Who: Periods 1, 2, & 3 only

Set-Up: We are almost at the half-way point of the Lord of the Flies project.  Given the wide range of ways that each of you can creatively ‘solve’ this assignment, I’m curious how you are applying your knowledge and imagination.

Challenge: Tell us the following:

  1. What project you are doing
  2. How you are uniquely combining your own knowledge/creativity (including enough of a summary to help us ‘get it’)
  3. How your project will ‘teach’ your audience even more about the novel (and its themes)

Length: 7+ sentences


47 responses to “W9, #5: WHICH PROJECT ARE YOU DOING?

  1. I am doing the interview twenty years later on a character. I thought that this one would best suit my abilities. I hope it doesn’t end up being too difficult to do. I am going to try to blend the quotes in and talk about the scenery. The project will tell my audience a little bit more than basic plot summary. It will teach them the ‘hidden message’ in each chapter. This way, they could fully understand the true meaning of Lord of the Flies

  2. The project that I am doing is the ‘missing journal’. I think that it would be good to get some perspective on how the boy’s time on the island was. I’m going to write about a kid whose name no one knows, and write about his ordeals and time on the island. I am also going to put what I type into a real diary to make it look like it really just came from the island. My project will show that you can’t take someone’s word without having the other side of the story first. Not to say that William Golding’s wrong, I mean he wrote the book. But it would be nice to see another side of the story.

  3. I decided to make a journal for my LOTF project. Obviously the assignment was to create the journal of an anonymous on boy on the island. I decided to make mine from the perspective of one of the older boys because I wanted to use a more mature voice. To me, using an older boy would help in my account of the boys coming together under Ralph, separating to follow Jack, and slowly falling into a state of savagery and disarray. Even though none of the boys were adults, and 11 or 12 year old would still be able to understand more than a 6 year old. I thought that his concept would be resourceful because it would give me the chance to combine all of the studying and analysis that I did over Lord of the Flies. By describing the feeling of a boy who was present, we can give readers an insight into the effects that all of the mayhem on the island had on the children. Through my journal, I can emphasize the fact that many of the boys did not realize how quickly their situation became dangerous until it was too late. I also tried to subtly weave in hints that the boys were descending into savagery. As the journal progressed, my narrator began to lost track of the date and began to just number the days and also through grammatical changes such as shortened and incomplete sentences. I think that this journal gives me a chance to clearly illustrate all of the things that we deduced from the text.

  4. I am doing the interview project. I found the interview to be one of the easier ones since I am not too deep or amazingly creative in my riding in my opinion. I am using my knowledge and little creativity to form a interview between Ralph and a question asker. I basically just went chapter by chapter and formed a few questions from each chapter. Also as I went I tried to get quotes that were not to obvious but that fit nicely in a question or answer. I found it easiest to get the required quotes by just going chapter by chapter, that also made my interview questions go in correct order. Basically I just asked like “What did you do after you got out of the plane crash, and how has being in a crash affected your life so far.” Then I would make him answer like “oh ya I went and found Piggy and now I’m scared to go on planes.” Obviously my questions and answers had more to them but that’s just a example. My project could help someone learn about the book because it tells what happened basically in chronological order and it tells how something those events my affect a person and how they would react in their ‘human nature’. Also what some of the meanings would be in the story.

  5. 1. I am doing prompt number two: Interview one of the boys 20 years later about his experiences on the island and how it’s affected him since he returned home.

    2. I am hosting an interview with roger on a television broadcast. We will go over the events that occurred on the island, and where his intentions and focus. I will ask him a series of questions that will answer how this island affected him as a human being. Also, I will creatively add key quotations in the questions and responses. I will be using a journal that was found by one of the boys, and find important emotional scene’s that affected the boys.

