Who: Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, & 7

Set-Up: There is an expression — “6 degrees of separation” — that suggests how connected we individuals are as collective humanity, no matter how big a world it may be.  In short, it means that:

if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six “steps” away from each person on Earth.

Playing off of this concept, we’re going to play a weekly game called “6 Degrees of Separation” where we are given 2 topics (that seem to have nothing in common) which we must figure out a creative way to connect.  The trick is that we have to use a logical set of connections to show how the 2 items are related in “6 steps”.  Additionally, we will also offer a bit of trivia about each new step to showcase our knowledge and imagination.

Example: Let’s take 2 random topics — Ancient Egypt and “Lord of the Flies” — and figure out how to connect them in “6 steps” with some added trivia to show our knowledge:

Step 1: When someone in America thinks of ancient Egypt (1), he/she can’t help but think of legendary pharaohs given that everything one can easily think of from that period of Egypt’s history — from golden statues to the Great Pyramids — are remnants of these god-like leaders. It’s particularly interesting that pharaohs were often buried with everything they owned, gifts for them for the afterlife, and even their living servants.

Step 2: The most famous pharaoh (2) that I can think of is King Tut (1) which was one of my favorite stories growing up.  Even though the amazing amount of gold discovered and the identity of the “boy king” were supposed to be the important parts of the story, this wasn’t what captured my attention at first. As a young kid, I actually daydreamed a lot about the idea of a curse placed on all of the people involved in finding the original tomb, especially given that the spirit of the pharaoh may have been angry that they disturbed his eternal slumber. This led me to study a range of curses and superstitions when I was in elementary school.

Step 3: King Tut’s (2) exhibit just arrived in Dallas (3) — as a major art exhibit called “King Tut and the Golden Age of Pharoahs” being held at the Dallas Museum of Art — for several months.  Hundreds of thousands of people (paying up to $32/ticket) are expected to attend the show, including some of our own art and archeology students who will go there on an upcoming fieldtrip.

Step 4: On Elm Street in Dallas (3), specifically near the Texas School Book Depository (4), was the location of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.

Step 5: The Texas School Book Depository (4) was “a multi-floor warehouse for the storage of school textbooks and related materials” (according to Wikipedia) that shut down in 1970 when the business moved out.  It was also in the year 1970 that the American Library Association awarded the first Coretta Scott King Award was given to African-American writers/illustrators who focused on the creation of books specifically for children and young people (5).

Step 6: One of the most famous school books ever taught in the United States, Lord of the Flies (6), appears to be about children and young people (5). Clearly, however, it is not “just a book about kids on an island”.  Golding’s book was ranked by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best English language books published since 1923 (and was also ranked by the American Library Association as one of the most “challenged” books between 1990-2000.)

Challenge: Using these 2 random ideas, connect them in “6 steps”:

  • “High School Musical III”
  • Not having the right to vote until you are 18

Length: Varies


28 responses to “W9, #3: 6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION

  1. 1) The reason that the High school musical kids sing when ever they have a problem is because their brains have been chemically altered by the chemicals that the school uses to spray for bugs.

    2) These chemicals are imported from Africa where it is made from the poison of giant bees and the sap from the Baobab tree.

    3) This was a totally unforseen consequence, which is still unknown by scientists because, even though many kids in the high school are chemically altered, the effect only lasts as long as the mind developes.

    4) Since the effect is like this, only kids 17 and below are even aware of the effect. They would like to do something about this but they only have the internet.

    5) They spread the word through social networking sites and soon the word reaches the Student Representative to the Senate.

    6) The Rep would like to do something about the chemical problem but he can’t since the seventeen year olds can’t vote that pretty much killed the banning of the chemical since it does effectively kill bugs and it also makes adults pleasently happy.


    Mr. Long: Laughing at the way you balance taking this seriously while clearly having fun with it; a strategic sense of humor definitely works for some of you that can find that balance.

  2. High School Musical III (1) is the newest theater release from Disney (2). Disney is a mega corporation, and has existed since the nineteen thirties. Disney began as a bunch of cartoons and has developed into live action, cartoons, music, theme parks, and much more. The have produced many stars.

    Some of Disney’s (2) newest stars are the Jonas Brothers (3). They are a group of brothers who sing and sometimes act. They have hit C.D.’s and are in Camp Rock. They are hugely popular among pre-teens and teens alike.

    The Jonas Brothers (3) are filming a new 3-D concert movie (4). This will include performance pieces and cameos. It was filmed in New York City, even thought the ‘Jo Bros’ are from New Jersey and currently live in Texas.

    In the 3-D concert movie a cameo is made by Taylor Swift (5). Taylor Swift is an 18 year old country music singer who used to date Joe Jonas, until he broke up with her earlier this month. Since then she has blogged on her myspace about listening to sad songs, sitting on her kitchen counter eating cool-whip, and talking to her cat. Some of her music also crosses over into the pop genre. Her new C.D comes out in November. That, however, is not the only reason that it could be an exciting month for her.

