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BACKGROUND: Almost a decade before you were born, a young technology company released one of the most famous television ads in modern history as an ‘attack’ on a larger technology company:

It featured a striking visual image that almost riveted viewers to the screen.

It featured a familiar film theme (can you name it? he smiles).

It also featured a stunning ‘message’ to customers of a competing technology company (that many of you may also be familiar with) that they should ‘revolt’ and consider a different company’s technology (that many of you are also very familiar with).

Challenge: react to the video (found on YouTube through the link above).

  • Remember that you can’t watch this at school unless you ask Mr. Long to show it to you before the weekend begins (wink, wink).
  • Please include the following in formation in the response:

part 1:  what you think of the actual television ad

part 2: any connections to 1984 that catch your attention


22 responses to “SEM2 Q4 #2: CRAZY POP CULTURE MOMENT — PER 1, 2, 3 ONLY

  1. The commercial was pretty odd, actually. At first I briefly thought the commercial might’ve been X Men, what with the clear tube and all. It looked a lot like the one to get to Magneto’s chamber, but oh well, that was sort of a stupid thought since we haven’t even talked about X Men in English class. And since you mentioned 1984 in the prompt. But hey, I was a viewer that was riveted to the screen when I watched X Men, but enough about that.

    I’m not exactly sure why they had that blond girl in short shorts and a tank top hurl the sledgehammer at the screen. I get that she’s trying to annihilate the screen that fettered they’re minds, but I don’t know if the fact she was a blond girl in shorts and a tank top had any other symbolic relevance to the ad. She sure did hurl that hammer pretty good though. And then I laughed when the random dust storm started blowing in all the guys’ faces after the screen broke while they were squinting with their mouths wide open. Do the telescreens in 1984 release clouds of dust when they’re broken?

    Well, one obvious connection to 1984 would be the giant TV that was brainwashing everyone to believe that they were merely part of a whole entity and they’re duty was to do everything they could to support that entity as opposed to being individuals and choosing to do what they believe is best. The uniforms are also vaguely related to the overalls the Party has to wear, but these uniforms were extremely baggy and gray. Plus some of the guys were wearing gas masks, possibly in preparation for the dust clouds at the end. I don’t really understand what Apple was trying to say with this ad, though. The blond girl, I assume, was supposed to represent the Mac since she had a drawing of a computer and an apple on her shirt. Was the Macintosh supposed be so revolutionary that it would free the people of the world’s minds from redundancy and inefficiency and give them a sense of individuality again? Without the Mac, would the year 1984 indeed fulfill Orwell’s prophecy like the commercial insinuated?

    I don’t know, I just think that the commercial took itself a bit too seriously for my taste.

  2. I think the television ad was done really well. The imagery including the marching group, the television screen, and the track woman, is really striking and just seems so out of the ordinary. I guess thats why Apple became pretty popular. This ad just got people’s attention and it made most of them go out and buy an Apple/Personal Computer. I just think its a very special and cool ad, but it doesn’t make me want to buy an apple. I’m a gamer and gamers usually rely on Windows/PC for their gaming. Back to the ad itself, it gives out the message clearly. People should start buying personal computers and buy Apple. Break from the pack of IBM. Overall a very well made commercial, and it really is the best I’ve seen. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. Nothing is perfect.

    When I replayed the video I was thinking this commercial is like politics. You know how in presidential elections, president candidates always try to find something bad in their opponents that way they look like they are the best. In a way, Apple is kind of doing this to IBM (the current computer company at the time). IBM’s codename was “Big Blue”, so Apple kind of used that statement, combined that with “1984,” and made a commercial. That’s politics, and business of advertising. You make the other guy look bad, and you make yourself look good. In a way its like in “1984” during the “2 minutes of Hate.” When they showed, most likely horrible images that made people angry and crazy(pg.14). But the video was focused on Big Brother’s enemy: Goldstein. The video was making Goldstein look bad, and showing the horrible things he’s done. The people get angry, and start shouting and throwing things. Then after everything is all done, Big Brother appears (pg 16). Then everybody is happy and calm. So in a way this commercial is attacking IBM and making Apple look cool.

