Who: Periods 1, 2, 3, 4, & 7

Set-up: Next year — as an 11th grader — you will begin to think about the process of applying to colleges and universities around the United States (or beyond).

Part of the application process requires writing essays to help the university learn something intriguing about you. Not only do they want to learn facts (grades, SATs, etc.), they also want your creativity and attitude.

Often colleges want to know about your strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, they want to see how you explain them.

Challenge: For this entry, you are being asked to pick one ‘weakness’ of yours you’d like to get rid of…but there is a trick. You have to pick one ‘strength’ (that is equal to your ‘weakness’) that you will also have to get rid of.

  • Identify the ‘weakness’ and why you want to get rid of it.
  • Identify the ‘strength’ and why you want to get rid of it.
  • Explain what you think your life would be like without both of these

Length: 7+ sentences


45 responses to “W9, #8: A TOUGH CHOICE

  1. The weakness I would get rid of is my fear of public speaking. I feel this hinders my ability to present myself the way I want to be remembered. The strength I would give up to acquire this would be my stubbornness. Some people might not call this a strength but it is if you are stubborn about the right things. I am stubborn in ways that will benefit me, such as getting what I need done, and standing up for what I believe in. I would be willing to give this up to overcome my fear of public speaking, and be good at it. If I was a better public speaker, I believe I would be more confident, and willing to go out of my comfort zone. I also believe without my stubbornness, I wouldn’t be as able to complete what I want to accomplish. I believe that giving up this strength to fix my weakness would be beneficial in some ways, but it could change who I am as a person. So even if I could trade them, I am not sure that I would.

  2. One weakness that I struggle with is my inability to know when I should say yes and when I should just say no. Sometimes when I don’t want to go somewhere or do something I say I will because I feel like it is the right thing to do, and other times I feel like I got guilted into doing something. I always feel like if I don’t have a legitimate excuse then I should do something and in theory this sounds great. However, if I am not comfortable or just not excited about something I should be able to say, no sorry that’s not for me, but I have great difficulty doing this. It always ends up I feel like I’ve hurt someone’s feelings and then I feel terrible, and it is all due to my own weakness.

    A strength of mine is that I am continuously comparing myself to individuals I believe are superior to me in some way, and this allows me to improve myself.
    I believe that though this strength allows me to better myself I really need to stop this habit. It is one thing when I look at a great senator or intellectual and think, I aspire to be like them, but it is another thing when I look in magazines and think, why am I not more like her? The second action is not good and not healthy because I will never by 5’9’’ or look like Carrie Underwood because those are things that I cannot control. Also I am often comparing myself to my piers, and thinking if she can do it then so can I, and though this may motivate me in some ways I need to be independent enough to have my own goals and limits. I aspire to be a very independent college student and this won’t occur if I depend on those around me to improve myself through comparison

    – I think my life would truly improve without these two traits. I would be an all around more confident and more independent individual. My goals and limits would be completely set within myself and I wouldn’t have to look to anyone else to figure them out.

  3. Curious Student

    Sorry, I’m a little confused about the prompt…

    Are the ‘weakness’ and the ‘strength’ the same quality, so you’d only be getting rid of one quality? Or is it a separate weakness and a separate strength? If the strength you want to get rid of is a strength, then why would you want to get rid of it?


    Mr. Long: 2 different elements, not the same one. Look at the other students who have also answered; they’ve all given great examples.

  4. I’d say my biggest weakness is my lack of seriousness. If I were to get rid of it I would become a hard working and more focused student. My biggest strength would probably be my intelligence. If I got rid of it could make me hard working and concentrated as well. This is because if I was serious and not so intelligent I would be very motivated to do well in school. See, when people are serious, but not very intelligent and they know that they’re not intelligent they overcompensate by being more hardworking. Those people tend to make really good grades. They also tend to be positive. If I was like that I would most likely make really good grades. My attitude would be more positive as well. If I was like that I would make a good candidate for college.

  5. The weakness I would like to get rid of would be writing essays. I would hope to write even better essays by next year. This wold allow me to write a good college admissions essay and for future english classes. A strength I would like to get rid of would be studying well. Studying well does help me get good grades, but I take too much time to study. I want to continue study well, but within a shorter amount of time so that I may get good grades while getting my other work done.

  6. One of my weaknesses is taking too much time on things and wanting perfection. I often have to find just the right hue to match perfectly with the poster board for a project, or I might spend 5 minutes on cutting out a picture for a project. Even since I was young, I strived for perfection…

    Whenever we had to cut out shapes in art class, my circle would always end up the smallest in the class. I would have to cut around the circle, and cut, and cut, to make the perfect circle. A little, perfect circle with a two inch diameter. I was proud of my circle, and when I had finally perfected my one circle, my work of art, I had to pack up because class was over. I would have to finish my project the next day.

