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What does it truly mean to ‘live in the moment’?  Have you ever been able to do this in the ‘real’ world (in spite of the pressures of day-to-day life)?

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45 responses to “W11, #7: MEANING OF LIFE QUESTION #5

  1. Living in the moment is really effected by what is happening at that exact moment. To live in the moment would be to do what you want to do and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. But now I am going to go against what I just said. It always seems like this “living in the moment” idea is always in movies. No matter what kind of movie or show, it always seems like someone is saying “live in the moment, you only live once.” I think we should live in the moment to some extent. Yah, you should do what pleases you, but at no time should you quit something just beacuse you are not happy at that moment.

    Living in the moment is nearly impossible in my life. So no, I never truly “live in the moment.” There are to many ‘elders’ in my life for me to do what I want.

  2. Living in the moment to me is everyday life. No matter how bad your life may seem someone else always has it worse. You have to do the best you can at what ever you are doing to make yourself a successful person. When I am older I dont want to have any regrets about what I could have accomplished. We all are given opportunities, we just have to take advantage of them. We only get one chance to live so I want to do everything I can to make me successful at what ever I am doing.

  3. I think that to truly live in the moment means to live fearlessly. It means to try something new, or take a risk. It means not to hesitate, just to jump in and give up all reason. To put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing. And it means to trust. I have lived in the moment, but not in the real world. There are times when I am at camp and there’s just something magical that happens that makes me unafraid. I don’t feel weird doing crazy dances with little kids. I’m not shy, I just put who I am out there and hope for the best. But camp isn’t the real world. It isn’t like anything else. It is a special place where I don’t get judged for every move I make. I try to live in the moment in the real world, and although it is hard. I want to be one of those people that doesn’t care what others think, but too often I get caught up in the ways of the world.

  4. The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of living for the moment is Tim McGraw’s song “Live like You Were Dying”. I think that living for the moment means that you are living without consequences and without thinking ahead at what this will cause to happen or not happen. I think that living for the moment can be a very good thing from time to time. It makes you appreciate how wonderful life can be. I sadly have never been able to live for the moment and I don’t think I ever will be able to. I have a horrible conscience and I am the opposite of a procrastinator. I feel guilty anytime I am having fun and I have homework to do, even if it Friday night of a weekend or a project due in half a month. I wish that I was able to live like this at least once. But, I think my life will always be too busy to be able to live for the moment.

  5. What I think that the answer to this question is that living in the moment is to live without a worry or care, to ease your mind of the problems of yesterday, today, or the future. To just think about what’s happening right now, in front of you, and nothing else. In the real world it is hard to live in the moment of right now. With all the distractions that people face today, one might think that it is an impossible task to do. However, it is not impossible; it is just difficult to do. The way I live in the moment right now is that I do something that requires my immediate attention at the moment. Like when I drive or skateboard, or even when I play video games. when ever I do this sort of activity, I don’t think about what I’m going to do in 5 minutes, I just think of what I’m doing right now. When ever I do this, I see things that one might pass, if they weren’t living in the moment, like a pretty flower, or something.

  6. Live in the moment is living without any worries. There is no regret or fear of consequences. I have the attitude but I don’t have the means to live in the moment. I put off most things until the last minute. I don’t worry about the future that much, because I’m willing to accept whatever comes my way. I have lived in the moment. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I stop trying completely. Thats when I live in the moment. Unfortunately, I can’t do that forever so I have to start working once again.

  7. To ‘live in the moment’ is to make decisions with no outside influences or without worrying about what could happen as a result of the decisions. I think that it is impossible to truly ‘live in the moment’ because humans are too conscious of the future. To me, living in the moment involves irrational split-second decisions . When you don’t rationalize your decisions, you aren’t thinking about the future or the consequences of your actions. It is possible to make a few choices that live by that saying, but to live your LIFE by it is too much. For example, I chose to wait to the last minute to clean my room. I obviously wasn’t thinking about the fact that I would eventually have to clean the room, only that I REALLY didn’t want to clean my room at the time. I personally can’t apply that way of thinking to everything that I do without going insane.

