NOTE: Any student — Per 1, 2, 3, 4, or 7 — can do this entry.


I’m curious what you think of the way Hollywood advertised the original film version of the novel back in the year 1956.

Certainly an interesting visual way to attract people to watch the film.

Challenge: In 3+ paragraphs, 5+ sentences each, analyze this film poster.

  • Does it work?
  • Does it surprise you?
  • Why do you think this is the way they tried to advertise the film back in 1956, only 7 years after the novel was first published?



30 responses to “Q4, W3, #3: A GENERATIONAL THING?

  1. This poster has a great opening line, but it lacks a complete depth involving the rest of the story. It focuses too much on illegal lust. If I had not read the book, I would think that this movie was about a future where sex is unlawful and somebody breakes the law. It doesn’t show anything that grabs my attention for the more complicated corners of its composition. I should look at this and think about INGSOC or Goldstein.

    I would have made the movie poster the same as the posters in the book. “Big Brother is watching you.” is much more intriguing a statement. If they didn’t want to put Big Brother’s face on it, they could put the caption and the INGSOC logo. There were many good directions this design could have gone. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong one.

    It is an interesting poster whether I have read the book or not. If I have read the book, I am bored and uninterested. The biggest points of the book aren’t on the poster, how am I to expect that they will be in the movie? As someone who read the book, I would also chuckle to myself about the lead actor’s name, O’Brien. If I haven’t read the book I might get suckered into seeing the movie. I would go into it with low expectations, because a plot about anti-sex can’t stay that interesting for that long.

  2. Wow. I found this slightly offensive and degrading when I first read it. The advertiser thought that the only way I would watch this movie is if they added sexual material or amusing ‘adult content’. This ad is very much like propaganda in a sense that it only focuses on one detail of the book, and does not give the whole story (or truth). It focuses on how future seems to be a bad thing, which brings the audience in. They would want to see what the future holds, and also if their life is better than that of the next generations to come.

    One could argue that this drew many crowds in, mainly because of the sex and also the ‘violence’. The anti-sex league is man watching the other end of the telescreen has a ‘super villain’ like outfit on. His helmet type hat suggests violence, because why else would be need to have his head protected like that? (Maybe a stretch…but…) His ‘helmet’ also has his ears covered and a tube going up off of the poster. This means that he is only hearing what one person-that being Big Brother-wants him to hear. It is also like the Matrix ‘plug in’ concept. This Anti-Sex League guy might not even know he is plugged in. He might have been once like Winston, and had fallen into loving Big Brother.

    I also think it is interesting that they used the word ‘ecstasy.’ I am reminded of the Mac super-bowl commercial that used ‘1984’ as its theme. They were in awe, in ecstasy and in a trance. The poster refers to the ecstasy that occurs in the sexual sense, but not in the sense that the members could be so awed by the Party that they experience this, like in that Apple Commercial. I feel that the features of this ad would draw a large crowd in to see ‘1984,’ but I would have a different ad if I was in charge. I would have Winston, Julia, and Big Brother, with possibly a shadow or a hidden O’Brien. Then, I would have Winston holding the coral paperweight, and it would read ‘nothing matters’ or ‘war is peace’ or all of the party slogans on it. I would design it if I didn’t have so much on this week. 😦 I would also want to convey the idea of ‘did Winston win or lose’ by maybe having ‘Freedom is Slavery’ with a picture of the coral paperweight dropping on the ground, with a faint reflection of a rat in the glass. I really like that idea.

  3. Um, yes I think it works to sell tickets to the movie. But I have a very hard time, after reading the book, to really think that ecstasy has that much to do with the overall story. I think that playing the movie off as a story simply of forbidden love would probably sell more and be easier to do than concentrate on the thinking process of Winston throughout the novel. I also really appreciate the little spaceship at the bottom of the advertisement. It made me laugh, now over twenty years after 1984 and yep still no real Star Wars, but also again I think it would attract more people to the movie. Overall, yes I think this would have made people interested in the book. However, on an intellectual level I’m disappointed.

    Also I actually was quite surprised. I always thought of the fifties as a very prudent time, where people would not go to see something like this in a movie. But hey what do I know 🙂 . I was also surprised by how much the other end of a telescreen looks like a computer from a few years back. As well I am surprised the title of the book/movie is in quotes (?) I guess Hollywood has changed a lot. Oh and I think it is really awesome that one of the actor’s names is O’Brien, that’s just awesome.

    I think they would have chosen to portray the story as this during this time because first off the book may not have been as widely read as it is today. Also because the communist/totalitarian government threat, assuming a reason behind Orwell’s writing of this book, was still very prominent. Also because communism was still accepted by many intellectuals in America until the construction of the Berlin wall in 1961, so simply harping on that point may have driven some away from seeing the movie. Lastly, this story simply fits Hollywood a lot better than a complicated story that takes place mainly in the mind. People would be much more willing to pay for this and be entertained without having to think.