    3. This interview will give the whole class a better understanding on Rogers’s intentions, his focus while on the island, and understand how easily it is to get into character when put in situations that are not familiar. We will find out how Roger let go of society so easily and how his actions haunt him. And finally, we will understand how the ‘island’ has affected him since his return home

  6. Originally, I was planning to interview Jack. I was intending to have an investigative reporter, with a special penchant for the criminal mind, interview Jack in the prison in which he was incarcerated. The reporter was going to attempt to delve into “Island Jack’s” psyche to see if he was truly a madman or if he was a victim of the madness that ensued on the island.

    I changed my mind and decided to create a missing journal written by one of the choir boys. In trying to write from an “unnamed” character’s perspective, I hope to show a different twist on how the main characters and the lesser characters perceived their experience on the island. This has proven to be burdensome, because placing my insights into someone else’s mindset is a bit of a challenge. I’m only on journal entry three so far and it is almost like recreating the story from a completely different viewpoint. I must keep the story in a seven-year-old’s diction and point of view. I am hoping to add some unsaid thoughts and facts. I will share with my audience some variations on the themes we have talked about in class based on characters that were simply referred to as “littluns.” As my journal entries progress, the youngsters will have more things to say and will have seen more than Golding’s descriptions attributed to them in the book. Hopefully, I will be able to supplement the audience’s knowledge with a fresh viewpoint from a lesser-developed character.

  7. For me, I chose to write an alternate ending to the novel as my project choice. For this particuar assignment, I’m trying to combine my knowledge of WWII and some of my questions about the fates of Ralph and Roger. Basically, I’m trying to write an ending that elaborates on the fates of the two. At this point, I’m trying to decide if I want an ending that has more action and will grab the reader. Or, do I want to grab the reader with a more emotional ending. I want to elaborate on what might have happened to Roger and Ralph when they were rescued. I’d go into more detail, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait untill Monday to find out. Saying please won’t help, but cash might.

  8. For my English project, I am creating an alternate ending to the story of Lord of the Flies. During this alternate ending, I am shifting primary focus specifically to Ralph. I am depict that essence of darkness in a man’s heart, but also I want to try to show that there is still some sense of humanity in that dark heart, as one may be able to see a “surprising change of heart” from one of the characters. Another focus in my alternate ending is to bring in subtle elements from the very beginning of the story that I did not feel were completely explained. I want to bring in those elements and use them for plot twists that I hope people will find very effective for an ending. My alternate ending is somewhat lengthy but none of it could be excluded if I wanted to tell the ending properly. I also intend to create graphic pictures to depict some of the scenes in my alternate ending, using many of the colors that Golding described throughout the book, such as pink, white, red, green, etc. I have taken this assignment very seriously, though I actually find this assignment as more of respite than a project. I’ve completed the entire writing part, but I am going back to everyday to touch it up and/or just to read it again.

  9. I chose to write an interview with Ralph. I chose Ralph because I feel like he was the most affected by the chaotic occurrences on the island. I am generally trying to show the aftereffect of what occurred on the island. I am following Phil Zimbardo’s theme of humans reacting good/evil when placed under certain conditions. I plan on displaying Ralph’s reaction towards what took place on the island. I also plan on showing the reader not just how the island changed the boys but how it altered their personalities.

  10. For my LOTF project i am doing the board game. I looked at this as a creative and fun way to help people better understand the book and also just something fun to play.The basic goal for this board game is for it to illustrate the knowledge that i hav obtained throughout the discussions and the many things that we have done with this book. I hope that it covers all the material and provides a general summarization of the book. Also i like bright colors so expect a brightly colored and jazzy board game and/or box. I like to be creative and i thought what better way to be creative than a board game. With the way that i hav structured the play of the game, players will not only have fun while playing but they will also learn and sort of become the chararacter. The players will be making choices not knowing throughout the game and at the end they will realize that it will impact them a great deal.

