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Why do we constantly pursue ‘excellence’?

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  1. Excellence is as close to perfect as most humans can be. Everything that you do or achieve, is in the pursuit of excellence. Who takes a test, fervently wanting to get a C? Who applies for a high ranking job, hoping to get hired by the company to be a janitor? We all work to achieve excellence and be great. Everything in our lives trains us to strive to be excellent. In school, sports, and college, we are taught that making the highest grade and winning are better than losing. In my opinion, they are. Yes, you can try as hard as you can in a sports game or on a school paper, and still do poorly. However, you were not trying to lose, you were not trying to make a bad grade, you were trying to be excellent. The pursuit of excellence is engrained in humans from the day we enter this world. He hasn’t said his first word yet? Oh no, he must not be a smart child. Pursuing excellence is just a part of who we are as human beings. It has allowed us to adapt in the face of adversity and conquer many of the problems that have been thrown at us from the environment, space, and ourselves. Without the pursuit of excellence, we would probably be perfectly happy to be sitting in a cave, throwing stones and playing with sticks.

  2. The main reason, in my opinion, that we pursue excellence is to have peronal happiness. When thrown a situation, we must overcome it. We all hope to look good in everyone eyes and within ourselves. That is why we strive to achieve excellence. We all want to achieve the goal and do it very well. This way, we all complete the task with grace. Completing the task very well makes us feel good inside. First, our excellence is seen by others. Second, you admire your hard work that helped you produce that excellence. Doing the job well allows us to move on toward other challenges, with confidence within ourselves to make them end perfectly.

  3. The reason that we as humans strive for excellence is that we all want to feel as if we are worth something. By succeeding and being excellent, humans tend to feel better about themselves and their abilities. The strive for excellence can either be a good or a bad thing. Needing to be excellent is a good modivator and a push to work hard and try to be the best you can be in life, which is great, everyone needs modivation. But the constant craving to be excellent also is just another ranking systen in the world, which the world does not need anymore of. Now a days, you can try as hard as you want to be more successful than everyone else, but ultimetly in most cases it is setting you up to fail. Someone out there is going to be smarter, or better than you always so why even try? Because if you don’t try, you can never succeed, you always fail, by at least trying you may sometimes fail, but you may also sometimes succeed. Those who don’t strive to be excellent must already think they can’t go up from where they are, which is wrong. Excellence is happiness and if your happy, your successful.

  4. I don’t think everyone pursues excellence. At least, not all at the same rate, with the same heart. I think that some people simply live in a setting where excellence is required. I am inspired to do excellently because of the standards set by my parents, but also, I think, because of some perfectionist quality inside me. I think…I’m not sure if I’m BORN with it, or if it’s from the environment I’ve grown up in, or a mix. I think it’s probably a mix. Also, we love the feeling of doing well. Once you’ve tasted success/excellence, you always thirst for it.

  5. Humans pursue excellence because excellence is publicized majorly. The media floods the people’s minds with only perfect images. The media also makes it seem as if anything less than perfect is wrong. Also excellence gives even the laziest people something to aim for. There is a goal out there for every person that only they can achieve in excellence and be the best. People have become way too obsessed with making every little thing excellent that it can overtake them. Just the other day 2 people were fighting about how they got a B+ on some essay. One of them was very upset because a B+ was not good enough. Hearing that made me so sick I couldn’t believe someone could get that wrapped up in being perfect and excellent that a B+ has all of a sudden become a death sentence or something. Excellence is a good thing for humans to strive for but like most things is only good in moderation

  6. As human beings, we like to feel important. In extreme cases, people desire to become famous and for everyone to know their name and drool over them…but most people just want to feel important. ‘Excellence’ can mean high grades, respect, a good job, etc, really anything that keeps someone above being a loser…or homeless.

    I constantly feel the urge to separate myself from mediocrity. Not everyone has this ‘excellence,’ and I want to be someone who does. I realize that a lot of the things I do are out of this desire. When most people pick a certain thing in a situation, I’ll pick the one that the least people picked. The desire to be unique is part of the desire to be ‘excellent.’ It’s self-importance, really, Freud’s id.