  4. Yes, this poster works. It definitely would have gotten your attention in the fifties. Every aspect of the poster is something from the book that is sexual in someway. There is Winston and Julia kissing; being watched by someone on a telescreen. The man has ‘Junior Anti- Sex League’ written on his arm.

    This poster is surprising because it is blaring sexual aspects at its spectators. This was unusual in the fifties because things were more conservative in general. Even the man watching then on the screen might not exactly be seen fit to be on a movie poster. This would definitely get people’s attention at that time. This poster also conveys the feeling of how different the world of 1984 must be.

    The movie was released in 1956, not too long after the book came out. This means that the world can’t be too different than how it was when the book came out. However, the world of 1984 is very different from this world. The movie advertisers wanted to show people that the world of 1984 is different by showing them things they wouldn’t normally see. The poster also shows the telescreen looking like televisions looked at this time. This shows to the spectators that even though the movie and the world of 1984 is very different from their world, there are also connections to their world.

  5. I can easily see how this poster could attract many people to the movie of 1984. It works in that it is instantly controversial. From the very beginning, the poster is appealing to the darker, more hidden side of life that most people would never broadcast. The advertisement will immediately have very strong negative reactions, and maybe even some fervent positive opinions towards it. Many reactions to the poster will be negative because of its subject matter, but this is what makes it work. The marketing advisers are not trying to get people to ‘like’ what is said in the ad, they want people to instantly notice it and instantly have a strong opinion towards it in the hopes that will make people want to see the movie.

    In a way, the poster does surprise me, because the facet of ecstasy being a crime is relatively minor in comparison to the other acts that are illegal. “History will be invalid” or “Human thought will be dead” seem to be more relevant to the novel itself, but they don’t sell in the same way. The advertisement doesn’t surprise me in that I know, marketing advisers know, and everybody knows, that sex sells. While minor in comparison to other parts of the book, there is still an abundance of the best advertising you can get. Everybody knows this, so they exploit it, and guess what? It works. This advertisement uses one of the most basic approaches to get people interested in something, and it completely works.

    I think that this approach was used in 1956 because of the values of the times. Today, that advertisement would not be as relevant because the ideas the poster is hinting at are already present in almost every entertainment industry. However, fifty years ago, I don’t think that it was the same as it is today, which makes the ad even more controversial and more provoking. In addition, because it was before the actual year 1984, I believe that the story would have to be looked at in a different light. After 1984, the ideas and the book can still be relevant, but there is still a feeling that “oh, the world didn’t disintegrate into IngSoc, this book is cool, but it will never happen”. However, before the year 1984, there is still a feeling that “whoa, I wonder if this is what the world will be like in thirty years? I don’t know”. This also influences the advertisement because of the greater focus on the ‘future’ that is seen in it. I believe that this advertisement would be very effective and also very relevant to the time in which it was displayed.

  6. I personally am not a big fan of the 1956 film poster. It makes it look like the only thing that 1984 is about is the ‘outlawing’ of sex, which completely isn’t true. I mean the slogan: WILL ECSTASY BE A CRIME IN THE TERRIFYING WORLD IN THE FUTURE could just as easily have ‘ecstasy’ replaced with ‘thinking’. While Winston did have his manly desires every few years, it was not the lack of sex that caused him to seek out the Brotherhood but rather the ban on thinking that he revolved against. The poster portrays the Junior Anti-Sex League members to be watching the telescreens, while in reality it was the Thought Police, the men searching for thoughtcrime that monitored them. Winston loved Julia because of the corruption and rebellion against the party that she offered him and he had already begun his one-man revolt against Big Brother before he met her, which means that she was not the cause of his insurgency.

    That being said, however, I think that the poster would be massively successful in 1956. When you think about the time of the 1950s, it had very traditional values of the wife staying home and having kids while the father goes out and works. Especially in this time after the war (the Baby Boom), there would be few things as terrifying to American society as separating the family physically. Furthermore, the movie came out only seven years after the book was published. It can be reasonably safe to say that the book had not reached its peak of popularity and normal people would not understand references to Room 101, Big Brother, or the telescreen. If the marketers had directed the ad to a specific group of people, those who had already read 1984, and made references only they would understand, then the popularity of the movie would be far more limited. So instead, if you take a universal theme, sex, and play off of that, then your audience would be far greater.

    Finally, 1956 is only eleven years after the end of World War II. People were bound to be tired of hearing about war movies, nuclear weapons, etc. and would not be interested in seeing yet another movie about the ‘threat of communism’. The Cold War had only just begun but it was one of those terrifying possibilities in the back of everyone’s mind. If the producers of the film marketed INGSOC and a Stalin-esque Big Brother, the movie would be too close to home and many people would be far more comfortable not seeing the movie. Therefore, if you market something in a more shallow, physical level, anti-sex, then more people are bound to see it because it isn’t as realistic a possibility as a communist revolution.