    The imagery as I said in the 1st paragraph was really striking and got my attention and most likely other people’s attention. However when I read the first part of “1984” there were some elements in the book that reminded me of this video I saw. Starting on pg: 11, everybody is coming to sit down and watch the “2 minutes of Hate” on a big screen. The same thing like in the commercial, there are people marching to a big screen where they will watch a video. Difference being the video in the book is about hating enemies and always backing up Big Brother, while the commercial is just talking about how great their civilization is. Then suddenly, on pg: 14, a woman throws a book at the video screen. In the commercial there is a woman who throws something at the screen (but its a sledge hammer). So theres another similarity. Those are the 2 most striking resemblances I can find. Apple did a good job using the book to make their commercial.

    I wonder if there a movie of “1984”.

  3. When I first watched the commercial, it didn’t seem like an ordinary message to the people of America supporting a product. Instead, this was a minimovie (if I would Say it like that in 1984). This message was unlike anything I’ve seen so far; it was a message that didn’t tell you anything about the product (but gave hints throughout the film), unlike those repetitive Billy Mays commercials. Throughout the entire film, it was like talking about the product wasn’t as important as breaking that screen. For me, it was a pretty interesting ad.

    Many connections stood out in this clip that related to 1984. All the soldiers walking in straight file lines all looked alike as in 1984; they had all shaved their heads. The entire group of people sitting/mesmerized by the man on the screen was the 2 minute hate. That man on the screen, we can assume because of the recent end of the Cold War, was either the Russian ruler(as the enemy), Goldstein(1984’s wanted criminal) or Big Brother(as a savior)from 1984.

    What really stood out for me was the track athelete running for the hammer throw. If you read closely on her shirt, it had the Apple logo. She was the revolution against the existing computer manufacturer, IBM. IBM, as in the clip, had successfully completed the “Gl0rious Revolution” by taking over all of the bussiness-working people and also had began the “New age”. These words are exactly in 1984 itself, talking about how B.B won the revolution throughout Airstrip 1. Apple is the coompany that has come to free the others under IBM’
    s grasp and give them something new and better. The “Apple” in 1984 might be Winston. By the way, the end of the film also reveals that Apple will make the future not like the future in “1984”, make it better. That is what it has done.

  4. At first, I didn’t really make sense of the video. It seemed like a vision of the future by someone in the past. I asked myself, how is this supposed to be an ad? Not until I got to the scene where a face with a “long thin nose near the end of which a pair of spectacles was perched” appeared on the ‘telescreen’ did I realize the connection to 1984 that Apple was trying to make. (p.12, paragraph 2) After this realization, everything started to make sense.

    The video itself does seem like an attack on another computer making company at the time, packed with a little cheesiness inside. First, there were these people marching in a tube towards a room with a huge screen, wearing loose, gray clothing which looked like sleeping-ware. A girl, wearing those kind of shorts especially popular back then, running from future soldiers into the room where the people were watching a video of some guy wearing glasses talking. I guess the girl was symbolizing the new and modern aspect of technology, while everything else stood for the boring and old past. Then she threw the hammer she was holding at the screen with all her might, destroying the outdated technology, making her the spotlight. This ad isn’t on my favorites list, but I can see why it would attract people back then to consider buying Apple. It’s just different than the other ads because it gives a feeling of finally breaking away the burdens of the past.

    There are certainly a lot of connections in this ad to 1984. Besides the girl, everything is gray and dull, and the way the people are marching seems like everything is being controlled. There are telescreens every where, like in the tubes the people are walking in. The obvious connection is the big screen where many people are watching a guy talking, which is the Two Minutes Hate of Goldstein being projected onto the screen. The girl herself is one accused of thoughtcrime, being chased by the thought police. I guess this could be considered as an attack on other companies because the girl, representing Apple, is the only company able to think outside the box instead of following the boring routine set in the world. As to the screen exploding and sending dust still remains a mystery to me.

    I think that Apple did a great job in this ad because it catches people’s attention. It’s very different than all the other commercials because it attacks using a reference to literature. I guess the ad did succeed in 1984 by not making it be like 1984.