  11. I’m doing the lost journal project. It’s written from the point of view of a nameless littlun (age nine). He’s sort of just confused all the time and does whatever everyone else is doing.
    Through my project, the audience will better understand the way the littluns, the common people, see things and the reasons that go into the decisions they make. I’ll show how the words and actions of a higher figure directly influence young minds, how the common people grow (or break down) alongside their leader.
    The boys on the island don’t have paper, parchment, journals, pens, pencils, or anything of that sort unless they’d brought it with them. The island does, however, provide them with coconuts, and some of the boys have pocket knives. I think it’ll be really cool to carve one of my boy’s journal entries into a coconut shell. It may take a while, but he’s only nine – how much can he write?


  12. I am doing the project where I get to create my own alternate ending written in Golding‘s style. I really wanted to do this project, not because I didn’t like the fact that Ralph was saved, but because I would have liked him to get there differently. The whole time I was reading those last few pages I was thinking “go to the mountain, go to the mountain”. I can’t believe Ralph didn’t. On the mountain top, Ralph sees the island for what it really is and sees everything for what it really is, including the beast. I am throwing my own creativity into it with the optional graphic novel. I am very interested in digital artwork, so that is how I am creating my graphic novel, on Photoshop. My graphic novel has around 20 panels, and there is text that tells the ending along with the pictures. I am extremely excited with how the final result will look.

    My project will teach people more about the novel by reexamining the ending. I included many of the themes that were addressed at the end of the novel, but they are probably easier to detect in my version. This could help people with truly understanding what Golding was trying to express in his last few pages. Also, if anyone had trouble envisioning how the island and the boys looked in their heads, my graphic novel may be able to help them out by letting them see how I see the island. I am very enthusiastic about this project and I hope I will be able to meet my own expectations.

  13. I am doing the interview project. I plan on interviewing Ralph after twenty years. What I plan on doing to make it more unique is adding certain plot lines that were not a part of the of the story. I want to add in what happened before Ralph got on the island and after he got on it. I also plan on making Ralph tell the story from a first-person person point of view while the interviewer asks him questions about his experiences. I’m sort of trying to extend the storyline. I am shifting away from all the boys and the themes on the island towards the whole ordeal through the eyes of one boy/man.

  14. I chose the journal entries for my project. I wanted to help the reader understand what it was like from one of the character’s point of view. In my opinon, that is so much fun to write and to read what the characters think themselves instead of a narrator telling us what is happening. Also to help convey to the reader what exactly one of the boys was going through. I think it will help explain the novel better, knowing how the characters actually felt. Also what their reactions were to each event, especially the ‘non-famous’ ones. In this project, I want to transmit my knowledge of how little kids think. I am around a 4-year-old alot so that will help me in writing these blog entries that a 6-year-old wrote.

  15. Student #8 (follow-up)

    *** Third Sentence Grammar Change***

    “I am trying to depict…”

  16. – I am doing the interview project, and this is an interview of Roger. I chose Roger because I felt as though he would be the most interesting character to look at in twenty years because due to his evil nature I knew he would not turn out well as an adult. In this project Roger is an inmate at a penitentiary because he has been charged with 1st degree murder, which he is guilty of. The interviewer that has been brought in is a psychologist who is attempting to gather enough information to prove that Roger is insane preserving him from the death penalty. Roger has multiple lawyers because he has a lot of money due to the wealthy family he married into. Not only does Roger have multiple lawyers but this is also a highly publicized trial. The trial is of public interest because Roger and the other boys on the island became famous following their successful return on the military vessel. They were referred to as the “Lost Boys of England” and were the subjects of multiple TV movies. Throughout the interview Roger takes pauses and attempts to remember painful experiences on the island that made him what he is, a criminal.

    – This will help an individual better understand the story because they can see what occurs when all barriers are broken down within an individual and self control is lost. Golding hinted that humans were prone to evil because it was within them and Roger’s evil was completely exposed and never placed back within him again. 20 years later roger is still attempting to cope with his lack of conscience relating to his inability to control his yearning for evil.

  17. I am writing the journal. It will be about a boy named Danny and it will seem that he adores Jack and kind of thinks that Ralph is not that great of a leader. He wants to get off the island but he thinks that Jack should be the one to get them off. For the second part of the project I’m going to scratch a couple of the entries onto a piece of wood (most likely an old door if I can find one) and then beat it up so that it look’s like it spent a few years at sea.