  7. First, I think it may attract people’s attention. Because the image of the kiss always make people want to look at it. That was a strong image, and that was a good idea. The anti sex league words had strong opposite with the image in the telescreen. On the bottom “the rocket bomb” will attract little kids attention. Because that was very scientic and a little future thinking, the people will think that was cool and want to go see it. This is a very good poster back that time, it can attract people’s attention, but also they will not make people known what is talking about the story itself. This can’t tell from the poster.

    If the movie itself was same as the book, than I will be surprise. Because the story really can’t tell from the poster. The only thing we know from the poster was some rebellion story, which was the image in the telescreen trying to rebels with the anti- sex league. If I didn’t read the book I will be surprise too. Because just like I said you can not tell the story from the poster, the information of the poster gave to you was a little tiny things that makes you have desire to watch.

    Because they want to keep the story fresh. Maybe the story was not very popular. But when they make the film, it will help increase the fame of the story. 1984 was a good book, so I think the film maker was one of the fan of the 1984. He wants to make the film quickly as possible, that everybody can enjoy the book 1984. At 1956 the WWII just over, the people are still afraid the war will come again. And this novel was also talking about the war between the three nations. They use the war time for the back ground and added some love and hero story in their made the book more colorful and interesting. Also in the back of the story had some deep meaning, which I think was the allegory like The Jungle Book or some other storie

  8. This ad does work a little because it makes me want to see the movie, but then it doesn’t make me want to see it on the first day. I’ve read the book, and I understand what the advertisement is pointing out. It takes one of the main groups from the book, “The Anti-Sex League,” and it also shows this idea that nothing is private. Thats basically what the book is centered around, this idea that life is monitored constantly. People, who have read the book, will get it, but for people, who have not read the book, they may get interested.

    This ad surprises me but not much because I understand what the poster is saying, but it’s interesting/surprising that it is using the “anti-sex league” to sell. What I’m thinking is that when a person (who has not read the book) sees this ad, he/she may say that the movie looks weird. The reason is because the ad is showing a person watching 2 people kiss. This may in turn though make people want to see it for there may be “interesting things to see.” Or it may just make people not interested or maybe make them want to read the book before watching the movie. Either way the ad did what it was supposed to do. It got attention, surprised probably a lot of people (especially the ones that didn’t read the book), and sold the movie.

    I think Hollywood advertised the film this way because I think they were assuming that mostly everybody had not read the book. So in order to get people’s attention they need to show something cool from the book that would be in the movie. They need to try to please both the people who have read the book, and get people who have not read the book to see the movie. So they use the “sex sells” method. They show a guy watching 2 people kiss, and on his arm its says, “Anti-sex league.” So this gets people surprised, and gets people’s attention. They now want to go see the movie. To me its a very ingenious method in getting people to go see a movie, but no movie is better than the book.

  9. I was suprised by this advertisement because it focuses soley on the middle portion of the novel. If the film is a correct representation of the novel then this advertisment should not be representative of the whole film. If this had been part of a series of posters for the film that would have been interesting, but by itslef I don’t like it. I think it would have been clever if this was part of a three poster series. This poster would have been the middle and there would have been one of Winston with his thought crime, and the last poster would have displayed Obrien torturing Winston and displayed his conversion into a Big Brother lover.

    From this adverstisemnet the word ‘ecstacy’ and the mention of the ‘anti-sex league’ move the attention to sex rather than the issue of Big Brother. Though the relationship between Winston and Julia is very important to the plot of the book it is not the central theme. There should have been a mention of ‘Big Brother is watching you’ or something along these lines. The poster misleads the audience to believe that this film revolves around a relationship between a man and a woman. Based on the content of the novel this film should be based around the relationship bertween a man and his government.

    It seems that there was a very clever marketing strategy behind this poster though I do not agree with it. When this movie came out in 1956 communism had not yet fallen in Russia (occured in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin wall). Because communism was a very sensative issue making the movie geared towards sex sold more tickets. If the poster gave the impression that the movie was about a futuristic completely communist government that resembled the government of Stalin, I don’t think it would have made any money. Though this movie was prodiced in the UK I believe that there was no want to sit and watch a film dealing with the possiblity of communism world wide. Therefore it was misleading to make the poster about ecstacy and the antisex league but it was very affective.

  10. I guess it would have worked in the given time, but as of now, I do not think it would have worked. In todays world, I feel that if that poster were to be seen hung up it would cause many conflicts. It could give off a very confusing message. Maybe in the given time, when things were more conservative this would be reasonable. I just think if this were to be in our present time, people would not take it very seriously.