    I feel that I am blessed with the talent of sympathy.
    I suppose that events in my life have led me to see the necessity of understanding people especially in today’s world. We all go through hard times, and a lot of humans try to hide their unpolished life with a mask. A mask of popularity, or laughter; anything that fills the hole for them that they feel is missing. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, and we should all try to respect that. I always think about what people actually are, behind their coloring and blurry edges. I sympathize for someone and appreciate them when they respect me enough to reveal their raw, flawed self. I feel like I have the mother-like quality of wanting life to be perfect for everyone. I try to comfort them and ask them what they want me to do for them. I cannot stand the fact of people hurting as much as they do, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason; thats how I see it.

    If I did not strive for perfection and had an indifferent attitude for people, my whole dynamic as a person would change. Loosing this quality of perfection would not make me a sloppy person. I think I would still care about my work and have work ethic, but I would look at life in the big picture, not at the small details. I would focus more on the reason of things, not only on the logistics of them. If I lost my sense of sympathy, I think I would become less patient, unable to understand people, and I would be indifferent towards life.

    I am glad that I am blessed with all these qualities, strengths and weaknesses. I guess I should constantly try to improve my weaknesses while retaining my strengths, but not to the extent of paranoia. This is how I am made, and I can trim the edges, but if I change to much and add other dimensions, I will not appear to be the same. At the end of my life, I do not want to be that tiny, perfect circle; I want to be remembered as the human who made mistakes, and strived everyday to learn from them.

  7. By far, my biggest weakness is my inability to manage my time appropriately. Often I think that time is my worst enemy. Trying to balance my academics, social life, athletic requirements, household chores and my extracurricular pursuits is a monumental challenge for me. Plus, I enjoy my down time, just watching “You Tube” or simply doing nothing. (My sister, on the other hand, comes home every day and records all her homework assignments as well as the time she projects it will take her to complete her tasks. She places this information on a sticky index card on her computer). I would like to rid myself of this weakness, because success in life (not just school) is highly contingent on how well one can master one’s schedule and maintain a balanced perspective.

    My greatest strength is my empathy for those who are less fortunate than I. We were at the Stockyards this past Saturday and an elderly, unkempt man approached our group. He had a card that read, “I am deaf. Can you spare a dollar?” Everyone in my group just dismissed this man as if he didn’t exist. I wanted to give him a dollar. The people I was with told me…“No, he’s just panhandling”. I felt bad for this nameless nobody who walked away empty handed and moved on to the next gathering of people. Some of my friends and family perceive my empathy as me being naïve. If I really am naïve, then I would gladly get rid of this characteristic. In the business world I will need to be shrewd.

    Without my weakness, I would be able to keep up with my daily tasks. I would be able to maintain the proper balance in my life. Most likely, I’d be a little more relaxed as time would be my “friend”, not my foe. Giving up my empathetic nature would make me less sensitive to those who need a helping hand. I think I would become someone who was jaded and thick skinned. I would morph into someone who only cared about those people who lead “advantaged” lives, turning my back on those who need assistance. Ultimately, if given a choice, I’d rather struggle to keep up with my everyday responsibilities and continue to care for those who many do not care about.

  8. One major weakness of mine is that I lack good time management skills. I tend to work on things that I feel like working on rather than basing my schedule on things that are due the earliest and require the most work. I also waste a lot of time on the Internet because it is very easy for me to get distracted when I am googling things, or if I just happen to be near a computer. I’m trying to change this trend before it becomes a major problem because I will only get more work as I get older. When I am able to manage my time, I will definitely get more sleep because I won’t be procrastinating anymore. Forcing myself to do certain assignments isn’t exactly fun, but I think that continuing to do so, it will become a pattern.

    A strength that I have is that I am very opinionated and I make myself heard when working in a group. This can come in handy however, sometimes I come across as arrogant and my good ideas are disregarded because of my character. Being assertive doesn’t make you a leader, you only irritate people. I need to learn how to get other people to speak out about their ideas and not to overpower a group with everything that I think is necessary. By doing this, I will be easier to work with and my projects will be better because my group would have gotten along with each other.

  9. One of my weaknesses is I’m pretty lazy. Most people don’t think so, but I know myself and I know that I dislike work. A lot. Nevertheless, I get good grades in school. This is because I have a near-photographic memory. If I have a Spanish quiz, I can study for only the five minutes before the test and still do better than someone who studied for 40 minutes.