  18. I am working on the 20 years later interview. My interview is set in the United States, because Ralph moved there to escape the reminders of the island he saw daily. He went to college and medical school to become a neurosurgeon. He is now applying for a job at a hospital in New York City. He is having a job interview, and is learning that the time on the island is more widely known than he previously believed. I am combining my knowledge of the time on the island, that haunted so many of the boys, to come up with what happened after they returned, how the world responded, and what the boys did to cope with the traumatic event they went through. My interview goes into why Ralph is making the choices he is now making 20 years later, and why he is making them. It also goes into how the island still haunts him daily.

  19. I am doing the “missing journal” project. I am writing it from the point of view of a littlun. He doesn’t really think that the plane crashed. He kind of thinks of it as a vacation without any grown-ups. He follows everyone around and does what everyone else is doing. I am trying to tell you that not everyone knows the truth of what happened.

    Since the boys didn’t have paper on the island, I think I might write the journals on a piece of wood.

  20. I chose to do the missing journal project. I wanted to show through one boy, the entire clan’s transformation into a savage state. The boy I am following starts off very homesick, then sees his time on the island as a ‘vacation’ from the real world, and finally descends into insanity. The boy justifies all of his misdeeds, such as the death of Simon, through his adoration of his older brother who is fighting in the war. The boy believes if he kills the beast, then his brother will be safe. At the very end, the boy seems completely insane in his desires to protect Jonathan as well as his thirst for the beast’s blood. I chose to not name the boy, very similar to how the narrator in The Invisible Man never was named. I want it to seem by giving the boy no specific identity that this transformation could have happened to any of the boys, or even anyone in the world.

    I hope this will teach people more about the book because the reader gets to see what specifically is going on inside on of the boy’s heads as he commits all the terrible acts. If a person sees the justification behind one’s actions, then they are personally invested in the story, as well as understanding why certain things happened.

  21. I picked the journal entry project because it seems so interesting. The journal entry provides one way for readers to know the plot. I used a bigun so that readers, through the journal, could understand what had happened throughout the entire book. I picked the journal entry project because then readers may understand the story in different points of views(Just like Vantage Point). This concept would help the reader understand the feelings of the other boys on the island, other than the main characters. This journal would also help the reader understand the secret message within this story. It would also help point out the change occurring within the boys.

  22. I am doing the journal project. My characters name is Devera, and she’s a girl going to an all boy’s school. With her father and brother off fighting and her girls school evacuating, her mother does the only thing she can, turn Devera into a boy. She now goes by Deven and attends Brandusbary Academy for Boys. Her mothers plan is soon proven useless as the boys school has to evacuate also. Her journal depicts her story. Her writing shows a struggle to fit in and be accepted similar to Piggy’s. Also I want to be able to portray the boys’ evolution of being happy and naive, to being a structured society, to becoming savages. Also her roommate at the school was Simon and I want to show that conflict of accepting what you did vs. placing the blame one anything and everything else. For the creative part of the project I will take a journal, make it looked damaged and fill it with writing, drawings and random articles she kept from the island. My other option is doing a message in a bottle; I have yet to decide between the two.

  23. I am doing the project with the interview twenty years later. I am going to interview Roger. I chose Roger because I think he would be very interesting to talk to after all these events have occurred. He seems like he would have a great perspective of the island and all that happened on it. I am planning on the interview being between him and two doctors, or psychiatrists, who want to find the deeper meaning of Roger’s intentions. They will be giving him a psychiatric evaluation and trying to find out why he acts the way he does and why he has no remorse for his destructive actions. The doctors will be asking him about his experience on the island and how it changed him. Through the course of the interview, I will add quotes from each chapter and make them flow into the dialogue. I am hoping this project will help teach the class more about Roger and his perspective of things on the island. I want to also show how their situation on the island let Roger’s true ‘human nature’ show. I want to convey that Roger is maybe more typical than we think, but that he doesn’t know how to handle or control his instincts.

