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Set-up: See here.

Challenge: Answer the following question:

Does life have value without sacrifice?

Length: 7+ sentences


33 responses to “W11, #4: MEANING OF LIFE QUESTION #2

  1. No, life doesn’t have value without sacrifice. Without sacrifices, life is nothing. We would just avoid all the problems thrown at us and continue to live our lives with those burdens, frequently hampering with our “perfect” lives. Life consists of challenges that tests us. If we don’t give up something to complete one of life’s challenges, we will never move up. We must take that extra step forward to achieve that goal and do a good job completing it. Taking that step allows us to move forward to other challenges. The only way, again, to accopmlish these tasks is to sacrifice so that you may complete your task in grace. After accomplishing the goals, your life has value. You worked hard on completing the goal, and you did. You receive personal happiness for finishing one of life’s tasks.

  2. This is the question that my main character is contemplating in my short story. It is a question that I myself have been struggling with for quite some time. My answer is no. I do not think that life has any value if you are not willing to sacrifice yourselves for others, to die for another. This, for me, equates to a world where there is no love. I believe that life without love is pointless and has no value. I believe that if you truly love something, whether a family member, friend or spouse that you would willingly give up your life for them. I also think that if you read this and question whether you would throw your self in front of a bullet for someone you profess to love than you simply do not love them. This view is quite harsh, for it is terrible to think about a life and death situation and then choosing to die. No, this does not mean that anyone that does not die sacrificing themselves for someone else had an invaluable life. It means that those who are willing to risk everything be completely selfless for someone else, that their lives have the most value and this is proven through their death.

  3. Life does not have meaning without sacrifice.

    Life is self appreciation. Everything we do in life is done for self fulfillment. Everything we do is either done to help ourselves or done to help others, but when you help others, it doesn’t matter how good a person you are, you are doing it for yourself whether you get something tangible out of it or just enjoyment. If there was absolutely no enjoyment helping other people, no one would ever help anyone else. However, it’s not because we are all bad people, it’s because we are human, and human nature makes us selfish. It males us want to give ourselves happiness before we ever try to give happiness to someone else, no matter who that person may be. Every time we get enjoyment out of something or something makes us feel good, our ego grows. A person with a big ego is always a strong willed person, and a strong willed person will always win over a weak willed person, no matter what the competition or the circumstances. Human nature makes everyone want to come out on top, so it always tries to make you strong willed any way it can. Helping other people isn’t the only way sacrifice makes us feel good about our deeds. The harder we work for something the more fulfillment we get and the more our ego or will grows. Because of human nature, our one overriding goal in life is to succeed. Since when you sacrifice your will gets stronger it is fulfilling your goal to succeed and your life a purpose or value.

  4. Life is sacrifice. Everyday people sacrifice something of theirs so other people can be happy. Donating money is an obvious sacrifice. However sacrifice is spending money to support your kids or spending time to help other people, that is sacrifice as well. If really think about it you don’t have to do any of that stuff. You could just go through your life caring only about yourself. The only reason you do it, is because you want to. Regardless, it is still a sacrifice. All of this a large part of life if not all of life.

  5. Life would be boring and irritatingly convenient all of the time without sacrifice, but it would definitely have value. Without sacrifice there would be no suffering and to an extent, that isn’t such a bad idea. Life would be handed to you on a silver platter, but no one would no the true meaning of happiness because no one would ever know what it would be like to live without something. Without sacrifice there is no appreciation because nothing could ever be taken away.

    The only thing that would truly decrease the value of life is if death didn’t exist. When you can’t die, what is there to live for? (I promise I didn’t take that from Twilight)When living for an eternity, even with sacrifice, there is no reason for you to leave your mark on the world because you will always be there. The amount of time you spend doing ANYTHING is directly related to the value, unless you don’t enjoy doing it.