    Taylor Swift (5) has been constantly talking about not having the right to vote until you are eighteen (6), since before she turned eighteen. She has repeatedly spoken about how excited she is to vote, especially in this exciting election. Not having the right to vote until you are eighteen is important, because at a younger age, people might not always make the best decisions.


    Mr. Long: I was wondering how you were going to get to the voting element at the end. Nice job. Also, amazing how the Jo Bros keep making an appearance!

  3. Step 1: I am not a fan of High School Musical. So, accordingly, I am not really excited or anticipating the release of the new installment, “High School Musical III” (1). Everything that I know about the plot came from seeing the trailer during a weekly “O” Factor. Seeing the trailer only reaffirmed my opinion of the movie. I guess it is about a basketball player trying to win a game… and a musical of some sort… and senior year? Who knows, all I know is that the first choice when you type in ‘high’ on Google is “High School Musical 3”.

    Step 2: “High School Musical III” (1), and everything High School Musical, is an invention of Disney (2). Disney is an extremely well known entity. You can go to Asia and see Mickey Mouse and you can stay at Disneyland Resort in Paris. Disney has created countless children’s movies: Hercules, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast being some of the many. Recently Disney has tried to appeal to an older crowd with “High School Musical” and “Hannah Montana” and shows about pre-teens.

    Step 3: Disney (2) also has its own TV channel (3). There are a countless number of shows on this TV channel that range from shows for children to teenagers. I’m sure that no matter what their age, anyone would be able to find something on the Disney TV channel that would appeal to their “inner child”.

    Step 4: There is such an immense number of TV channels (3), especially with satellite TV, that it makes it difficult to make a choice (4) sometimes and pick a show to watch. Choices are extremely important. I value the fact that we all have the ability to make a choice and decide what we want to do with our lives. Choices are meant to be taken seriously and not disregarded.

    Step 5: Arguably one of the most important choices(4) anyone will have to make this year is their choice during the Presidential Election 2008 (5). Each American will be able to vote for the candidate that they choose and has freedom to choose whomever they wish. The presidential nominees are Bob Barr, John McCain, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, Barack Obama (Note: In alphabetical order). With John McCain of the Republican Party and Barack Obama of the Democratic Party being the most influential nominees.

    Step 6: The upcoming election (5) leads us all in high school to seriously think about who we would like to become president. However, the legal voting age of the United States of America is 18 years old (6), so most of us will not be able to participate and vote in the election. I agree with this law because it ensures that everyone voting is an adult, should be able to make an independent decision, is making an informed decision, and is not influenced or forced into selecting any nominee over the other. Now, all of this probably isn’t true for everyone over 18, but the younger the age raises the likelihood that voters will be forced into selecting a candidate that may not be of their original choosing.


    Mr. Long: Key point made at the end re: the decision for students to consider when it comes to future voting. Also, I’m intrigued by the Google search when you typed in “high” only. Amazing how popular that film is!

  4. Step 1: “High School Musical III”(1) is a bad (2) movie. It’s meant for little kids, but in the end how do they find it entertaining. Is it the actors (most likely), or is the music? I will never know and I will never find out.

    Step 2: We all heard of (2)movies, and we all heard of (3)videogames. But have you ever heard of a (3)videogame that was mostly like a (2)movie. Well its true and its called Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3. About 8 hours of movies/cinematics and only 4 hours of actual gameplay. In the end the videogame makes a good movie.

    Step 3: (3)Videogames have a (4)videogame rating system (ESRB videogame rating system)now that allows parents to decide what games are appropriate for their kids. You can thank Bob Thompson for that.

    Step 4: (4) The videogame rating system rates a videogame that has a lot of content not suitable for anybody thats not an adult, AO(5) (Adults only). Videogames rarely tend to push for that rating. There are only a few that have this rating, but most likely you will not find them on store shelves.

    Step 5 + 6: So I guess Voting should be rated AO (5) because you “don’t have the right to vote until you are 18″(6), which is when you become an adult.

    Note: Mr. Long, I tried to make this as complex as possible, and I hope you don’t mind me changing “Not having the right to vote until you are 18” to “don’t have the right to vote until you are 18.” “Long” story, short I hope this is ok.


    Mr. Long: Works great. No worries on your final note. BTW, clever move on the “AO” comment. I would, however, consider moving out of the country for a few weeks until the “bad” comment blows over. (wink)

  5. 1. High School Musical III is a film about high school seniors as they literally dance (and sing) their way through life. What is different about this High School Musical video is that it is actually in theatres instead of just airing on the Disney channel. Apparently Disney planned a smart move when allowing the film to be played in theatres because it grossed 16.9 million on opening day!

    2. The stars of all the High School musical movies are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens who were both nobodies before this franchise was started but now are known and adored around the country. (Zac Efron is now the 15th richest young celebrity in the country and Vanessa is number 8!)