  24. My project is the alternate ending. In another class of mine, we were given a story without an ending and had to finish it. This is different, though, because we have seen what happens, and now get to decide on something different.

    I decided I wanted to show Roger really come through in his evil. Meaning, really show his treacherous nature, which I think exists. He betrays Jack. Another key part of the plot is that Sam and Eric are torn. I have always found them remarkable characters, and I understand the feelings that they have. I decided to explore the decisions they face.

    I think Golding is a wonderful author, but he decides to leave us wanting more from some of the characters. This, I believe, is not a bad thing, not at all, in fact. It leads to speculation and wondering, which is an interesting thing to leave your reading with. I simply decided I wanted to give the reader the things that they were thirsting for–what would happen if…? etc.

  25. I chose to do the alternate ending because I’m the kind of person who enjoys writing a lot, especially if it’s to change the outcome of a story that I’ve already read. The ending that I’m going to be presenting will be focused primarily around betrayal/deception and vulnerability. The most obvious people that seemed to fit these traits in my version are Roger and Samneric.

    Roger due to his innate evil nature without any self consciousness and Samneric for their constant position of “follower” making them prone to be weak if they’re put into a situation where they have to fend for themselves.

    Instead of having Ralph and all of the other boys get rescued I’m going to have them live through and ‘suffer’ the consequences of setting the island on fire. I’m also going to have Jack be killed, although I’m still trying to decide how from the two scenarios that I’ve created.

    My project will help an individual better understand the story by showing him/her another way to view the message:human nature/being prone to violence. It’ll show them just how far some people can go if they believe that nothing wrong will happen to them or i they think they’ll never be caught, how a fast someone can change when given unlimited power and freedom.

  26. I am doing the ‘lost journal’. I got a leather bound journal that ‘my boy’ is writing in (his mom gave it to him). In my journal I sum up what happened in every chapter and then allow my boy to reflect on it. In this way I can show how I understand the ‘hidden meanings’ in Lord of The Flies. I decided to make my boy (to quote a friend) a “mid-un” so that he has no group to belong to. This allows him to not be prejudiced when he commentates on what has happened and allows the reader to really feel his namelessness. Through how the boy reacts to the horrific events of the book I am able to teach the audience the enormity of every action and how quickly one can become savage.

  27. I am doing the missing journal project. The perspective is from a bigun that nobody notices. Because he is older, he’ll be smarter and more insightful so it’ll be believable when he can make sense of what he’s seeing. I made sure that he wouldn’t be involved so he would have about the same perspective as Piggy. Since Piggy was the most removed from the situation he could see what was happening to these boys the most clearly. Of course, my character will also have to be affected, but it won’t be as much of a steady walk down. I think since to write this I’m going back through all of the chapters, it’ll help other people in review and seeing which events in particular contributed to the fall of the boys to savagery.

  28. I choose the conversation between Joseph Campbell and William Golding.
    I plan to write it as if Campbell and Golding completely disagree.
    Golding will spend most of the conversation defending his use of the stages.
    Campbell will see another character as the true hero.
    Essentially my conversation will be a heated argument between the two men.
    I hope to show a more about Campbell’s views than just the stages.
    Generally, when people argue they become more passionate about their beliefs.
    By having the men argue, I hope to show their points in a different light.

  29. I have chosen to do the interview project because I am most interested in the psychology behind the boys, and I would like to take a shot at predicting how this situation affects their lives after their rescue. I want it to be filmed more like a documentary rather than an interview, so instead of Ralph coming on some sort of show, an interviewer will go to his house and ask him a little about the island and a little about his house and how he lives. The most interesting things about the interview aren’t what he says about the island, but more how the island has affected the rest of his life.