  6. Its hard to answer this question. Yes life can have value without sacrifice. If that was the case we would be living happy, and everybody would have no worries. However life doesn’t have value without sacrifice because if we didn’t have sacrifice then we would just live the happy good life without appreciation maybe. Plus look at our life right now. We have made sacrifices and big choices and thats what makes us different from each other. I guess if life has value without sacrifice, then I would probably have one life that would be followed without making hard choices. Basically a dull and uninteresting life. It would be good because then we wouldn’t have fights and almost everybody would get along. Then what if life has no value without sacrifice. Well then we would make hard decisions and choices that would define us, and then maybe make us more appreciative of life. We’ve been living that life, and so far we have turned out ok (once in a while some fights). In the end you can’t control what people are going to say and do, or if that guy is going to live or die, its just life. If life didn’t have sacrifice then it would be different and dull, maybe everybody would live. Then whats the point of living a life if you can’t die. I don’t know maybe thats a good life question (you should ask in your “Meaning of Life blog”, Mr. Long) Would you want to be immortal or mortal? All I know is that life would not be like today without sacrifice, and in the end sacrifice does help.

  7. Life without sacrifice would take away the entire value of it. If a person could live their life without having to make any sacrifices then he’d just be like everybody else in the world. Nothing would be different and there would be no point in living. Without sacrifice there wouldn’t be any appreciation for what we are able to achieve. In the real world, a person has to work and make an effort in order to gain something, but if he doesn’t have to make that effort then where’s the satisfaction in getting what you wanted in the first place? Nobody would see anyone else as important. They would just stop caring about everybody except for themselves because without sacrifice. You wouldn’t need anyone else to depend on in order to get what you want or to help you succeed.

  8. That question is much more difficult than the previous meaning of life question. We all have things that we hold near and dear, and sometimes a sacrifice asks us to be rid of these things. They can be as small as a bottle, blanket, or crib for little kids, because if you want to grow older, you have to put them down and go on without them. Or they can go as far as sacrificing your own happiness, like when you have to let someone close to you move on. Then again, some sacrifices are between the extreme and the harmless. Nonetheless, life is never lived to it’s fullest without having a couple of sacrifices being made. Sacrifices change the courses that our lives take, sometimes for the best, sometimes not. But there is no way you’ll now if you don’t just do it.

  9. I don’t think so. Because you don’t sacrifice you don’t get any pay, nobody will give you money for no reason. Just like we sacrifice our times to do the blog entry, we got ours grade and also helps me to practice my language and writing skills. But in your life you don’t sacrifice, what are you doing on this world? I know somebody in Christianity believes that person born on this world have something that he need to finish, but if you don’t sacrifice something you can’t finish anything. You didn’t finish your mission you don’t have any value to stay on this world anymore. BTW I’m not Christianity 

  10. Something’s value is its significance and import. So, for something to have value, it must be significant to somebody. Your life could be vital to the whole world giving you a great deal of value, or your life could only have significance to you, still giving your life value. What value there is to be found in life depends on the person. Some may think that the only way to have value is to do some great act or save the world. This may be true, but others think that life can have value in the small, everyday things. Seeing a smile on your child’s face or just being there for someone can bring your life value. So, life can be significant and purposeful without sacrifice, it just depends on your interpretation of value. If, for life to have value, you would have to do some great feat, then there would be tremendous sacrifices to be made. However, if your personal idea of value is something smaller, then sacrifices may be unnecessary. For that reason, I feel that sacrifices are unnecessary for life to have value because I can find significance in everything.

  11. Absolutely no, no sacrifice is equal to no life. The Value of your life is equal how you sacrifice. If you want to be a good player, you need to sacrifice more time than other people. People will be very selfish; they always do something only good for themselves. By the way, life is never fair, so sacrifice will make life fairer. The best example is the three hundred; they use their life to save their country. It will be a hard decision for me. But without them their country will absolutely get destroyed by the Persian.

  12. Life has no value without sacrifice. To get something we have to give something. Life will not have any importance if you avoid all of life’s challenges. It is like having a reltaionaship. You have to give up habits and other things for that person. We wouldn’t appreciate things if we didn’t have to sacrifice for them.