    3. Vanessa Hudgens now 19 was in a nude picture scandal last year at age 18. This scandal almost lost her contract with Disney and thus would have sunk her career. (BTW these pictures have been proved true by TMZ so they must be her, right? sarcasm)

    4. People seem to do crazy things at age 18. Maybe this is because they are given a few more rights that allow for a little crazier behavior. They can now go clubbing, smoke and legally date whomever they want. They take complete advantage of these new ‘rights’

    5. At age 18 a person gets the right to vote as well. However, they do not always seem to neither care about this privilege nor take advantage of it.

    6. I think it is very interesting that though many aged under 18 would love a chance to voice their opinion through a vote, they will not have the right to vote until age 18. While some 18 yr olds find this privilege worthless.


    Mr. Long: Really impressed with how you shifted to a ‘thesis’ of sorts towards the end. Having the right to vote and fully appreciating the weight of that responsibility are definitely 2 different things!

  6. Step #1: Just last weekend, the ever so epic High School Musical 3 [1] came out in theaters. This big screen debut is such a big deal because the first two High School Musicals were not fortunate to get off of the Disney Channel. HSM 3 attracted girls from all over for reasons such as the upbeat soundtrack and fun storyline, but mostly because of Troy Bolton.

    Step #2: Troy Bolton was such a money maker in HSM3 [1] because he is played by none other than Zac Efron. [2] It seems that many promisins young men get their start on the Disney Channel. Take Shia Labeaouf for example[: [haha Mr. Long]. He was also accompanied by stars such as Brittany Snow, Queen Latifah, and John Travolta.

    Step #3:However, High School Musical is not the only movie that Zac Efron [2] is featured in. His second movie, Hairspray [3], was also a big hit. Zac played the teenage heart throb Link Larkin. He was also accompanied by stars such as Brittany Snow, Queen Latifah, and John Travolta.

    Step #4: The movie Hairspray [3] was obviously taken from the broadway musical of the same name. I have always wanted to see Hairspray, but didn’t get a chance to the last time I was in New York City [4]. New York is obviously the home of many broadway musicals all of which I hope to see at some point. Sadly, lately I have been reading about alot of musicals closing. Perhaps it has something to do with the economy?

    Step #5: There are so many wonderful traditions and events that take place in New York City [4]. There’s New Years in Times Square, concerts at Christmas, and one of my favorites the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade [5]. Hopefully one day I’ll get to witness it. What is cooler than tons of giant floats?

    Step #6: Just to throw in a little bit of history, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade [5] was started in 1924 by Macy’s employees and featured animals from the Central Park Zoo. The parade was such a success that Macy’s decided to make it a tradition. Obviously since it’s a Thanksgiving Parade, this exciting event takes place in November. There is another very special thing that happens to take place on November 4th this year. It’s Electon Day! This coming election is one of the most controversial in history. Unfortunately, since I’m not officially ‘legal’, I won’t be able to vote until I turn 18 [6].


    Mr. Long: Why do I think you are destined to move to NYC after graduation? (smile) Definitely want to hook you up with my buddy (and ex-student of mine) who now is a reporter for the NYTimes. I think it’s time to make the introduction.

    And you MUST see the parade live one day!

  7. STEP ONE: According to Wikipedia, HSM3(1) follows (mainly) Gabriella and Troy through their senior year. They are faced with the reality of being separated after graduation, and apparently spend part of a party pondering their futures without song and high school lovin’. This year, their spring musical will be about their last years in school, as the characters Sharpay, Ryan, Kelsi, and Troy fight for a scholarship. I won’t reveal anything else, as there might be someone who is wanting to go see it.

    STEP TWO: HSM3 (1), as all of the HSMs, is directed by Kenny Ortega.(2) Ortega has also directed The Cheetah Girls 2, Newsies, and Hocus Pocus (To name a few). He has worked with Madonna, Cher, Gloria Estefan and Elton John. On set, if he catches anyone yawning he makes them pay him a dollar, and donates it to the Make A Wish Foundation. Ortega also sported his dog at the HSM3 premiere. The dog’s name is Manly. Keepin’ it classy.

    STEP THREE: I’m not very good at recognizing dog breeds, but I think that Ortega’s(2) little Manly is a Yorkshire Terrier.(3) Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies) generally weigh about seven pounds and have long, fine hair. (Manly does not, his is short. He must live up to his name, after all.) Yorkies, as most little dogs, are hyper, brave, and loyal. It’s hard not to be over-affectionate to these little dogs, but if you don’t establish yourself as the pack leader, these dogs can get pretty neurotic. I kid you not. Yorkies have been around about 100(3) years.