  7. Excellence is what we pursue to achieve throughout our lifetime. Excellence means success, and that makes us strive to find out who we really are and what we are capable of doing. We try to be excellent at everything that we do because it gives us a since of pride. Some people try to pursue excellence for glory. They are doing this for the wrong reason. Respect is earned when no one is looking. When you can work hard to perfect yourself, to me this is achieving excellence.

  8. I think we often pursue excellence because we don’t know what else to pursue. Excellence something humans have been striving for since the beginning of time, and to pursue it is a time honored tradition. I think excellence’s definition varies from person to person. Everyone has a different background, and a different way of viewing the world. One person’s excellence could be Harvard, and another getting out of bed in the morning, that is perfectly fine. It just depends on what situation the person is in and how they choose to deal with it. Excellence is a state of mind. I think excellence comes from confidence, and confidence is what makes those who are excellent stand out.

  9. I think that we constantly pursue excellence because we want to be perfect. Life is so much easier when you are good at something and don’t make any mistakes. Mistakes take up time and energy and complicate already complicated lives. Also I think we want the recognition that excellence brings. When you are truly good at something others recognize this and see you as an authoritative figure on that certain subject. Humans like to be looked up to, and we like to be better than others. We also pursue excellence in sports or academics because it opens up so many different options than if someone were just mediocre. I think that the world has tried to become excellent for so long that colleges and teachers have now began to expect this.

  10. The reason that I think that mankind constantly pursues excellence is that mankind hate to look like idiots. I think that mankind is so afraid of being looked like fools, that they conform to the masses and try to look prefect, whether it’s academic wise or other, in the eyes of the conformers. The only thing wrong is that no one can become perfect and obtain excellence through any means necessary. I’m not saying this because it’s in the bible or anything; I’m just saying it because it is true. With the ever changing world that we live in, fads, economy, environment, anything that we strive for, changes in the blink of an eye. Anything that people were striving for would be suddenly and drastically changed, and therefore, pointless to obtain excellence on that topic in the first place. What I’m trying to say is that people strive for excellence, because they just want to look normal or cool ion the eyes of the masses.

  11. I cannot comment on the thought process of all humanity, but I can tell you why I pursue excellence. I have been brought up in a family where the main focus of an A- was not the “A” but the “-“. It was always a reminder that I did well, but I could do better. This wasn’t helped by the fact that both of my parents were nerds and high school came easily to them. I speak of excellence academically, but there are definitely other forms of excellence. School just happens to be the area of life that I try the hardest in.

    Excellence can only come when you make goals, without them there is nothing to strive for and no definition of excellence. I strive for excellence out of obligation and fear of the disappointment that will follow if I do otherwise.

  12. Our society is one which is competitive and arouses in us that human want and need to be the best. This goes hand in hand with the human need to be in control because if you are the best then you are more likely to hold the power in situations. Because it is seen as honorable and respectable if everyone in a family has power or economic success in their lives we also teach our children this need to be the best. We do this by placing them in competitive environments both in school and in sports because competition forces individuals to realize their innate want to be the best. All humans have this want within them but if they are not placed in an environment where others are constantly striving to defeat them or to be better then them then they will not strive to reach their full potential. Our need for excellence comes from our need to be the best and this is bred from competition. Though this is a good element of our society it can also be a destructive one because if individuals push themselves to their full potential and are still not able to be the best in certain areas then serious depression and psychological problems can result causing them to quit or even something worse.

  13. We constantly pursue excellence because we think if we are excellent in everything and never fail we will have a good life. I mean our parents they work hard, and constantly want everything to be perfect. So they push us to be excellent, send us to rich schools, and give us things to be better. They want us to be great so then we don’t struggle in life. In the end our parents just want the best for us. They want us to succeed. Thats why we always want to pursue excellence because we want to live a good life and be happy. As high school students we think of excellence as what gets us into college, but it actually prepares you for the future and beyond. I believe that one should pursue excellence and always give his/her best effort. But then one should find a balance between working hard and having fun. That is the most important thing to do. Like the saying goes, “A man does what he can, until his destiny reveals itself.” I agree with this statement.