  8. To live in the moment means that someone has lost concern for the situation they are in and is simply living without analyzing the situation. I think that to live in the moment doesn’t refer to a day or an hour but simply a minute or a few seconds when the rational side of a human does not control their thoughts and instead they are simply reacting. This phrase is overused in our society and in movies because I think it takes a very special situation for someone to truly live in the moment. I also think that the only individuals who truly experience this often are children because children perform actions without analyzing what may come from it. As a child I know I had that experience of simply reacting without thought and I think everyone should have that in their childhood. But as a teenager I’m not sure that I have ever simply reacted to something without worry or thought and perhaps that’s good. I don’t think it is a bad thing to live in a moment but to think about your actions is not bad either. I guess when someone has found complete contentment in their life is when they can live in their moment and for most adults this never comes. I am still waiting for that fleeting moment in life when I feel completely satisfied with where I am and what I’m doing and that is when I think ill really be able to, just for a second, live in the moment.

  9. Living in the moment to me means to live your life now, to have as much fun as you can while you can. To set goals and achieve them, but to acknowledge the fact that you can do it. To explore the unseen and notice things you pass all the time. Living in the moment means to be fearless, to step out on the ledge and be someone you never thought you coud be. Doing things that are outrageous, but fun. And if you can do that living in the moment, you can go far.

  10. To live in the moment is to be happy and enjoy yourself, while doing something you love everyday. It is what most people do, which is do the jobs they love, have fun, and enjoy your life everyday. Its hard to actually “live in the moment.” I mean you only see it in movies or TV or maybe to some lucky people in the world. I’ve tried to do it, and I’ve been successful, but its not consistent. To truly “live in the moment” you have to be happy everyday, not complain, and enjoy yourself. But its really hard to do, and I guess I have a long way to go. Plus most of the time, I think adults will get that “Living the moment feeling.” I always hear my mom say how much she loves me, and cares for me. She’s always happy to see me. She must have that “Living the moment feeling.” I’m satisfied with my life, but it can get better, and its no living the moment feeling. Believe me when you get that feeling you will be happy and nothing will bother you. I guess it pertains to what I said in the first “Meaning of Life Question.” Find the joy in your life. That joy is Living th moment, and it will be a fun ride.

  11. Living for the moment is to live every day without listening to anyone besides yourself. To shove away that logical part of your brain that’s telling you “No! Don’t do that!”. That’s what living in the moment truly is. Sadly, even though people can TRY to “live in the moment”, human society doesn’t exactly smile upon that possibility. Due to the laws enforced on society, it has become tradition to follow the “normal” way of living life instead of doing whatever the heck you want.

    I personally HAVE had various moments in my life where I was able to “live in the moment”. One such moment wasn’t so long ago. It was at a soccer game against Greenhill yesterday. I was put up at forward and one of our players lofted the ball up to me. The ball bounced over the head of the other team’s defender and the goalie started to yell “Shield it! Shield it! I got the ball!”. Hearing this the defender immediately turned his back toward me and proceeded to try and block my attempt to get the ball. This one defender had been doing this same exact thing every time I would get near him and it was starting to get on my nerves and so when I saw him try to pull off the same move I just pushed him from behind and he went flying about 4-5 feet. The crowd booed but I wasn’t caring about what they, or anyone was thinking right then. All I knew was that I was mad at that defender and I, not exactly wanted to HURT him, but I wanted to make him hurt just a little and I got a bit of satisfaction out of that one push.

  12. Living in the moment differs for everybody. To some, it may be getting a ‘thrill’ during a sports game or getting a great grade on a paper. My definition of living in the moment is different. In order to live in the moment, I believe that you have to be having fun. You can be living in the moment while doing absolutely anything in the world from playing a video game to waiting in line at the DMV, as long as you are having fun doing it. Life is about having fun and enjoying yourself, so what can be more in the ’moment’ that doing just that? To me, nothing can. As long as you are having fun, you are living in the moment. I try to do this everyday of my life. Yes, there are times when I would rather be anywhere else than where I am and I am definitely not having fun. However, as much fun as you aren’t having, there will always be an opportunity to enjoy yourself later on in life. Also, I have found that almost any situation can be fun, no matter how dire it may seem. Sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting for twenty minutes, can be turned into a game in the matter of seconds while doing homework for five hours can be fun if you are able to life the gravity of the situation and enjoy what you are doing. For me, everyday can be fun, so everyday I live in the moment.

  13. Living In the moment is tell us to grasp every single second in your life. Time will never pull back for you. It is not how long your live is, but the width of your life. You should make a best decision for your life and go for it. More you concentrate will gain more you want. If you save a minute for a day, after 365 days, you will save 365 minutes. A minute seems like it is short, but it can really change your life. Everyday is a good day for me. I enjoy living in my moment everyday.