    STEP FOUR: 100(3) minus one is 99. What do you think of when you think of the number 99? I don’t know about you, but I think of the song “99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall.” (or milk, to be modest) Apparently that catchy little song’s origins are not so simple. How true this is I’m not sure, but what my research tells me is that this song is a mnemonic device to remember The Beer Bottle Cypher(4). Apparently at Yale there is a secret drinking (drinking milk, of course) society by the name of “Skull and Bones.” In June of 1999, an MIT student hacked into this society and discovered that one of our favorite songs to sing in the car describes an encryption procedure used by Skull and Bones members to protect sensitive information. This little discovery may have had implications about the congressional debate about encryption policy at the time.

    STEP FIVE: As a result, the U.S. Navy(5) has instructed its sailors to begin the song with 56 bottles on the wall, as opposed to 99. Speaking of the Navy, they have began the largest shoreline stabilization project in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. This project will protect critical military buildings, improve water quality, and make a habitat that can support cute little aquatic creatures. Unfortunately, you can’t leave to help the the little creatures all by yourself unless you’re 18. If you’re 17 you’ll need parental consent.

    STEP SIX!!: Just like you have to be 18 to go and join the navy, you gotta be 18 to vote. However, in a lot of states people of 17 are permitted to vote in the primary elections if they’ll turn 18 before the general election.

    Ah, c’est magnifique.


    Mr. Long: Why am I still laughing over the name of the dog? Oh, and classic move from the Navy/singing to the age for legally voting. Unexpected shift that really works. Oh, and I love the Skull and Bones trivia; one of the great secret societies in America, still.

  8. 1. High school musical three is a musical depicting the year of Troy who is a senior with great basketball potential. Troy is acted by Zac Efron who is 21 years old.
    2. I find it funny that Zac Efron is actually 21 years old because the first time I saw him I though he was at least 16 years old.
    3.16, I cant wait to turn 16 because then I will be able to drive my Porsche, I guess I love Porsches so much because I love speed, although I don’t think that I will be speeding too much during the first year of when I have my driver’s license due to the possibilities of an accident. I can understand why parents are afraid of allowing their children to drive at the age of 16
    4. Wasn’t the driving limit 18 a few years back? That must have been terrible, I can’t imagine waiting that long before I could drive
    5. I guess everyone feels as though as teenager truly matures when they reach 18.
    6. That would explain why you don’t have the right to vote until you are 18. I figure the U.S. needs voters who keep in mind what is best for America and not themselves.


    Mr. Long: Laughing (still) at this line of yours: “I can understand why parents are afraid of allowing their children to drive at the age of 16.” Not sure the driving limit was older; it generally seems to be rising if anything. Wish you had expanded a bit on the last line; very intriguing.

  9. 1. High School Musical III is the third production in a series of Disney musicals featuring characters Gabriella, Troy, and Sharpei. These musicals are very popular among younger grades (for some reason I cannot imagine). The only good thing I can think of about HSM3 is that these characters are graduating – there can’t be a High School Musical IV hahaha!

    2. The first HSM is actually okay, but like the Pirates of the Carribean movies, they just get worse and worse. The second and third Pirates movies have crummy plots and center mainly around cool special effects and swordfights. They may be entertaining, but they’re not GOOD movies.

    3. The Legend of Zorro (the recent one) was a movie with special effects and amazing swordfights, and it was pretty good at the same time.

    4. It’s interesting how some people are creative in filling out ballots, such as the way Zorro wrote a “Z” over the box he meant to check. People draw hearts, stars, peace signs, and all kinds of crazy stuff. It’s as if they think their votes will be weighted more heavily their ballots are something more than just a box with a check.

    5. There was a school vote here at our school, mimicking the 2008 presidential elections (though we didn’t get to doodle on ballots). The votes were weighted similarly to the way they are in real life. Senior votes counted the most, and freshmen/sophomore votes counted the least.

    6. Senior votes coutned the most because the seniors are the age group closest to 18, the age one must be to vote.


    Mr. Long: Laughing at the “graduation” comment above. Of course, “Saved by the Bell” figured out how to jump over that obstacle, mmm? Oh, and I like the transition in #2 where sequels are discussed. BTW, why are senior votes weighted? That’s now what happens in real life — confused. (help)

  10. 1) High School Musical III is the new rehashed substance that has by some standard called a movie (so I hate it, deal with it) and has been released by Disney to the masses.
    2) Some how the series is popular among many kids in high school, even though the movies are meant to target little kids (A.K.A operation brainwash).
    3) However, some of us in high school despise the movies because they are just too wierd for us.
    4) Many senoirs in America, however, still like the movies because they find them “Cool” or “funny” (I could get more joy from a slap on the wrist than from the movies).
    5) I wish they could have a vote that could ban Disney from making anymore (three is ENOUGH).
    6) Unfortunately, I am only of the age of 18, so I couldn’t take part in such an election(but I could always make a fake identity…)


    Mr. Long: #3 and #4 seem a bit ‘light’ in terms of actual content and specifics. Any way to develop this entry further? Otherwise, the humor made me smile towards the end.