  5. I liked this commercial. It would have definitely gotten me liking Apple Computer more than any commercials made today. This commercial kind of has its own story, its not just telling me about the product. Actually the commercial only hints at the product until the very. Now commercials are obnoxious, they don’t get you to like the company; they just make the commercial get stuck in your head. They either go on and on about how great their product is or they repeat information about their product over and over again. This commercial keeps you wondering until the end, when you understand everything.

    I see four things besides the ending that remind me of 1984. First I noticed the fact that all the ‘citizens’ are dressed as if they are all very poor. This is like how in 1984 everyone is poor because all the money is being used to support the war. The second thing I noticed was the police keeping the citizens in line and chasing down people who don’t conform. This is like the Thought Police in 1984, which ‘arrest’ anyone who thinks anything even possibly leading to contrary thoughts about the party.

    The third thing I noticed is all the ‘citizens’ watching the screen from which what appears to be a dictator or government official and being mesmerized by this man’s reassurances. This is like how in 1984, during the Hate, at the end when Big Brother reassures everyone and they start to chant for him. Fourth I noticed the sound of marching throughout the man’s speech. This is like how in 1984, during the Hate, as Goldstein is talking the Eurasian soldiers can be heard the entire time marching behind him. I think that Apple’s use of 1984 to show that they were rising up against IBM was extremely clever.

  6. I was surprised that the commercial tracked the book so closely. I thought it could pass for a movie trailer of Nineteen Eighty Four. The audience gathered to see the man, who was literally Big Brother-looking, as one might imagine Two Minutes of Hate would look like. The audience itself was uniformed in dingy gray outfit and everyone had bald head. The atmosphere created was oppressing, dark, and mindless. Then we see the blond athlete running down the isle with a sledge hammer. She is most certainly revolutionary, from her hair to her red shorts. After much anticipation, she throws the sledge hammer at the screen, which shatters the Big Brother image. This is very clearly saying that IBM, the Big Blue, is the oppressive Big Brother of the computer world and that Apple will shatter its dominance.
    I thought the commercial was effective in delivering the message that their product would be different than IBM. It was strikingly different than most commercials in that it didn’t even discuss its own product. It made you anticipate the Apple product with its promise of something very revolutionary and different. Even without having read the book Nineteen Eighty Four, one could see that they are saying Mac will change the computer world. This would make most consumers anticipate and take a look at the Mac. In that sense, the commercial would be a success.

    I don’t know if the commercial was effective in getting people to buy the Mac, though. Twenty five years after the introduction of the Mac, it is still the minority product. Even though there are a group of people passionate about their Mac, Mac did not shatter the computer world in 1984. The Big Brother, IBM, was defeated and the revolution was achieved by the Windows of Microsoft, instead of the Mac. The lesson here, in business-speak, is that even though you can make the consumer look at your product by being different, your product must deliver on content and usage. The lesson for me was that I am glad we are reading 1984. Apparently, it is a book that most intelligent people are expected to have read.

  7. My first impression when I watched the commercial was ‘what the smacking is going on?’ Even though the clues are everywhere (like the computer monitors when the people are marching), it is only in the final ten seconds that the viewer realizes what is being sold. Just from the point of view of the brainless consumer who only sees commercials once, shouldn’t we have a tangible idea of what the product is before the commercial is over? That being said, I thought the commercial itself was very interesting and far more complex than a car commercial featuring…just a car. There were a lot of components in it that would keep the viewer interested even after the commercial ended.

    Just like the citizens of Oceania, the people in the commercial are constantly being bombarded by how great their society is: “the first anniversary of the GLORIOUS information purification.” They hear all day how fabulous their world is, and so they never doubt it, thinking there couldn’t possibly be ‘greener grass.’ The woman running in the shorts, however, thinks that there is something better out there. By destroying the center of the people’s oppression (the screen) she enables them to think on their own to decide if they want to rebuild their society, or consider if there is a better option. In our world, the woman’s destruction of the screen (symbolic of IBM) allows us to consider if we want to try a newer option, the Macintosh.