  14. Excellence is something we’ve all been taught to achieve since we were young. In pre-k, kindergarden and all the way up, when you get “E’s” in conduct or citizenship, doesnt it stand for excellent? Its something people can be proud of, once achieved, something that signifies a great purpose, which is good. And good things can be rewarded greatly. Like for example: we, the students of our school, go to private school to get a great education, learn as much as we can to get into the best colleges we can. We are here to succeed in anything we put our minds to. From the being on the court and field making passes and goals, to sitting in a desk and completing a mid term or final. excellence is something that can be found anywhere you make it available, and its nothing to dread, or put off as unachievable. Its a matter of confidence, and its prior to follow you everywhere you go. 🙂

  15. Everyone constantly pursues excellence because of the fact that there ARE other people besides them. If a person were to live in a world where he was the only person on the planet then there would be no point in trying to be your best. That’s because there would be no one there who would be able to acknowledge your achievements/accomplishments. We’re always trying to be perfect in order to be admired by others. The fact of the matter is it’s not that we WANT to pursue excellence of our own free will. It’s because of the people around us that force us to make that decision. If we don’t try to be perfect then we wouldn’t be acknowledged by anyone. We only try to pursue excellence, not in order to BECOME perfect, but to be able to be acknowledged and fit in with society.

  16. Like pretty much everything that depends on the person. Some pursue excellence because they want to be better than everyone else. In that case ego plays a part. Other people believe that exellence will make them happy. They hope that with excellence will come happiness. Some people pursue excellence for excellence’s sake. There’s not much explain about them. Then, there are those people who are satisfied with themselves. They are content with their situation and don’t want to go any further.

  17. People try to pursue excellence because it is one way to feel important and everyone wants to have some kind of a feel of importance. Many people think that being excellent, they will be happy although no one is ever excellent or perfect. Our society drives us and calls for excellence and we live in a competitive world. If you do not try to pursue excellence, than someone will excel over you and your position/status will get lower and lower. Eventually, you will be living in a little apartment or on the streets. It also has to do with self-consciousness. We worry of what other people think of us so we try to look perfect in everyone’s eyes. It also may seem that it is also human nature to have a natural despite of pursuing excellence which might be true but could also have a lot to do with the influences around us. I think it has to do with a little bit of both. I just know that for me, one reason that I pursue excellence is because of the influence around me. Both of my parents did well in school and have high expectations for me and my brother. However, I think it is also because it is my nature of wanting to be excellent since I see myself as being a bit of perfectionist. As for my mom, she seems to have a nature desire of being excellent. When she was younger, she felt like she always had to be at the top and be better than everyone else and she was not doing it for popularity or attention.

  18. Why? I think this question a long time. Excellence was just a word, the word that helps you comfortable, makes you proud. When people get commend from other people they will very happy, just like in the football or soccer games, if you touch down or shoot the goals, it will make you happy and work harder right? And that was the same thing in the education. If you done any good, teacher will say you are excellent, but those are just a word that makes you happy and want you work harder. I don’t know why we pursue this word so hard, but I think that because we want to have some person to commend you and everybody wants to be perfect.

  19. People try to persue excellence because we are under pressure to try to be ‘perfect’, but that is not possible, so we try to achieve the next best thing, excellence. Excellence makes you proud. Also, competitiveness is a big thing in this world today. Excellence makes you better than all of the people who do not achieve it. Also, when we are excellent we get recognition. We get praise. We as humans need attention and praise.

  20. I would have to say that the reason why is that we constantly pursue our greatest state of mind and body. We humans inately have a desire to be all that we can be. Excellence would therefore be our ultimate goal, because then we would know that we’ve reached our ultimate potential. And this could also be seen as that one thing that we can never reach, but still continue to try to. Because when we’re still trying to reach the top, we feel like we accomplish something every day. Even when we fail to reach excellence, you can look back on your life when you’re old and still take pride in your attempts. Because even when we can only get close to perfection, we can still know that we’re better than those who don’t try at all.

  21. I think pursue excellence is because we crave for respect and personal happiness. And being good at something makes you happy. So it’s normal for humans to crave excellence, even I do. No one wants to make mistakes, but to be excellent it requires you to make mistakes. Those mistakes will teach you to overcome difficult times and strive for greatness. And also everyone wants respect, whether it’s for being good at a sport or at a job. This desire for respect forces us to strive for excellence.

