NOTE: Any student — Periods 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 — can do this entry.


As you all remember, Winston purchases a glass paperweight — with a piece of coral in it — from the antique shop…and sneaks it home.  When he later rents the apartment to hide with Julia, he keeps it there, too.  It becomes a symbol of something he is trying to understand/remember, even more than just being something beautiful.

For Winston, his glass paperweight represents a link to a ‘missing history’ he does not want to forget. It is also a link to an ‘imaginary future’ he dreams about.  In some ways, it helps him keep sane when everything around him seems beyond understanding.  Maybe this is what matters most to him.

Imagine this:

  • Imagine you suddenly woke up to find yourself in an apartment like Winston, with a blue uniform on, listening to a telescreen in the background.  In other words, you found yourself as a character in the book itself.  And there is no escape.
  • Imagine that you knew the ‘truth’ about Big Brother’s world…but you also realized that you’d be a ‘thought criminal’ (and killed) if you told anyone what you knew.  There would never be a way to change this. Again, there is no escape.  Your only choice is to find some way to let your imagination continue to live.
  • Imagine you could buy or find (1) object — like Winston’s glass paperweight — that would help you remain ‘sane’ and maintain ‘hope’ for the future.


  • Identify what the (1) object would be.  Be creative.  Anything is possible.
  • Explain why this (1) object would help you keep sane and maintain hope.
  • 3+ paragraphs, 5+ sentences each.



29 responses to “Q4, W3, #2: WHAT WOULD YOUR PAPERWEIGHT BE?

  1. My object would be a small, stuffed bird. It would be like a hunting trophy but obviously smaller. This bird would have been perfectly preserved as a stuffed object. I don’t know what kind of bird it would be as long as it fit in my pocket easily. It wouldn’t be easily broken and it would look and feel exactly like a bird in real life, except it wouldn’t be alive.

    This would keep me sane because every time I saw it, felt it, or thought of it, I would remember nature. I would remember what is outside the drab rundown cities and the uniform ministries. I would remember that somewhere there is no control, no one watching me. I would also remember that at one time the entire world was natural. You could see examples of nature everywhere; there was nothing artificial anywhere. Also, no one was watching you.

    Thinking of this would help because it seems like it would be easy to lose yourself in the layers of artificial cities. The cities seem like they’re poor and retched on purpose. In the ministries you would work towards keeping yourself oppressed like the party wants you. And in nature it would seem like you were past all the layers of surveillance that suppress your free thought. It is true that you could go on community hikes, but these aren’t for relieving the pressures of the cities. These are for building a loyal community. Overall, this reminder of nature would at least give you the impression that you were free to think.

  2. As a party member that knew everything about Big Brother but didn’t have the courage to fight against him, I would need a reminder of the truth because I would most likely repulse the info I know. I would keep a personal mirror(unless they already have mirrors in 1984). It doesn’t matter what sort of reflection thing just anything that shows myself.

    I believe a mirror would be the best object for me to keep sane. I would be able to see how I progressed every day(looks and age). Winston was so shocked to see himself after being tortured in the miniluv. I think it is a way to remind oneself of the truth for anything, such as one’s looks and the constant change everyone takes. Mirrors reveals the outside appearance.

    A mirror, other than showing the outer appearance, shows a different side of things. It is another reality, an opposite reality. Just a remembrance that there is such a reality would just remind me that the society in 1984 isn’t what it seems. I would be reminded that there is such a society other than Big Brother’s society, a better one. I would have the ability to remember life before Big Brothers’ entrance to the world and be able to continue living off that experience. A mirror would be sustenance for my memory and mind and help me through my life. It doesn’t mean, however, that it would give me hope of the return of that good society.

  3. I think my object would be a teddy bear. I know it sounds juvenile, but I think it would be something good to have. It is an object that is comforting. I think it would remind me of my childhood, which would be a time when I was much happier. I think that if the bear was similar enough to a bear I had owned in the past, it could remind me of more specific events that took place. It could remind me of my family and friends that I may not be around anymore, and remind me that I once was really happy.

    The bear would also be comforting because it could be nice and soft. I think that in a world of government issued clothing, none of the fabric is going to be very comfortable. So having that piece of the past that is truly a comfort item might be helpful. It might not be easily concealed, but maybe I would have a place like Winston and Julia’s room (minus the telescreen) where I could keep it. I think that having it around would have a calming effect.

    I also think this would keep me sane, because it is proof of a happier time where the government didn’t have control of everything. I think remembering that they didn’t always have complete power would be a really good thing to remember. I think that it would give me hope that I could change things. I think that just that little piece of history that wasn’t contaminated would allow me to remain hopeful that I could get rid of the extreme oppression in which I lived. So I guess the juvenile aspect is actually pretty important in keeping me sane and hopeful.