    I really liked the last line, “and you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”. During the time this commercial was shown, the threat of a nuclear war was a very real possibility, and due to this, people did not want to make drastic changes, but rather remain ‘close to home.’ However, Macintosh shows us what will happen if we don’t behave like individuals but instead conform to society. I think that what that lines means is that people should not stick with IBM computers just because they have been around longer, but should make the leap and try Macintosh, in order to prevent an INGSOC-type society. Slightly dramatic, but still…

  8. I definitely thought this commercial was interesting. It really grabbed my attention because it does more than just sell a product; it is trying to tell a story. Within only one minute they managed to successfully (in my mind) sell the audience on their product, or at least make them curious about it. The commercial never tells you what they are actually trying to sell until the last 10 seconds, which is very risky considering ads are quite expensive. I thought the ad was great though because of how different it was.

    I really enjoyed how the commercial incorporated a lot of the elements from the book “1984.” The large screen with the man speaking resembled the two-minutes hate. When the commercial showed all of the men wearing the same thing, it obviously showed the uniformity that takes place in the book. It looks like the police or authority figures keep the people in line, just like in 1984. Everything is the same, and no one thinks differently, except for Winston, who in an odd way could be representing the blonde girl in the ad. She is completely different because she is a woman, has blonde hair, and has colorful clothes unlike all of the men in grey. She is the one who breaks the “barrier” and represents something different, or innovative. She represents the new Apple computer. If you observe closely enough, there is an apple on her shirt.

    This commercial is also filled with subliminal messages. When it shows the men marching in the long clear hallway, there are computer monitors near the top. So even though you technically don’t know what they are selling till the very end of the ad, they help by giving you that hint. I didn’t even notice them the first time I watched the video. Overall, I think Apple did a good job portraying themselves as different than other computers. The commercial had a lot of history in it, and I think you had to be relatively intelligent at that time to understand the commercial. I think it did a great job depicting “1984.”

  9. Being a loyal supporter of Macintosh, I found the ad very interesting. I never thought that a book that we would read in high school would be referenced in a computer commercial. This commercial, which is actually a lot like many other ads in the 21st century, doesn’t say anything about the product until a few seconds till the end. The product not showing until the end of the commercial would cause it to be the last thing that a person’s brain would remember of that advertisement. I noticed the young, blond haired girl who was running away from a police force had the Apple logo on her shirt. Her chest, which becomes the focus of almost everyone watching the commercial, is the perfect place to put the company’s logo. I also found it interesting that the surroundings/atmosphere of the commercial was very bland, using mostly neutral/dark colors.

    The similar looking people marching towards the computer screen represents the idea of a society where everyone is exactly the same, sort of like Communism. The woman, who is portrayed more colorfully than the rest of her surroundings, symbolizes a rebellion against society’s norms. When the screen explodes after the woman throws her sledgehammer at it, covers everyone starting at the screen with dust. At first I dismissed it to be just for effect, but upon seeing the commercial for the second time I found it’s significance. I already assumed that the projection of a man yelling about the success of their civilization stood for IBM, the competing computer company at the time. Dust is a kind of filth, which represents corruption. So when the woman with the blond hair threw the hammer at the screen, dust exploded from it, signifying the underlying corruption in the projections.

    There were many connections in the commercial that I found were linked with 1984. The most obvious is at the end of the commercial where 1984 is put in quotes, showing a direct referral to the book itself. I also noticed that the people in the room starting at the screen looked a lot like the Two Minutes of Hate. The police chasing the woman with the blond hair could have stood for the Thought Police, which emphasizes that the woman has committed a crime that went against the traditions of society. The act of throwing a sledgehammer at the TV screen also reminded me of when the woman in the 1984 threw a book at the screen.

  10. The commercial was very interesting and it reminded me so much of the images I have created while reading “1984.” The intensity of the commercial had the ability to truly draw the viewer’s attention in and not loose it until the end. Because the purpose of the advertisement was not known from the beginning it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was being promoted. It was almost like a small motion picture squished into an extremely small time frame. Also the smashing of the “telescreen” with “Big Brother” speaking left the viewer feeling empowered by technology. Apple cleverly made their company the savior and bright light in the commercial, preventing the world from falling into the ignorance and communism of “1984.”