    If I had to get rid of a weakness, I would get rid of my laziness.
    It’s gotten me into trouble before, and I would love to be rid of it. The strength of which I would rid myself would be my photographic memory. Even though it is INCREDIBLY helpful, I feel like I can never be a really hard worker without it. This isn’t to say I never work hard, because I do, but when it comes to homework I’m lazy. My life would be harder, probably, but I would now understand how to study well, which would be a big asset.

  10. One of my weaknesses that I want to get rid of is my inability to be able to speak in public. If I want to have even just a moderately successful college life, I really need to learn how to be able to speak in front of others without fear. Making speeches is a major aspect of someone’s life in college, and I desprately need to get rid of this speech barrier. I really would like to rid myself of this hinderance, and I imagine that my life would go by much easier without it.

    As for a strength that I would want to get rid of, I would have to say that I would want to get rid of my caring.
    At first, it may seem like a stupid thing to do, but I need to learn that some things that I truly love will leave, and I need to stop getting so attatched. However, I think that the eventual side effects of getting rid of it would greatly outweigh the temporary benefits, so I don’t really know at this point.

  11. A weakness that I would give up would be my horrible public speaking skills. I do not like to give speeches or speak in front of large groups of people. I always get nervous and I think I would be better off without it. Without this weakness I could leave better impressions on people when I have to do interviews or speak in front of a large crowd.

    A strength that I would give up would be my constant need to be right.
    When I am doing homework I always have to make sure I get the answer right. I hate not knowing that I may have the wrong answer when I could get it correct if I spent a little more time on it. But in most cases like this, I don’t have the time to spend on one problem and it causes me to do worse in other subjects. Without both of these traits, I would probably be a better student overall. My chances of getting into a good school might also improve. I would focus then on improving my other weaknesses.

  12. A weakness of mine that I would give up in an instant is my laziness. There are times where I would do something extra, but not usually. I’m usually not the over achiever and I procrastinate too much. There are times where procrastination has helped, but it’s really how everything works out.

    A strength I’d get rid of is my ability to listen and care. Usually I’d listen to people more than talk, this helps me remember things some to most people don’t. And at the same time it’s a weakness because I don’t talk as much. But because I’m lazy there are times where I just choose to listen. So overall if I’d get rid of laziness and listening, I’d probably become more social and whatnot.

  13. My biggest weakness is indecision. It takes me forever to decide things, and even when I finally do, I still worry about whether or not it was the best choice. And then I keep changing my mind, so I’m always moving back and forth or wandering in circles. It’s especially aggrevating during in-class essays, when I take like a fourth of the time merely deciding which promt I want to use.

    A strength I’d choose to abolish is my perfectionism.
    Like Mr. Monk says on the TV show, “It’s a gift and a curse.” While it helps me make outstanding art projects and things, it can also drive me to the brink of insanity. Take this year’s Halloween costume for example. I started in July and worked and worked and worked on it, and for two days before Halloween as well as Halloween morning, I got up at 4:15 to finish it. I don’t know how I let myself go that far; I was literally losing my mind. If I’d been able to get rid of that obsessive quality, or even simply push it back a little, I would have saved my self a lot of stress (not to mention thread, fabric, paint, glue…).

  14. One of my weakness is that I am not confident. I don’t trust my instincts and I constantly worry that I am wrong or not good enough. It’s not really logical, but I tend to remember my mistakes for a long, long time and forget any achievements. Sometimes, in group activities, I would have the right answer but since I do not confidently insist, the group would go the wrong way. I wish I could get rid of this weakness so that I can follow my gut instincts with confidence and help my group when I am right.

    My strength is that I can concentrate for a long time and I don’t need much sleep.
    I rarely feel tired, physically or mentally. I hate being lazy when there is work to do. In fact, I feel great when I do a lot of work into the quiet of the night, because I feel more confident about the quality of my work.

    Well, if I can get rid of my weakness of feeling insecure and get rid of my ability to work long hours, my life might be easier on some level. I might feel the weight off my shoulders and not worry so much. I might be right and be a good leader. But then I have to not care about that assignment so much, and fall asleep before I solve the difficult problem. It would be hard to face the teachers the next day and even harder to face my parents. Overall, I think I would not like myself too much that way.

  15. The weakness I would like to get rid of is my constant procrastination. I always put things off to the last minute. Usually because I am reluctant to start because I am afraid I won’t have time, I won’t like my idea, or I just have no idea how to start. When I get started and become ‘in sync’ with the project, I can get it done pretty quickly. Knowing that I can finish work quickly and relatively well, I tend to put things off even more. If I stop putting things off so much, I will probably see an improvement in my work.