  30. I decided on the board game. I thought it was a challenging but fun idea. I decided that there will be 2 teams, consisted of 2+ people each. The goal of the game is to be the first team to reach the ship. I believe that the game will truly use all the knowledge I have of the game with a creative twist. It will be a fun game to play, but yet in the end the player will have learned some things. I am excited for the chance to share it with my fellow classmates (:

  31. I am going to write an alternate ending for the LOTF project. I am best at writing whatever I feel like, and this choice is the best for me because there aren’t many limits. I have tried my best to put a lot of foreshadowing into the project and tried to mimic Golding’s style as best I can. In my ending, Roger becomes more and more evil and will torture without mercy. Jack starts to feel out of place, and Ralph barely hangs on to life’s thread. Ralph will still get rescued, but in a very different way. I don’t really want to go into any details yet. This ending will continue explaining Golding’s idea of the transformation into savagery. Although at first I wanted to write that Ralph would be killed, I remembered what Simon had said to Ralph that he’ll get off this island. I want to keep portraying the ideas of Golding in this alternate ending.

  32. I am did the “missing journal” project, which technically isn’t missing anymore since I, kinda, found it.

    My character is a choir boy, so he will be one of the first to be affected with the insanity-plague. He seems to be the more stable of the choir boys but the journal is written through his eyes so he sees the other kids and he can explain the difficulties of having to live between two leaders. The journal also makes it clear on how the loss of sanity, affects the child itself and the group and their likes and dislikes to certain people or situations. The journal will be a help in seeing the story not through Ralph’s eyes and also, reading the story through a different level, as in that of one of the boys whose mostly in the jungle hunting.

  33. My project is the ‘alternative ending’ to the story. I love writing, and the prospect of creating another ending to the book is really appealing to me… I get to make the decisions and the plot twists. Oh boy!

    Honestly, Ralph’s rescue was the best way for the book to end. I don’t think I can contribute much to Golding’s message, as I believe it is best the way he has told it. However, in my ending I’m conveying a similar message with more savage undertones.

    The hunt for Ralph takes a wild turn when Roger and his “delirious abandonment” completely take over, and he takes the life of one of his own tribe. Instead of shrinking back in horror, the other hunters follow suit and savagely beat the injured boy until he dies, buying some time for Ralph to temporarily escape. Amid the chaos, the temptation towards savagery and the lure to primal instincts will be a dominant message in my ending — primarily, the decisions of Samneric, if they should succumb to darkness and kill their friend or instead help him. Rescue will come, which signifies the hope that humans have for the darkness in our hearts, but will it come in time before everyone is destroyed by the Beast? This is pretty much the prevalent theme in my ending… humans have hope from savagery, but it may not save those who have already been destroyed by it.

  34. I am doing the alternative ending project. My new ending will ultimately focus on a power struggle between Jack and Roger which leads to the death of another boy on the island. I am also focusing on what becomes of Roger after his struggle. I think my ending leaves questions at the end for the reader to fill in his or her own blanks.

    I decided to still rescue the boys because I believe it allows the reader to imagine more like “How will they be when they return to civilization?” By rescuing (most of) the boys it allows for a more open ended story yet a story that does come to ‘an end.’

    Instead of having all of the boys get rescued, I decided to kill one more and have another go missing. I made the killed and the missing main characters because we have more of a backround on them and we can imagine what they would be doing and we have more remorse for the one that died.
    My project will help and individual understand the story by giving an alternative view which extentuates the importance of overlooked themes in the novel such as the reliance on others. I believe the ending will show that trying to help someone may also result in anothers down fall and the sevarity of actions with no concequences.

  35. My project is a game board. I five different characters you can choose from: Ralph, Piggy Simon, Jack, and Samneric. Samneric are one character because even the boys considered them the same, and they act together. Its basically like a regular game, spinning to find how many spaces to go. Then drawing a card which tells you something that happened and how many spaces your move backwards or forwards. Each character has their own path, and their own cards. This is because each character is pressured by something, but they are the actual ones who make all of the decisions. I thought it wouldn’t make sense to have every boy go on the exact same path. There will be arbitrary blocks that say, “You’ve found a rock.” And you draw a rock card that you can throw at any character at any time which will make them loose a turn. This shows to the player that self-control is important on the island, and in society. (I think it will be interesting to see how players will use this, considering it is a game, but it is a LOTF game, maybe it will prove the whole story.)