  14. Of course there is more to life than playing it safe. Life would be rather dull without risk and opportunity. Indeed, it is wise to say that staying safe is essential to one’s health, protection, and happiness; but risks come with opportunities too. Mistakes also come with great opportunity: one can learn from their mistakes. Hence one cannot always strive to lead an error-free life. Life would have less meaning if there were not any risks. It is not to say that one should live a life of danger, for danger and one’s wellness seldom go hand in hand, but rather, one should occasionally take risks.

  15. Living in the moment is just having a good time. It’s all about making decisions when you get there and not worrying about it. I try to live in the moment as much as I can. This is good as well as bad. Some people have it all wrong. they say that it’s aall about taking what your doing and turning it into a good time. It’s really about only choosing to do the things that are a good time.

  16. I think that living in the moment means two things. One, take each moment of your life slow and enjoy every second of it. Don’t worry about something that’s going to take place in two weeks. Focus on what’s happening that very moment. Second, live life fearless and enjoy yourself no matter what, obviously not every moment of you life is going to be good but to have to make the best of it. Living in the moment differs for everyone but this is in my opinion to live in the moment you have to enjoy yourself, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to do that since I am still young and have to listen to my parents.

  17. Living in the moment is essentially living in the here and the now. It’s the contrast to living in the past. When one lives in the past, they have had something possibly traumatic, like having a loved one murdered, happen to them in the past. This leads to a part of their being, like their joy or heart, be left behind. Living in the moment is when you don’t look back and continue to live on. Traumatic events can take no hold on people such as this, because they don’t allow themselves to be pulled down. Essentially, living in the moment is when instead on dwelling on past mistakes, you think about what you can do to improve your present.

  18. I think that living in the moment means living everyday to the fullest without worrying about what will happen next. It means enjoying the time you have and doing what you want without consequence. When you live in the moment, you only think of what is right in front of you and not what will occur later on. Living in the moment can be an exciting thing when you are carefree. It seems like you can enjoy life more when you are living in the moment. I rarely do this though. I am constantly doing homework and worrying about school. I never really go out on a whim and do something out of the ordinary. I occasionally do something special, but maybe in the future I will be able to live in the moment a little more often.

  19. To live in the moment in what you are doing exactly at that moment. It could also mean what you are doing that excites you. Something like playing your best sports game. I don’t think you can be in a bad mood while living the moment. I think when ever you are in a good mood you are living the moment. Everyone wishes they can live the moment every single second of their life. Unfortunately, I don’t think everyone is in a good mood all the time. I try to be happy everyday and avoid unhappy circumstances.

  20. I think to live in the moment means to appreciate and enjoy that instant in time. It is when a person can forget all the worries in their life and simply be happy and free. As they say, life is short and we should enjoy it. We cannot live in the moment every second of everyday, but the times that we are living are the moments that we never forget.

    There is a scene in “The Shawshank Redemption” when Andy plays a record of an opera by Mozart on the loudspeakers. All of the prisoners stop working, and Red says, “I didn’t understand what those two ladies were singing about, and it truth is, I didn’t want to know. It was something so mysterious and beautiful it just makes your heart hurt. I think for that one minute, every man in Shawshank prison could feel like he was free.” There are some moments in life, like that scene in Shawshank prison, that are so beautiful we can never understand them but only appreciate the majesty they bring to our otherwise monotonous lives. They haunt our dreams and we live just so we can recreate those glorious times.

  21. Living in the moment basically means throwing caution to the winds, to put it simply. It means making split second decisions that, though they may have large consequences, are rather exhilarating. Living in the moment seems as though it only happens in movies, or to very fortunate people. I’ve done this a few times, but not enough to consider myself spontaneous. I’m a pretty safe person. I think it’s a very difficult thing to do these days; living in the moment sometimes takes money. Yet sometimes it’s the little things, like deciding to stay up till 2 on a school night because you’re talking to someone, or deciding to wear a shirt you’ve always loved even though no one else likes it. These are things I’ve done. So, I suppose I’ve lived in the moment, but in the mildest sense. I think that when most people hear the phrase ”living in the moment”, they think more about deciding to go to Australia. Right now. Making huge split-second decisions. But I don’t think that’s all that it is. I think we all live in the moment once in a while, either in the mildest or least mild sense.

  22. To me living in the moment means enjoying what you are doing right then because who knows when you will be able to do it again. I have been able to live in the moment, I try to enjoy everything I do as much as I can. There are people out there that cant do what I have the opportunity to do. I don’t want to grow grey hairs and not be able to say I have never lived in the moment. If you are given the opportunity to do something why waste your time and not take it seriously? You might as well enjoy what you are doing or your not going to have a very fulfilling life. I try my hardest to enjoy everything life brings my way because I might never be able to do it again.