    My strength I would like to get rid of is being a good listener. I listen well to others and because of this I let others talk instead of saying anything myself. Also because of my strength, when I disagree with someone I listen more and I tend to disagree even more. I am usually afraid to speak against someone, so I just listen and never really get my thoughts out. Then my friends have to listen to me rant about it later. I wouldn’t want to just stop being a good listener, rather make a compromise. Listen to others while fearlessly expressing my thoughts or beliefs.

  16. One of my weaknesses is judging others. I believe if I could give this up I would be able to meet many wonderful people. I believe in the real world no matter how I perceive someone, what really matters is how they are truly.

    If I gave that weakness up I would also give up my strength to listen.
    Although I love hearing what others say, sometimes it becomes overwhelming. I normally am the one talking but when it comes down to a serious conversation I love to listen to what that person has to say. I feel like they are trusting in me to, and if I don’t and later they approach me about what they said…. I listen to every word they say, almost too closely. So I would willingly give that strength up.

  17. A weakness of mine would be not knowing when to be serious and not knowing when to be sarcastic. This has gotten me in a lot of trouble throughout the years in school especially. Sometimes i get too carried away with my goofyiness and it hinders my learning. Also i get a little too sarcastic and that gets me in trouble with my parents.

    One strength of mine that i wouldnt mind losing would be my overly sympathetic character. Sometimes you can get taken advantage of because of this. I also feel like i need to be a bit more edgy sometimes instead of nice all the time.

  18. One of my strengths that i have been able to rely upon for some time, was my ability to ‘wing it’ on a test or project. What I mean by that is that i at times end up waiting the night before a large project or test and cram it all together and end up with a solid grade. This, however is useful it ends up being easily my worst habit.

    I believe my main weakness would have to be my unwillingness to do work and study.
    For some reason, It is incredibly difficult for me to convince myself to do work. I end up watching some stupid TV show that i don’t like instead of working. I would definitely trade my strength for my weakness.

  19. My weakness that I would like to get rid of would be that I don’t give my all in everything I do. If I would put a little more effort in the challenges I want to achieve in life I would really surprise myself. I know I can do anything I set my mind to, so if I get rid of this weakness I know I will go very far in life.

    My strength I would like to get rid of would probably have to be that I think about things way too much. If their is a problem that comes up in my life, instead of trying to forget about it I don’t stop thinking about it until I fix it. This gets me in trouble sometimes because I worry myself even more about the problem and I make the problem even bigger than it is.

    If I erased these two things from my life I would become a more sophisticated person and would accomplish bigger and better things.

  20. One of my main weaknesses is that I’m too shy, causing me to be unable to talk smoothly in front of anyone that I don’t really know. This can get very annoying; people I have met for the first time, or people I don’t know well, may think I am weird. I often mutter and babble a little when I’m talking to someone like that. I just can’t think of anything to say to them at that time, and often can’t think of the answers I really want to say to their questions. This causes many problems when I’m somewhere completely new, like changing to a new school. Very few people know who I really am, to say the least. The reason I really want to get rid of this annoying trait is obvious. I will make more friends more easily, especially in ‘new environment’ situations. I will also no longer feel bad about myself being so awkward in these situations.

    One of my major strengths is being having empathy for everyone, especially those who are in need. I usually don’t find it funny when someone does something stupid or embarrassing.
    I find that I feel sorry for all of those beggars and homeless people. I always want to give them money or whatever that they want, even when everybody ignores them. When everyone makes fun of a person, I often feel really bad for them and try to be as nice as possible to that kid. I try to cheer that person up as best as I can. I want to get rid of this because this often distracts me from what I’m doing. Feeling bad for others often causes me to become sad, which is not very good. I will still be nice to people; I just don’t want to accidentally help the wrong guy.

  21. I think one weakness that I would like to get rid of is my lack of assertiveness. I am terrified of seeming argressive and rude but at the same time, I need to have a certain level of confidence to succeed in life. I know that in life and especially in work, I am going to need to speak up to get what I want. However, this is hard for me because I really hate to make a stir and draw too much attention to myself. I think that I need to find the happy medium between being timid and being agressive.

    The strength I would give up is being too compassionate. Obviously, I don’t want to have no compassion at all. I pride myself on being willing to offer a helping hand or the fact that I try to always be there for people. I have some amazing friends, and it’s the best feeling in the world to know that I’ve helped them through a hard time or even just made their day a little better. However, sometimes I think the wrong people can use my consideration to take advantage of me. It’s not that I am often taken advantage of, I just want to be better at knowing when a person is being genuine or if they’re just using me. I think that if I could overcome my fear of being too agressive, life would be easier for me especially when I enter the business world. No one is going to be there to speak for me, and I am going to have to speak for myself if I want to be successful. I think that in life, if I was a little better at reading people, it would benefit me in the long run. I like to believe the best in people but I have to understand that sometimes, people will use me just because they know I’ll say yes and do things for them. Initially I know it will be hard for me to say no and I’ll feel like a jerk, but at the end of the day I’ll know that I did the right thing.