    The game board itself was made by Ralph. Explorers found it and an independent game maker company enhanced the game, but it is still Ralph’s original idea. He hid it under a tree, and somehow each of the boys found it, and wrote about it. Each boy does not see the other’s responses, but they do see the progress of the game. No one else knows that they have found out about it; it’s a secret to every one of them. I liked this concept because it shows that even in a group of boys, some secrets are hidden, but the acknowledgment of a secret, and the interaction with a secret is evident.

    The game idea in general is great because it shows how they made choices, but it was fate, and everything that they did that showed their true character and how they behaved without any rules.

  36. I am doing the interview of a person on the island twenty years later. The interview is between Timothy and I, who was six year old boy at the time, who had been apart of the littluns who was able to witness all of the actions that occured on the island. I am interviewing a person who wasn’t a main character to try and get his thoughts on the different actions of the people of the island. I am trying to weave the quotations into the interview to help the reader “get to know” Golding’s type of literature. I am also giving out Timothy’s actions to the things that happened on the island throughout the story. My intentions were to try and give the reader the thoughts and perspective of a little boy on the island. Hopefully this will help the reader understand the story and what Golding is trying to secretly tell the reader.

  37. I chose to do the missing journal. I am going to type journal entries and date the first couple, but eventually will not remember the dates. I hope that this will show that the boys lost track of time after a while. As for my creativity portion, I am thinking about getting some paper and burning off the edges. Then, I was going to write each entry and then crumble up the pages and straighten them back out. I am considering putting them into a bottle, but have not yet decided whether or not I will do that. But overall I hope to show the reader how the story progressed from a third party’s point of view. Yes, Piggy, Ralph, and Jack all had their own views on what should and should not happen, but I hope to show the way that Piggy, Ralph and Jack appear to be through my project.

  38. I am doing the board game project. I think a board game is a creative way to teach a person about LOTF. My goal for this project was to give a general summarization of the plot and themes of the book. Understanding the plot of the book is important for players who have little or no knowledge of the game. Following the sequence of events of the book can help this goal. Integrating quotes, creating a picture of the behavior of the boys, and showing the significance of the events of the book in the game help the players to better under the themes of the book. When you want to create a board game that teaches you about the plot and themes of a book, you have to make it where they enjoy themselves in the process.

  39. I chose to do the missing journal as my project. I wanted to do a project that I could write for but also make look really awesome. Obviously, throughout the journal my kid gets more savage and less civilized. But it also has ILLUSTRATIONS!! I wanted to embrace the fact that he was still a kid. I was going to put some Superman references into the journal because that is the only superhero comic that I could think of that would work with my time frame. But, I didn’t because in my opinion, Superman is a terrible excuse for a superhero. His only weakness is a rock. I never give the name of the boy who writes my journal because I didn’t think it was necessary. He starts out writing in the journal as a punishment so I wanted to make him seem as reluctant as possible. He also starts out sure that the beast doesn’t exist but ends up drowning because of the fear that begins to burgeon in him. He drowns a kid out of severe irritation and the day after he immediately regrets it. Strangely, he stops regretting out of sorrow and starts to fear that the beast is the ghost of the dead boy. My project shows how the boys could completely change in such a little time period while without proper leadership and when influenced by fear.

  40. Im doing choice #2, the interview one of the boys twenty years later. In my project I’m a reporter interviewing Ralph on his experiences on the island, how it affected him, and how he’s cooping with things now. To make this project unique, I’m creating a real video interview showing a clip of the boys landing back in England and then how twenty years later they were finally able to be interviewed. The video will also show the savage nature on the island from Ralph’s point of views and how the actions on the island changed his life. In the interview, Ralph admits that he/all the boys’ actions on the island would not have happened in another situation. By showing the audience these points it will put them ‘in the shoes’ of Ralph and the boys. On the other hand, it will show the violence and aggressive nature the boys possessed leaving the audience to either sympathize or look down upon. The video will give the reader a visual encounter with one of the boys on the island and show the human side to the characters in Lord of the Flies.