  23. Well, your imagination will always fill in the blanks or make a situation better/worse than it is. To ‘live in the moment’ for me is, is that one moment were you take something in and you don’t think. It’s like a rational decision or a that moment of emotion you get before your mind kicks in. It may just be the speck of joy or shock, but it is that moment were our own head doesn’t decide wether to be mad or happy about it. It is that moment, when your mind doesn’t paint a picture that could worsen or soothen the situation. It is just that moment were nothing but one thing happens. That is my version of ‘living in the moment’ and I try not to let my mind get hold of me too often.

  24. Living in the moment to me is about enjoying the time you spend around others during your life. Wether its messing with your brother or playing a board game with your parents. The ability to live in the moment dictates the quality of a person’s life. If you go through life without any of these experiences than you have not lived life to its fullist. So to me living in the moment is everything to someone or nothing to another. Its just enjoying life really. Thats all there is to it.

  25. I believe that living in the moment is the same thing as saying go with the flow. No matter what the moment is or how it comes at you, you go with it and don’t stop. I mostly only see this concepts in movies and books, but rarely in the real world. It is very tough to live in the moment due to day to day consequences and tasks. Due to all the responsibilities this time rarely comes around and it’s not the route everyone usually takes. Because many of my days are organized with school schedules and other issues, my life does not tend to swirve toward this phrase. This is why living in the moment is very hard to do, but it can still be accomplished.

  26. I think living in the moment means not thinking about the future and not dwelling on the past. I don’t think it’s really possible to live in the moment with the way the world is now. Everything is focused on the future. And people are judged on what happened in their past. To truly live in the present would be to make decisions based on what’s going on now not how they will affect the future. I truly don’t think that many people think this way any more. But then again what would the world be like if we only made decisions based on the present? Would it be better, worse, or good for a while but have bad outcomes. I’m not sure if I’ve ever truly lived in the moment. I probably have, considering that not all decisions I make are about my future. As I grow older living in the moment will get harder and harder, it may even become impossible. Who knows?

  27. ‘Living in the moment’ is a powerful phrase. In my opinion, it means when a person makes the most of what they are going through. Sometimes living in the moment can be a bad thing though. If someone has a vision of a certain thing and will not budge on this opinion, it can be seen as a bad thing. However generally living in the moment simply means to enjoy whatever they are going through. Making the most of every situation, in the long run, is the way to go. That way, years later, when looking back on it, there will be no regrets. You can always think ‘hey, at least I went for it.’ I see living in the moment as a way to enjoy life to its fullest, no regrets.

  28. Student 14 (revision)

    I submitted the wrong blog entry earlier. Here is the correct one:

    To live in the moment is to be able to enjoy each day as if it were your last. All of your attention is focused on the present. Living in the moment does not allow for second guessing. It doesn’t lend itself to looking back at your mistakes or victories. Instead, you are completely in tune with what is happening now; not what may happen tomorrow, next week or next year. I am able to live in the moment only on special occasions, but not on a regular basis. If I am playing chess, I can completely block out any past distractions or expected future worries. When my family goes to the lake, I can truly enjoy the nothingness of the silence and live in the moment. I appreciate those people who can just take one day at a time and consistently live in the moment

  29. What does it truly mean to ‘live in the moment’?
    Have you ever been able to do this in the ‘real’ world (in spite of the pressures of day-to-day life)?

    To me, living in the moment is living ‘without’ consequences. By my definition, I do not often live in the moment. Before I do something, I think of how this will end. I think of how it will affect me and those around me, like my family or friends. Although I do not know exactly things will turn out, if they would obviously turn out badly, I don’t do them. When someone lives in the moment, they think of how their actions would play out right then, not later. If I was only living for myself, I would gladly live in the moment but I have people who count on me and have a future to look forward to. Then again, if I spend my whole life thinking of the future, I won’t really experience life now.

  30. To live in the moment is to be utterly and completely happy. I have managed to do this only a couple of times in the past few years. Usually the times I am happy are with my friends or family. I believe it is completely necessary to live in the moment as often as possible because it makes life that much more enjoyable. If life is more enjoyable I believe you will live longer, will make more friends and such. To live in the moment is something truly special and unique to everyone. Some people may be happier if they are with friends and some it is with their loved ones, but it is a completely unique feeling for each person.