    There were many factors of the commercial that sparked my memory of what has been read so far in “1984”. The “telescreen” with “Big Brother” speaking was the most evident similarity and also the mindlessness of the people in the jumpsuits. However in the book the jumpsuits are described as blue and so I was confused by the choice of gray jumpsuits. Also there were women in the jumpsuits but they were all bald and this was different from the book considering that Winston distinguishes the women based on their hair color. At first I thought the woman carrying the hammer had on reddish shorts and it reminded me of the scarlet belts worn by the members of the Junior Antisex league, but then I realized the shorts were definitely orange. Also I thought it was interesting that “Big Brother” was wearing spectacles but no one else seemed to be. Winston talks about O’Brien having spectacles along with other individuals but not Big Brother.

    The commercial made complete sense to me because I have read some of “1984” but I found it interesting that the company was limiting their audience to only those who understood the plot of “1984.” Considering that there was a movie version eventually released perhaps the story was better known, but it seems odd that they would not want to make the advertisement more universal. Also I found it strange that the woman who crashed the screen used a hammer to do so. Perhaps I am missing the significance of this but it seems like she used an ancient tool to usher in new technology. Macintosh was supposed to prevent the mindlessness that occurs in the book by giving society a way to think less about what they write by using typing and autocorrect and give them the ability to finish things in half the time. This extra time can be used for everything from watching TV to doing anything but think. In a way the very thing that was supposed to enlighten individuals simply gave them an excuse to think less and become closer to the ignorance throughout “1984.”

  11. If I had been given this video with the video title covered up, I wouldn’t have made the ad’s connection to 1984 until the man on the screen’s speech was at its climax (when the girl hurled the hammer towards the screen). Then I recognized it as the same ‘brain washing’ technique of the Two-Minutes Hate used in 1984. I felt pretty stupid not identifying it quicker, since we’ve been talking about 1984 in class. Hah… Anyway, I thought the ad was a bit too.. strange and dark. One wouldn’t think it would be a computer advertisement. I laughed when the screen was smashed and the dust storm blew into the faces of the dumbfounded audience.

    I’m pretty sure that the girl represents a Mac, since she has a picture of an apple and a Mac on her tank (I had to pause the video to confirm this one). Of course, the first relation I spotted to 1984 was the ‘brainwashing’ of the audience by (tele)screen, kind of like the Two-Minutes Hate. I made out part of the man within the screen’s speech as: “Today we celebrate the anniversity of the planting of our garden of pure ideology… we are one people… we are one…. we are one…” Obviously, this is directly derived from Orwell’s idea – one ‘big’ man controlling the others behind the safety of a screen, directing them towards the goals of the whole instead of for their own self interests. I noticed that the men were all wearing the same uniform. Though not identical to the ones they wear in 1984 (overalls), the grey uniforms erased all individuality from the crowd. Plus, their shaved heads really made them look identical – just numbers, instead of personalities.

    I also noticed that the entire crowd of those being brainwashed were… men. The fact that the ‘Mac’, dressed in red and white opposed to grey, was a woman symbolizes that something out of the ordinary will come and restore the lost sense of individuality of society. I think apple is implying that the Mac will introduce a new era that’s free from the grip of the inefficient PC, which has deprived society of individuality and self interest. The Mac, so extremely revolutionary, is portrayed like it can topple an entire foundation of a “garden of pure ideology” established by the ‘brainwashing’ PC. I don’t think PCs are that terrible…

  12. I was fortunate enough to watch this commercial in class. I was at first very confused by the odd features but was soon very intrigued. Although it is very odd the commercial itself it had much deeper meanings. Most I would have unintentionally missed.

    In class we discussed how it was symbolic of the people staring at the screen towards the end just like the ‘2 minutes of hate’ but also symbolized the men watching the super bowl. I was very interested by the young lady who threw the sledge hammer. You mentioned it was around the time the US boycotted the Olympics in Russia and I thought the fact they brought that into the commercial was very neat. The young lady throwing the sledge hammer is also similar to 1984 when the lady throws a book at the screen. We also pointed out how all the men marching in the line looked similar, just in like in 1984. Although we pointed out all these similarities I was extremely confused by the last lines.

    I really overall enjoyed the commercial and the ‘strangeness’ of it. Apple did a very good job at grabbing my attention, as well as millions of others. The way they intertwined both the book and the commercial is pretty awesome. But it was settle enough that the average American might have missed all meanings intended. Apple obviously did something right, because now they are one of the top competitors in our economy.