  13. I honestly don’t think that life has meaning without sacrifice. I know that I could find no meaning in my life without my willing to sacrifice everything to protect my family. I would do anything to ensure that my family was safe and happy. That love and trust is what makes my life worth while. I love my family so much that if anything were to happen to them I know that I would be in pieces. Without that willingness to sacrifice and that willing to give everything for the love you have for someone else life has little meaning. The love and respect I have for my family drives me to succeed and to make them proud, if an individual does not have this then I don’t know what their motivation is to succeed. I also think that this willing to sacrifice can not only refer to family but friends and pets as well. Though not everyone is blessed with a family that they love most people have at least a good friend or a pet that they would risk their life for. For those who have no pets or friends they probably have a job or a title that they have worked for that they would do anything to keep and maintain, this is sacrifice as well. No matter what the life situation is I think every individual makes sure that they have something they would sacrifice themselves for because that is in fact what makes our lives mean something and without that will we just exist.

  14. To truly enjoy life, sacrifice must be a factor. Unfortuantely, however, some people do not see it this way. Sadly, we cannot ‘have our cake and eat it to’ in the real world. Essentially this means that we canot have everything that we want, and it is so true. We always have to remember how fortuanate we all are to have a loving family, a home, and a school where we learn a great deal of information. Sadly, many people in this world do not have half of what we have. Giving time to the community (like tomorrow :)) is a great way to sacrifice ourselves for those less fortuanate. But essentially sacrifice is neccessary to live a life with great value.

  15. Life does not have value without sacrifice. I guess it plays on the same line as the idea of ‘You are someone that I live for…yet will die for also.’ Why would life be of importance if no one was willing to have a cause in the world?

    Sacrifice is one of the ultimate topics that needs to be brought back into society. So many times we get caught up in ourselves and what we can do to improve our life. But when we sacrifice time and cares to a cause or person, it makes life seem better. Knowing that we could have been self-glorifying and satisfying our wants, but instead we sacrificed time and effort allows us to see how life can be refreshingly different. Not saying that sacrifices make people’s life easier, sometimes it causes strife that wouldn’t be there if we didn’t care. Not trying to sound cliche, but Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice. And even though He was making sacrifices for people, He still had a hard life, with persecutors and enemies, but He knew the potential for man, and we need to acknowledge that as well. If one person makes a sacrifice, it seems like it allows others to see that sacrifice is needed in the world. When this happens, people would care more about others, and would allow them to seriously get their priorities straight and see the need for sacrifice.

  16. Sacrifice is where one gives a disadvantage to something in order to get a profit for something else. It is necessary in life sometimes to make sacrifices. Some sacrifices can be the smallest of things to which no one pays attention. For instance, in my precalculus class she gives us each a number of charge-cards. We can either use these to get a drink of water, to go to our locker, if we get caught chewing gum, or to bump up quiz grades. Saving up one’s cards for a bump up in a test grade can be an example of a petite sacrifice. Other sacrifices can be life-changing. For instance, we can decide to sacrifice all the hard work we put in high school and college to get a career with a good salary, or to get a rather modest career and sacrifice the salary for being happy and having time to go out with friends. It is all about decision making and deciding what shall be for the better.

  17. Life does not have meaning with out sacrifice. I suppose everyone has a diffrent answer for this question. It all depends if your happy without making saacrifices and living the same sday over and over again. If you don’t love something enough that you would sacrifice something else for it, then it doesn’t seem that you would be happy. In order to be truly happy, you have to love something enough that you would do anything for it. If not, your life seems empty and boring. Also if your not willing to shake things up a bit, then forever you will be living the same day, where nothing will ever be diffrent.

  18. To me, life doesn’t truly have value without sacrifice. If we never sacrificed anything, we wouldn’t have really lived life. We have to sacrifice things every day, whether it is time, money, or certain freedoms. As civilized people in a society, we must follow rules and certain standards. We must also sacrifice personal things as well, like fun sometimes. We don’t always want to go to our sister or brothers soccer game, but we sacrifice a whole Saturday for them to be happy. I don’t like doing the laundry, but I do it to make my mom happy anyways, especially when she has had a long day at work and doesn’t need any more stress. Sacrificing certain things can make you feel better as well, in addition to others. Donating to charity is a great example. Even though you have to give up money, you feel good because you know you just helped people who really need it. Once you have given your time volunteering or money to a charity, your life truly has value and worth.