  41. I am doing the journal project. I am doing it because there is a lot of room for creativity. I am writing from the perspective of someone who is an observer so it will include many moments from the book. I don’t know everything about Lord of the Flies but I am going to write as much as I can using facts. I’m going to add a little surprise that I don’t want to ruin. It will help be more educational on the book because it will be something you can hold. I am going to try and make it as non boring as I can.

  42. I am doing the journal of a timid boy(at first), who finds these red berries that are poisonous, and they change the way he acts. It almost gives people reading the story something else to blame than just the ‘bad’ human nature. He slowly loses his quaint voice, becomes a tribal warrior, addicted to the berries, and is stabbed by Ralph. He is left on the island, bleeding to death, swallowed by the Lord of the Flies in his head, consumed by his own evil. I am going to print out the journal and soak it in salt water. Then I’m going to put it in a bottle with a bunch of red berries. It took me forever to write it, but I’m very happy with how it turned out, subtly returning to the evil within.

  43. I am re-writing the ending for my LOTF project. I am attempting to stick with the story on what happened in previous chapters. Like the boys hunting daily and killing pigs. My ending consists of the tribe capturing Ralph and making him the slave of castle rock. Where every day Ralph plots the perfect escape. I haven’t quite got the ending done because I cannot decide what I want to happen. I will see in time.

    My story will help the class learn more about LOTF because it almost combines the concentration camps with story.

  44. I decided to do the interview project. I am interviewing Jack because I think he was an important person in the book and I have many questions for him. I will focus on how he handled his journy on the island and then I will also focus on how it has effected him twenty years later. When im writing the interview im going to include the quotes into the conversation as best as I can. By doing this project I think it will really help me understand Jack’s character in the book and why he did the things he did.

    He may not have been the person who made right choices, but over all I think I will soon realize in my interview deep down he is a good person. This interview will also help me look at Lord of the Flies in a different point of view because I will be looking at it from Jack telling his story.

  45. I am doing an interview with Ralph 20 years after he was rescued from the island. I think that in doing an interview i am getting to know the character and also making it so its not just like reading a page of words but reading active conversations while learning at the same time. I think that my project will show the people reading more about Ralph internally, a side that the book didn’t let us see. I loved doing the interview and it made retelling parts of the book fun to talk about. So by using my outside knowledge and also my facts from the book i made my project so that anyone reading it would not have had to read the book to by the end understand what Ralph’s time on the island was all about. I look forward to reading more peoples from the way the ones above mine sound i think the project was a greta success! This project allowed me to refresh my memory on the book while also keeping me busy with my creative side like what i did was create a talk show. It made it that much easier to do in the end.

  46. I am doing the alternate ending project. I am using the previous knowledge of the authority of Jack and Roger as well as the description of the tribe as savages. I am using my creativity to lengthen the distance between Ralph and his relations with the tribe by making him sound like an animal. I am also hinting to the fact that the island is becoming a hot wasteland because of the fire and how this will affect the boys later on. My work will teach the audience how surroundings and situations can affect Ralph. The more desperate the situation becomes, the more Ralph seems like an animal. This teaches how by making Ralph more unlike the tribe, it makes it easier to deal with him.

  47. I am doing the board game. My board game utilizes the assets I have at my house. Like my welder and cans and cans of spraypaint. My game uses quotes to offer insight to the “game” being played by the boys on the island. The game is played with dice, pawns and cards. You roll the dice to move and then draw the number card that is shown on the space. The cards have a quote on them and a result. A result like “move forward 2 spaces” or “Move back to the beach”. The player who gets all three of there pawns back to the finish first wins.

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