  22. The weakness I would get rid of is being horrible at public speaking.
    I want to get rid of this because without it I could do so much more. I could give speeches for student council and be in plays. Having good public speaking skills would open up so many more options in my life and get rid of a lot of embarrassment. Also it would open up a lot of occupations in the future that I have never considered because they entailed speaking in front of an audience.

    Well I really would like to keep all my strengths 🙂 but if I had to choose I would pick being the opposite of a procrastinator.
    I always get all my work done really quickly. Without this trait I would probably always be in a panic and not have as much time to do my school work. But I would also be able to have more fun and not worry about what is due, say our project in English, in a week. This is a strength that has both a good and bad side to it because I do everything early I sometimes have to redo certain assignments but I usually don’t have to pull an all nighter.

  23. One weakness of mine would have to be my time managment. This is one of my major weakness’s because I put to much time into one subject to get a good grade but while im doing that im not putting enough time into another subject which lowers it. I have to learn to balance my time equaly throughout things, ex. friends, studies, and family. I sometimes get distracted by different things like my cell phone. While im studying they may call or text which effects the way im studying because im tempted to answer the call or read the text.

    A strength I may need to get rid of is my caring for others. I may remain very social but its a weakness at the same time. The next day I might have an important test but that night my friend may be having an issue to which I would have to talk to them about. I hang out with my friends alot because I care about them which may make my popularity go up, but I sometimes overdue it when I could be home doing project.

    My life would be alot better if I got rid of both of these but it does have its downsides. I would be alot more productive and be making better grades. But it would effect a little of my social life as well outside of school. Overall its just all about managing my time and everything would be alot better.

  24. The weakness I would get rid of would be my tendancy to avoid work. I always get distracted, or procrastinate, or give up, when I can. When I have to I get alot of good work acomplished, so I know I can. Still, I have a natural repulsion to work, and avoid it if I can. Getting rid of this weakness would open up the whole world to me.

    The strength I would trade in order to be more industrious would be my single-minded devotion to history. This one-track nature of my mind is one of my greatest strengths. My love of history is one of the biggest triggers of my creative, innovative side. In fact, it has the potential to punch my ticket anywhere I want to go. However, without the forthitude to get things done, knowledge and understanding are meaningless.

  25. The weakness that I would like to get rid of is my ability to be extremely lazy, especially in times that I need to be active. Clearly the thought of laziness isn’t appealing to many people, but I would love to get rid of it because it stops me from getting the serious things done. Laziness stops me from giving work my best effort and it also slows me down when I need to give a task 100% thought. I want to be able to do this easily and that is why I would love to get rid of this weakness. If this was not an issue in my life, I would be much more successful and I would be much more of a fast acting person.

    The strength that I would like to get rid of is my ability to try and always be right. After I am done studying for a big test and I take it, I always spend too much time on that one question that confuses me. This slows me down, especially when I need to get other things finished. If I spend too much time studying for a test, I won’t have enought time to get work done from other classes. If I were able to get rid of this, my class grades would level out and I would be much more of a successful student.

    If both of these qualities were gone from my life, I would be a much better and proactive student.

  26. One of my weaknesses is that I am lazy. I will do the work but the minimal requirement. But like most teenagers they are lazy, so I don’t feel as guilty. When it comes down to college essays and important english essays being lazy and doing the minimum requirement does not help. It only increases my chances of having the least possible grade.

    One my strengths that I would choose to eliminate would be possessing guilt when I haven’t done the work because of being lazy. If I am really lazy and won’t even start on homework or an assignment till about the last minute. Then I have guilt which will make me have more motivation to finish it and get it done.

    If these characteristics of mine were gone, I would probablly be alot better student then I am now. I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to do everything and be the ‘biggest procrastinator in the world’. But these are qualities that I do have and can’t do much about it, so I am content with who I am and not who I should be.

  27. My biggest weakness is procrastination. Although I work hard to get my assignments done and try not to get below B’s in all classes, I am most likely the biggest 4.0+ average procrastinator at our school. I waste A LOT of time on the weekends. A bad habit of mine is the tendency to procrastinate more when I have more time to spare… an example would be doing blog entries Sunday evening. So far there hasn’t been a problem with my procrastination… I get my work done and done well, but when I get into college or get a job I’m certain this will become a really big weakness for me. This is why I need to break out of the habit of delaying my work to the last minute; it’ll probably affect me later on in life. I guess you could say I’m working on it.