  22. Personally, I constantly pursue excellence for two reasons: to be content with myself, and to make my parents proud of me. To be successful personally is something I always strive for. I feel so good when I succeed at something I love. But the biggest reason that I pursue excellence is to make my parents proud. They have done so much for me, and I think that the least I can do to repay them is to excell. I love when I get the look from my dad after a hard game or after a good grade that shows how proud he is. I love the feeling that I am doing something right, making my family proud of me. I think it’s so cool to see the excitement on my family’s face when I excell. It brings me true happiness which is why I constantly pursue excellence.

  23. I think we are constantly trying to pursue excellence is because we all want to be the best at what we do. In general, we are all constantly competing against one another to be better. Whether it is in school, sports, or just ordinary activities, we strive to be better than others. From a very young age, we are taught that being the best is a good thing. I agree with that, but I also think that trying your hardest is just as important. We strive for excellence to be happy and satisfied with ourselves. When we overcome an obstacle or accomplish one of our goals, we are content with our achievements. We strive for excellence to feel important. This constant need to be the best is a part of our human nature. We will always compete to be better than others. Once we have proven to others and ourselves that we are capable, we have truly achieved excellence.

  24. I believe if you pursue excellence, you set your self high goals. You try to reach these goals, and even if you try and fail you go down a few steps on the ladder. For example, you try to be the top of your class to get into a good college. If you fail, you only fall a few steps in class rank. You will still get into a top ranked college. I believe if you pursue excellence, you achieve great things in your life. This happens because everyone wants to be perfect.

  25. I have no idea. The only thing I can think of would be that it’s just part of being human. All of us wish to be excellent, to be remembered, or to bring excellence to others. Everyone pursues excellence for their own reasons. These reasons could range from the pursuit of a far of dream to pressuring parents. Also there isn’t only one true meaning of excellence. To some excellence is getting perfect grades, to others excellence is achieved through athletics. Excellence can be achieved in so many different ways and people strive for there own version of it. Pursuing excellence is just part of being human.

  26. Humans are naturally selfish creatures. With that selfishness comes the desire to be better than others. This desire leads us to the pursuit of excellence. It also causes us to think we are better than other people and other creatures as well. Humans are the only creatures on this earth that have the ability to choose what we want to be. Fish and insects can’t choose to be great, but we can. It is because we are presented with this choice that we have choosen to pursue excellence. Our gift is something that should be put to use.

    Excellence is something that is not easy to achieve, but it applies to many different fields. It’s a broad term. Excellence in what? Academics? Athletics? Singing? Drawing? Life? With so many things it can be applied to, excellence is easy to pursue but challenging to achieve. With its success comes importance. To humans, there is nothing more gratifying than the sense of importance and self-improvement. That is why the pursuit of excellence can’t be helped: it’s just part of human nature.

  27. I think we are all in pursue of excellence because of the society we have grown up in. Excellence is just a word of comfort. Its a goal that everyone want to reach because with excellence one believe they will be accepted in our society. Excellence is a word most people search their whole life for and little find it. But its something to reach for, and it keeps us going. Some people believe excellence gives them the key to a great life. What they don’t realize is excellence is just a word. And a word cant defy your life.

  28. The pursuit of excellence, to me, is that constant desire to have that pat on the back, or that good job moment. We humans naturally want to be the best, the biggest, the something just something that sets us apart as better. It is a very selfish thing, but no one can deny it. We all want the leading role in the play, we all want an A double-plus on our paper. We constantly want something that shows us we are better, or we have done better, or that invincible feeling that even the ancient Romans had. Glory, fame, and a bunch of people looking up to you, is the reason that we tend to strive for excellence.

  29. The reason any human being would persue excellence would be to prove themselves to their community around them. It is almost our obligation to try as hard as we can to get things done the right way. We persue exellence because being human we want respect and glory. We are obsesed with doing better every day because its our nature. We create new things every day to live up to our standards. Without this spirit we could not advance in the feilds of technology much less our race. Pursuing excellece is what we do best as humans, thats why we have records we set and break each day.

  30. Most people who have good morals, always want to better themselves. By tring to better themselves they have to reach for something almost imposible. Pursuing excellence makes us constantly feel like our life has a value. If we didn’t have a value for our life then we would have anything to lose so basically you could do anything and not have a real consequense, like a criminal. Values is the key to a successful life.

