• There will be NO blog entries this week as previously mentioned (with a due date of Monday, 4/6).  Because of my partial ‘paternity leave’ and a faulty home Wifi connection, I am not able to manage this week’s entries as I had hoped to.
  • We will resume blog entries/response starting the week of April 6th (with a due date of Monday, 4/13).

NEXT VOCAB QUIZ: Tuesday, 4/7

WORDS: Include all of the following lists:

March 24

  • admonish – to reprove
  • conviction – firmly held belief
  • disparage – to belittle; to criticize
  • flag – to droop, to grow feeble
  • misanthrope – one who hates mankind
  • occlude – to close or shut
  • precocious – mentally advanced for age
  • redundant- repetition or excess
  • turbulence – an unpredictable state; an instability in the atmosphere
  • vilify- to make abusive statements about someone

March 30

  • compendium – comprehensive summary
  • duplicity – dishonesty
  • exigency – urgent situation; requiring immediate action
  • foment – to stir up, to instigate
  • hamper – to prevent the free movement or action of someone or something
  • hypocritical- falsely claiming high principles
  • malleable – capable of being shaped, impressionable
  • paucity – scarcity
  • perfunctory – not thorough, done without care or enthusiasm
  • sporadic – occurring irregularly

April 6

  • abstemious – temperate or moderate in eating and drinking, consuming sparingly
  • decorum – in good taste; good manners
  • deterrent – something that discourages; hindrance
  • discerning – quick and observant; having insight; showing good judgment
  • inchoate – recently begun, rudimentary, elementary
  • inherent – firmly established by nature or habit; an integral part of something
  • magnanimity – generosity
  • notorious- famous for something bad
  • precarious – risky, dangerously lacking in security or stability
  • scrupulous- principled

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