  19. Sure! If the people out there who sacrifice close to nothing were asked whether or not they would like to die, all of them would most likely say no. Even though they don’t sacrifice anything, life still has value for them. You don’t have to commit and sacrifice to be happy (as long as you don’t start feeling guilty or worthless).

    I like Student #10’s response about finding value in small, everyday things. If you can get down and enjoy playing with a dog, life has value. If you can sit around a fire and tell jokes with your family, life has value. And if paying for dogfood or taking the time to be with your family is too much of a sacrifice for you, then you just might be doomed a miserable person. Sorry.

  20. I do not believe that life has value without sacrifice. If no one ever had to work hard or make sacrifices for the things they wanted, nothing would ever get accomplished. Life would be so different if we could lose nothing, yet still gain everything. I think that if people could get whatever they wanted without having to really work for it, they would not appreciate it. Sacrifice helps people realize that they really want something, and that they are willing to give alot up for it. If there was no loss, we would have no reason to give life our all. There really wouldn’t be anything to prove. The feeling of triumph and true success would no longer be present.

  21. Life probably would have value without sacrifice, but depth and meaning is added by suffering, however horrid that may sound. Sacrifice and loss strengthens relationships and makes bonds with those you never would have expected. Sacrifice also brings the realization of timing and planning of life. If we never lost anything, there would be so few celebrations and happy times, because comparing the good with the bad makes the good things that happen so much more cherished. If sadness wasn’t a factor in life, neither would happiness be. It should be regarded like bi-polar medication. Without the medication, a person experiences lows that can be devastating, but also gains the same level of happiness. The medication may stop the lows, but it also keeps that person from reaching those wondrous highs. Without one, there can be no other. Life is a pendulum swinging in both directions equally, but sometimes people are so far in one direction of the swing, that they forget what the other side feels like. However, this makes the gradual return to joy that much sweeter in comparison.

  22. I believe that life does have value without sacrifice. The quality of a person’s life should not be based on the number of sacrifices they have made but rather their enjoyment. You do not have to give up something that you love for your life to have ‘value’. A person’s life has value if they are able to appreciate and enjoy their life. If a person does have sacrifices they make in their life, they might be more mature or experienced than other people, but they are not more ‘valuable’. For example, Jesus of Nazareth’s life was sacrificed because his teachings coincided with the Roman religion. He is remembered mainly not because he was nailed to a cross but because he inspired in other people what he believed in, thus forming Christianity. Therefore, the success of our lives is not determined by the pain that we feel but what we do in our life and our appreciation of it.

  23. Value is nothing without sacrifice. If you have been training for an upcoming game and you win you take in the win more than if you hadn’t trained. Ya its hard and tiring to sacrifice but what about mothers. They definitely suffer the most. They have to go nine months of labor and have to have there body change for it. When the baby is born it is more satisfying to have gone through the labor. When you are suffering you are suffering for something that you love and when it is over and your baby is healthy its the fact of living through it.

  24. I find this a hard question to answer because sacrifice is an inevitability. It is impossible to live one’s life without sacrificing something. Also, determining the value of life is a controversial matter. There are two manners in which people may “value” life. There is the value of someone’s life to that particular person, and there’s the value of someone’s life to the rest of society. No one can determine how much value someone’s life has to that particular person; only they can determine whether or not their life has meaning. In order for someone’s life to be valuable to themselves, I don’t believe the necessarily have to have made sacrifices. They may justify their life’s value however they want. But in order for their life to have value to the community, then they would have to make sacrifices. Every society requires sacrifice from its inhabitants in order to function, because if you don’t give something up to serve the community, then you are useless to it. They more you sacrifice to a community, the more you help it and therefore the more it values you. But when you want to determine the value of your own life, I don’t believe you have to make sacrifices in order to be happy with yourself.

  25. Life does not have value without sacrifice. We make sacrifices for others in our lives. You can’t live life simply for yourself and have friends. When in a relationship, those involved make sacrifices to coexist happily. If no one ever made sacrifices, people could not coexist well. Everyone would only do things how they personally think they should be done and they would only help themselves. In life you have to take care of yourself but there are other people living in the same world as you. On some level, we are meant to take care of each other. If you only lived for yourself, you would be living alone.