  4. If I lived in a world like Winston Smith and was forced to wear the same thing every day, then my ‘escape’ would be a lightning whelk shell. I think if there was an object that could represent my childhood then it would be this shell. Every summer, my parents and I go to Sanibel, Florida for a week. We have very specific places we go to eat, like The Bean and Mona Lisa’s and we lie on the beach all day and read (although I have to wear socks on my feet because my sock line is so bad my feet would be roasted). Every morning, my mom and I get up early and walk on the beach looking for shells. We know most of their names and have a few favorites, but the lightning whelk has to be our absolute favorite.

    Like my mother and me, the lightning whelk is left-handed. No, I don’t mean it can write with its left hand, but the side that it opens on is the left. Most shells are right-handed and the lightning whelk is very unique. If I were to live in a society where there was no individuality, this shell would be a daily reminder that it is possible to survive in a sea of conformity. However, the whelk would also be a constant reminder of the oppression of the society in which I live. The lightning whelk was once alive and protected a creature. At some point, however, the animal died, leaving only a beautiful shell and a constant reminder of how many things can still exist as a shadow of what they once were.

    Finally, like I have already said, the lightning whelk reminds me of my family. The times that we spend in Florida are some of my favorite memories with them, and wherever I am, they make me happy. If I were to remain sane in an INGSOC-type society, I would have to remember a time in which I was not alone and people loved me. I think if I were as isolated as Winston, I would absolutely go crazy; there is no doubt in my mind. However, I was able to hold onto a thread of friendship and love, then I think I would be able to make it another day.

  5. My paperweight would be my Dell XPS Computer desktop with its monitor. It would be inside a sphere like Winston’s paperweight. It would be black on the front and back (where all the CD drives and cables go to) with blue lights flashing, and silver on the side. The mointor would look exactly like the monitor that I am typing these words in right now, only smaller. It has to all fit into a sphere.

    I want my computer to be my paperweight because my computer is one of my favorite objects. Its part of my pride. Its been upgraded to be very powerful, and can take anything. There are also some accesories like an external hardrive (for backup memory) and and Xbox 360 controller. Its very secure and its very durable. At times it may be slow or may crash, but at least it can redeem itself. It is a very useful computer, and it destroys others. It’s kindof like a part of me.

    Also as I said my computer has an external hardrive. The external hardrive has a memory capacity of 1 TB and my computer has a 500 GB of harddrive. These memory devices has all my pictures, documents, games, and etc. So in a way most of my histroy and everything about it is recorded there. So everytime I look at that paperweight I will always know that there was a time before Big Brother, and it was a very great and fun time. If I could find my computer then I would learn everything I could from it. All my histroy, and relive the past. Also if I do find my computer I’m going to learn how to send a virus to Big Brother.

  6. Everyday I wake up the telescreen was making the noise music and report. I wear my blue uniform everyday to the party and work in there. There is no laws, but it also had no freedom. Work and work everyday, no break, no holiday. That was a tired life, I am so want to have a freedom. I can not handle the life like Winston. The only thing can make me still awake was my music box, with red and gold side box. Everytime I revovle the spring, the beatiful music through to my ears, will make me so calm, and make me put down everything to enjoyed.

    In the music box I don’t know what music is that, but I remember when I was a child( like first or second grade) my mom always groan the music to make me full into sleep. Everytime and everytime, that becomes my favorite song. Everytime I hear that music, I will remember my mom. The music as represent the memory of my mother in the child hood. I will not forget that feeling. The melody was unforgetable, that had grown the root in my memory. So that I will not forget my mom forever.

    I have not see my mom for a year. But I can use phone and music box to keep me remember her. Everytime I talk to her, her voice doesn’t even change at all, she is still young and pretty like in my chilhood. My memory of her is connect tight with the music box. I will never lost my music box. Because I am afraid one day I will like Winston, forget anything about his family and pass. I will keep that, because that was part of the memory.

  7. The memories of my old life would continue on every time I looked at my favorite chess piece, the King. He would be lead-based, so he would be heavy enough to stand strong. He would be white, since white always goes first and, theoretically, has the advantage in a chess match. He would sit sturdily on my study desk at home. This paperweight would take me back to my childhood when I first started competing against my friends. My sanity would be sustained by being able to think back to my victories. My humility would be grounded when I would remember my losses.