  31. Living in the moment is when you can forget about the past and future and focus on the present. It’s very hard to do growing up in our scoiety. Our society has trouble forgetting the past and letting people forget the past. It’s a very hard thing to do. We also have trouble not focusing on the future. Everyone seems to be worried about the future. When your at school you’re thinking about college and you’re always thinking about what’s next. it’s very hard to live in the moment. There are so many things stopping you. It’s usually the people you’re closest to that stop you from living in the moment. They always want to talk about other things and It’s just so hard in our scoiety to just focus on the present.

  32. I think to live in the moment means to not hold back. Its now or never. If you really want to do something dont question it, just do it. It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks, just as long as you know its the right thing to do. If dont live in the moment I truely dont think your living your life. You have to learn to take chances and be brave. Dont hold back at anything because a day could come around one day and you might regret not doing what you wanted to do. There have been plenty of chances in my live where I just wanted to be in the moment and not even think about doing something I really felt I needed to do. I do have days where I regret it but the only thing I can do is to just move forward and now know to live life in the moment.

  33. Living in the moment is making decisions without real thought or reason. It’s when people run into the dark with no hesitation or light. I definitely don’t do this. If I take a risk, you can bet I have thought about every single thing that could go wrong and how to avoid it. You can also bet that I am equipped with a back up plan. (or two) I am more willing to take risks on people, but I’m still fairly cautious. Call me safe, call me boring, call me whatever you want. To use an overused metephor, I just try not to jump in head-first without seeing how deep the pool is, because the last time I didn’t I got hurt really badly. I don’t know how people always do things without thinking, there’s too big a chance for heartache. How many times do you hear the excuse, “I wasn’t thinking?” But I guess that’s just one way to look at this question.

  34. Living in the moment, to me, is pretty much ignore anything regrets or problems that haunt you from the past and concentrate on the present. Don’t be bothered by what happened before because it’ll just get in the way of what you do. Just enjoy what happens now, whether is hanging out with friends, eating dinner, or just enjoying the weather. If people try to think about their past constantly and if it bothers them constantly due to their mistake of some sort, then their life is filled with misery. If people try to concentrate on their future too much, they might screw up what happens to them right now which also screws up their planned future. So just go with the present and forget everything else.

  35. Living in the moment, to me, means to live every minute as though it’s your last. I hear people doing reckless, stupid things and use “living in the moment” as an excuse for their poor decisions. Imagine if one only had a moment to live, would that person do destructive, bad things for people to remember the person by? Or would that same person do something kind, something helpful as the last thing he/she does in his/her life? That person can make the right decisions and live in the moment. In fact, one might argue that it is because the person might only get a moment to live, that the person should do the right thing. The right thing does not always mean dull, boring thing. It could mean that you play Guitar Hero and have a great time with your friends. It could mean you go to a midnight premier movie and enjoy it greatly. Or it could mean that you stay up late to help your mother do dishes. But whatever you do, you must do it with great appreciation and enthusiasm. For you may not get to live another moment.

  36. To live in the moment is to do what you want to do. To have the ability to do something in that moment of time that nobody else can do. For an elderly person it could be a bucket list. For a younger person it could be a date with a girl or guy. It’s not thinking of the past and what could have been and it’s not thinking of the future for what could be. Its what i can and want do now . That will make a difference for the better. But right now sometimes I can’t live in the moment. But a lot of the time I can and when I do it feels good.

  37. ‘Living in the moment’ means doing what is right at the time you do it. It means no regrets, no planning. Living in the moment means enjoying every and making the most of every second of every day. Doing this in the real world is extremely hard for me. Even though I idealize spontaneity and a ‘live like you were dying’ attitude. I constantly find myself looking forward or backward, never being able to completely focus on the present. The only times I may have been able to ‘live in the moment’ were during highly physically or emotionally intense experiences. Whether playing a football game or climbing a mountain, adrenaline both lends you focus and steals your sense of time. It is only in these extreme moments that we truly ‘live in the moment.’

  38. I think that living in the moment is one of the greatest things a person can do. When i am in the perfect moment i feel like nothing can touch me. Like i am invincible. Its the small things that in life you want to live in whether it be being with the one you love, being with your best friends in the perfect place at the perfect time, the first kiss, the first love, the time where you realize who you want to be, the times when you sitting with your family and just thinking how blessed you are to have them in your life. I think that living in the moment is something everyone in the world should cherish. I love living in the moment and when i am given a chance to i never take it for granite because you never know when your gonna get it back, if you even will. I love life for that reason because it gives us the opportunity to live in a moment from time to time. I believe everyone should appreciate what they are given, its like the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” (corny i know but yet true) I think sometimes its hard to live in the present when you are focusing on the future and remembering the past. Its a challenge in life to do so, to live in the present, but when you find out how it hits you with a feeling of greatness. I hope that i am given the chance to live in many moments throughout my life.