    The one strength I can let go of is my perfectionism. Earlier on in the year, we did another blog entry similar to this and I remember talking about my obsessive perfectionism. Perfectionism isn’t bad — it’s a great trait to possess and allows you to excel in anything you do, but when you combine it with procrastination it turns into a total disaster. Sometimes I find myself in the wee hours of the morning, laboring on a project I didn’t complete when I had a weekend to work on it (don’t worry, this isn’t a reference to our LOTF project — I’m almost done with it). And yet, I will spend FOREVER on minute details of the project when I’m dead and half-asleep because I’m too concerned with being perfect. I agree with Student #12… it can drive you crazy! My mom always comments on how I’m too concerned with tiny details, going completely overboard and how “teachers won’t notice those details in every action I do.”

    This weakness and this strength tie in together. If I destroy one, the other will be more tolerable, so it’s kind of a win-win situation for me. My life would definitely be easier… I wouldn’t have to spend extra time and effort being perfect, and I wouldn’t have to worry if I could finish my work on time because I would have started it as early as possible. Getting rid of one or the other would already drastically help me — in both time management and reduce my stress greatly.

  28. The weakness I would get rid of is the fact that I wait till the last minute to do things.
    I usually get my work done, but I just wait too long to do it. It makes me worry and I really stress myself out. I could probably do it earlier, but if there’s something I would rather be doing im doing it and I wait too long. It can really effect my attitude for the worst

    A strength that I would want to get rid of is my ability to stay pretty relaxed in high pressure situations.
    I do sometimes get stressed out, but the fact that I can stay very cool in high pressure situations makes me not worry about doing work. I don’t seem to mind doing it most of the time, but I really should get it done. Sometimes I do get stressed out and it really only takes one time to really make you never want to procrastinate again. If I started doing my work earlier that would be nothing, but better for me. That is a weakness I would absolutely want to get rid of. If I got rid of my ability to stay cool in high pressure situations that would effect me for the worst in everything else except getting home work done. It’s most definitely not worth losing that strength.

  29. My weakness is that I lack self confidence. Most people don’t think this, but it’s a major issue, because of this I tend to get quiet in groups, and I won’t be myself. I’m constantly worried about people judging my thoughts and opinions. Since I’m not very confident in myself I don’t speak my mind, thinking that people will think it’s wrong, and I am also very easily influenced because of this too. If I had more self confidence I would be able to be myself more and speak what I truly think because I feel like I do have some ideas that are worth speaking. I would also become a more outgoing person, and I’m sure it would even show through my artwork.

    One strength I have I would love to get rid of is my ability to care so much for others. It’s a good thing, and it’s even better to put others before you. I tend to care too much though and I will do whatever for people. I believe it’s good to care about others but not more than you care about yourself because then who’s going to watch out for you? I care to an extent where I will risk getting in trouble or take the blame for friends. I care to an extent that is too extreme. I will do anything for people and I think if I didn’t care as much I would be able to worry more about myself, which could possibly increase my confidence. It seems like these two factors go hand in hand and play a key role in my life. Getting rid of this factor and my lacking of se lf confidence I would become a better person in a way. I would be a better person for me not for others though, which I need to do something for me once in my life. This small change would impact my life drastically

  30. One weakness I would get rid of is how I constantly demand perfection from myself. When I don’t achieve what I want to, I will beat myself up about it. My mom always likes to say that I never cut myself any slack; and it’s true, I think if I lower my standards that makes me weak. However, this causes unwanted ‘stress’ in my life that I could do very well without right now.

    The strength that I would get rid of is myhigh expectations for myself and others around me.
    By constantly demanding perfection, I rise to the occassion and do the best work that I can. However, when I expect others to do the same as me, I am disappointed and angry if they let me down. My expectations are really specific and slightly weird, and I would be pretty well off without the extra quirkiness to my character.

    If I got rid of my demand for perfection, I would have other strengths in my life, such as my work ethic, that would be able to take up the slack.

  31. A weakness I would want to get rid of is me comparing myself to others. Someone else listed it as a stranght, but for me it is a weakness. When ever I sit by someone who is really smart and I see what they made on a test, it does not push me to try harder, it actually pushes me to give up. I think about how I could never be as smart as them in a million years and it is a cycle of putting myself down. Even if it did push me to be better, I would not be doing it for the right reasons. I would be doing it just to try to be better than someone else or to ‘prove myself’ not for education. I like learning and I’m learning a lot but when I see that someone constantly does better than me, even if I try then it makes me feel stupid. Sometimes I don’t even study because I feel if I do and I still don’t do as well as others, then I am stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I make As and the ocassional B+ but it kills me when people get A+s because I feel really mundane, because I always get an ‘average’ grade on everything. If I stopped comparing myself to others then I wouldn’t worry so much about other’s grades and I can focus on doing my best and not worrying if it is good enough.