  26. There is no value to life without sacrifice. Usually there must some kind of equivalent exchange to live. For someone to live you must die. That is the biggest sacrifice everyone makes. Sacrifice is pretty much inevitable. Life without sacrifice is impossible because for something to gain life, something of value must be lost. For example, for a baby to be born, for it to be given life, the mother must carry it for nine months then give birth to it, which is very painful.

  27. After considering this for a while, I think I would have to say yes. Sacrifice definitely helps us learn and grow, but it’s not completely neccessary. Sometimes we need to sacrifice in order to be happy, like when you break up with somebody. Other times though, we can be happy without giving anything up at all. And of course it helps us appreciate what we have, but do we need to lose to truly love what we possess? Perhaps for some people, but not for all. Maybe the best of life comes from sacrifice and strife, but without that it can still be good.

  28. Sacrifice is necessarily a part of a meaningful life. All the things and people one enjoys in this life is the result of tremendous sacrifice of others before. It is only natural that one reciprocates by sacrificing something to make life better for others after me. For one to contribute nothing to the world, after receiving so much, is to live life completely without purpose, a pitiful, worthless existence. The amount of sacrifice one is to make is debatable. Even if one were to do the most seemingly insignificant act of kindness, that act means that person had the purpose in life to fulfill that one small act. Even with a small sacrifice of one dollar, at least one person receiving the dollar in this world is being affected. In most cases, it takes one sacrifice, however small or insignificant, to make some other person’s life that much better. The good that one sacrifice makes sometimes boomerangs into a much bigger, unforeseeable good. When a lot of people make small sacrifices, the effect is even greater on the society as a whole. There is also the good feeling one gets by sacrificing one’s self for others. All in all, the gain one makes by losing himself is the good life.

  29. Life is full of choices. Every single minor thing, down to the last breath, blink, twitch, whether you will stand up now or one nano-second from now or a whole scond from now, are all choices. Every single insignificant chioce has some kind of stupid sarifice, like if I stand up now instead of half a second from now I sacrifice half a second of sitting time. Everything is a choice, and all unchosen choices are sacrificed, so in a way, everything in life is a sacrifice. Some sacrifices, however, are a little more serious than others. Like for instance, one should not sacrifce a human life for a candy bar or something like that. It all depends on what you will lose.

  30. In a movie they say “No sacrifice no Victory” and so far i find it to be true. In order to achieve victory you have to sacrifice something. The biggest example is marriage. In marriage people sacrifice a lot in order to make it work. It also happens everyday in our lives. Wen ever you buy something your sacrificing money for and item. It happens in movies, tv shows, and basically any good story ever written.

  31. Yes, life has inherent meaning without sacrifice. A life where no one has had to make sacrifices to let you live. A life that can be enjoyed without loss. This is the goal of all those who work to better humanity. This is the goal of the soldier, the physician, the scientist, the diplomat. Life is preserved through sacrifice. But life is also taken through sacrifice. Life has a value in and of itself. In our world the components of life; freedom, health, and happiness are preserved by the sacrifices of many. However, someday perhaps that valuable commodity called life may stand alone; free from sacrifice.

  32. I think life can have value without sacrifice. People can learn to be happy with whatever they got. We don’t need to give up something to have value in our lives. Someone can have a value in life by helping people by giving words of comfort. That has value and it is not sacrificing anything. Having happiness and a reason to live is one of the values of life not just sacrifice. You do not need sacrifice to be happy and have a reason to live or to have a purpose in life.

  33. It’s very tough to say whether or not life has value without sacrafice. I believe that even though some people out there don’t make sacrafices, they still live out there lives. Even though they don’t sacrafice, I believe they still value life no matter what. Although they don’t sacrafice, I believe that making sacrafices is a key factor to value life even more. Making sacrafices makes everything you’ve worked for seem so much better when it has been accomplished. Making accomplishments only make you work harder for the next set of things to do.

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