  39. To me, to live in the moment is to completely enjoy yourself in what you are doing without having to worry about anything. This has happened to me many times when I was little. Doing anything that was fun when I was a kid was living in the moment. Back then, I wasn’t in the world long enough to think about the worries of life. There was no homework to worry about and no worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. I was completely ignorant of the economy and politics and all that ‘big people’ stuff. Heck, I didn’t even have to think about whether or not I was going to get hurt! Without those factors distracting me, I could completely enjoy the moment. Now, being in the big people category, it is impossible to forget all worries that are inevitably floating in my mind.

  40. Living in the moment is based on living life on the edge. A lot of people want the live in the moment at one point in their lifetime. Living in the moment involves caring less and ultimately just living life without regrets or looking back. I have been able to do this in modern society because, in life sometimes you need to take risks and live life on the edge or “in the moment”. When I think about living life in the moment I think about the quote “live everyday like it was your last.” This is saying that you should, in the end, due what you want and not be influenced in your decision making by others. I believe the world would be more positive if people lived in the moment and didn’t look back at the bad decisions and instead just learned from their mistakes and lived in the moment.

  41. Living in the moment is a conscious decision that we make when we face the reality of a short life. Some people have it in their mind. It’s something that they just do naturally. When you live in the moment, you try to do things in reaction. In some ways, living in the moment can be a careless decision. If you react without thinking it might be a poor choice that may cause a regret. Which defeats the immediate purpose of living in the moment. Actually, it’s more defeating the original idea of living in the moment. Therefore, thinking before acting could prevent future problems that you look back on in shame.

  42. ‘Living in the moment’ means you have excitement and thrill in your life. You don’t hold anything back or live on the safe side. It’s a risk to live in the moment, but most people love to take risks, live on impulses, and thrive for adventure. It does take alot of courage to ‘live in the moment’ these days, but the more and more people understand that ‘live today as if it were your last’ they want to have thrill in their life. For instance, decide to take a trip to Europe and leave that same day. In our society people who take these adventures are known to be non dependable and sporatic. Our society just doesn’t understand the need and want to be free, go somwhere and not be stressed or have to worry about something. Everybody over 13 has something to worry or stress about, that’s where the people thrive for excitement.

  43. Living in the moment means to live life to the fullest and not worry about the consequences sometimes. Also to do things out of impulse and not worry how the world may think about you. Also doing wild and crazy things knowing that you only have one life to live and it could in fact be short-lived. Also not being afraid and having no fears when you live in the moment you are not worried about tomorrow. I personally haven’t had the chance to live life to the fullest but I will be more then happy to do so. Since I don’t have all the freedom in the world to do crazy things there are many things I would love to do that sort of break the rules. I would like to go bungee jumping and skydiving which would make me have a huge adrenaline rush.

  44. Living in the moment can be looked at in a few ways. People may think living in the moment is in the climax of their life, where everything is going to way you want it to. Others might think that living your life and enjoying everday of it can be. I beleive that “living in the moment” is my everday living. I like to enjoy life the way it is and live it up. There can be many obsticals from preventing you the joy of this. But in terms of the having things go your way is different. There was a point where I had to take a risk in my academics by entering a sport and dedicating myself to it everyday. I tried my best and made mistakes along the way but I learned from it and got better and better each day in both academics and athletics. I reached the point where my grades had been very good and my competitions had been great. I was living the dream, but there came great sacrifice to acheive it. I would come home, change, then leave to practice everyday which was a 45 minutue drive away. By the time i got home it may have been 10 o clock then I would start homework and finish very late. That had been the climax in my life where I was working my hardest to acheive my goal and i succeeded.

  45. to me this means to be so focused on one thing that your not thinking about anything else. in sports many poeple call this the zone. the whole crowd and all other outside distractions fade away and orent even noticable. You are so focused on that catch, pitch, or free throw that dont notice any thing around you. You are not thinking about what happened after or before just what is happening now. this happens in every day life in every thing we do.

    weather its taking a test or playing sports. this can also me bad when you are living in the moment you arnt thinking about the concequences of your actions. many poeple who live in the moment get in many fights becouse there not thinking obout the concequences of there actions.

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