  31. We constantly pursue excellence in order to be better than everyone else. Human nature wants us to be dominant over everyone else psychologically and physically. When you pursue excellence in order to be better than everyone else, you have proven how dominant you are. Each time you do this, it is a victory. Each victory makes you more confident in yourself and makes your will stronger. Pursuing excellence is and has always been not just a way of life, it is life. What do you do in regular day where you’re not trying to achieve something over someone else or impress someone over someone else? If we didn’t try to pursue excellence, we wouldn’t do anything. We would just sit around, and nothing would get done. There would be no progress ever made in our society if there wasn’t a goal of excellence given to us by human nature.

  32. I honestly don’t think that we constantly pursue excellence; I don’t feel that it’s a fair, general statement. We don’t constantly pursue excellence; we constantly pursue what we want. Most people may want to better themselves and therefore pursue excellence, but I believe that some are fine with where they are in life and don’t which to elevate out of their place. The reason that people who want excellence out of their lives is because they are discontent with something. Some do it because they feel inadequate, and constantly wish to prove to themselves and others that they can do something with themselves. Others may pursue it because of curiosity to see exactly how far they can go, or because they know they can go farther. The pursuit of excellence isn’t for everyone, but for those who wish it for themselves, it’s a never-ending quest.

  33. There are a multitude of reasons why we as humans strive towards ‘excellence’. In our society, we admire the successful and scoff at the failures. From a young age, we are taught to try to be successful or be scorned. For example, every week after the Dallas Cowboys lose a football game, the sports writers in the Star Telegram bash them day after day; and when the Cowboys win, Randy Galloway boasts Romo is second only to God. If we fail, there is shame, but if we win there is glory. Therefore, we seek the fame and fortune that being successful brings.

    There is a constant competition between humans to be prettier, faster, stronger, smarter, and richer than our neighbor. We push ourselves to our breaking limits so that we can simply be better than someone else. But then we are forced to think what ‘excellence’ means? It is a very subjective word and differs from person to person. To some, excellence may be being elected President of the United States; while to others, it may mean being promoted to manager of the night shift at McDonalds. Is there a universal excellence we all strive towards but few achieve?

    I personally believe, however, the best type of ‘excellence’ is the unassuming kind. There are people in the world who work and live because they enjoy doing what they do. Because of this love for their jobs, these people may accidentally become successful. The main goal of these people is not to be famous but to do what they love to do and do it well. It is these people and their unobstructed view of life that are truly excellent.

  34. Humans constantly pursue excellence because being great is a very outstanding way to live your life. We naturally pursue excellence to prove to everyone how great we can be. If people never constantly pursued excellence, then some of the greatest inventions we have today would never exist because those people would have never tried to become great. Many people constantly strive to become excellent because this very thing brings fame, popularity, and sometimes fortune. After each success, people become more and more confident in who they are and they get right back on the ball to succeed more and more. This is the very reason why people try to accomplish more and more while trying to also be better than others. These are the some of the reason why trying to pursue excellence is needed in our world.

  35. The easy way out of this question would be to say that society is always putting pressure on us to strive to be better. Some would say that starting from when they were born they have been pushed by parents to become something they can be “proud” of and that can almost be a bragging right. I, however, think there is a deeper meaning to this question. I think it is something at our core that is making us pursue this some basic human instinct. I believe this instinct would push us even if there wasn’t anyone to see what came of our progress. I believe that it is not an instinct we should ignore by any means because if we did we would never get anything accomplished, but I think that we shouldn’t always take ourselves and everything around us so seriously. Granted there are times where it is necessary that we take things seriously, but that isn’t always the case and learning the difference is one of the greatest challenges. One could spend a life time trying to figure this out and never coming up with anything, but then again they could always take a step back and go sit in the sunshine for a bit.

  36. Well we all strive for perfection, which we will never achieve. Excellence is a sense of self pride, it lets us push ourselves and gives us a reason to be competetive. We try so hard to impress others, impress ourselves and to be able to feel like the best. When you feel like you’re the best it creates a sense of confidence in you, which we all need. Excellence leads to one thing after another. We do this for our self pride, and yet we also do this to gain acceptance from others. Excellence is honestly keeping people on track and pusing us further and further to be closer to perfection.