    The King would also symbolize a sense of security, by providing me with flashbacks of my family. I could reminisce about how my dad took me to my first chess tournament. It would also remind me of how incredibly patient my mom was. She endured many eight-hour Saturdays with not much else to do but visit with other parents and wait on me to come out of a match, with either a thumbs up or thumbs down signal. I would also remember how my sister would just hang out at a tournament, completely bored. If I won, she would congratulate me. If I lost a match she would tell me it was okay. She would always ask which move lead to my triumph or my defeat. She is not a chess player, and I don’t think she was truly interested in the move. This was her way of being supportive. Thinking back to how my family always encouraged me would help me maintain a hopeful outlook for the future.

    Also, the King would jolt my memories of the International and Grand Masters I have been able to meet at state and national tournaments. I was lucky enough to meet the best female chess player in the United States, Grandmaster Susan Polgar, at a national tournament. I had the pleasure of playing simuls against Michal Kujovic, an International Grandmaster. The King would also remind me of all the not so famous opponents I have competed against. The camaraderie among chess players is incredible. Often times, opponents will sit down together after a match and recreate a match using their respective chess notation. All these recollections would help maintain the belief that tomorrow would be a better day.

  8. The one thing that would keep my sane in Winston’s world would be my camera. I would be able to look back at the past, and remember. I think remembering things would be my biggest hope. If I were stuck in Winston’s world trying to figure out what the world use to be like, I think a camera would be amazing. You know that those pictures are real also. Nobody changed or “rectified” them, or made them up. They were right there on the camera. I would also be able to see that date on the picture, which would be mindblowing in Winston’s world.

    I chose my camera because not only can you look at the past, you can capture the present. It would almost be like making evidence of the present. Having proof of what the world was like, and how you lived everyday. My camera would not only act like my photo album, but it would be my creative outlet. Being creative is my motivation, I love sharing it. I think the freedom of being creative would keep me sane. It would be a great medium in that world because it shows reality.

    In all reality, I would not really be able to take many pictures in Winston’s world. It would be nearly impossible to pull out a camera and take pictures. But I think if I could somehow pull it off, I would stay sane and it would maintain hope. I think having an outlet for my creativity would be helpful, but it is also great that it hold the past. I also think a photo album would be my back up paper weight. My camera is multi-functional, but the photo album works just as well.

  9. If I had to find one thing that could keep me sane in Winston’s world it would be a stuffed animal piglet from Winnie the Poo. If I found this at a vintage shop or a ’junk shop’ in the world of Big brother I know I would recall my childhood. I still have with me the piglet I carried everywhere 24/7 until almost second grade. Winston is almost haunted by memories of his childhood before Big Brother and many things bring these memories about. If I were to see that small piglet in the window of a shop my memories would have to come back to me somewhat and that would keep me going.

    Though the paper weight was not from Winston’s childhood it inspired him to continue thinking. My piglet would have the same affect on me, and I would continue to search and think until I was able to understand that there was life before Big Brother. In understanding that there was life before Big Brother I would begin to question everything from the ministry of truth to the thought police. Just like Winston began questioning his job and began understanding that his government was not something he agreed with I would go through a similar process. Everyone is affected differently by different objects and therefore I would have a different experience than Winston but it would be towards the same realization of the need for thought.

    I am fairly positive that a piglet would spark memories of my childhood however I cannot be positive. I would be in a world where children pretended to be spies denouncing their own parents to the thought police, knowing they would never see them again. It would be very difficult to understand why a child would have a toy like piglet and therefore maybe it would just confuse me. Whereas I think something that was prominent in my childhood would bring me to terms with reality it may just wash over a form of me that was a ‘good party member.’ Also the memories brought up by a piglet could also sway me in the other direction. Perhaps I would decide that though there was a world before Big Brother it was not very efficient if it allowed children to be emotionally attached to stuffed animals.

  10. The thing that would connect me to my past and help me maintain hope would be my flashdrive. It was not an easy item to pick, but somehow it makes sense to me. First, flashdrives are small and portable. I can carry it with me wherever I go. It is even more convenient than a paperweight because it is smaller and lighter. Second, flashdrives are inconspicuous. It just looks like a piece of broken equipment part. It could be in a corner somewhere and no one would notice. Finally, I could touch it in my hand. It’s just a piece of metal and some plastic, but I know what it information it could hold. Feeling it in my hand would give me some concrete comfort.

    When I touch it, I could recall all the information it holds. I know it has my computer programs in it. My mind would go over the different problems and programs. I could make games out of how many I could remember. I would do this because I’d feel somehow that computer technology would be involved in my, and others’ as well, getting out of the situation. I have all my English essays and my mind would go over the books we read and our discussions that enlightened me so, so much. My history notes and essays are in the flashdrive as well. Going over those would help me remember that humans have overcome many horrific situations and survived.