    A strength I would want to get rid of is always trying to prove others wrong. It is a strength because it helps me throw out the information
    I know, but no one likes that person who corrects people all the time. Like I will be with my friends and one of them will say a slight detail wrong and automatically I am like “No, its this way.” It annoys everyone around and quite frankly when people do that to me I am annoyed myself. No one needs everything they say to be critiqued and corrected because all it is is an ego blow and the last thing I wasnt to do is hurt someones ego.

  32. The weakness I would like to get rid of is my lack of being able to read and remember facts. I have never been good at reading comprehension but I really want to improve in that area. The strength I would like to get rid of is my stress level. I have so much going on in my life, I can’t help but to stress out about everything. I have always been a professional at stressing out whenever something big comes up. Unfortuanetly this is one of my strengths, but I really want to get rid of it. Instead of this being a strength, my goal is to make reading comprehension one of my strong suits.

  33. A weakness that I would like to get rid of is my attachment to material objects. It’s a very big problem cause some times you might just forget about the things that are important. Life without this weakness of mine would cause me to care about the people around me rather that objects. Also it could eventually cause me to spend more money or save more. Matters what the other side looks like.

    One of my important strengths would have to be emotional stability.
    For some people a metaphoric rock could smash them down but when that same rock hit me it would shatter and break into very small pieces. Life without this would turn the tables on how I live my life now. Not only would it be hard to live in the world that we now live in today but it could tear you apart from the inside.

    I think that I could lose my weakness but my strength is a very important object that everyone should have, it can make or break a person and I think that it makes me who I am today.

  34. One of my weaknesses that I would like to get rid of would be public speaking. Public speaking has always been a weakness for me. I remember performing in school plays when I was younger and I would stutter and shake when I said my lines. I would defiantly like to get rid of this weakness because it’s an important skill that I will need in the future.

    One of my strengths that I would like to get rid of would be the fact that I am a perfectionist. I always try to make everything I do perfect. If I am writing an essay, I will make sure that every sentence is perfect. My room is always nice and tidy. Also I try to make my handwriting as good as possible. This strength though is potentially my greatest weakness because I waste too much time making everything perfect and that’s why if I had to get rid of it I would.

  35. One thing about me that I consider a weakness is my dyslexia or my “learning difference”. It makes me have to work harder and spend more time on homework and studying than any of my friends. It is really frustrating especially when I study hard for something and do poorly. It makes me feel like giving up.

    A strength that I have could also be my weakness. According to my parents and books they gave me to read about dyslexia “The Gift of Dyslexia” it can be a good thing to have. It makes you see 360 degrees instead of the 180 degrees that most others see. Many architects and civil engineers are dyslexic because of this ability to see diffently. For me it has made me have to work harder at everything so I am probably getting use to it more than my friends. I work hard at sports and my jobs that I have had. Some people that don’t work hard for their grades don’t learn how to work hard.

  36. One of my weaknesses that I struggle with would have to be my time management. Time is a key factor in any situation. I always feel that time is against me and I’m running against the clock.

    One of my strengths is that I’m very opinionated and stubborn. These two attributes are strengths because it pushes me to become a more leader role. On the other hand, these are strengths but if I’m working on a group project, the ‘leader role’ clashes with the other people in the group. I would get rid of theses strengths because I would lead less and it would make a group ,as a whole, stronger.

  37. A weakness i would like to get rid of is being able to speak in front of an audience. I think this is bad because i will have to speak in front of people sooner or later.

    A strength that i could get rid of is me being stubborn. If i want something i work so long until i get it. It can be good but it can also be bad if you work at someone a long time to get something, you can make them mad. My parents have told me that a lot of times.

  38. The weakness that I deal with is that I am shy when I first meet people. I would love to get rid of this weakness. Mainly know first impressions are important and I don’t want someone to think that I’m snobby or rude because I don’t talk to them or if what I say sounds forced. I’m truly just nervous and can’t think of anything to say. I also know it would be a lot easier to go into collage and job interviews if I wasn’t quite so nervous.

    Hm what strength to get rid of is harder to decide. I think I would probably get rid of my strive for perfection. Yes this helps me be the best I can be, but it also puts me under sometimes unnecessary stress. Also I need to be able to be ok with a grade that is less than an A. I need to be able to be fine with whatever it is because I know I did my best.