  11. High School Musical III(1) is the first of its trilogy to be seen in theatres, and in my opinion is one of the best movies to watch if you feel like laughing with your friends. HSM III consists of teenagers randomly breaking out into song. Speaking of singing teenagers, the musical for Oakridge this year is The Secret Garden(2).

    The Secret Garden(2) was originally written as a book by Frances Hodgson Burnett(3). This book tells the story of, obviously, a secret garden. Of course there are other plot twists but that is the main idea. Written in 1909, this classic story has been retold multiple times through hollywood.

    Frances Hodgson Burnett(3) was an incredible author and wrote one of the best books ever(not really, but it’s pretty good), A Little Princess. It’s been ages since i read that book, I’ll be looking at it soon. In the movie interpretation of this book, there is a girl who is mentally abused by her motherly figure, much like that of Cinderella.(4)

    Cinderella(4) is a girl who has been neglected by her stepfamily and forced to work as a slave in her own household. The Disney(5) interpretation of this movie is a musical, like most Disney cartoons. Many people of the casts of shows on Disney channel made a remake of the song, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, a song used in the movie.

    Disney(5) is a multibillion dollar cooporation started by my hero, Walt Disney. On the Disneyland website, at the bottom it says that one must be 18 years or older to call the information number. You must also be 18 years or older to vote.


    Mr. Long: I love “The Secret Garden”, BTW. Always wanted to have something like that in real life, or in some form of ‘real’ life.

  12. Student #11 (follow-up)

    oops, i forgot the (6) after “you must also be 18 years or older to vote.”

  13. 1. We do not have the right to vote until we are 18(1). But now in our school, every advisory (2) can vote the president on the Edline; can see what everybody’s idea of this vote.
    2. My advisory (2) was best ever, my advisor Mr. Long (3) was so smart, he always help me out with my English problem, and I very appreciate. Our advisory members are cooled and awesome they are all the outstanding in our grade (except me).
    3. Mr. Long (3) not only my advisor he is my English (4) teacher too. We already read the Beowulf and almost finish The Lord of the Flies. When we have an essay he always point out where I need to improve and where I do wrong.
    4. English (4) was a little hard for me, but when I got into the high school (5); my teachers are all helping me out of it. If I don’t understand, they will very nicely to me and explain to me again and again.
    5. High School (5) life was very interesting, but If you didn’t been high school yet, don’t even think that will be like in High School Musical (6). We don’t dance and sing everyday on the hallway.
    6. There is a new hot movie on the theater now playing is called High School Musical III (6). That was very interesting for somebody that wants to see it, but me? Not, I will save my money to do other stuff. I think that was waste money to see in the theater, because that will be show up on the Disney channel till forever.


    Mr. Long: Love that you reversed it. Nice job. And I have to say I’d enjoy seeing the students suddenly break out into song/dance in the hallways. Would break up the normal pattern of things quite nicely!

    Oh, and I’m honored to be mentioned. You get an “A” for the year. Nice work! (smile)

  14. 1) High School Musical 3 involves many washed up child stars.

    2) Child stars still get famous and get a lot of money while living in Hollywood.

    3) Hollywood is full of movie stars who are all upper-class citizens who are not affected by the Democrats’ constant taxing of the middle-class… [edited by Mr. Long]

    4) Obama wants to continue this same trend and eventually the middle-class will have been taxed so much that they will be standing in the… [edited by Mr. Long]

    5) If I could vote I could vote against Obama.

    6) I can’t vote though because I’m not 18, so my correct opinion doesn’t matter.


    Mr. Long: While I typically would discourage using this forum to argue about one politician or the other, I’m going to keep this up. I have, however, removed a few phrases that crossed a certain line of social decency (regardless of what party you support).

    In the future, please consider the value of insulting an entire ‘class’ of people in our society simply to make a point on a quick blog entry.

  15. …Confused about what you were confused about…


    Mr. Long: In the ‘real world’, votes are not ‘weighted.’ Did I misunderstand your earlier comment?

  16. 1. HSM 3 is a very weird movie about some singers/athletes(which I don’t get) that are kids in their senior year. Many people are very crazy to watch this movie, which I think is really stupid. I can’t believe the directors would go to make a third HSM.

    2. Movie directors are the, of course, the directors of films. They keep the camera rolling and call for many retakes to make the best movie ever. They try to make a movie so that the public will love it, allowing them to get a LOT of money.

    The public is otherwise known as the audience of the movies. They pay some money to watch these so-called best movies of the year, and popcorn. Their take on the movie greatly affects the directors’ money.

    The locations of the audience are everywhere. There are movie goers in every country: Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

    In North America, there is an election going on to recover America’s great status. Everyone’s vote counts. Their vote helps pick the President of the United States. However there are ceratin restrictions to vote…

    To vote, you must be an American citizen. You must also be the right age to vote, which is 18.