    I picked flashdrive especially because I remembered how I felt when the first flashdrive I had broke. I felt sick when during the middle of the year, my flashdrive suddenly stopped working. There was a huge sense of loss. I took it to several repair/recover places, but no one could fix it or recover any information from it. They all said that it was a very fragile thing and that it was impossible to fix it. Even though I got a new flashdrive, I still miss the first one because of the information I just wanted to keep for myself. I hope the new one is sturdier, and I am taking better care for it.

  11. My glass paperweight would be my Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers jersey that I bought at Ebbets Field. It is something I take pride in today as a reminder that anything is possible. I also believe that it is my symbol of awareness of the dark past descrimination gave our country and that history must not be repeated. I would keep this jersey in Big Brother’s world for the same reasons. It would tell me that we can overcome anything as long as we are willing to work together.

    In Big Brother’s world, most people are equal because they have nothing. When Jackie Robinson became the third African American Major League baseball player, he was risking his life. As a member of the society in 1984, if you know what Winston knows, you risk your life everyday. The thousands of death threats and vicious letters didn’t stop Jackie. In 1984, nobody would know that you were a threat, so you would have an easier time getting away with your knowledge.

    This jersey would remind me everyday that there is hoe to turn the world around. Everywhere we go there are people of all races mingling peacefully amongst each other. This is a new era thanks to those, like Jackie Robinson, who didn’t listen to doubters and those who were against him. Everyday before going to rectify what Big Brother screwed up, I would look at my jersey and realize that it can be done. No matter how many people stand in our way, the human race can always rebound from whatever kind of monster it has become.

  12. If I was able to find one object, I would want a book. Since books don’t exist in Winston’s world, I think it would be amazing to have one. I would want a fiction novel because I absolutely love to read those. I think it would help me remain sane because it would remind me of the world I used to know. I love books because they let you escape reality, and that would be amazing to have in Winston’s position.

    Having a book to read would provide me with so much hope. It would let me think that there would be a way out of everything. I realize that since I would only have one book, I would have to read it over and over again. Even though I would have to do that, it would remind me of a previous time. A time when there was no big brother and thought police. Whenever I looked at it, I would be reminded of my family and the life I used to have. It would give me hope that one day I would see them again and maybe have a normal life.

    My aunt loves to read, and I think having the ability to read a book would remind me of her. It would keep me “sane” because I would be reminded of how there was once a time before big brother. It would help me keep my creativity and individuality. Having a book would help me get through each day tremendously. Then I would know that at home, I had a piece of the past, something they could never take away from me.

  13. My thing would be an ocarina. It’s round and smooth and a little shiny, like the glass paperweight, though it actually does something more than merely weigh down papers. You can play melodies on it and make very beautiful sounds (and, if you’re in a particular video game, you can call horses and control time and warp to places). You can lose yourself in music, find enjoyment there, employ your creativity and compose your own melodies…

    1984 reminds me a little bit of The Giver, in which their society existed with no music at all. In Oceania there is indeed music, that tinny noise that comes through the telescreens, as well as the voices of people singing. Making music is not forbidden, but I’d guess that playing an instrument alone in one’s apartment would be rather frowned upon. I could play it softly, or in secret, but even if I’m caught, there are no lyrics to put me in danger with Big Brother, so how could they know that my melody is one of passion or defiance? For all they know, I could be playing a song that praises the government.

    Ocarinas are definitely timeless things. They literally existed many thousands of years ago, made from clay or horn, used in ancient ceremonies and dances, but they are also timeless for me. I’ve always loved them, and I can look at one and remember a fond time years ago when a friend first showed one to me and let me play it. I can remember playing it, and I can remember trying to make one (though very much in vain) on several occasions. It is still a goal of mine to successfully make one. And so, the ocarina is thus a link to the past as well as to the future.

    Though I would probably never get my hands on any clay in Oceania, let alone clay-working tools or glaze or a kiln, I could still play my paperweight ocarina, find joy and temporary release from such an oppressed society, reminisce on old childhood melodies, create fiery new melodies of my own, and reserve that hope that someday, when Big Brother is overthrown, I can definitely try again to accomplish my goal.

  14. If I was trapped in an oppressive society like Winston, the only thing that would allow me to keep hope, imagination, or any human thought at all for that matter, would be an ornament. Every year my mother scours the aisles of dollar stores searching for Christmas ornaments that look like our dogs. They’re incredibly tacky, yet are surprisingly durable. My mother and I take some strange joy in finding these every year, the more gaudy the better. If I could have just one of the many dog ornaments, I would be able to hold on to hope.