    I also think that maybe if you have not read the book that this might actually lure you in. Obviously, anything talking about the future sparks curiousity. In this sense, this poster might work in our time, just becuase people will be curious. This might just be looked at as ridiculous though. It depends on the kind of person you are, and what you believe in. But I believe it will definitely strike curiousity in everybody, which would make a good advertisement.

    If you have read the book and saw this though, things would be seen differently. One would analyze it picking out all the details. When I first saw this, I thought the man watching the “telescreen” was a member of the thought police, because they would be the ones watching a telescreen. It threw me off to see it said anti-sex league on their sleeve. I see why they put in in the ad, but if you have read the book, it does not make sense. I also was confused that a male was a member of the anti-sex league. This whole advertisement just threw me off.

  11. I belive that the creator of the 1984 poster did a good job in advertising the book. It works because it hints at small parts of the book. Like the anti-sex league patch, it is a big part of symbolism that will attract viewers. The kissing portion of the poster will also attract viewers. For the people that have read the book the thought police looking through the telescreen is a highlite in the poster.

    Although I do not think the thought police are not apart of the anti sex league, it will still attract peoples attention so they will go see the film. Also the way the poster is colered is an eye catcher. You can tell that is was made in the 60s because if how the thought police is a cartoon and Winston and Julia. I think they could have done a better job at making the characters look more book related. For instance Julia is supposed to have brown hair. They are also supposed to be wearing overalls.

    Winston and Julia are put in the center of the poster. This is a good stradegy because they are the main characters. The technology shown in this poster is far more advanced than what they had at that time. “in the terrifying world of the future”, this quote made the people of this time go see the film because of the possibilities of the future world. Mostly the people would go see it to make the connections from the book to the film.

  12. The purpose of the movie poster is to capture the moviegoer’s attention and heighten their curiosity enough to motivate them to see the movie. The poster seems to target people’s fear of being watched. It does this by introducing the concept of limiting people’s right to privacy. The future is referred to as a “terrifying world.” By combining the prospect of losing civil liberties with frightening times to come, the poster instills a fear of the future. If for no other reason, people may have wanted to see this movie to get a first glance of what could possibly be coming in the years ahead. In this respect, I think the poster was successful.

    The use of fear is not completely unexpected. I think the way the poster is presented is a bit surprising. Today, this poster would be considered mild. In 1956, I would think this poster would have been considered graphic. “Will Ecstasy Be A Crime” combined with the “Anti-Sex League” arm band seems explicit relative to the time frame. This may be yet another way to prompt a potential movie patron. Perhaps people thought there might be something taboo in the movie. This may have been a way to draw younger people (in their 20’s) to the movie.

    Hollywood may have used the fear factor because in the 1950’s some Americans were fearful of Soviet influence. Many high profile people, including celebrities, were being accused of being Communists. Others were accused of being spies for the Russians. The fact that the movie poster displays a man watching a couple could be interpreted as being related to spying. Using the Big Brother perspective in the poster may have played on the emotions of the post WW II era. The movie poster served to worsen people’s fear that somebody may be watching.

  13. If it was back in 1956, I think Hollywood would’ve portrayed some kind of futuristic world. A place where technology was way ahead of its time. And yet everything is still dark, decayed, and musty looking. For the people who’ve read the book, such a robot and technological based world wouldn’t have been accurate. The readers would’ve probably imagined a 3rd world country of some sorts.

    But knowing Hollywood and their ability to take things out of context and mess things up, turning a book into a movie, would probably have been a disappointment to the readers of that time. From the picture given, it looks like the citizens are dressed in a kind of manner that implies a futuristic world of filled with odd technology. A miserable military like society only dressed in the black, smooth outfits that are sleek and shiny. It’s understandable why they would make a poster like this. It’s not surprising to me that it was portrayed in this manner. It makes me want to go see the movie and how well the adaptation of Orwell’s work was introduced and played out.

    Nowadays, if one were so inclined to remake 1984 again, a third time, the futuristic thing wouldn’t apply at all, not because of time frame, but because it’s just the generation of people. It would probably be the film that would actually make some people think, show the kinds of ways to manipulate the masses.

    Overall, the poster does the job well, attracting people to the film 1984. I think that someone in the film industry understood the main concepts and hidden ideas in the book, but maybe not quite grasp the book 100%. He or she decided to share their knowledge to others to show how great Orwell really was. Possibly the book wasn’t a great success back then, so as an instigator, the director made a movie to not only make people want to buy the book, but get some money as well. But I still thin the apple commercial advertisement was better.

  14. If I was living in 1956, this poster would certainly work on me. The color is bold and the poster uses it to make certain important points unable to miss. The idea of a movie depicting the future would probably thrill me and I would gladly go see it. The fact that the poster describes a “terrible world of the future,” would encourage me even more. The future wouldn’t be a happy time, it would be “terrible,” and I would want to know just what made it so horrible. Today, I’m not so sure this poster would sell me. I would want to see the movie because I had read the book and would simply love to experience what 1956 audiences would have and how they viewed the future.

