar bills as tissues. It’s strange, but the mom I remember was not so reprobate(devoid of a sense of decency; adj.) that she would condem her own son to poverty, while she is rubbing noses with hollywood big-wigs. I have always scincerely thought that my mother despises me, or else she wouldn’t have done this to me, to make me so lonely. Especially because I’ve got no family, scince my father obviated(to make unecesscary; to get rid of;verb) me the day I turned 18. I guess I can understand, because he’s now even poorer than me. However, that all changed one day when I heard my doorbell. I thought it was another traveling salesman who had arbitrarily(radomly choosen; adj.) rung my doorbell. When I opened the door, I saw a woman who seemed to be from my past. Then I realized that this mysterious woman was my sister, who my mom had taken when she divorced my dad. I’d have to say she looked just like she did when we were 5. The first thing she did was give me the biggest hug I’ve ever had, and she told me that her and my mother had thought I was dead. It explained why she never called. However ambiguous(unclear; verb) the story seemed, I didn’t care; I wasn’t alone anymore, and my happiness negated(to cancel; verb) whatever resentment might have been in my heart. The whole trip to my mother’s home in California, me and my twin sis talked about all of the things that had happened to us scince our forced separation. She told me that she had been everywhere in world, which made me kind of jealous, because that was our twin dream as kids. Her’s was much more interesting than mine , because I worked for U.P.S disseminating(distribute;verb) boxes for a living, but it was much funnier. We laughed the whole way, which made it just like the old days. Inside, I was so happy, because the conundrum(riddle; noun) of my mother’s abscence was finally solved. From then on, we were a family again. A real family.

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