    The ornament would remind me of many things that Big Brother had successfully removed from documentation. Although I wouldn’t have any picture of my mother or the dogs, I would have the loud little trinket to bring me back to my past. It would remind me of a time when I had simple freedoms we take for granted, like spending time in a dollar store, and now had lost under the Party. I’m not quite sure what they’re made of, but many of the ornaments are essentially indestructible. I have dropped them many, many times by accident and they never seem to brake. So, if and when, I was caught by the Thought Police, they couldn’t destroy it in front of me quickly. I’d still have a little sliver of hope until I was forever changed by an O’Brian-like figure.

    The forever growing collection of ornaments would provide comfort in a world void of feeling. It would remind me of our silly competition and the fun we’d have hiding them in places for each other to find. I would also see it as a somewhat of a guide. All of our dogs come from shelters and aren’t part of the ‘elite’ group of dogs, like the proles. The ornament would remind me of hopeful times, but also that hope lies in the underdogs, who have something to fight for.

  15. If I ever found myself in the same position as Winston, I think my one item would be a book of poetry. Just like with the paperweight, my book of poems would serve as a window into a past that I had no record of. It would be like reviving a lost art. Especially in the kind of society that Winston lived in, just the look and feel of a book would be precious. This kind of oppression would make the smallest things significant.

    Also, having a book of poetry would allow me to see not only into the past, but into the lives of people that had come before me. Life before big brother would be such a mystery to me, and this book would begin to open my eyes. Poetry is such a personal expression and I think that being able to read these poems would allow me to hear one person’s specific story. At the very least, reading about the trials and joys of others would distract me from my own sullen life. I would have an escape; a chance to get away from my constant pain. Although I may not be able to relate very well, I would be comforted to know that there was a time when people were free to be sad, be happy, fall in love, and just experience life.

    Just like with the diary that Winston had, having a collection of poetry would be dangerous but worth the risk. Life in general is hard enough in the world of Big Brother and once you have discovered that you’re basically doomed either way, it makes perfect sense to have an outlet while you still have the chance. This would be the one fraction of your life that was completely in your control no matter how brief. I think having something to look forward to is a really important factor in staying sane. When you have come to the realization that your life has virtually no purpose, that one small act of rebellion has more power than any of us today could imagine.

  16. Id have to say that my ipod would be my one object. I absolutly adore music, so if I could take one thing with me, that would be the first thing I think of. Being in Winston’s world, you don’t have privilages at all. So I would definitly go the distance and be prepared to die just to keep my music. It keeps me sane even now, so thats how I know I would be at ease in WInston’s world.

    There’s all kinds of music in the real world. Having the ability to have all thoses sounds at your hand, able to fit in your pocket is just amazing. Hearing the different sounds go through you, you just can’t not move to it! Thats why I love it. And it calms me down in a way. Whenever im mad or sad, or even happy, I go to my music, and turn it all the way up, so I sort of drown in it. Theres just a sort of serenity in me when im surrounded by music, so I know that if I were placed in Winston’s world, I could make it as long as I could with my ipod.

    It would give me hope because, if I could try and last all day until I got home to my music, I think I might possibly live a little longer. But then theres the fact about the telescreens, that pick up on everything, sooner or later. And I know that I would be caught one day, and they would take away my ipod. Then they would send me to O’brien, and he would try and change me. And eventually I guess he would. But the one thing he couldn’t change about me would be my love for music. No matter how much he tried to stop me from loving it, he couldnt stop me.

  17. The object I would find would be an antique instrument of any kind. It’s true that most instruments are rather large in size and sneaking one past telescreens would be impossible. But there are always places that are seemingly private and with no telescreens, much like the place at Mr. Charrington’s shop. This will be where I can put stuff without having to worry. Although playing the instrument would be an absurd idea, if I really would appear in a place like Winston’s world, I wouldn’t know how to play an instrument anyways.

    Playing the instrument is not the point; the point is the feeling I would get by looking at one. Making an instrument is hard and takes a ton of effort and time. If there is time, there is history, and the history would be a long one because instruments wouldn’t be made after the world fell into the hands of Big Brother (or someone different but similar in Eastasia/Eurasia). Dozens of questions would dangerously fill my mind. Who was this instrument made for, and why? How many people have played this instrument before? Answering these would be hopeless, but the idea that I am able to think would be a good-enough answer for me.