    The poster was mostly what I expected from a poster of this time. What caught my attention is how much this poster looked like wartime propaganda rather than an ad for a movie. I’m surprised it didn’t bring Big Brother into the poster. When I followed the link to the Wikipedia page and saw the cast list, I was sure there was a mistake. O’Brien wasn’t listed as a main charactrer. Assuming it was a mistake on the part of a lazy editor, I went to the IMDB page and discovered O’Brien was not listed at all. O’Brien was such a vital part to the great manipulation of the Party. I still don’t understand why he would be left out.

    In 1956, The United States was still fighting with the communist Soviet Union and attempting to continue the policy of containment. Along with the constant struggle that was going on with the Communist powers, the horror of World War II was still fresh in the minds of citizens. This film was likely released because the book was a great success and as a tool to encourage loyalty to the anti-communist powers. In Orwell’s “1984”, the world is so incredibly corrupt and oppressed. Drawing the connection to the Stalinist era and communism in general would not be hard for the audience. After doing so, they would link this incredibly cruel society with communism and support any effort to prevent anything like this from occurring.

  15. I think for the time, it would catch the attention of people. Since the movie would have came out only over a little more than a decade after World War 2, the ideas are still somewhat fresh in their minds. The tragedy of the holocaust is still in the mind along with Communism. Both of these were key elements in 1984. This catches the eye of many of the people that may be interested in this movie.

    It surprises me a tiny bit about how they went at it. They almost made it propaganda by blowing it up so much. This is quite ironic because that was one of the important things in the book. The party had a lot of propaganda all about big brother. It’s interesting how they talk about ‘the terrifying world of the future.’

    I believe that they made the movie then because of how recent the events were. At this time, the Red Scare was going on and people were being accused of being communists. This film could have significantly contributed to the Red Scare because it portrays communism as awful. It shows it as a world without hope. This is the complete opposite of the American way were there is always hope and a chance.

  16. Yes I believe it does work. In the poster it shows someone who is watching a couple through a television screen. We assume that they will be making love because of the way they are kissing. We also could notice the patch on the strange person sleeve, who is watching the couple. It says Anti-Sex league which makes it look as if they are spying on people who aren’t doing what the league wants.

    No it doesn’t surprise me at all because the book its really good. If the producers of the movie don’t change alot of the story and just go by the book it will make people satisfied if the acting is good. The only thing i can say I wasn’t to big on was the ending of the book. People love to see the main character win so it might disappoint them.

    Im actually not quite sure. I think it had been long enough since the book was written that most people probably had read it. I might not positive but I think it was a time when space and the moon were the main subject. It would be cool because when I think of space I think of stuff being more futuristic. It also had been enough time since the war to make a movie which was kind of like it. There was so much munipulation on Germanys side that it is kind of like the book.

  17. I think the message is pretty accurate to the story, but the advertising is poor. In the book 1984, there is no color at all; the story is dry, gloomy, and dark. This poster contains too much color to relate to the actual story. Obviously ‘Hollywood’ had to make it stand out to the “popcorn eaters” or the movie would make no sale. The poster does stand out because of its color, but does not relate to how the book would’ve done it.

    I actually believe this poster works in a way. It did in fact catch my attention, and I am an ‘expert’ on this book after Mr. Longs intense Room 101. So if it catches my attention then it definitely people who have at least know of the story. And the color catches my eyes attention, and the message about “anti-sex” also caught my attention in a strange way, people will find that message compelling and wonder why?

    I think this poster will cause such curiosity that it will cause many people to actually go see the movie. If I had no idea what the book was about, I would probably too go see it, just out of curiosity. The title to the poster is also compelling; it causes the reader to wonder if that is an actual possibility in the future. I think its vital for the poster to express this film takes place in the future, or he average Joe would be so lost.

  18. I agree, this poster works. The person who made this poster did a great job of designing it. They included Winston and Julia in the telescreens. It would have worked back then when a new movie came out, but today I just don’t think it’ll be as attractive as the other posters outside movie theaters. It would have definitely caught my eye if I was going to the movies back then.

    There should have been some sign of Big Brother because that plays a large role in the book. I don’t know if normal people would see it the same way as people who have read the book and discussed it in class like us. An average person would look a bit lost if he looked at the poster. This poster also looks like something that goes on in the future. It wouldn’t look so appealing if it did not happen in the future.

    People might not like how the book ends. I know I wasn’t a big fan of the ending. The producers and directors should definitely change the ending and make it so that Winston keeps on rebelling. Many people like to see the protagonist succeed in the end. Overall I think it is a good poster and will capture many people’s attention and make them want to see the movie.