  17. 1) High School Musical 3 was directed by Kenny Ortega. He is very well known for his work with the High School Musical enterprise, as well as directing the Cheetah Girls, episodes of Gilmore Girls, and received an Emmy nomination for his directing in Grounded for Life.

    2) Perhaps one of the most interesting feather’s in Ortega’s cap is his choreography of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996. The ceremonies featured performances by famous stars such as Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

    3) The famous cyclist Miguel Indurain won a gold medal in the first official Olympic time trial. Miguel Indurain had the longest streak of winning the Tour de France with 5 straight victories from 1991-1995. He lost the 1996 race to Bjarne Riis, who later admitted to doping.

    4) Indurain’s record of five consecutive Tour de France victories was broken by the one and only Lance Armstrong. Armstrong cranked out a record seven consecutive victories, beginning only three years after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. Armstrong’s main rival for many years was considered the German Jan Ullrich, who finished second to Armstrong for three consecutive years.

    5) Lance Armstrong was named after the Dallas Cowboy’s wide receiver Lance Rentzel. He is proud enough to boast a perfect passer rating, when his lone pass was completed for a 58-yard touchdown. He was also a key player in the 1967 “Ice Bowl”. Rentzel enjoyed some of his greatest success with the Cowboys. In 1971, however, Rentzel was traded from the Dallas Cowboys to the Los Angeles Rams

    6) Also occuring in 1971 was the passing of the 26th Amendment on July 1, 1971. This gave all US citizens at the age of eighteen or older to vote in the Presidential Election.

    Hope that isn’t too convenient for you:) *wink*

  18. Student #15 (follow-up)

    BTW- on step 3, Miguel Indurain won the gold medal for the time trial in the 1996 Olympics.

  19. 1) Many of the kids in HSM III were homeschooled while pursuing their acting dreams. This was done so that they could go to auditions when necessary and not worry about skipping school or the pressures of their piers.

    2) Because the kids were homeschooled the many of them missed prom, one being Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens was not upset about missing her prom however understandably because she now is very famous and wealthy. If Vanessa had not have been homeschooled she may not have had the time to pursue her career and then she would have missed out on HSM III.

    3) When Vanessa Hudgens made an appearance on the Tyra show with the host Tyra Banks and Tyra gave Vanessa a surprise Prom. Tyra had balloons and music and of course it was televised. Vanessa was excited and many fans watching thought this was a very clever idea. This show appeals to a wide variety of individuals mostly young women because Tyra attempts to address various issues.

    4) One fan of Vanessa’s watching was particularly excited about this show because she was about to attend her senior prom. She wrote into the Tyra show talking about how she understood how much prom can mean to a young girl, and how generous it was of Tyra to do that show for Vanessa. In this letter she stated her age of 18 and her town, among other qualities about herself. She addressed the letter and sent it to the Tyra show by mail because her email account wasn’t working that day.

    5) The letter was sent to New York where the show is filmed but was placed in the wrong studio mailbox. The letter was addressed to the wrong studio number and was placed in the O’riely factor slot rather than the Tyra show slot. This letter had been sent express mail from Georgia and so clearly stamped on the front was ‘espress mail’ giving the impression it was of great importance.

    6) The Oriely Factor is a show with a host who criticizes various political decisions and looks at the current news of the day bringing in different intellectuals and people of the news to debate issues with, and he loves to read mail. The host, Mr. O’riely did not disregard this letter but instead read it on air criticizing women like Tyra for focusing an 18 year old’s attention towards something like prom rather than the real issue of voting. He claimed 18 year olds’ receive the right to vote and influential shows like Tyra Bank’s show should focus more on issues like this rather then things like prom. Of course this began a large fight between the Tyra show and Mr. O’riely about their recognition of the voting age.

  20. Step 1) High School Musical 3 stars Vanessa H., Ashley Tisdale, and of course THE Zac Efron. They play seniors in the movie and sing about basketball, love and their final departure into their new world: college.

    Step 2) When you think of college, (well as teens like we are right now), you think of partying, no parents, new friends, and waaay more studying. Did i mention the no parents? But with less older guidance comes even more responsibility. Yes, it follows you people!

    Step 3) Responsibility takes you everywhere from young: cleaning your room, doing your homework, eating VEGETABLES, (lol) to old: washing your car, your clothes, paying bills, being on time to work (college), changing DIAPERS (lol!).

    Step 4) some disposable diapers are made of chemicals that can harm a baby’s skin. So in order to prevent that you’d have to go (in a car) to get some that wont right? Oh wait, I cant drive.

    Step 5) Driving takes skill, concentration, and duh a drivers license! You have to be 18 or older to get your license, (so unfair man..), and do big people stuff, like vote.