    Also, knowing that this instrument exists would prove that there was such a time as ‘the good ol’ days’. Most instruments would have the year written or imprinted on them for when they were made, along with the actual maker of the instrument. What would be extraordinarily awesome about this is that the exact year is actually revealed. Me living in a place without knowing what time it is would find this artifact remarkable. Not only that, I would know that name of the maker, which would open the possibility that he is still alive today (if he escaped the great purges), although he would be very old. Maybe I wouldn’t be alone in my hate for Big Brother…

    The discovery of an instrument would be amazing; the idea that I am able to think and the reminder that there is a past would allow me to stay sane.

  18. If I was ever trapped in Winston’s world and I had one thing to keep me sane, I probably would’ve taken this stuffed Mumbo Jumbo toy I had since I was little. It was from my favorite game Banjo and Kazooie when I was like 4. Now if only I could find him now, I could place him on my desk in my room. He was my favorite character in that game. He was also funny looking, so he used to make me laugh when I was little.

    Every day, in Winston’s world, I would look at that doll and just laugh. Maybe just chuckle if there was something on my mind. But Mumbo Jumbo would remind me of all the fun I used to have in my childhood. He would also add some color to the bleak and depressing world. The only problem with using Mumbo Jumbo as paperweight is that he doesn’t way a lot, but he might hold those papers in place.

    I don’t think I would need anything else sitting on my desk besides Mumbo Jumbo. I still kind of chuckle saying his name. It’s not illogical to keep some toy that reminds me of my childhood, I don’t think. It is something that would keep me from going insane and keep some kind of human emotion besides hate as well. At least I’ll remember of a better time in my life instead of Winston’s depressing life of oppression.

  19. If I had to live in Winston’s world and be in his situation of believing in a unrecorded history, my object of recognition would be a handmirror. It may not be an object that was still in style during the 1920’s or 30’s, or old enough to be considered vintage, yet something about it would be symbolic. Assuming it would be more of antique mirror or vintage, then it would most likely contain ornate carvings into the handle or the back of the reflecting glass. In Winston’s world decorating things had no use. It was a waste of time and then seeing something that had been decorated and beauty-fide, that would send of a trigger, why would they have taken the time to ornate something that was only supposed to make you see yourself?

    Looking upon yourself or at your own reflection must have been risky itself. In a world where looks didn’t matter, it would have been a terror to look upon yourself and make your own image of what you ‘thought’ was pretty and what not. It would probably arise questions of why would a person want to make themselves look beautiful, back in the day? That would have given a person something to think about. That would have led to them improving their image, to satisfy their believe of beauty.

    The mirror would also be a form of security. You could see yourself and also that behind you. And it did not make noise at you like a telescreen, leaving silence for thought. It not making any any comments of what to think would allow more thought. The comments and constant news breaks of the Telescreen clouded the people’s mind of what they should think of. A silent mirror, only showing yourself could leave you to see what you wanted to. If you wanted to think of yourself happy, you could see yourself smiling. It would reconnect to the past by allowing questions to come up. Why was it necessary? What did people look for in it? And why did someone take the time to adorn it with carvings and stones, when it didn’t have much use anyway?

  20. I would have a heavy picture that could be used as a paperweight. It would contain some mountains that had snow on it. It would also have wild mustangs and birds . It might have a message written in it. It would just say The Country. I love the country so this would be something to keep me motivated to stay alive.

    This probably would be my main item. If I could remember when I visited Wyoming that would keep me going. he picture would show me that there is something better than this world Id be living in. If for some reason I was caught for doing crimes and they did not find my picture it would keep me sane.

    I would be broken down by O Brian and the only way I might be able to bring myself back is by seeing this. What I mean by bring myself back is like thinking for myself. To want to go back there would come over me and Id remember how horrible this place is. In the end I would win by the help of my picture weight

  21. My one object I would chose would be a cross. It represents the one who gave all he had for purety amongst our dirty sins. It would be a bigger crime than Smith’s paperweight because it’s a symbol of religon. Christianity is my thing, and is the only thing that helps me when I feel I have nothing left. It would keep me sane and remind me I am not alone.

    Without God, no one would exist, so why strip our creator of his title ? Big Brother wants to be higher than anything imaginable and is drunk with power. God states that you shall have no other God but him, BB takes away anyone’s ability to get into heaven because he does not want people believing. If everyone starts believing and trusting God, they will wake up and realize that the party and everything associated with it is wrong. He doesn’t want to take a chance with anyone gathering and starting to rebel.

    If you deny Jesus, he will deny you. If you stay with what you believe, like Him, you will be beaten to death. The cross reminds us of how good we have it. The best thing you can do is keep faith in something you know to be true. Having faith in something, is a reason to not commit suicide and escape from the hell hole, they call Oceania.

