We’re going to start something new this semester.

After we spend a week answering new questions/prompts, we’ll spend a week responding to what people said that previous week.

Here are the rules:

  1. Every response must start with “I’m responding to Student #37” (or whatever the student’s # is).
  2. Every response must be a minimum of 7 sentences to receive credit.
  3. To receive credit, a student can only respond once to each entry (vocab story, “Plug In” question, etc) for credit.
  4. Once a student responds to a student in an entry, the student may offer responses to additional students in that entry…but no additional credit will be offered.
  5. Like in other weeks, Mr. Long will respond to the total # of entries that a student responded to a single student.  Example:  To get credit for 5 entries (an “A”), the student would have to respond to 5 students (7+ sentences each) in 5 different entries.
  6. Responses must be respectful to be given credit.  While it is acceptable to disagree, responses must be offered in an appropriate manner with a focus on details (not emotions).

Once you are ready to start responding to entries/students from last week, simply go back to that original entry and offer your reaction with the “I am responding to student #…” statement at the top.


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