    Step 6) You also have to be 18 years or older to vote. Unfortinatly i didnt get to vote this year but i did make my voice heard and voted in the oakridge version. (which i thought was pretty cool). And in 4 more years i’ll have my real chance, just like NICK JONAS!! (that other person up there got to mention him, i might as well get my chance too!) 🙂

  21. Student #9 (follow-up)

    Oh, I thought they were…because on that O Factor election thing I thought they said that the seniors’ votes counted more, like the actual representatives or something. You see, this is why I’m never going into politics!

  22. Step 1. High School Musical III, (1) apparently, is a very popular musical about a group of high school students now graduating. From reading Google results, I found that some of those students are considering and being accepted to fabulous colleges, such as Stanford (2) and Julliard. This seems highly unrealistic (or highly impressive, depending on your view of the singing high school students) because according to various college guide books I’ve read, getting accepted to schools such as Stanford, UC Berkley, and Julliard is exceptionally difficult.

    Step 2. For example, Stanford University (2) accepts about 10 percent of students applying. The freshman profile shown in the The Best 351 Colleges for Stanford, and UC Berkley, is a 4.2 high school GPA and about 1460 (out of 1600) SAT score. In these ultra selective schools, about 98 percent of their freshman class graduated top 10 percent of their high schools. Even more difficult admission standard, if that is possible, is set by Harvard College. (3)

    Step 3. They say the admission to Harvard College (3) defy explanation because they reject vast amount of applicants with awe-inspiring credentials. As intimidating as that sounds, I am inspired to know that I know personally two people, my advisor, Mr. Long, and my aunt, who are Harvard graduates. (4)

    Step 4. Another famous Harvard graduate (4) is the presidential candidate Barack Obama. He was in the same Harvard Law School class as my aunt, and she tells me that he was really the most meritoriously outstanding student in the class. I can’t tell if she is biased because she loves her alma mater so much (she tends to think Harvard people are the best), but I think it must be great to be able to think so much of one’s classmates. (5)

    Step 5. Most of my classmates (5) will be eighteen years old when they graduate from high school. At eighteen (6), you are considered an adult for all practical purpose. You should make decisions for yourself on the direction of your life and your place in the world.

    Step 6. Most importantly, you should vote when you turn eighteen (6) because you should also make decisions on who you believe should be the leader of your country.

  23. Step 1
    High School Musical 3 brought in $16.9 million in ticket sales revenue when it opened on October 24, 2008. Predictions indicated that HSM 3 would face stiff competition but not from such new releases as “Saw V” or “W”. HSM 3’s formidable opponent was thought to be the declining economy. Disney was counting on a blockbuster…but would the recent economic downturn be its worst adversary? A survey released by Jupiter Research (1) in September, 2008 reported that 36% of respondents were planning to curtail frequent outings to movie theatres. HSM 3 grossed $42 million in the first three days of its release. Perhaps the movie industry is more recession proof than Jupiter Research’s data had forecasted.

    Step 2
    Jupiter Research (1) is a company that conducts web based polls to help many different kinds of industries make informed financial and business decisions. Headquartered in Massachusetts, it employs almost 1,000 people of whom approximately 350 are statisticians and other consumer researchers. Jupiter Research has locations in 15 countries including Germany, Hong Kong, India and Japan. For 5 consecutive years, this company has been ranked in the top 75 on Forbes’ (2) 200 Best Small Companies list.

    Step 3
    In order to qualify for consideration on the Forbes (2) Best Small Companies list, companies must have sales between $5 million and $750 million and a stock price of $5 per share. Forbes compares a company’s stock performance with its industry peers. In 2008, Omega Protein was chosen for the first time by Forbes and was ranked at #154 on the Best Small Companies list. Omega Protein Corporation is the country’s largest producer of Omega-3 fish oil products. Its products contain long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids (3) that are known as “good fats”. The body does not naturally produce good fats and can be obtained from synthetic products such as vitamin-like supplements.

    Step 4
    According to research conducted at the University of Maryland Omega-3 fatty acids (3) has many salubrious benefits. For those whose suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, the “good fats” can reduce inflammation in the afflicted joints. It can also help people with high blood pressure. Evidence supporting the healthful benefits of Omega 3 supplements is strongest for heart disease and problems that contribute to cardiovascular disease (4) such as high cholesterol. The American Heart Association research has shown that Omega 3 fatty acids decrease risk of heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), decrease levels of harmful triglycerides, and decrease growth of plaque on the cardiac arterial walls which can often lead to heart attacks and death.

    Step 5
    Cardiovascular disease (4) is the leading cause of death for those who are 50 years and older. Cardiac disease accounts for approximately 37% of all deaths in this age population. Some suggest that, as the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids supplements become more widely publicized and therefore popular, the percentage of deaths due to cardiovascular disease could decrease. The leading cause of death among those between 15 and 24 years of age is accidental death. More than half of these accidental deaths result from motor vehicle accidents. This and other corroborating data has encouraged auto insurance groups to lead discussions about changing the legal driving age from 16 to 18. Insurance groups commissioned a vote (5) conducted by USA Today. The poll asked the question, “At what age should do you think people should be permitted to have a driver’s license?” The majority of respondents (53%) choose “18 years old”.