  39. If I had to drop one of my weaknesses in writing it would have to be my conclusions. I have never been good at writing them and i feel my papers would be a lot stronger if i didn’t have this weakness.

    A strength I would get rid of would have to be my comments. I seem to talk a bit to much on a certain topic. If I could lower the number of sentences I use on subjects on certain things I would probably be better off. My life would be a little different with these adjustments because I could write better papers and have a higher grade in this class. Also I would have a better chance of getting into a college.

  40. The weakness I’d give up would be my procrastination.

    Throughout my years in school I’ve always been one of those people who wait till the last minute to do a major project or an essay. Even though most of my teachers tell me that procrastinating will give me a bad grade, I’ve managed to pull off doing all-nighters and getting a good grade the next day. I know that this is eventually going to become a terrible habit in the future if I don’t stop and I’ve been lucky to have been able to get good grades this far. Without my procrastination I’ll be able to work more diligently, spending time more wisely, and I’ll also be able to organize other things that come into my life.

    The strength I’d give up would be my will to study.

    This has especially become a good, yet bad trait for me even more so now that I’m taking more and more difficult classes. I think this has actually given me insomnia and I find that I still feel the same even when I sleep less. This is probably really bad for my body, but I’m never satisfied with how much I study. I’ve been going to bed at 1-2 in the morning almost every single day since school’s started because I feel that I always have to be ready for anything. If I can get rid of this than I’ll be able to be much more better person physically and mentally. Even though not studying a lot may risk me in getting bad good grades, but I feel that it’s worth sacrificing over a good night’s sleep.

    Without both of these my life would be much more peaceful and stress free. I would be able to get lots of sleep without having anything on my mind and I’ll be able to work productively. Since I’ll be able to organize everything I do, I won’t be as stressed than I would be if I did everything at the last minute.

  41. My biggest weakness is, in it self, also my biggest strength.

    Myself, I struggle with my stubbornness. My stubbornness gets me into a lot of fights. Sometimes I’ll get into a fight, and even though I know I’m wrong, I’ll keep fighting. Whether it’s with someone I know or with some complete stranger, if that person does, or says something that I don’t think is right, I’ll argue until I win.

    However, even though it is my weakness, it’s also my strength. Without my stubbornness I would not have won some of the fights that were important to me. I would not have some of things that I do now if I hadn’t fought for them. However, it gets me into more trouble than it does rights. So if I had to choose, it would definitely be my stubbornness that I would give up.

  42. I definantly have many, many weaknesses. The one I would like to give up most is procrastinating. I always wait till the last minute to do anything.

    If I had to give up any strengths it would definatly be telling myself that if I wait till the last minute, everything will come to mind and it will be much easier to stay on task than if I am doing it early. If I didn’t have these two things=no stress. Without these, I would not be in the position I am in right now doing my blogs at 10:00 at night.

  43. A weakness that i possess that i would like to get rid of wouls most likely be that i worry about the little things in life when sometimes that only makes them into bigger problems. All my life i have been the one to worry about the small things and it ends up taking more time to worry then to just keep going. I have leaned that sometimes just letting those little problems go it can make a huge difference. So if i could just learn to do that i think that i would have a much less stress life and be able to get by more easily because the little problems wouldn’t be in my way blocking the fun that could get through.

    A strength that i have that i have would be that i tend to always want to be the social butterfly but tend to get to caught up. So my strength makes me who i am but it tends to get me in trouble especially with time management. I love that i am always offering to host the party or bring the food but i think sometimes it would be better if i let others help instead of doing it all because i know exactly what i want.

    So i think that if both of those weren’t necessarily out of my life but shortened i think that my life would be a little more free spirited and easier going. I love that i possess qualities i can have and get rid, but these seem to stay a little harder on my shoulder. So i believe a little change is from time to time wouldn’t hurt.

  44. The weakness i would get rid of would be my public speaking. When i public speak i get the biggest stage fright. I freeze up on stage which makes me look like a fool.

    The strength i would have to give up would be my likeability. I try and make friends with everybody. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and i make enemies but i don’t care because i stay away from my enemies.

  45. There are a couple of weaknesses that I would like to get rid of but I think the weakness I would like to get rid of most would be writing essays. If I could write better essays, then I can get better grades in our current English class as well as future English classes. I would also be more likely to be accepted to the college I choose. It could also be helpful to me in the future depending on what I am planning to do with my life.

    The strength I would like to get rid of is being a good listener/observant.
    I have been asked multiple times by my friends of why I do not ever talk. To this, I reply that I am just simply observant. Although I like being observant, I would like to engage myself in more conversations.

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