  13. The very first time I watched this clip was during class and I was so lost, honestly. But then I really liked how each and every part of the commercial had a different meaning, all equally important. It also made me laugh how the woman was running in shorts and a tank top, posing as an athlete, but obviously dressed like so to please the male eye. Ironically, only men were in the audience as well. When I thought about what year it was I concluded that the Olympics were also taking place right about this time, so the thought of an athlete made sense.

    I honestly had no clue what I was supposed to think of it. But after we slowed it down and watched it consecutively I realized that in many ways it related to 1984 the book. The screen has all of the members of the audience mesmerized beyond their belief, much like the dreaded two minutes in the book. Also the men that were marching at the beginning were all marching in unison, almost as if it was necessary to live. Obviously the end of the commercial was extremely ironic and related to the book as well.

    Another thing that popped out at me was the computers at the very beginning of the commercial. These automatically tell the audience what the product is, they just are not aware of it at the beginning of the commercial. Also on the shirt of the girl running is an apple. Seeing as the company’s name is Apple, I found this really interesting and extremely sly of them to throw in there. Overall this commercial was really interesting and made me pay attention to every single detail of it.

  14. Ok i cant lie, at first i thought the commercial was really weird. I actually wasn’t sure what to make of it because i felt like so many things were going on at once. I figured it was either for a hooters commercial and a new movie coming out. The commercial could have made peoples mind go so many directions. Without reading the book 1984 it would be hard to make any references from it to the book.

    I thought 0f the actual tv that it was creative the kind of spin they put on it. I think it was cool to see the men marching, the girl running, and the man on the loud speaker talking. The whole clutter of it all was in a some organized matter. The commercial portrayed the computer in a way that you had to search for the deeper meaning to find the purpose. I also thought that the outfits where very nifty because they weren’t the everyday attire, the symbolized diversity. Which diversity was what they were going with when they began to advertise the computers.

    There were many connections i could have made referring back to 1984. The girl running made me think of the girl with the chastity belt. I connected them together because they girl running was flaunting what she had but wasn’t letting anyone touch her. She was just like the girl in the book, because she has the looks but isn’t with anyone. I think also that the guys who are marching are the party in the book because they are under the order of one person just like in the book under Big Brother. The connections aren’t exactly perfect but if you put a spin on them they begin to match up.


    When I first watched this tv commercial I was very confused at why they would produce something as such. When you think about all the success that apple has had I don’t think this was very influential. But obviously it was because it got people to buy their product. It was very interesting to say the least. Although I had never seen anything like this, I’m sure it will refurbish itself in future apple commercials. Overall this commercial kind of scared me.

    After I watched it I went and asked my mom if she remembered anything like this and of course she said no because she has a bad memory. The gray men were very peculiar in a sense that they were all the same looking. I thought it was very odd that there was one girl and she had the most color on out of the whole commercial. Except for the apple at the end of the commercial, she was the most colorful. And the fact that she as holding a sledgehammer has a lot of significance in that she was destroying the brainwashing and creating the apple Macintosh movement of thinking.

    This had a lot of connection to the book we are reading. I took from this commercial that all the men represented the people in the book who were being controlled mentally by a telescreen that had a picture of their “ruler” on it. This was very funny because at the end, the girl destroyed it and I laughed hysterically. Also the technological and future looks that this commercial had made me think of the book as well. The two have very significant meanings while one was funnier than the other.

  16. Student Response #1

    Response to Student #1.

    I agree with this student that the tube looks like it is from X men but considering that has nothing to do with what we are talking about that didn’t come to my mind. I thought that the scene looked more like the inside of a computer. This would make more sense considering what the commercial is about. The student’s fourth sentence is also not actually a sentence. I don’t think odd is the right word for the commercial. It’s more unusual, odd seems to imply that there is something wrong and since I liked the commercial I wouldn’t say that.

    I don’t think the word fettered is the best way to say what the screen did to the men. I would say that the screen filled their heads with good aspects of the government or whatever the man on the screen was a part of. This would be like propaganda. It would be used to keep the men happy with their controllers and not want to rebel. It is probably a smart idea to do this considering that all the men there could probably overwhelm the police even though they have weapons. Also it should be “hurl that hammer pretty well.”