  22. My paperweight would be a small glass train. It would be something of value to me. The train would have been given to me by someone close to me that passed away. The train would be very valuable and easy to break. If I ever went insane and lost all hope, then I would pull this out to remember that there still is hope of a better society.

    The train would help me keep hope because it is a reminder of the good times. When I was younger I used to love trains. I loved them almost as much as I loved soccer. I used to love visiting my grandpa in Kansas because he lived near a train yard. If I had a train as a paperweight that I used to remain sane, then every time I held that paperweight the memories we fly back into my head.

    When I hold the train, it would remind me that there was a time where the government didn’t control life. That time was where I was free to control my own life and make my own decisions. All the memories of the past are stored inside the train and when I hold the train the dark cloud around my life is broken by the light of the memories. I would be able to feel comfort even in the mist of the life bestowed on me by the government. I would also gain strength when holding the train. It would give me confidence to go against what I think is wrong like Winston did.

  23. I have had a teddy bear since I was a little girl and if I had to pick one thing, that would be it. It was my mom’s and she gave it to me when I was about five. Whenever my mom would go out of town for business, she would give me the bear and tell me that this way I would have something to remember her by. Now I sleep with it every night, and bring it with me on vacations. So this bear means a lot to me and also would definitely be something to keep me sane.

    When I was little my dad was always going out of town on business trips. My mom and I watched a soap opera and being the little scared child that I was (and still am), I would always relate what happened on the show to my life. So I was always so afraid that when my dad was always on trips that he would get like ambushed and attacked, crazy, I know. Of course I eventually realized that the chances of that happening were one in a million and stopped being a worried willy. But my bear gave me hope that my dad would be completely alright, and therefore I think it would be the object that would help me maintain hope the most.

    Much like Winston’s paperweight, my teddy bear would be something to help me get through the turmoil and distress brought on by a world with a Big Brother present in it. Thankfully I do not have to worry about such a thing, but if I were to, for some reason, live this nightmare, I would bring along my teddy. I picked my bear because it symbolizes the relationship I share with my parents and therefore would make me feel secure. As cheezy as this may sound it is completely true. But thankfully we dont live in a life like Winston’s!

  24. If I lived in Winston’s world, then my paperweight would be my photo album. It would have all the pictures of me and my family before Big Brother came along. Looking at these pictures would help me remember my childhood instead of fading away into a forgotten memory. It would help me remember the happy times when there was real freedom and when I had a loving family and great friends. It would help me remember a time when the world was a happier and better place.

    It would keep me sane by knowing that a better and happier world is possible. It would also be my escape from the world of Big Brother into a memory of a past reality and society that was much better than it is now. Remembering these events will help because it will make me want to have the happier times back when the photos were taken. It would encourage me because it would give me inspiration that a democratic world is possible because it had successfully happened before Big Brother came along. It would also give me hope that perhaps some old folk would remember the previous times and would eventually come to their senses to help me with my quest.

    Looking at the pictures would also encourage me to go and overthrow Big Brother because I would not want my children and/or descendents to live in the world I live in now. I would want them to live in a much happier and better place like the time and place when the pictures in photo album were taken and will fight to make that happen. With a photo album, I would have the ability to remember how life was before the world of Big Brother. Without it, I would barely remember them. If I were to have children, they would not have a photo album to remember me or anything else of their childhood by.

  25. My one object that would ‘keep me sane’ in a world of deception and ignorance like Winston’s would be a purple crayon. This is inspired by the book, “Harold and the Purple Crayon,” which was one of my favorite books as a child. It was so cool that whatever Harold drew with his purple crayon was real. He went on his journey and would draw as he walked along. This is extremely encouraging for me because it means that no matter the circumstance, as long as you have imagination and a mind that thinks, you can get yourself out of it. Even though I would not be able to express my creativity and draw in Winston’s world, it would be a symbolic reminder that there is hope for me.

    The whole idea that if I had a purple crayon that could help me draw whatever I needed eliminates the need of Big Brother. As long as I can take care of myself, I don’t need to listen to him. I couldn’t draw anything to save my life, but the knowledge of the fact that I do have the ability to save myself would help me a lot. It’s like a safety vest in the sense that I probably won’t ever need it, but it’s there if I do need it anyway. Having this purple crayon would also be a reminder of the past, which is oh, so forgotten. The childhood days when I could draw the ugliest picture, but I knew exactly what it was, and I was in that drawing–I was someone else besides me; having a blast with my imagination and nothing like laws constricting it…