  19. When I first looked at this poster I started by spotting all of the things that contradicted the book. I figured the two people in the ‘laptop’ would be Winston and Julia so there appearances were all wrong. There is a possibility that these people aren’t Julia and Winston but considering the fact that love affairs weren’t typical and that Winston is the main character in the book, I’m going to go with my initial assumption. Julia isn’t a blonde and Winston doesn’t look that hefty, and why is he wearing that brown suit? Moving on to the person that is creeperishly staring at them on the ‘laptop’, the fact that he is a member of the anit-sex league has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he is a member of the thought police. I think that was just a way to get in a fact from book for those who had actually read it.

    When I saw the caption, “in the terrifying world of the future”, I tried to think of why the future would be so terrifying (in the real world). The cold war was going on but I don’t see ecstasy becoming illegal in a communist nation. The advertisement could be using extremes to captivate the audience. The advertisement as a whole seems way too dramatic to fall completely in line to the book. The colors are bright and happy, probably to catch your eye when walking by a poster. It’s not surprising that the movie and the book would have SOME differences, that’s true for any book-movie combo.

    I found it amusing that the entire focus of the advertisement is sex. 1984 is filled with torture, corrupt governments, and meaningless lives and that according to this picture, the worst thing that could EVER happen would be if the government outlawed sex. The fact that the movie is based off of an amazing and futuristic George Orwell novel is in tiny letters. Isn’t there something a bit more important that could have been the focus of the advertisement? I guess whatever sells tickets is the best idea.

  20. Hollywood got some of the facts correct; the anti-sex league watching these videos is in fact in the novel. Also, this theme of ecstasy and the will to sustain it does play a sort of minor role, but fully present in each and every person’s conscious. The only thing that confuses me about this poster is the terrifying world of the future. In this novel, the world is already terrifying. Ecstasy is in fact a crime already in this world and you could get vaporized for it. It confused me because I couldn’t decipher whether it was asking the audience or just representing the people in the book. If it was asking the audience, it would make sense, however this is already a crime in the book.

    This poster surprised me a little. Out of all of the themes and topic in this novel, this is the one they chose. I had to think for a second if this was actually in the book because it played such a little part; it was only talked about in a couple of pages. An average person walking by looking at this poster who hadn’t read the novel would not fully understand it, which I am sure Hollywood had to consider thus the reason making it pretty basic. They would not exactly understand why there is a rocket going by, and this is a pretty important representation of the war going on in Oceana. If I was the person making this, I probably would have made a more basic poster because the assumption is that most of your audience has not read the novel yet.

    It is pretty obvious why they chose this very minor scene to display the whole movie. It is also why the director probably made part two and the torture scenes last a very long time. Today in our society, most people only want to see films with action and sex. Naturally, this would catch very many people’s eye because of the sex. If they displayed the movie as a person having a hard time in life and wanting to over-run his leader, almost no one would want to spend their money to see it. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that you will get more viewers with the more amounts of action and sex, thus the reason for the anti-sex league poster.

  21. The poster seems to focus a lot on sex and makes it look like sex is a main point of the movie. Most people would definently be interested a film that focused on sex in a near future. The idea that the movie was set only thirty years away would be very intriguing. It seemed so different and the people would’ve loved to see what it looked like. Everything including the clothes seemed so different. It would be hard to not be appealed to the film.

    Even the clothes made it look interesting. It was only thirty years away and the man in the poster looke like he was wearing a spacesuit. It makes people wonder how different the near future was really going to be. If I saw that on a poster that would immediately draw me to the movie. Especially if I was a teenager. It had sex adn violencae on the poster. Two things that really aren’t shown a lot in that society in public. The advertising seems to do a great job in making it interesting.

    The sex in the film would probably draw a lot of people to the movie. That was rarely ever shown in that time, it seemed like something people just had to see. The apparant presence of an Anti Sex League would sound very interesting. No one’s ever really heard of anything like that and you’d just have to wonder what that could mean until you saw the movie. All in all the movie seemed really cool, especially during that time period. They did a very good job advertising that film.

  22. The poster definetly caught my attentions, so in that case it works. The only thing is though that if I was a mommy, I wouldn’t want my kids to go see the movie. The poster only focuses on one aspect of the book though. You as a viewer of the poster can tella basic theme of what the movie is about vaguely but you can’t tell if that theme only applies to sex.

    Taking from that, yes the poster did surprise me. I deffinetly thought the poster for the movie would focus more on either Big Brother or the wars. I don’t think the poster should even picture Winston or anyone member of the actual society, becasue (for me at least) the book is not really about Winston. The book is about the surpressive society all the brain washed Winston’s live in, he is just a metaphor. But then I suppose I am contradicting myself because Big Brother too is just a metapor. Society needs Big Brother and Big Brother needs Society.