    I don’t understand the gas masks either. However somehow I don’t think that they were for the explosion at the end that the people didn’t know was coming. I agree that the girl was Macintosh. However for the rest of the commercial, I believe that the light blue tint everywhere showed that the dictatorship and propaganda was IBM, or ‘the big blue.’ IBM in 1984 was the main computer producer. I believe that Apple is saying that Macintosh will free the world from being dominated by IBM. I also don’t understand what “the commercial took itself a bit too seriously” means.

  17. Student Response #2

    I am responding to Student 14.

    I agree with you. If I hadn’t read 1984, I would have thought it was a commercial for a really interesting movie in the 1980’s( except for the credits). The only other connection I could make to it would have been the Communist Party in Russia during the time and the Cold War. Unlike the commercials today(most of them) that spend their time just to explain how the products work. Apple had given us a story, a history lesson,a commercial, and much more in about 1.5 min.

    I really need to ask you about the “diversity” you said. You are right, that all the people were wearing the same uniforms and that they all looked alike. When you say diversity, do you mean they all look different than from everyone else at the time? Are you trying to say that the lady was the difference from the rest of the mindless minions? Was she the other comnputer that everryone else wasn’t using? I thought at first you said that each person was different, although all were wearing the same.

    I really liked how you interpreted the girl. She looked as though she was literally trying to show off, but she was preventing others from touching her. She is exactly like the girl with the chastity sash in 1984. Winston wants her, but cant because of the sash. You will figure out later in the book how this perfectly fits with the girl(no intention to spoil). Make connections with what the lady is in the commerial to the lady in 1984 and you will get it.

  18. Student Response #3

    I’m responding to Student #11.

    Hey, you’re not alone. I didn’t find the connection of this video with 1984 until the very end either. This video IS kinda dark and gloomy for a computer ad, but I think that Apple wanted the video to be like that. Apple wanted to portray their rival as bland while the girl symbolizes the new and interesting technology that they have to offer. I thought the dust blowing at the audience after the screen was destroyed was a bit weird and awesome at the same time. How the girl threw the hammer at the screen was awesome too.

    The girl probably does represent the Mac. I personally couldn’t hear what the man on the screen was saying, so thanks for sharing that with us. Anyways, I find it interesting how you describe that man on the screen as only thinking about the big picture and not the details. I only thought that man is trying to ‘possess’ the people by making them not see that the Mac is on par with PC, if not better. I guess the people in shaved heads represent the rest of the population who are using the PC while the girl is one who prefers the Mac. Once people change to the Mac, they will be as free and colorful as that girl.

    I never noticed that all the people were men. I’ve actually never thought about how gender plays out in the video. It’s interesting, now that you bring it up, that there is only one woman, and it’s the one running at the screen. I guess it means that the Mac is something different, in a good way, which can take technology to a new level. The Mac can change everything from being gray and plain to being colorful and compelling.

  19. Student Response #4

    I am responding to Student 12

    I also watched this film in class and so I agree with you. I had forgotten that we mentioned the Superbowl as a comparison with the screen though. When I was trying to think about the lady and the Olympics, I couldn’t remember what what she threw was called (dumb, I know), so the fact that you remembered what it was helped me as well. I liked how you pointed out that since you had read 1984 some things jumped out at you more than they would to a person who had not read 1984, which I completely agree with. I thought that it was cool how you integrated what we said in class into your response, but put a cool twist on it making it your own.

    I liked that you mentioned the lady who threw the sledge hammer also. However it would have been perfect to also mention her attire, although it was humorous. I agree with the strange, awkwardness displayed within the line of men, looking almost like soldiers. That was really cool because I remember discussing that in class and laughing at how orderly they were. Overall it was really cool because I was able to agree in so many areas with what you were saying since I was in the discussion with you.

    The one thing that stood out to me was the very last line in your second paragraph. I definitely don’t understand what it means either honestly. It really kind of confused me even more! But it would have been so awesome if we understood what it meant to be able to elaborate on it! It would have also been really cool if you said what you thought it may mean because I think it might be that with Mac, life would not be restrained? I don’t know though. I also liked the comment at the end for some strange reason, about the commerical obviously being successful? That comment for some reason really entrigued me and it sealed the deal. Good work!