  37. As humans, we always strive for excellence. WE try and perform our best in whatever we do, whether its athletics or academics. We do have a little bit of pressure from our society. No-one wants to be the man begging for change. We also find good feeling in challenging ourselves. People also find excellence in things they enjoy doing. Many musicians practice and practice because they enjoy doing it.

  38. We’re always pursuiting excellence because that’s what our society wants us to be. They want us to be perfect. All the people that try to be perfect seem to have all the fun. The girl that’s Pretty adnd smar. Gets all the guys. Guys want to be excellent at sports because that’s the cool thing to be excellent at it makes you popular. It doesn’t have to be sports. There can be kids that aren’t “popular” in school and they still want the people they hang out with to be perfect. We’ve just been raised to think if you’re not trying to do something or in pursuit of being perfect you’re almost worhtless. Lazy people have no respect because they’re not in pursuit of excellence. We just don’t know any different.

  39. Excellence is nearly impossible to acheive in the human world. We strive for excellence because it is so hard to acheive. It gives us a sense of pride knowing that you are in the pursuit of excellence. Although excellence can never really be accomplished, the fact that you are trying your best in whatever you do is why we work so hard. The confidence you gain from excellence, can boost your morale even on the worst days. Without the constant pursuit of excellence, people would become bored with the daily routine of life. People need something like excellence to keep them entertained and inspired to go through this harsh world.

  40. I think constantly want to persue excellence because the people in the world want to be the best. Everybody wants to be number one. Everyone want to know that if they put their mind to something they know they can achieve it. You dont want to go through life by taking the easy way out of things. You should want to be the person who is going beyond what they imagined they could do and farther. You only get one life to live so you should live it by doing things with 100%. You never want to be the person who will look back when they are old and think why didnt i get to persue my excellence in every chance I was given.

  41. Humans strive for excellence because people want respect and self gratification in some way. If they can’t obtain their level of gratification, then sometimes people resort to making up their own reality. I watched on the discovery channel that someone tried to explain why some people go mentally insane. Basically they can’t live, be accepted, or they don’t want to be accept in this world, so they live in their own. That is the las resort everyone might resort to if they can’t pursue their excellence that they want. Of course by excellence I mean their state of mind of excellence not the physical class of being famous per se.

  42. It is human nature to be the best they can be. All people have this desire, and the people who don’t pursue it just have a greater desire for laziness. People want to prove themselves, and they want to feel accomplished. It is also the bit of competivness within all of us, to outdo the next person, not in a harmful way, but in a friendly way. Excellence is how people feel like they achieved something, and that is a feeling everyone wants. There is nothing with striving for excellence. It’s what makes someone be a better person.

  43. For many, pursuing excellence is the way that they were raised. Not all people strive for excellence. It depends more on the people you surround yourself with. Like Dexter Coakley stated in his speech at our school, when he came home from college he realized the difference in his college friends and his friends who didn’t go to college. His friends in college had the same goals as him and were pursuing excellence. With excellence comes success and to have both you must surround yourself with people who can get you there.

  44. We constantly pursue “excellence,” for many reasons. One reason is that we feel obligated to at least try to do an excellent job at a task given. We feel obligated because the people around us are counting on us to do well. To cause the good and kind people to be disappointed does not sit well with anyone with a little conscience. Another reason is that most of us have some pride in themselves. We want to feel proud of our work, and we want to feel proud that we gave an honest effort. To live without a sense of accomplishment is not an enjoyable existence. That itself is human nature. The third reason is that the pursuit of excellence is necessary for the survival, or improvement, of our lives. There are many challenges and opportunities in the world today, and we will not be able to meet them without practicing hard work and pursuing excellence.

  45. Everyday people make goals and strive to be the best at what they do. i think they do for not only themselves but the recognition of it all. I think that when people do their best they do it because of the feeling they get inside, or the desires they fill. Humans are humans life is a competition wether they like it or not. But i also think that one strives for excellence because they love what they want to accomplish wether it being recognized for football or the smartest math whiz in the state, everyone has a dream worth pursuing. I think that people over analyze what they are trying to accomplish sometimes they look to far. I believe if you want to accomplish something and achieve excellence you not only have to work but enjoy it at the same time.