    AP Euro being officially wiped out of my head as of Friday, can’t really go into too much detail, but I know it has something to do with the whole communist thing (wow that sounds intellegent). The poster makes the people who are looking at it be frightend becasue they didn’t want communism to take over, but this was like communism to them becasue the government would always be watching you. It scared them to go see the movie maybe as a way to find a way if they could prevent communism from consuming them. Also the poster as a whole just looks interesting. It looks really futuristic which I think would appeal to the people of that time.

  23. While personally I disagree with the focus on surreptitious sex, the truth is, sex sells. Especially in the fifties, when the majority of television focused on the ‘perfect’ family and household, a movie where sex and unlawfulness are the subject is very appealing. The subject of sex generally draws people in, no matter the era or social standing. If the book was advertised with some of the more prevalent themes, the average person would lose interest just looking at the poster. The sex catches your eye, but once drawn in, the director could reveal the true plot of the movie. This, however isn’t the only part of the poster that attracts people.

    There is also the terrifying world of the future part. During the Cold War, and also after the devastating WWII, the future was a concept of blurred lines and constant fear of attack. The poster presents a future that is slightly off in nature, though in the 1950s a public veering away from sex wasn’t so uncommon. I think a person in 1956 would definitely want to see this movie, if they had or hadn’t read the book. For the projected audience and time period of the poster, it would’ve worked very well in getting the attention of the average person.

    This ad campaign would’ve worked today, maybe. Since there are trailers and reviews and websites now dedicated to almost every movie that passes through a theater, a misleading ad like this might not work. However, sex still sells, so those who aren’t a technologically advanced would go see the movie, or even those who saw the full review or trailer and still though it was a cool idea. To really know if this ad would work today, I would have to see the rest of the campaign, but just from this poster, I would need a little more convincing. For the book though, it really doesn’t present the most interesting parts of society in the story.

  24. For me personally it does not work. Although it has a great header, I think it is not enough to show the true story of 1984. I found a couple of things that I thought were not right according to the book.

    First thing that I think is off is the two people kissing in the picture. First of all, they should be wearing blue party overalls. I also don’t think that Winston would have looked this healthy. He is described as unhappy and sickly. But this is not a definite point.

    Secondly, the member of the Though Police who is watching them over the telescreen, seems pictured correctly. But what I noticed is that he is wearing a “Anti-Sex League” patch. This would be new to me that Thought Police members are also part of the “Anti-Sex League.”

    These are the only two things that I would say make the poster not accurate. But it has some interesting points, too. I like the header because it will grab peoples’ attention. But I think it is still a lot better to read the book than to watch the movie.

  25. This poster works because they are not to believe in a God other than Big Brother. Religon is not an option, only a crime. For those to be in ecstacy, one must believe in heaven. The telescreen clearly shows the sexual crime commited. The only part that does not work, is the male with the “anti-sex league” band, if I read correctly, that league was only filled with women.

    This drawing does not surprise me, they are being watched any and every where they go. A man has a microphone on his head, if he wants to yell at the rebellious party members he can. This man watching them also has a black glove on, much like the flags in the movie. It would surprise me if this poster had a naked couple on it, but they are just kissing. “WILL ECSTACY BE A CRIME” is not the right statement/question, the poster should state “ECSTACY IS A CRIME”.

    I believe they advertised it this way to show romance. The telescreen shows an invasion of privacy, which catches our attention. It’s quite colorful, and that attracts our eyes and sparks a curiosity in us. The man is made to look like he will be obeyed, and he does control what goes on in Oceania. I think the one thing they could’ve changed was to put the arm band on Julia, that would’ve really gotten people wondering, and making them want to find out what that was all about.

  26. This poster is very imaginative especially since it was made so soon after the book was first published. It shows that this movie would be accurate to the book. Which means anyone who has read the book would probably want to go see this movie do to its accuracy on the book. But what this poster also needs to do is to attract the other side which would be the people who haven’t read the book. Which is why i believe they added color to the poster. To appeal to the other audience so yes i do believe this poster works.

    Color can play an important role on this poster for 1984. It can actually be the deciding factor for a person to go see the movie or not. The people who know the book no that Winston’s world isn’t really colorful until he meets Julia. Mostly his world is black and white so if they had the technology they should have started off the movie in black ad white and slowly fade in colors when he meets Julia. Which suprises me that they did the whole poster in color. If you ask me i believe half the poster should be in black and white and the other half in color.

    I believe they tried to publicizes the movie on a poster because back then not everybody had a television. I also believe that this was the better way in a sense that they could reach out far to the people who would want to watch this. It would be more appealing because with a picture you can do anything and it could still fit in. But on a television you can still do anything but it might not fit in like the floating fortresses for example they could show them on the television abut it wont fit in because there are no such things as floating fortresses. So by posters you can make things fit in that you normally wouldn’t be able to put in.