  20. Student Response #5

    I am responding to Student No. 14

    I wouldn’t have thought of a “Hooters” commercial, but that’s hilarious. I’m not sure that people cannot get the idea this commercial is about some product that is being advertised as revolutionary without having read 1984, but it may be confusing. I can see why it looks like a commercial about a new movie coming out. I agree with you about the “whole clutter of it” in “some organized matter.” That is a good description. I also liked your idea of portraying the computer “in a way that you had to search for the deeper meaning” “to find the purpose.” Come to think of it, even though Mac users are minority, they seem more loyal and fervent about their computer than Windows users.

    What I don’t understand is your comment about “diversity.” The outfits of the men marching were in uniform. If you are saying that the men marching were uniformed, and the girl’s clothes were different and is therefore “diversity,” okay. I wouldn’t have called it “diversity,” though, since diversity implies more than two. I might call it “choice” or “alternative.” Other than that, I agree with all the points you made about the commercial that tracked the book.

    You did not discuss if the commercial was successful in getting people to go out to buy an Apple computer. Judging from your insightful connections, I think you might be the type to go try. You might have thought that IBM is a lot like Big Brother. It is a monopoly and I want to try something that is billed as “revolutionary.” You might at least give it a try and compare it with IBM. I guess our parents made the choices for us, but thinking about the commercial makes me want to go try a Mac and compare it with the new Big Brother, the Microsoft Windows.

  21. Student Response #6

    I am responding to Student #11

    When I first saw this commercial I really just watched it for fun. By then I hadn’t read the book, so all this commercial really did was just give me an idea for what the book might be like. When I read the book, I did realize it was like the 2 mins of Hate. I agree that the ad is strange and dark to where one wouldn’t think it was a computer ad, but it got people’s attention. What would you do in order to get people’s attention, and make them buy your product?

    The girl, yes, does represent apple (the shirt well I really didn’t see anything, just a shape that could be like an apple), however she represents more than that. I mean looking at the commercial she can represent a rebel to a world thats is uniform. Maybe she is the Goldstein. Now I agree that the commercial has a meeting place that looks like the “2 Mins of Hate,” and everybody is wearing the same uniforms (not like the uniforms in “1984”). There is another thing that I should point out though. When she throws that hammer it almos reminds me of that one girl who threw a purse at the screen in “1984” during the “2 Mins of Hate.” I also like this one sentence: “Obviously, this is directly derived from Orwell’s idea – one ‘big’ man controlling the others behind the safety of a screen, directing them towards the goals of the whole instead of for their own self interests” because its true, and maybe in “1984” everybody is working to accomplish Big Brother’s goal. I wonder what it is.

    Well you criticzed the PC really badly. You called them brainwashing. Well this commercial is probably brainwashing since its trying to get you to buy a Mac. This is all politics, Apple wants to make IBM look bad, and so they take their codename and twist it around. When you look at it also, everybody in the end will have the same computer. I mean if everybody buys Macs, everybody has a Mac. If everybody buys a PC, everybody has a PC. Today at least we get to customize and give our PC’s/macs a good look. We can express our individuality in computers really well today. I’m a PC and I hate Macs.

  22. Student Response #7

    I am responding to student #14

    I totally agree with this response because I thought almost excactly the same when I saw it in class. At first I saw the girl running with that sledge hammer and I thougt: “What a weird Hooters commercial.” Of course I didn’t immediately make the connection to 1984. I don’t think that anyone would think of the party and Goldstein as soon as they saw this video.

    After watching it again you begin to see the smaller and more important things. Like student 14 said “The whole clutter of it all was in a some organized matter. ” I find this to be very true because there were men orderly marching and sitting in front of a big screen. But the girl, who was the only person on color, seemed to throw all this off balance.

    But if I think back now, after having read the first couple of chapters of 1984, I can make an obvious connection. I definetly see that the commercial director was using the 2 minutes of Hate scene from the book. In the book, everything was very organized but it began getting chaotic as soon as Goldstein appeared on the telescreen. But Winston was the “disturbance” of the whole order because he seemed to think something else as everyone else. We notice this because he wrote “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” in his journal. I think that this disturbance is represented by the girl running towards the big screen and destroying it by throwing the hammer at it.

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