    Step 6
    The results of the USA Today poll, which could be considered a type of vote (5), may indicate that adults perceive 18 years of age as the magic number when a person instantly becomes responsible enough to drive. Or perhaps adults may believe that 18 year olds have finally reached the golden moment when they are mature enough to make informed decisions about the future leaders of our country. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why one must be 18 years old to vote (6), as opposed to be being 19, 20 or 21. Possibly it’s some random reason like 18 is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 18. Perhaps our lawmakers could explain the reason better than I.

  24. High School Musical (1) III is a Disney production that is popular among preteen to teenage girls.

    Hannah Montana (2) is another Disney production that seems to be popular among preteen to teenage girls

    Some time ago, Mr. Long presented us with a different “6 Degrees of Separation” blog entry (3) that had an end result of Hannah Montana (2).

    Another category for a blog entry (3) that we had the option of doing was “Make Your Own Bumper Sticker (4)”.

    One bumper sticker (4) I see quite often is the “NObama” bumper sticker, carried by people who, apparently, are not very fond of Obama. Obama is currently running for President in this election (5).

    In this year’s election (5), I will not be able to vote, because I am under 18 (6).

  25. 1) Next weekend, my friend’s birthday will be celebrated by going to see a movie. After much debate, we all decided that we would see High School Musical III (1) because of its humorous association with Disney channel. (2)

    2) My little sister absolutely loves Disney channel. (2) Shows she likes from it include Camp Rock, Hannah Montana, Phineas and Ferb, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. (3)

    3) I’ve stayed in a suite (3) before… it was when we went to Disney World for vacation in the summer. It was a really beautiful hotel; there was a miniature waterfall inside and fish (4) swimming in a fake river across the lobby.

    4) They are many fish (4) in pet stores, and most of them are freshwater. One time in the mall, I witnessed a fish eating another of its kind… the victim wasn’t a different species and also wasn’t dead. Cannibalism (5) to its fullest.

    5) Many movies related to cannibalism (5) are rated R. These movies are typically recommended only for those who are at or above the age of 18 (6), but many spectators of R-rated movies are a lot younger than this. Some 12 year olds have been spotted in the aisles of these horror flicks.

    6) Unlike R-rated movies featuring cannibalism, (5) you can’t get away with voting if you’re a child, even if a parent accompanies you. This means that no one has the right to vote until they are above the age of 18. (6)

  26. (1)High school musical III is about a group of kids who all break into song and dance instead of sulking with their teenage angst like normal teens.

    (2)Angst is a normal part of being a teenager and everyone deals with it differently. Some people complain, some write songs, some make fun of others.

    (3) One of the ways to deal with angst is by doing drugs to make you forget how much you hate your life.(Not that I support this in any way, but it is a fact of life. Kids do drugs.)

    (4) In the seventies teenagers did a LOT of drugs. Another popular part of the seventies were the riots, or peace rallies.

    (5) Another time when riots were held was in the twenties when women wanted to vote, suffrage. Voting was a major issue then as it is now.

    (6)Now, no one has the right to vote until they turn 18, which brings about the controversy that those who are well informed should have a say in how they will grow up, i.e. their president.

  27. Step 1-I remember about two years ago when Coach Pav made my drama class watch the very first High School Musical (God knows why…) and it was probably one of the worst movies that I’ve ever seen. When I heard that High School Musical 3 was showing on theaters I did a double take and thought “Wait, they’ve already made a THIRD one?” I just think it’s silly that people just randomly break into song in the middle of a hallway. Singing isn’t going to help them solve their ‘issues’ anytime soon.

    Step 2-One ‘issue’ that I’m currently having to deal with is my conflict with crosscountry and soccer. My crosscountry coach told me that he wanted everyone to be at practice for this entire week so we can prepare for SPC, but I really want to make the varsity soccer team.

    Step 3-Soccer has had a big influence on my life ever since the start of high school. Seeing people like Andre’ Akpan, who I actually saw play at our school, go on to be on the U.S National Team really inspired me. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to a college like Harvard on a soccer scholarship. That would be my dream.

    Step 4-Every president or candidate that America has ever had each had their own ideas and promises to fulfill a different American dream.

    Step 5-Two such candidates who are currently running for president are Barrack Obama and John McCain in the presidential election of 2008.

    Step 6-Sadly, although I would like to vote for my favorite candidate, no one has the right to vote until they’re 18.

  28. 1) HIghschool musical is filled with cheerful scenes of music and singing.

    2) Singing and creating music is one of the many ways to express onself.

    3) The act of expressing yourself through and way is a form of art.

    4) One form of art is cartooning

    5) Many artists create cartoons about political figures and decisions and make fun of them.

    6) Sadly we cannot take part in these politics to maybe change the view of these cartoons until we are 18 and can vote.

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