  27. The ad didn’t really grab my attention, so I would have to say in my opinion it doesn’t work. They choose to put a part on the poster about sex to grab people who normally wouldn’t read the book’s attention. They could have chosen to put a more central theme on the poster, maybe a picture of Winston, or even big brother. It would have given a better idea about the book and better insight. I would give the cover a thumbs down.

    Its kind of strange that they show Julia and Winston on the front. For me it would kind of have blown the book for me. I always had hope neither were going to get caught. I guess it gives suspense to the reader, and allows for them to get more involved in their reading. Anticipation always makes me want to know more, causing me to read further. So in that sense I guess you could say the cover was successful.

    The release of this poster was a few years after the war. A time when nobody wanted to hear about death, weapons, war, or bombs etc. By using the picture they used they made 1984 into a movie that was none of this but instead about sex. I believe that’s why the creator decided to make the poster about this. I think that’s why I don’t seem to like it because unlike the audience they were trying to grab, we know they book is about much more.

  28. I believe that this advertisement is very appealing in the way that they used the color and the actors. I think it would’ve appeased many young people and would have been an eye catcher. The way it is formatted would have ultimately persuaded people to want to buy a movie ticket to see this movie just because of its appeal. Also if an average joe blow had not quite read the book yet this would be and awkward spin on the actual text of this book. This advertisement is very marketable and would attract many movie goers.

    As far as its relativity to the actual book I think it fails. To the reader, Oceania did not seem so colorful and lovey dovey and cheerful, as this poster implies. After reading the book and knowing what actually happens I think that this poster is a false advertisement in order to entice the people to go and see the movie. I also think that the leading actor’s name being O’Brien is rather coincidental. Although it doesn’t relate to the book I think that it is effective however in the way it probably attracted people to want to go and watch it.

    This surprises me a lot in the way they chose to represent this book. I was picturing a very dull and black and white poster in order to advertise this book instead of a vibrant and cheerful poster. This seems very contradictory and confuses me as to why they chose to do it like this.The kissing of the couple obviously represents Winston and Julia but it seems interesting that they chose to represent Winston as being this heroic looking figure. Overall I like this poster and I think it is very effective in the way it was probably marketed to people.

  29. When I saw it i was a little taken back at the fact that someone would try to say that this sexual behavior is ok. To me it is taking only one very small section of the book. I think when you look at the poster it is reminding you a little of brainwashing becausse if they can post it, it must ok. I think that anyone who can feel something great with another person is excellent but to throw it in an ad is wrong. I dont think that the ad worked as an over all sucess. if you had read the book and was for “Big Brother” then you might be ok with the ad. I personally disagree and think that if someone comes up with an idea to post this they are a little messed up.

    It did surprise me a little bit because i wasn’t expecting something so vulgar, i guess you could say. Also in this community of 1984 there was nothing religious about their morals. Anything Big Brother said was ok was fine. I think that if they had showed them there was a God things would have been very different. I think that a faith is one of the biggest key concepts, especially when you bring up a matter like this one. This poster isn’t ok and for someone to publish it i honestly think is wrong. When you see it saying “In the terrifying world of the future,” it is stating that are world sooner or later is going to be nothing but sex addicts which isn’t true.

    I think that the poster was made so quickly after the book was published there wasn’t much time to think of something better or more creative to get across the idea that love is real. When you first look at the poster you would never know that love could be found anywhere in it. But i found it by looking a little deeper than the meaning. I think that sex is a contributer to heat aches, depression, and sadness. I believe that Big Brother didn’t want it because he didn’t want to deal with the drama it brought. I think that the film people tried to advertise the article like to portray their own outlook on the book, not so much the actual meaning of what it’s saying.

  30. I do believe this poster works and would attract people to come and see the movie. However if I had the chance to make a poster for the movie 1984 I would not choose to make it like this one. The thing I do not like on this poster is that is puts its main focus on the “anti-sex league.” That is a big part of the book however I dont think it was the main focus. I feel if someone who hasnt read this book and walked by this poster they would think this movie is mainly about love and the “anti-sex league.”

    Another thing on this poster I believe that would attract a crowd is the fact that someone is watching two people kissing on a tv screen. If I was walking down the street and saw that it would defianitely catch my eye. Its not something you see everyday. In our world today people have privacy and freedom. Someone is not constantly watching them minute to minute on a screen. I would go see the movie to see why this man is watching this couple. Something like that makes me think and wonder whats going on.

    I do like the statement at the top of the poster that says “Will ecstacy be a crime?” but instead of the word will I think it should be replaced with the words “why is.” I think it will make people think before the movie and make them wonder what they mean by that. If I saw that statement it would cause me to start having thought run through my mind and then once I come up with therories, my mind will have to go to the movie. I think it is clever when I see movie posters with questions on it. I feel it gets more people interested and more involved. It makes them have to think about that movie.

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