Who: ONLY periods 4 & 7.

Set-Up: Now that we have finished the novel, you will start the Lord of the Flies project.  Given the wide range of ways that each of you can creatively ’solve’ this assignment, I’m curious how you are applying your knowledge and imagination.

Options: You will pick one of the following ideas:

  1. Idea: Write an ‘new’ (‘alternative’) ending to the story starting on page 200 at the following line:  “Then he was done, rolling over and over in the warm sand, crouching with arm to ward off, trying to cry for mercy.” Details: 3+ pages (double-spaced) that starts at that point.  8+ quotes from the story must be used.
  2. Idea: Interview one of the boys 20-40 years later to discover what impact the experiences on the island had on them once they were rescued, returned to society, and eventually became an adult.  Details: 3+ pages (double-spaced).  Pick any character other than Piggy or Simon (for obvious reasons).  8+ quotes from the story must be used.
  3. Idea: Create a ‘missing’ journal/diary written by an ‘unnamed’ boy on the island.  Details: 3+ pages (double-spaced).  There should be multiple entries covering multiple days.  8+ quotes from the story must be used.

Challenge: Answer the following:

  1. What project do you think you will do?
  2. How will you uniquely combine your own knowledge & creativity (including enough of a summary to help us ‘get it’)?
  3. How will your project will ‘teach’ your audience even more about the novel (and its themes)?

Length: 5+ sentences


15 responses to “W10, #6: WHAT PROJECT WILL YOU DO?

  1. The project that is most ideal for me is an interview because it is not only expanding the plot of the story, but it is also extending the lives of the characters. Thier lives after getting off the island will be so interesting to learn about because of thier hock value. When I present some of the main characters may have died many years after getting off the island. The interviewer: me, will be asking Roger about his feelings on the eve of the date when the boys first crashed. I think it will be interesting to learn if Roger has been fully reasimilated back into society, or if he may still be struggeling with his decision to have killed Piggy.

  2. I will probably do idea #1, the alternative ending. I’m going to try to write in Goldings style and will try to make it as gripping as possible. It will try to give even more information about how the boys change if they wouldn’t be rescued. It’s going to teach the readers about how for example Jack’s point of view about being rescued will change over a longer period of time. It would be interseting to find out how they will manage to survive after they’ve burned down the whole island.

  3. I think im going to do the lost journal because, 1) i think it’ll be fun to make an old journal out of some cool material that looks…old!! (lol) And 2) since i cant make a fun boardgame like honors, this is the next best thing, in my opinion. When i have a chance at doing a project like this that i can get creative and artistic with, i want to be able to do all that i can to make it intresting and cool. But also, I think it’ll be a fun process pretending to be a boy on the island with all the other boys, and slowly start losing my mind…

  4. I will most likely pick idea #2. It seems very interesting. With this idea, you would be able to add hidden scenes throughout the story. Also, you can go into more detail about what one person actually feels and thinks about on this experience. I will make a diary that one of the boys wrote in each day before going to bed. It will contain his feelings about what is going on throughout the group and how he feels about the choices he makes. The readers will be able to understand and connect more with one individual boy.

  5. I will do #2, because I think every kid on the island has different personality. Those different will be very important when they grow up. Like Jack always wants to use force to lead his people, later on he might be a general of England to lead his soldiers to fight other countries. But Ralph might to be a president of school (like Mr. Anderson), because he doesn’t like Jack use force. He use his ideas to lead the litluns, like the school teachers teach and lead them what are they going to do next, not force them or punish them. And i very interesting of that.

  6. I’m going to do idea #1. I don’t want to ruin much, so I’ll give you guys a big picture. The whole outline for my ending is basically what would happen if Ralph didn’t run into the officer and instead just ended up on the beach staring at water. I will try to write in Golding’s style and add a lot of imagery. I will be implementing a lot of violence and battle scenes like in WW2. So prepare for a bloody fight on the beach.

  7. I think I might do the journal. All the ideas seem creative, but I think this one will give me the most room to elaborate. I like the idea of making an old journal and making up stuff to write in it. I think this project will show my creativity the most. I have alot of room to change things up and make it my own. The journal should be fun to make and write. I will get to show all sides of my creativity through this project.

  8. I am going to write an alternative ending. This ending is going to show how bad things get when they don’t get rescued at that point. I am going to make it so that when Ralph makes it out onto the beach he finds a way to hide, then later he retaliates on Jack and his tribe because it is “necessary.” In doing this Ralph will becoming the thing that is trying to destroy him. I will show that I know about the story by making Ralph become savage in the way Jack did, and even more so than that. This will teach the point of the novel well because it will show how even Ralph can become not only as savage as Jack but even more so. Unlike the novel, it won’t show the comparison of the boys and the soldiers from World War II. Instead it will show just how human nature can cause a person to change, and how it can happen to anybody.

  9. I probably going to do idea 2. It seems very interesting and fun to do. I will try and be as creative as I can with it. It will be very unique, but there will be enough quoting and things like that from the actual story that you will truely see how it relates to the story. It will have a lot of back story and I will try and give as little plot summary as possible so that you might, hopefully, learn something new about the story.

  10. I’m thinking about doing the alternative ending to LOTF. Why, because I can after I’m done writing and typing it, I can maybe make a little comic or picture story of it in the end. Instead of ending with an end to the violence, it could end with ralph being caught and killed possibly, or a continuation of the boys getting off the island and thrown back into a hellhole all over again. I’m probably going to give off a last emphasis on how human nature falls apart without rules, government and all.

  11. I will do Idea 1. The current ending just seemed to be anti-climactic and well boring. My ending will allow a climax to be reached before a rescuer arrives. There will also be a little twist at the end. However I might change my mind and do idea 3 but I would still rather do a board game. I had already started planning a monopoly game and had and idea what to use as the cards.

  12. The project i am going to do is the alternate ending. I believe the alternate ending is a good choice because it gives the reader another side of what could have happen to the boys. It will be difficult because you have to keep it realistic and true to how the author writes to make it feel as if it was written be himself. If i have time and believe my story is as best as it can be i am going to add a little journal at the end.

  13. I think that the book had a great ending but I think that it could be even better by adding different details to make it end the story better. I would like to create a ending that makes it final, but they would still run into the naval captain. The naval captain is the most important part of the story because it finally proves Ralph right about how and who would save them. But I think that it misses big details after they meet the sailor, that could make you feel less like it didn’t finish to a more complete ending.

  14. I believe i will write a new ending to the story. i believe even though this might not be the shortest it will be one of the esiest ( i like easy stuff). line 2oo leaves alot of room for a change. i was very dissapointed with the ending of Lord Of the Flies. now i will get a chance to make the ending like i wanted it to be.

  15. Im going to do idea #1. Im gonna alternate the ending of the story the way I think it might have been. Im going to be more detailed on how it ends and what the captain did to jack and roger. At the same time im gonna keep Golding’s styler of writing and use his way of discription and imagry.

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