  46. Why do we constantly pursue excellence? Well, there are many factors that cause us to want to be the best. We all want to be successful in life. Being the best means having a better chance of getting jobs and to earn money. It also allows us to feel better about ourselves and to make others like us more. Why would people like us more if we’re excellent? Because then they would be more excellent for being with an excellent person. Pursuing excellence attracts more attention from others. We can then make friends and not live a lonely life (which is very painful). Doesn’t it feel good to know that we can do something someone else can’t? Selfish, yes, but it is a reason why we pursue excellence. This is why humans are ever-evolving as time goes on. The want to be better than everyone else causes us to try to find more and more ways of being better, making the whole species a little better each time. Pursuing excellence is just what we do and the society like it is today is not going to change it anytime soon.

  47. I think that everyone works to be ‘excellent’. Whenever we take a test, we study to hopefully get an A. When we get a task, we try to be perfect at it and to impress other people. Impress other people- that is definetly one of the reasons why we strive for excellence. But, we have to remember the old saying: “Nobody’s perfect!”

  48. We as humans have the need and desire to be everything that we possibly can. We have the desire for excellence due to the competition between humans. Every year world records become hard to break, jobs become more competitive to get into, and college starts looking at other sources for personal information about a future student (computer sources). These pressures for the need to be better create a better need for excellence. As humans, we are influenced greatly by other humans and when the need to be almost the ‘perfect human’ increases so does the need foe excellence. Excellence means the ambition of a person to achieve a goal. We, as humans, strive for excellence due to our ambitious nature and our thirst for excellence.

  49. Their are people in the world who are constantly having the want to reach excellence. As people we try our best on our task, but their are others who dont. In a way their becomes satisfaction once you’ve done something right and have acheived your goal. I think that’s why their is a constant pursue of excellence, is because the feeling you get once you’ve accomplished your goal is unexplainable. As time goes by, its easy to lose track and lose that mindset of self satisfaction of getting your task done. People come into our lives and we tend to impress them and and do anything to get their attention. So for some people excellence is the only way they could be recognized, by being good at a certain thing. Everyone has their own reason for acheiving excellence, it depends on the person and what their goal is. Its normal that people want to acheive this because we are in a way trying to be that perfect person at times in our lives.

  50. People can pursue excellence for the societal acceptance it provides, or for their own personal contentment. Either way, the pursuit of excellence is associated with success, and rightfully so. We believe that if we work toward our goals with the utmost diligence, we will be met with some sort of reward, be it fame, prosperity, or whatever consummation we are seeking. This attainment is so important to us that it can become the foundation of our lives, simply because we want to win. As human beings we have a natural desire to be in control, to leave nothing to fate. For most of us, that means doing the best we can with what we’re given.

  51. The want to pursue ‘excellence’ is not in everyone. There are some people who strive for perfection and want the glory of working hard. They want perfection or at least the closest thing that comes to it, those people will do anything to reach that. It takes a huge amount of effort to puruse ‘excellence’, but once its reached there is a feeling of relief that fills your entire body. On the other hand, there are others who don’t pursue ‘excellence’ and could care less about succeeding in life. Or having the thought of knowning you did something good to help you in life. I think everyone deep down inside we all have the want to pursue ‘excellence’, its just the way we handle it and use it in our life that makes us who we are.

  52. People constantly seek excellence because they are afraid of what the world may think of them. Also they constantly want to excel and be better than everyone else to make them feel better about themselves. Humans also have an innate tendency to want to excel in everything they do to look as good as they can look. This also makes others want to do better to keep up with the group. No one wants to be incomplete in what they do; everybody wants to finish the things they put their time and effort into. Me, personally I like to put my best foot forward at all times and I like to give 100% effort in whatever I do. This gives you the reputation of maybe being a perfectionist or being goody 2 shoes or whatever you want to call it.

  53. We constantly pursue excellence because we want to be known in the world. We want our status to higher than others. Most people want to live a perfect life. We want to enjoy the success and riches of life. Excellence is something we strive for and hope to achieve. We want to be able to help others and be known for it. It’s human nature for us to be obligated to achieve excellence.

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