    I would imagine that in Winston’s world, we would not usually have writing/drawing utensils; why would we need them? There is nothing that I would need to write or draw that would benefit the Party that I would have to have a crayon for. Come to think of it, they might have even banned the use of artistic tools like my purple crayon. If Big Brother was wanting to shrink the use of words to constrain the Party’s ability to think for themselves and express themselves, why in the world would he not ban crayons, too? Can’t they portray feelings sometimes even better than words? So could unlike Winston where technically he could own his paper weight, I would find something that is actually illegal and having a purple crayon is just as much of a crime as using it…

  26. If I suddenly woke up in an apartment as Winston did, I would first off be scared out of my mind as to what was going on. I would choose a basketball because this means a lot to me and often keeps me sane. It serves as an escape for me and allows me to have a getaway when things are rough. I would imagine things being very rough at this time so what better thing for me than my basketball. I would dribble it and shoot it all the time.

    Also a basketball in my mind represents strength and the adversity I have went through. This would further strengthen me and enable me to survive this struggle. I would imagine I would also be very lonely and this would allow me to escape from the pain and the mind struggle. Unlike Winston I wouldn’t have hidden it because I believe this has nothing to do with thinking. Although I’m sure that the thought police would find some problem with my having a basketball.

    They most likely wouldn’t allow me to have fun as it just brings Big Brother down in their minds when people have fun. I wouldn’t care however and I would keep my basketball illegally. Even thought it doesn’t seem like a very serious crime to play basketball the thought police would probably bring me to room 101 if they found out. By choosing this one thing I believe that this would make me a stronger person altogether. It wouldn’t matter to me the consequence for my actions and I would just handle them.

  27. Well you said anything was possible, so I’m going to take you up on it. If I could bring one thing it would definitely be a baby elephant. Yes, I know that’s not an object but I have my reasons. First of all elephants are my favorite animal, which would tie back to my past. Plus, if I could trust no one else I could always trust my elephant.

    Of course, another bonus to having one of the largest and strongest animals on the planet is that it could be my protector when it grows up. Thought police coming to get me? Elephant tramples them. Big Brother taking over my children? Elephant scares the children into being ince again. Elephants are the bomb.com.

    And if I was ever a revolutionary (or counter-revolutionary in this case, maybe) my elephant could suit up and help me to overthrow Big Brother. So elephants would be very useful because they are companions, they’re protectors, and they’re strong. Plus they have great memories and can remember me for eternity. He would never stray to the other side because he loves me the best:)

    And my elephant could live as long as I do!

  28. My glass paperweight would have to be something that cannot be altered unless completely destroyed or disassembled. That is why my glass paperweight would also be a glass paperweight. I think Orwell’s glass paperweight with the pink coral inside of it is a perfect metaphor for Winston’s life and if I imagined, my life. The pink coral is surrounded and protected by the clear glass that cannot conceal it’s beauty because of its translucency. Winston is protected and surrounded by Big Brother but his intellect and natural human qualities are covered up by the oppressive ideals of the Party.

    In a society like the one portrayed in 1984, a glass paperweight with something so beautiful and natural as coral would keep my sanity and keep all the memories of an unsuppressed life. Coral is an essential piece of the worlds oceans and comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The tricky thing about coral reefs is that they are easily destroyed and must be protected at all costs. The human spirit which Winston and all people contain is also easily destroyed if you let it be, and must be protected at all cost for the survival of humanity.

    George Orwell is a genius and he paints a clear picture of how in such a bland world something beautiful can light up someones life. The coral is a symbol for lost memories for Winston. For me the coral represents the human spirit being protected at all costs by a surrounding force which we cannot see. The human spirit which is different in every person creates a perfect balance in our world and should not be condemned by anyone like Big Brother has. Winston and I would both believe in keeping the human spirit in perfect tact to keep our society rolling.

  29. My paper weight would be my ring that says “hope, love and peace” on it. I chose this item because this item gives me hope for the future, shows me there is love in our world, and to never give up on the peace in our lives. Everytime I would look at it, it would convince me to keep going and that everything will be all right in the end. It would lead me down a path of never giving up and to always fight for what you believe in.
    Those three words mean alot to me and the ring does too. It might not be something that I can hug when im down but I know I could look at it in any situation and know a smile would appear on my face. I would say it even shows me how to live my life. I truely believe everyone needs those three words in their life. Everyone should believe there is hope, everyone should love and be loved, and everyone should especially believe there will eventually be world peace.
    So if I was in Winston’s situation I would have no problem choosing that item as my paper weight. It is small so it could be hidden easily and I could sleep with so it brings me good dreams. Without waking up to this ring I dont think I could have survived Winston’s life. Who wants to feel sad, who wants no privacy, and who wants no hope, love, or peace for the future? No one.

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